Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gerhard Baergen.

Gerhard Baergen.

Birth: 1863.
Death: 1933.

Wife: Anna Gerbrand Baergen (1867 - 1956).

Children: Katie Baergen Reimer (1891 - 1973). Helen Baergen Unruh (1892 - 1980). Anna Baergen (1894 - 1955). Gustav A. Baergen (1895 - 1992). George P. Baergen (1898 - 1993). Marie Baergen (1900 - 1996). Bertha Baergen Tiahrt (1902 - 1968). Herbert Baergen (1905 - 1957).

Burial: Buhler Municipal Cemetery, Buhler, Reno County, Kansas.

Mr. Baergen lived in Harvey County Kansas, in 1902, settled in section 6 of Alta township.  He owned 79.41 acres of land he was a Farmer and Grain Raiser.  His post office adders was Inman Kansas which was four miles north of the Farm in McPherson County.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Charles Fox.

Charles Fox.

Birth: Unknown
note. census records give 1861.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Martha Fox.

Children: Helen and Irene Fox.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Fox Came to Geary County Kansas in 1902 and settled in Junction City, were he was the Proprietor of the Savoy Hotel. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June Moyer.

June Moyer.

Birth: 1842.
Death: 1915.

Wife: Susanna Moyer (1839 - 1928).

Children: John Henry Moyer (1877 - 1953), Charles E Moyer (1882 - 1970), Frank Cornelius Moyer (1883 - 1931).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, Geary County, Kansas.

Mr. Moyer came to Geary county Kansas in 1874, settled on section 28 of Jefferson township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 108 acres of land.  His post office address was Junction City Kansas.

Mr. Moyer was a Civil War Veteran was a Private, Jones' Independent Company, Pennsylvania Infantry (9 months, 1862-1863).

Bellefont Kansas.


Bellefont, a village of Wheatland township, Ford county, is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. 22 miles east of Dodge City, the county seat. The population was 40 in 1910. It has a money order post office with one rural delivery route, and is a shipping and supply point for that section of the county.

The founder of Bellefont was Major John A. Cline.

Bellefont Post Office open April 30, 1878 to September 31, 1896, closed and reopen on November 6, 1904 and ran to June 28, 1957.

County Directory 1905--06.

Major John A. Cline, Postmaster and Dealer of General Merchandise, came to county 1878.

Chris. Henning, Farmer and Stock Raiser and Dealer of Poultry, came to county 1885.

M. C. McKee, Farmer and Grain Dealer, came to county 1898.

George W. Molitor, Live Stock Commission and Merchant, came to county 1877.

Theo. Wadel, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1884.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lyle Kansas.

Lyle Kansas.
Lyle, a hamlet in Decatur county, is located on Sappa creek about 20 miles northeast of Oberlin, the county seat, and 8 miles north of Norcatur, the nearest railroad station and the post office from which it receives mail by rural route. The population in 1910 was 30.

Lyle post office open June 6, 1877, and close on  January1,1907. Lyle had one store and one other building but its not stated what it was.

The County Directory give only two names  who used the post office, but there had to be many more.  There names were;

Benjiman B. Bell, Farmer and Stock Raise, 140 acers, Section 28.

John A. Foley, Farmer and Stock Raise, 160 Aces, Section16.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hymer Kansas

                           HYMER KANSAS.

Hymer, a hamlet of Chase county, is located on Diamond creek, in the township of the same name, and is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. 13 miles northwest of Cottonwood Falls, the county seat. It has telegraph and express offices, and a money order post office. The population, according to the census of 1910, was 30.

Hymer post office open March  19,  1872 and ran to October 4,  1943.
The census of 1910 stated that their were  only 30 people living there, but in 1901, there were only five families using the post office according to the directory.

The people  using Hymers post office in  1901  were;

K. J. Fink, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

William Heskett, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

Martin David Umberger, Farmer and Stock Raiser. 

J. I. Mitchell, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

S. E. Whitney, President and General Manager of the "101" Cattle Company.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

E. E. Haverfield.

E. E. Haverfield.

Birth: 1869, Illinois.
Death: Unknown.


Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Haverfield lived in Rush county Kansas settled in section 31 of Banner township, he was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land. His post office address was Ash Valley which  was four miles South from the farm and in Pawnee County Kansas.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Joseph F Vrbas.

Joseph F Vrbas.

Birth: 1881, Czechoslovakia.
Death: 1947.

Parents: Joseph Vrbas (1852 - 1901), Frances Sis Vrbas (1861 - 1935).

Wife: Josephine M Bartosovsky Vrbas (1882 - 1958).

Children: Agnes A Vrbas Horinek (1905 - 1995), James L Vrbas (1907 - 1985), Charley A Vrbas (1909 - 1985), Martha Vrbas (1915 - 1915).

Note. This is the children I have  listed. Joseph S Vrbas, James L Vrbas,  Charles C Vrbas, Frank,  A Vrbas, Elbert R Vrbas,  Elizabeth Vrbas.

