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Deerton & Valeda Kansas

Labette County
Howard Township Map, 1906.

On the county map  Deerton could have been found in Township 34-south and Range 18-east, but is no longer shown, but on the township you can see where it was, it sat in section 20.
On the county map Valea cand be found in Township 34-south and Range 18-east.  On the Township map Valea can be found in section 33.
Post Office History.
Deerton post office open September 5, 1881 and ran to September 3, 1886, then the town moved to Valeda, First postmaster was Aaron Humes.  Valeda post office open September 3, 1886 and ran to January 12, 1968. 

DEERTON, Kansas, 1901.
Deerton was first called Willeyville.  Willeyville changed its name to Deerton on account of the many deer in the area.
Named from the abundance of deer that were found in that vicinity by the early settlers. It was located by the Willie brothers on the north half of section 20, township 34, range 18, on the line between Howard and Canada townships. The first store in Deerton was opened in 1880, by Aaron Humes, who was soon after appointed postmaster. Charles M. Keeler next followed with another store of general merchandise. Blacksmith shops, a wood-worker and a broom factory were among the industries of this town. On the completion of the railroad through Howard township, in the fall of 1886, the town was all moved to Valeda.

VALEDA, Kansas 1901.
The site for this town is on a part of section 33, township 34, range 18, and was owned by the Excelsior Town and Mining Company.  The plat was filed July 7, 1886. The first ibuilding in the town was put up by Stone & Willie, w'ho placed therein a stock of merchandise. About the same time C. M. Keeler erected a store building and put in a stock of goods,
and Dr. Kenworthy started the first drug store. During the fall of 1866 all of the town of Deerton was moved to the Valeda town-site.
Business people who used Valeda as their P. O. address as of 1906.
W. E. Cobb, Farmer, came to county 1904.
Loufse Kastler, Farmer, came to county 1904.
Mrs. Lockwood, Farmer, came to county 1889.
D. C. Looney, Farmer, came to county ?
W. B. Soltsbury, Farmer, came to county 1890.
Mary E. Steele, Farmer, came to county ?

Valeda, Kansas, 1912.

Valeda, a village of Labette county, is located on the Missouri Pacific R. R. in Howard township, 29 miles southwest of Oswego. There is a money order postoffice with one rural route and an express office. The population in 1910 was 100. The site was owned by the Excelsior Town and Mining company. The plat was filed in 1886. The first building was a merchandise store erected by Stone & Willie. Dr. Kenworth opened the first drug store. The town of Deerton was moved to Valeda.

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