Thursday, December 31, 2015

Uylsess Grant Lane.

Uylsess Grant Lane.

Birth: Oct. 25, 1865, Missouri.
Death: Mar. 5, 1949, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas.

Wife; Bamma Eleanor Winfrey Lane (1865 - 1920).

Burial: Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Lane was living in Kingman County Kansas.  He lived in the township of Hooser, in the town of Kingman Kansas. He was the proprietor  of a Skimming Station he Manufactured high grade butter. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Charles C. Cutler.

Charles C. Cutler.

Birth: 1835, Ohio..
Death: 1929.

Parents: Daniel and Betsey Larkin Cutle.

Wife: Sarah T. Friggler Thompson Cutler (1845 - 1910).

Married January 29, 1890, this was her second marriage.

Burial: Ruhamah Cemetery, Rantoul, Franklin County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Cutler lived in Franklin County, Kansas he settled in section 10 of Cutler township. He was a Farmer and stock Raiser. He owned 248.35 acres and another 160 acres in section 5  His post office address was Rantoul Kansas.

He was also a Civil War Veteran  being in the Second Iowa Cavalry, Co. F..

Cutler, Charles C. Age 21. Residence Belmont, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1861, as Saddler. Mustered Sept. 9, 1861. Promoted Bugler Nov., 1862. Mustered out Oct. 3, 1864, Davenport, Iowa.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

James Harvey Toadvine Jr.

James Harvey Toadvine Jr.

Birth: March 5, 1843.
Death: December 1, 1930.

Parents: James Harvey Toadvine Sr.

Wife: Caroline Elizabeth White Toadvine.( 1852- 1906. )

Married May 21, 1868.

Children: Innis Elizabeth Toadvine Looney, ( 1873- 1906. ), Obediah Lee Toadvine, ( 1881- 1957.)

Burial: La Crosse Cemetery, La Crosse, Rush County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. Toadvine lived in Ellsworth county Kansas.  He settled in Valley township in the town of Holyrood Kansas. In Holyrood Kansas he owned a Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.  He also owned a Boarding House .

Thursday, December 24, 2015

James E.Louk.

James E. Louk.

Birth: 1866, West Virginia..
Death: 1948.

Wife: Mary Emma Louk, ( 1874- 1959)
Married 1890.

Children: Flossie A., Mable M. Louk.

Burial: Stull Cemetery, Stull, Douglas County, Kansas.

Mr. Louk came to Douglas county Kansas in 1877.  He would in time settled in Kanwaka Township  He would settled in the town of Stull Kansas..  In 1902 he was Postmaster of Stull he was also a Merchant.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Joseph A. Davis

Joseph A. Davis.

Birth: Jan. 8, 1820.
Death: Mar. 18, 1907.

Wife: Cyrena J. Davis (1822 - 1907).

Children: Jeremiah D. Davis (1842 - 1915).

Burial: Crandall Cemetery, Le Roy, Coffey County, Kansas.

Mr. Davis settled in Coffey County Kansas in the township of Burlington in the town Burlington Kansas.   In 1901 he was the proprietor of the Forest City Hotel.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Harry Lanphere.

Harry Lanphere.

Birth: 1865, Illinois.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Margaret Lanphere.

Children:  Winnifred, Grace, Gladys, Merie Lanphere.:

Burial: Unknown.

Its not known when Mr. Lanphere came to Butler County Kansas. In 1905 he was living in Augusta Kansas, at the time he was running the Hotel Lanphere. Then between 1905 and 1910 he moved to Sedgwick County, lived in Wichita Kansas.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nathan R. Chance.

Nathan R. Chance, a Civil war veteran and Butler county pioneer, who has spent forty years of his life in this county, is a native of Indiana. He was born in 1844, and is a son of William Chance, a native of North Carolina. N. R. Chance was one of a family of four children, two of whom are now living: William lives near Leavenworth, Kans.. and N. R., the subject of the sketch. N. R. Chance went to Iowa with his parents when a boy. He received his education in the common schools and followed farming in Lucas county, Iowa, until 1874, with the exception of a period during the Civil war, when he served as a member of the Forty-sixth Iowa infantry, enlisting in 1864, at the age of twenty years.