Siblings: Joseph F Vrbas (1881 - 1947), Frank J Vrbas (1883 - 1945), Frances Vrbas Horinek (1886 - 1956), Vaclav Vrbas (1888 - 1918), Mary Frances Vrbas Holub (1892 - 1967), Stanley M. Vrbas (1898 - 1985).

Burial: Saint Johns Cemetery, Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Vrbas lived Rawlins County Kansas, settled in Burntwood township, He was a Farmer in section 19 on 160 acres of land. His Post office address was Burntwood Kansas.  Burntwood wasn't a town just a post office although it may had a store of some kind. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Herman Nimz.

Herman Nimz.

Birth: Mar. 13, 1844, Germany.
Death: Feb. 21, 1926, Riverside, Ness County, Kansas.

Wife: Catherine Simmeth Nimz (1843 - 1914).

Children: Anna Nimz Rauch (1883 - 1978).

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Ness County, Kansas.

Mr. Nimz came to Ness county Kansas in 1875.  He settled in section 8 of Highpoint township. He lived in Francis Kansas where he was a Merchant and Postmaster, he owned 320 acers of land which Francis was built on.

Francis Kansas.

Francis, a money order post-hamlet of Ness county, is situated in Highpoint township, about 12 miles southeast of Ness City, the county seat, and in 1910 reported a population of 20. It has a general store and is a trading center for the neighborhood. Ness City and Bazine are the nearest railroad stations.

Francis Kansas Post Office open Jan. 17, 1888 and ran to Dec. 20, 1888 closed  and reopen March 30, 1888 and ran to Oct. 30, 1915.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

James W. Covert.

James W. Covert.

Birth: Jul. 16, 1864.
Death: Dec. 29, 1906.

Parents: Elias and Hannah Covert.

Wife: Minnie N. Covert.

Child: Homer James Covert.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Lived in Ottawa County, Kansas in the town of Minneapolis.
He was one of the Proprietors of J. W. Covert & Co. Place Drug Store.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Volentine S Kelsey.

Volentine S Kelsey.

Birth: Feb. 20, 1871.
Death: Feb. 22, 1952.

Wife: Mellissa Kelsey ( 1875-1965. )
No children found.

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Erie, Neosho County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Kelsey lived in Grant township and lived in the town of Kimbal Kansas.  He was Postmaster of Kimbal Kansas and owner of a General Store.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Albert N Freeborn.

Albert N Freeborn.

Birth: Oct. 20, 1841, Ohio.
Death: Mar. 24, 1910, Florence, Marion County, Kansas,

Wife: Sarah Ann Startup Freeborn (1852 - 1922).
Married 1875.

Children: A,S., Willie, D. O., Mabel, Myrtle S Freeborn Jaquee (1877 - 1896).

Burial: Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion County, Kansas.

In 1902 Mr. Freeborn lived in Marion county Kansas, Settled in the Township of Boyle and lived in the town of Florence Kansas. There he owned the Cottage Hotel. He was also a Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hay and Farm Implements.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

William Sanford Kimball.

William Sanford Kimball.

Birth: Mar. 16, 1840, New York.
Death: Jun. 5, 1923, Crowley County, Colorado.

William Sanford Kimball was born to William S Kimball and Cordelia Freeman in New York. Cordelia died in 1852. His father married twice after the death of his first wife. William Sanford Kimball married Margaret Comstock in Illinois December 30, 1863 The couple had 3 daughters and 2 sons. He died Ordway Colorado June 5, 1923 and is buried in Mound City Kansas.

Parents: William Kimball (1810 - 1895).

Wife: Margaret Pauline Comstock Kimball (1841 - 1904).

Children: George R. Kimball (1866 - 1939).

Sibling: William Sanford Kimball (1840 - 1923), Minor Galord Kimball (1854 - 1936).

Burial: Mound City, Kansas.

In 1910 Mr. Kimball was living in Linn county Kansas, he settled in Mound City township and lived in Mound City Kansas.  He was the Dealer of Staple Groceries and owner of the Opera House.                  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

John Morrow Bonner.

John Morrow Bonner.

Birth: 1850.
Death: 1928.

Wife: Martha A. Bonner, ( 1847- 1921 ).

No children found.

Burial: Fairmount Cemetery, Jetmore, Hodgeman County, Kansas.

Mr. Bonner came to Hodgeman county Kansas in 1885 and settled in center township and settled in the town of Jetmore, Kansas.  Made his living as a Dealer of Hardware.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Aaron R. Mort

Aaron Mort.

Birth: 1848.
Death: 1925.

Wife's; Charlotte G. Mort, !843- 1932, Mary E. Mort, 1876-1936

Children: Carl, Maude or Mauddie, Alvin Ross Mort (1875 - 1943).

Burial: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City,Graham County, Kansas.

Mr. Mort came to Graham county Kansas in 1874, settled in the township of Hill City and lived in the town of Hill City Kansas where he ran a Livery.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thomas Alvin Fuller.

Thomas Alvin Fuller.

Birth: Apr. 20, 1856.
Death: Jun. 22, 1926.

Wife: Leva L  Fuller.
Married 1900.

Children: Alma Fuller..

