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Winkler's Mill Kansas.

Winkler's Mill.
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Riley County.
Center Township Map, 1881.
On the county map Winkler's Mill can be found in Township 6-south and Range 5-east.  On the township map Winkler's Mill can be found in section 35.
Authors note.  In the beginning Winkler's Mill was in May Day Township, but the township lines changed and Winkler's Mill is now in Center Township.  In the beginning the Post office was known as Winkler's Mill, but later the Mill was droped from the name and the town is now known as jusst Winkler.
Winkler's Mill & Winkler Post Office.
Winkler's Mill, post office open June 23, 1874 and ran to March 20, 1895, name changed to Winkler, first postmaster was Richard Burk.  Winkler post office open March 20, 1895 and ran to July 31, 1960, first post master was Fred Winkler..
People who used Winkler's Mill as their P. O. Address as of 1881.
Richard Burk, Dealer in General Merchandise, from Wurtemberg Germany, came to county 1863.
R. Niehenke, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Hanover Germany, came to county 1857,
Gust Brundenberg, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Posen, Pruss, came to county 1879.
W. Gugenham, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Wurtemberg, Germany, came to county 1863.
Fred Winkler, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Saxony, Germany, came to county 1860.
A. Winkler,-------, came to county 1857.
Winkler Brothers, Farmers and Stock Raisers and Proprietors of Winkler's Mill.
Winkler's Mill Kansas, 1912.

Winkler, an inland hamlet of Riley county, is located in Fancy Creek township 35 miles from Manhattan, the county seat, and 8 miles from Randolph, the nearest shipping point. It has a money order postoffice. The population in 1910 was 18. The place was named for August Winkler of St. Louis, who settled in the vicinity in 1857 and liuilt the first permanent grist mill of the countv. At that time it was known as Winkler MiHs.

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