At the close of the war he was mustered out of service at Davenport, Iowa, and returned to the farm in Lucas county. In 1874 he came to Kansas, locating in Butler county, seven miles southwest of Augusta, in Bruno township. It will be remembered by those familiar with the early history and discouraging days of Kansas that this was the year of the grasshopper visitation. Many settlers were discouraged and left the State following the visitation of the grasshoppers, but Mr. Chance was not the kind of a pioneer to be driven from the plains of Kansas by any ordinary type of grasshoppers. He says that even with his forty years of life in Kansas that he likes the State a little better each year
than he did the preceding one. He belongs to that school of sturdy pioneers who not only made Butler county what it is, but were the builders of the great State of Kansas, and have just cause to be proud
of their achievements.

When Mr. Chance settled in Bruno township he bought his claim from Daniel Golden, for which he paid $1,000. The place was slightly improved, having a small four-room house with about twenty acres of prairie broken and some hedge. Here Mr. Chance vv^as successfully engaged in farming and stock raising until 1899, when he removed to Augusta, where he built a comfortable and commodious residence, where he now lives. He has added to his original purchase of land, and now owns 640 acres of valuable farm land, 400 acres of which is located in Pleasant township and the rest in Bruno.

Mr. Chance was married in 1865 in Iowa to Miss Mary E. McKnight, a native of Ohio. Two children were born to this union, as follows: Mack T., a traveling salesman for the Potts Drug Company who resides at Aichita, and Charlie C, a farmer and dairyman in Sedgwick county.Mr. and Mrs. Chance celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary December 24, 191 5, in Augusta. Both their children were present and also their eight grandchildren. Mr. Chance is a member of the Knights and Ladies of Security and the Methodist Episcopal church, and he is one of the substantial citizens of the county.

Iowa 46th., Infantry, Co. K.

Nathan R. Chance, Age 20. Residence Lucas County, nativity Indiana.  Enlisted May 24, 1864. Mustered June 10, 1864. Mustered out Sept. 23, 1864, Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Walter Burtiss

Walter Burtiss.

Birth: May 19, 1878, Illinois.
Death: Apr. 13, 1950.

Parents: Hiram Morse Burtiss (1848 - 1914), Helen E Snyder Burtiss (1851 - 1924).

Wife: Ina M Wood Burtiss (1887 - 1969).,

Children: Marjorie L Burtiss Stalnaker (1910 - 1990), Vivian L Burtiss McGuffin (1915 - 1978), Doris Eileen Burtiss Burcham (1921 - 2001).

Siblings: Margaret Alzora Burtiss Johnson (1870 - 1945), Chauncy Henry Burtiss (1872 - 1946), Walter Burtiss (1878 - 1950).

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Humboldt, Allen County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Burtiss was Living in Humboldt Kansas.  He was the Prop. of the Star Livery and Feed Barn.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

George R Allaman.

George R Allaman.

Birth: 1848.
Death: 1921.

Wife; Elizabeth "lizzie" Allaman.

Children: George T. Allaman.

Burial: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Mr. Allaman came to Wallace county Kansas in 1880, he settled in section 26  of Wallace township . He was a farmer he ran a 200 acre farm called Smoky Rose Ranch. Although he was listed as the proprietor of the ranch all the land was in his wife name. She would later own another 80 acres near Wallace, Kansas. Mr. Allaman would also own another 80 acres in the same section as his wife this was in his name. Their post office address was Wallace, Kansas.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

John H Briggs.

John H Briggs.

Birth: 1860.
Death: 1949.

Wife: Mary Briggs.

Married 1897.

Children: Russell Briggs.

Burial: Union Cemetery, Collyer, Trego County. Kansas.

Mr. Briggs came to Trego county, Kansas in 1886.  He settled in in the township of Collyer.  In 1906, he was living in Collyer Kansas.  He was a Butcher and a Proprietor of a Hotel.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rufus F Bond.

Rufus F Bond.

Birth: 1844, Massachusetts.
Death: Oct., 1906, Kansas.

Wife: Harriett Annette Eno Bond (____ - 1928).

Married 1880.

Children: John M. Bond.

Burial: Sterling Cemetery, Sterling, Rice County, Kansas,

Mr. Bond was Post master of Sterling Kansas and had been from July 1, 1889 through June 28, 1906.
He was also a civil war veteran being a Private in the Massachusetts 52nd, Militia, Co. I.