Burial: Elmwood Mausoleum, Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Fuller came to Butler county Kansas in 1884, settled in Augusta township and settled in Augusta Kansas.  He ran a Grocery and Bakery.

Friday, June 3, 2016

George Richmond Holman.

George Richmond Holman.

Birth: Mar. 6, 1876.
Death: Oct. 7, 1943.

Parents: George W. Holman (1844 - 1901) Catharine E. Barbee Holman (1845 - 1912).

Wife's: Della M Bond Holman (1877 - 1906).
             Marred 1898.
Eva Lee Holman (1883 - 1960).

Children: Ardin R Holman (1906 - 1906).

Sibling: Anna Lydia Holman Colvin (1872 - 1965), George Richmond Holman (1876 - 1943).

Burial: Syracuse Cemetery, Syracuse, Hamilton County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Holman lived in Greenwood county Kansas, settled in Eureka township and lived in the town of Eureka Kansas. He was the Proprietor of a Livery and feed and Sale Stable. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Charles F. Herrmann.

Charles F. Herrmann.

Birth: Jun. 8, 1867.
Death: Mar. 31, 1946.

Parents: William and Sopioa Herrmann.

Wife: Elizabeth Shadwell Herrmann.
Married July 7, 1903.

Children: Harold Grove Herrmann.

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Herrmann was living in  Kinsley Kansas, made his living running the Grove Hotel. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

William L "Link" Gierhart.

William L "Link" Gierhart.

Birth: Mar. 3, 1859.
Death: Jul. 12, 1912.

Wife: Ella M Knerr Gierhart (1861 - 1947).

Children: Cora A Gierhart Patton (1887 - 1979), Laura V Gierhart Brooks (1892 - 1987).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas,

Mr. Gierhart came to Decatur county Kansas in 1895, settled in the township of Oberlin, lived in the town of Oberlin Kansas.  In 1905 he made his living by either owning or running a Livery.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Alvin Mull.

Alvin Mull.

Birth: 1878.
Death: 1951.

Parents: Henry Mull (1849 - 1930), Adaline Deierling Mull (1855 - 1887).

Wife: Orella Mame Klinger Mull (1881 - 1960).

Siblings: Infant Mull (____ - 1894). John Edward Mull (1874 - 1950), Alvin Mull (1878 - 1951), Charles F Mull (1881 - 1938), Frederick Adam Mull (1890 - 1969), Opal Estelle Mull Clawson (1908 - 1994), Louise Eleanor Mull McCartney (1915 - 2001).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Ashland, Clark County, Kansas.

In 1909 Mr. Mull was living in Ashland Kansas made his living selling Groceries.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Henry Bally.

Henry Bally.

Birth: May 19, 1845, Ashland County, Ohio.
Death: Oct. 28, 1932.

Parents: Yost Bally (1795 - 1878), Elisabeth Bohr Bally (1806 - 1882).

Wife: Martha A. Bunch Bally (1846 - 1920).
Married 1870.

Children: Bertha E Bally Bare (1872 - 1943), Harry W Bally (1881 - 1885), Nora E. Watkins (1885 - 1950).

Siblings: Jacob B Bally (1830 - 1923), Samuel Bally (1835 - 1931), Mary Bally Reiff (1837 - 1917), Elizabeth Bally Snyder (1841 - 1928), Peter Bally (1843 - 1932), Henry Bally (1845 - 1932), Christian Bally (1847 - 1918), Barbara Bally Burkholder (1852 - 1930).

Burial: McCabe Cemetery, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Bally came to Butler county in 1878, settled in section 5 of Rock Creek township, He was a Farmer owning 156.22 acres of land. His post office address was Douglass Kansas.

Claude Fitzgerald Betty.

Claude Fitzgerald Betty.

Birth: Apr. 3, 1875, Milan, Rock Island County, Illinois.
Death: Jan. 16, 1935, Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas.

Parents: John F Betty (1832 - 1923), Anna Margaret Keller Betty (1845 - 1931).

Wife: Letty Leone Jenkins Betty (1890 - 1920).

Children: Gerald Clayton Betty (1912 - 1973), Elmer Dean Betty (1914 - 1980), Anna Lois Betty Richardson (1916 - 2000), Harry Raymond Betty (1917 - 2003).

Siblings: Claude Fitzgerald Betty (1875 - 1935), Selene E Betty (1884 - 1968), Louise Florence Betty (1890 - 1986).

Burial: Rosehill Cemetery, Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas.

Mr. Betty came to Barber county Kansas in 1884, settled in Hazelton township and lived in Hazelton Kansas, made his living as a Merchant. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

George F. Robins.

George F. Robins.

Birth: 1846, Michigan.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Sarrah Robins.

Children: Lina, Harrold, Leslie, Merle Robins.

Burial: Unknown.

In 1906 Mr. Robins lived in Allen county Kansas in the town of La Harpe Kansas.  He was the owner of a Livery and Feed Stable.

Robert J. Gold

Robert J. Gold.

Birth: 1850.
Death: 1925.

Wife: Pricilla M. Andre Gold (1846 - 1911).
Married 1871.

Children: Clemens A, Burton B.,Fena Gold

Burial: , Dwight Cemetery, Dwight, Morris County, Kansas.

Mr. Gold came to Morris county in 1894 and settled in Ohio township.
In 1901 he was living in Dwight Kansas he ran a Livery and feed Stable.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

William L "Link" Gierhart.

William L "Link" Gierhart.

Birth: Mar. 3, 1859.
Death: Jul. 12, 1912.

Wife: Ella M Knerr Gierhart (1861 - 1947).

Children: Cora A Gierhart Patton (1887 - 1979), Laura V Gierhart Brooks (1892 - 1987), Glen W., Merrel, Gladys, Faye, Frank.

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Gierhart came to Decatur county Kansas in 1895. He settled in Oberlin township, lived in the town of Oberlin Kansas, where he either owned a Livery or ran it.

Monday, May 23, 2016

James Horace Egan.

James Horace Egan.

Birth: Jan. 8, 1871.
Death: Feb. 4, 1946.

Wife: Lila H. Goodman Egan.

Children: Myrtle O. Egan Tapp, Lillian Egan.

Was in the Army 1889, Corporal Kansas 22nd, Infantry Co, G.

Burial: Saint Francis Cemetery, Saint Francis, Cheyenne County, Kansas.

In1907 Mr. Egan lived in Cheyenne County Kansas. He settled in Wano township, lived in the town of Saint Francis. He made his living selling Drugs and General Merchandise.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Charles D. Hunt

Charles D. Hunt.

Birth: 1871.
Death: 1948.

Wife: Josephine M. Hunt (1873 - 1951).
Married 1895.

Children: Fay J., Harry J. Hunt.

Burial: Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, California.

In 1901 Mr. Hunt lived in Anderson county Kansas. He settled in Monroe township, lived in the town of Garnett Kansas. He was a Dealer in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.

Friday, May 20, 2016

John Notestine.

John Notestine.

Birth: May, 1847.
Death: Sep. 20, 1926.
Married 1879.

Wife: Caroline Notestine (1857 - 1935).

Children: Samuel E., Della, Emest, Hallie, Robert Alonzo Notestine (1885 - 1969), Wayne J Notestine (1892 - 1978).

Burial: Browns Grove Cemetery, Burdett, Pawnee County, Kansas.

John came to Pawnee county Kansas and settled in Browns Grove township and Settled in Burdett Kansas.  He was the owner of the Commercial Hotel and Livery, was all so a dealer in Real Estate.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hugh William Allen.

Hugh William Allen.

Birth: May 13, 1855, Tamarack, Will County, Illinois.
Death: Nov. 24, 1929, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Wife: Marian Barr Nairn Allen (1862 - 1939).
Married 1878.

Children: Mary Elizabeth Allen Squire (1882 - 1967), William Allen (1884 - 1967), Myrtle May Allen Ruckle (1886 - 1975), Roy Ray Allen (1888 - 1978).

Here are all the children names: Hugh, Annie, Lizzie, William, Mertie, Roy, Ira, Lena, Lilley.

Burial: Burns Cemetery, Burns, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Allen came to Marion county Kansas in 1878 and settled in the township of Milton.  He lived in Burns Kansas.  In1902 he either ran or owned a Hotel and Meat Market in Burns Kansas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Frank Dunn Eggleston.

Frank Dunn Eggleston.

Birth: 1870.
Death: 1957.

Parents: Joseph and Mary Eggleston.

Children: Donald E., Raymond E., Mary E. Eggleston.

Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery, Kingman, Kingman County, Kansas.

Mr  Eggleston lived in Kingman county Kansas in the township of Kingman andin the town Kingman.  He was a Druggist and Pharmacist.

Monday, May 16, 2016

William E. Sherriff.

William E. Sherriff.

Birth: May 24, 1857.
Death: Oct. 26, 1938.

Wife: Augusta A. Sherriff (1862 - 1951).

Children:  Dale A, Pearl Lafferty, Harry A. Sherriff (1886 - 1905).

Burial: Old Ellsworth Cemetery, Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, Kansas.

Mr. Sherriff, lived in Ellsworth county Kansas in the township of  Ellsworth. he lived in Ellsworth Kansas.  Made his living as a Druggist and Pharmacist. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

William Luther Acton.

William Luther Acton.

Birth: Sep. 19, 1866, Iowa.
Death: Mar. 15, 1945.

Wife: Alice Elva Brown Acton (1869 - 1955).
Married 1887.

Children: James W Acton (1902 - 1962), Etta M., Dora R or L., Virgil S., Alice M. Acton.

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska.

Mr. Acton came to Decatur county Kansas in 1894, and settled in the township of Decatur and settled in the town of Oberlin, Kansas.
In 1900 he was a Farmer, in 1905 he either owned or ran a livery in Oberlin.
In 1910 he was a dealer of Real Estate in Oberlin, Kansas. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Samuel Bender

Samuel Bender.

Birth: Jun. 10, 1830.
Death: Feb. 4, 1911.