Massachusetts 52nd., Militia Nine month service, Co. I. 

Bond, Rufus F. Priv; Res. Greenwich; farmer; 18; enl. Sept. 15, 1862; must. Oct. 11, 1862; Must, out Aug. 14, 1863.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sherman E. Boice.

Sherman E. Boice.

Birth: Feb. 16, 1867, Ohio.
Death: Nov. 2, 1942.

Parents: Bartlett Boice (1837 - 1912), Esther A. Boice (1844 - 1922).

Wife: Susan Waterhouse Boice (1867 - 1960).
Married 1894.

Children: Lucy E., Harvey E., Raymond E. Boice.

Sibling: Sherman E. Boice (1867 - 1942), Robert O. Boice (1868 - 1944).

Burial: Springhill Cemetery, Spring Hill, Johnson County, Kansas.

Mr. Boisc came to Miami County Kansas in 1872, settled in Ten Mile township. He settled in the town of Bucyrus Kansas.  In 1901 he was running a Hotel and Livery and Stable, jn Bucyrus Kansas..


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stephen Samuel Outman

Stephen Samuel Outman.

Birth: 1849.
Death: 1921.

Wife: Hattie Catherine Roberts Outman (1857 - 1943).

Children: Robert L.,Henry L., Hablan V., Frederick S., Eugene, Alpha M., Jessie A. Outman

Burial: Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, Linn County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Outman lived in Linn county Kansas, in Liberty township, he lived in the town Parker Kansas.  He was Proprietor of the Hotel.  The Hotel was  at the corner of Main and Catalpa Ave.

His son Robert L., was the Proprietor of the Livery and Feed Stable which was across the street from the hotel.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kosoarth S. Bates.

Kosoarth S. Bates.

Birth: Sep. 14, 1851.
Death: Aug. 2, 1910.

Wife: Mary A. Bates (1857 - 1918).

Married 1874.

Children: Jessie S., Roy A., Charles Frederick Bates (1877 - 1950), Loua A., Nora E. Bates.

Burial: Delhi Cemetery, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr. Bates came to Lincoln County Kansas, settled in section 31 of Cedron township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser.  He owned 240 acres it was called (Cottonwood Stock Farm). He also did Blacksmithing and Woodworking for a living.  His post office address was Lucas Kansas. 

Samuel Booth.

Samuel Booth.

Birth: 1844.
Death: 1908.

Wife: Christina W. Booth (1845 - 1937).

Children: Christina Sadie Booth Wood Griffin (1882 - 1975), Sam, William, Joseph, Robert, Henry, Elizabeth, Hattie Booth..

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Greensburg, Kiowa County, Kansas.

Mr. Booth came to Kiowa County Kansas in 1886.  He settled in section 19, Township is unknown.  Although I wasn't able learn what township they lived in section 19, he was a Ranchman.  He and his wife both owned 160 acres each of section 19, their post office address was Greensburg, Kansas.
The location of the farm was Township 30 and Range 17 West. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joseph Walter Peery

Joseph Walter Peery.

Birth: Dec. 13, 1871, Jewell County, Kansas.
Death: Jul. 29, 1923, Randall, Jewell County, Kansas.

Parents: John W Peery (1845 - 1923), Annie E Peery (1847 - 1924).

Wife: Susan Kathryn Hendrix Peery (1874 - 1948).

Children: Infant Peery, Carl E. Peery (1904 - 1977), Herbert, Florence, Mary Peery.

Siblings: Joseph Walter Peery (1871 - 1923), Albert William Peery (1877 - 1933), Everett Peery (1894 - 1991).

Burial: Randall Cemetery, Randall, Jewell County, Kansas.

Mr. Peery came to Jewell county with his parents in 1871, They settled in Buffalo township.  They settled in Randall, Kansas.  In 1908 Joseph Walter Peery either owned or ran a Livery S table.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alvin Ross "Ross" Mort

Alvin Ross "Ross" Mort.

Birth: 1875.
Death: 1943, Kansas,

Parents: Aaron Mort (1848 - 1925), Charlotte G. Dahlberg Mort (1843 - 1932).

Wife: Mary E. Mort (1876 - 1936.

Burial: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City, Graham County, Kansas. .

Mr Mort came to Graham county Kansas in 1879.  He settled in Hill City township in the town of Hill City, There he ran a Livery.