Wife: Angeline J. Bender ( 1836-1904.)

Children: Lyman, John C., Sherman, May Bender.

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Erie, Neosho County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Bender lived in Neosho county Kansas, lived in section 30 of Grant township.  He was a Farmer and postmaster of Kimbal Kansas.


ANSEL D. BROWN, postmaster and editor, was born in Livingston County, N. Y., in 1838, and lived in his native State about seven years, and removed with his parents to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1843, and remained there about two years, and moved to Michigan and lived in that State about ten years. Moved to Walworth County, Wis. In 1848, and remained there until the spring of 1855, when he removed to St. Paul, Minn., and remained in that State until the spring of 1857, and came to Kansas and located in Greenwood County and lived there until the spring of 1861.

When he enlisted in the Third Kansas Regiment and served one year with that regiment; was transferred to the Fifth Kansas Cavalry and served with that regiment until near the close of the war. Mr. Brown was the Lieutenant of Company A of the Third and F in the Fifth Regiment, and married in Burlington in May, 1866, to Miss Katie C. Morey, a native of Connecticut.

They have three children, Edward, Dwight and Ira. Mr. Brown is the postmaster at Burlington, and is editor and proprietor of the Burlington Daily Patriot, and is a member of the Masonic order and the Episcopal Church.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Frank Grecian.

Frank Grecian.

Birth: 1871.
Death: 1940.

Wife: Nellie B. Grecian ( 1875-1964 )
Married 1894.

Children: Everette Grecian.

Burial: Hill City Cemetery Hill City, ham County, Kansas.

In 1900 he lived in Osborne county Kansas, lived in the town of Matoma.  He was a Dealer of Dry Goods and Groceries. Between 1900 and 1910 moved to Graham county Kansas and lived in Hill City, Kansas .

Monday, May 9, 2016

John Dunlop.

John Dunlop.

Birth: Apr. 1, 1830, Scotland.
Death: Sep., 1904.

Wife: Mary Dunlop.
Married 1884.

Children: George Dunlop and His Wife, Rosa B. Dunlop.

Burial: Longton Cemetery, Longton, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Dunlop lived in Elk County Kansas, Settled in section 32 of Longton township. He was a Farmer and owned 80 acres of land. His post office address was Longton Kansas.

Friday, May 6, 2016

William Fredrick "Fred" Jackson

William Fredrick "Fred" Jackson.

Birth: Apr., 1848,Indiana.
Death: Mar. 9, 1935, Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas.

Parents: James G. Jackson (1822 - 1896), Ruth Dawson Jackson (1823 - 1906).

Wife: Martha I. Cook Jackson (1846 - 1902), Flora M. Jackson (1867 - 1945).

Children: Cora Bell Jackson Howland (1871 - 1894).

Siblings: William Fredrick Jackson (1848 - 1935), E. L. Jackson (1850 - 1923), Mary Jane Jackson Lynn (1857 - 1913).

Inscription: Co. E. Ind. Inf.

Listed as being a Private in the Indiana 44th.Infantry, Co. E. He wasn't found on any roster.

Burial: Cedarvale Cemetery,Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas

He came to Woodson county, Kansas in 1871. He settled in Neosho Falls Township.
In 1904 was living in town of Neosho Falls he was making a living working or owned the Livery and Feed Stables.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Joseph Ryan Beaver

Joseph Ryan Beaver.

Birth: Apr. 22, 1854, Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Dec. 18, 1931, Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas,

Wife: Sarah Elisabeth DuBois Beaver (1859 - 1937).

Children: Floyd Joseph Beaver (1888 - 1958).

Burial: Monticello United Methodist Church Union Cemetery, Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas.

Mr. Beaver came to Johnson County Kansas in 1890, settled in section 33 of Monticello township.
He was a Farmer his post address was Gardner Kansas.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Major Duncan Mc Kercher.

Major Duncan Mc Kercher.

Birth: Jan. 14, 1819, York, Livingston County, New York.
Death: 1900, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Inscription: (10th) or (40th) Wis Inf.

Burial: Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Peabody, Marion County, Kansas.

COL. DUNCAN MCKERCHER, engaged in loan, insurance and real estate business. Col. McKercher came to Peabody in the fall of 1870, virtually before there was any town, and as a member of the Wisconsin Kansas Colony, but subsequently withdrew from that organization and improved a farm northeast of town two miles, on Section 34. This was his home until 1877, when he removed to the town. Col.

McKercher was born in Livingston County, N. Y., January 14, 1819. His father, John McKercher, was a farmer. His mother's maiden name was Margaret McMartin. His early schooling was obtained at Temple Hill Academy, Genesco, N. Y. At seventeen, he showed an aptitude for mechanical work and was apprenticed as a carpenter, and learned the trade; removed to Perry, and in 1843 was married to Miss Betsy Benedict. In 1846, he with his family, moved to Oconomowoc, Waukesha County, Wis., where he remained until he was enrolled by Governor of the State of Wisconsin, on the 29th of July, 1861, and commissioned a Captain, and ordered to raise a company, which when raised, was assigned to the Tenth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, on the 5th of October, and left the state from that point on the 9th of November following; they went to Kentucky, and were under the command of Gen. Mitchell.

Was at the taking of Bowling Green, Nashville, Murfreesboro and Huntsville, Ala., where we cut communication between the two rebel armies about the time the battle of Pittsburg Landing was fought, in April, 1862. Soon after, he was at Bridgeport, where the Union forces drove the enemy across the bridge and they burned one-half of the same. In September, of the same year, he was in the retrograde movement of Gen. Buell from Huntsville to Louisville and the first day out his regiment, with a Michigan regiment, had a fight with the rebels at Stevenson, while transferring some trains. They were twenty-two days on that march, and it was extremely hot and dusty, and suffered much.

Col. McKercher was present with his regiment at the battle of Perrysville on the 8th of October and out of 276 men he lost 145 in killed and wounded in two and a half hours and had six men killed within six feet of him and two of them he caught in his arms as they fell. He was at the battle of Stone River on the 31st of December, 1862, and the first days of January, 1863, and did considerable scouting and skirmishing during the following summer; was at the battle of Chickamauga, Ga., on the 13th and 20th of September, 1863.

On the first day of the battle, in a charge, his horse was shot and killed. On the second day his brigade held a good location and had repulsed the enemy four times and at 4 o'clock P. M. he received orders from Col. Scribner, who commanded the brigade, to hold the line that night, if possible. He held it till about sundown, while the Union forces were forming a new line in the rear, when the enemy concentrated a heavy force and charged them.

They held their ground till the enemy came right in amongst them and captured a large number, the Colonel among the rest; was sent to Richmond, Va., and put in Libby Prison, on the night of the 30th of September, 1863, and was there until the 10th of May following, when he with others, was sent to Macon, Ga.; was there till about the middle of July, when 600 of the officers of the highest rank were selected to be sent to Charleston, S. C.

Col. McKercher was of that number to be placed before the fire of our own guns, for the protection of that city. He remained there till the 5th of October. Some time before that date, the yellow fever had broken out among the officers in the prison, and on the above date they were removed to Columbia, at which place he remained until Sherman came through when he, with the others, were sent to Raleigh and from there were sent to Wilmington, N. C. where they were paroled and sent to our lines on March 1, 1865. From Wilmington he went to Annapolis, Md., where he was mustered out on account of expiration of his term of service.

Col. McKercher at once tendered his services again to the Governor of Wisconsin, but before taking the field again the rebellion was virtually broken, and he did not leave the State. On his return from the service, he moved to Ripon, and was appointed Postmaster of that city by President Johnson, which position he held for four yearts. He had previously held the position of Clerk of the District Court of Junean County.

Col. McKercher has been connected with the municipal government of Peabody nearly constantly since his residence in the city. He is the father of four children, three of whom are living-Sarah (now Mrs. William Holmes, of Chicago), Emma (now Mrs. Lockwood, of Kansas City), Frank B., (agent Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Rrailroad at Peabody), Helen (Mrs. William Cole, of Olathe, Kan., died January 1, 1881, aged thirty-six years). Col McKercher is a member of the Halcyon Lodge, No 120, A. F. & A. M. and the G. A. R. of Peabody. He is the present Mayor of the city.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Joseph M. Randall

Joseph M. Randall.

Birth: Jul. 4, 1836.
Death: Jul. 19, 1921.

Wife: Hannah S. Wood Randall (1838 - 1907).

Married in 1865.

Children: Mary M. Randall.

Burial: Towanda Cemetery, Towanda, Butler County, Kansas.

In 1900, was living in ELDorado Kansas he was a Probate Judge.

J. M. RANDALL, farmer and stock raiser, Section 15, P. O. El Dorado, was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, July 4, 1836. At the breaking out of the Rebellion he enlisted in the Twenty-First Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was mustered in as Second Sergeant. After serving in the three months' call he re-enlisted and was elected First Lieutenant. After the battle of Shiloh he took command of a company and served through until January 19, 1865, when he was honorably discharged. Mr. R. came to Butler County in the fall of 1871, being among the first to settle on the prairie in that part and had all the drawbacks to encounter, which he overcame by untiring industry. He was married in Ohio in April, 1865, to Miss Hannah S Wood. They have one daughter, Mary May. Mr. R. is a member of the G. A. R.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anthony Joseph Walck,

Anthony Joseph Walck

Birth: Sep. 30, 1830, Bavaria (Bayern), Germany.
Death: Oct. 12, 1909, Cowley County, Kansas.

Parents: Andrew Walck (1794 - 1839), Catherine Kopf Werst (1799 - 1894).

Wife: Mary Anne Beaver Walck (1835 - 1893).

Children: Samuel Walck (1857 - 1925), Anna Maria Walck Winkley (1860 - 1932), Andrew Jackson Walck (1863 - 1940), Lavina Helena Walck Moore (1865 - 1953).

Siblings: John Walck (1819 - 1903), Anna Marie Walck Busch (1825 - 1890), Anthony Joseph Walck (1830 - 1909), Adam Walck (1834 - 1920), Andrew Ruben Walck (1837 - 1893), John A Werst (1840 - 1923).

Burial:, Red Bud Catholic Cemetery, Cowley County, Kansas.

Red Bud Kansas.

Red Bud Post office opened March 12, 1873 and closed September 30, 1910.

Redbud, a country post office in Maple township, Cowley county, is 15 miles northwest of Winfield, the county seat, and 5 miles north of Udall. the nearest shipping point. The population in 1910 was 10.

A. J. WALCK, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 22, P. O. Red Bud. Deserving of special mention among the representative citizens of the county is the subject of this sketch. Mr. W. came to Kansas, locating on present farm, in July, 1871. Has been very successful as a farmer, and has done much toward developing the interests of Maple Township. Has been identified officially, at present being District and Township Clerk. Mr. Walck is a native of Ohio; was born in Auglaize County, September 30, 1830.  Was reared in his native State.

He was an early settler of Fayette County, Iowa, which was his home for eleven years. In 1866, removed to Dent County, Mo., where he resided until coming to Cowley County, Kan., in July, 1871. His wife was formerly Miss Mary A. Beaver, of Pennsylvania. They have six children - John A., Samuel, Annie M., Andrew J., Lovina and Melvina. During the war, Mr. W. enlisted in Company E, Thirty-eighth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, serving six months; was discharged on account of disability.

Iowa 38th. infantry Co. A.

Walck, Anthony J. Age 31. Residence Fayette, nativity Ohio. Enlisted
Aug. 15, 1862. Mustered Sept. 6, 1862. Discharged for disability
Feb. 4, 1863, St. Louis, Mo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Sheriff of Jackson County, was born December 15, 1859, in Fulton, Indiana. His family have been Americans for 150 years. He came to Kansas City 18 years ago and embarked in the grain business, in which he achieved a competency. Although taking a lively interest in politics he was in no sense a politician, much less an office-seeker, and his nomination for sheriff on the Republican ticket in 1900 was a great surprise to him. He was elected, the first Republican sheriff in Jackson County since the State went Democratic after the war.

Mr. Pontius has discharged the important and responsible duties of his office most admirably. He has especially won the praise of the bench and bar, the very men who have had the best opportunities to see and judge his work. He has kept politics in the background, and his personal attention has been given to his office, with the result that his deputies have been diligent and faithful. To meet Sheriff Pontius one would never know whether he was a Democrat or a Republican. In meeting him outside of his office one only remembers that he is A whole-souled gentleman. Mr. Pontius was re-nominated for sheriff on the Republican ticket, September 20, 1902.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Peter Robidoux.

Peter Robidoux.

Birth: Mar. 23, 1850, Saint-Remi, Quebec, Canada.
Death: Oct. 9, 1927, Wallace County, Kansas.

Peter Robidoux came to Kansas in 1868. He became a pioneer merchant in Wallace, and later a ranchman.

Wife: Alice Cecilia Barry Robidoux (1865 - 1942).

Children: Aline Mary Robidoux Madigan (1885 - 1954), Peter James Robidoux (1890 - 1923), Ramona Hortense Robidoux Bowman (1895 - 1980), Louis William Robidoux (1899 - 1974).

Burial: Wallace Township Cemetery Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas.

Peter Robidoux's store, Wallace. For many years, while the Union Pacific was building through western Kansas and Fort Wallace was active, Robidoux did a booming business. However, his trade declined, and one day in the 1890's after he had failed to sell a single item, he locked his doors and never reopened them. Approximately $20,000 worth of merchandise was left to rot on the shelves.

Monday, April 25, 2016

John A. Martin. .

1870. John A. Martin opened the first hardware store. In the fall of 1868.

Osage City was incorporated as a city of the third class about the last of April, 1872. The first city official was John A. Martin, Mayor.

Friday, April 22, 2016

William Sheffield Cowles, Comanding the Topeka.

COWLES, William Sheffield Rear-admiral U. S. N.; b. Farmington.Conn.; s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Sheffield)Cowles; appt'd to Naval Acad., July 21, 1863: grad. 1867; promoted to ensign, 1869, and roaster, 1870; commissioned lleut., 1871; lieut.- commander, 1892; commander, June 5, 1899; capt., Nov. 2, 1902. Served on Minnesota in Mediterranean Squadron, 1867-68; Pensacola and Saginaw in N. Pacific Squadron, 1868-70; Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C, 1870; Torpedo Station, Newport, R. I., 1871; practice gunnery ship Constellation, 1872; Alaska. Mediterranean, West Indies, 1873; Alaska, coast of Africa, 1874-1905-06; Tennessee and Monocacy, China station, 1877-78-79 and 80: Navy Yard, N. Y., 1881-82; flag-lleut., N. Atlantic Squadron, 1882-1903-04; sec. Bd. Inspec- tion Merchant Ships, N. Y. City (during this detail served three weeks on Isthmus of Panama, guarding transit across the Isthmus, property of Panama R. R. Co., and property of Am. citizens on the Isthmus), 1884-86; comd'g Despatch, 1887-89 and 1890-91; naval aide to Sec. of Navy, and in charge Naval Militia, 1891-92; naval attache. U. S. Embassy. London, 1893-97; comd'g Fern. North Atlan- tic Squadron, 1897-98; comd'g Topeka, 1898-99 ass't to Bureau of Navigation, 1899-1903; comd'g battleship Missouri, 1903-04; comd'g Topeka, April. 1898, to 1899: assistant. 1899- 1903, chief of Bureau of Equipment, Washing- ton, D. C, since Jan. 23, 1906. with rank of rear-admiral. Address: Navy Dep't, Wash- ington, D. C.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Samuel Howell Kelsey.

Samuel Howell Kelsey.

Birth: Mar. 14, 1844.
Death: Jun. 4, 1908.

From WHO'S WHO IN TOPEKA, 1905  

Kelsey, S. H.--Born in Rush Co. Ind., March 14, 1844; son of Joab and Sarah (Broadaway) Kelsey; prepared to enter Univ. of Ind., but Civil War going on, enlisted in 84th Ind. Vol. Inf.; mustered out, Nashville, Tenn., July 1865; taught school, winter of 1866-67; steward and quarter master, Ind. Soldiers' and Seaman's Home 1868-69; to Leavenworth, Kan., Dec. 1869; in furniture business Atchison, over 23 years; to Okla. 1893; apptd. expert acct. to audit books of Agrl. Coll. and experiment station; apptd. pres. board of regents of Agrl. Coll;
has been in fire ins., real estate and loan business for a number of years; has been councilman, member board of education and 2 terms mayor of Atchison, Kansas; apptd. adj gen. of Kan. Feb. 1903; married Esther Huron in Indiana, Aug. 1870. Office: State Capitol.

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dennis Kansas..

DENNIS. The first house in Dennis was the railroad depot, erected in the fall of 1880. In the spring of 1881 William Current put up a store building, in which he placed a stock of gro- ceries; this was the first store in town. John Webb and John Milligan put in another store in the spring of 1882, their stock consisting of general merchandise. A second stock of general merchandise was put in by W. H. Thorne, in the fall of 1883.

Mr. Thorne also put in a corn elevator and shipped grain, and put up the first substantial residence house in town. Subsequently John Mason put in a harness shop, L. Pedan a lumber yard, Wm. Cline a drug store, J. L. Wilson a hardware store, and Nelson Dunn a livery stable. The first hotel was put up by Mr. Acre, in the summer of 1885. It was not till December 21, 1883, that the plat of the town was filed in the office of the register of deeds, locating the town on sections 14 and 15, on the line of the Gulf Railroad, in Osage township. Lee Wilson was born to L. J. Wilson and wife December 24, 1884, the first child born in town. Two newspapers have been started in Dennis, but neither was able to maintain an existence, and they were moved away. One of the substantial business plants of this town is its flouring mill.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zopher P. Ball.

Zopher P. Ball.

Birth: Oct. 31, 1854, Wapello County, Iowa.
Death: Mar. 5, 1932, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Zopher P. Ball married Elizabeth P. Adams on March 17, 1875 in Monroe, Iowa.

Parents: Mary Ann Modley Ball (1819 - 1888).

Wife: Elizabeth P. Adams Ball (1855 - 1907).

Children: Grace M., Bertha A., W. S., Edna M Ball Stitt (1891 - 1985).

Siblings: Aaron Harlin Ball (1846 - 1921), Lewis Samuel Ball (1849 - 1908), Nancy Ann Ball Bennison (1850 - 1941), Zopher P. Ball (1854 - 1932), James Douglas Ball (1856 - 1919), Dennis Milton Ball (1861 - 1878).

Burial: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Goddard, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Mr. Ball  Lived in Barber County Kansas in 1905 Settled in Eagle township lived on section 28.
He was a farmer and Stock Raiser on his 80 acres added another 80 acres to the farm in section 27.  His post office address was Eagle Kansas.

Wm. E. S. Hildreth.

Wm. E. S. Hildreth.

Birth: Jun. 4, 1859.
Death: May 17, 1909.

Married 1888.

Parents: Thomas and Lucy A.Hildreth.

Wife: Mary M. Hildreth (1864 - 1905).

No children found.

Burial: Le Roy Cemetery, Le Roy, Coffey County, Kansas.

Mr. Hildreth lived in Coffey County Kansas Settled in the town of Le Roy Kansas.
In 1901 he was the owner of the Le Roy House.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Birth: 1857, Pennsylvania.
Death: Mar. 17, 1941.

No marker.

Wife: Alice M. Houser.

Children : Inice W., Bomice M., Stella E., Raymond R., Alma A. Houser

Burial: Grainfield Cemetery, Grainfield, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr. Houser came to Gove county Kansas in 1884, settled in the town of Grainfield, Kansas.
In 1907 he was the Prop. of a Hotel and was a Dealer of Real Estate.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

George H. Brown

George H. Brown.

Birth: 1871, Pennsylvania.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Magretha  Brown.

Married 1893.

Children: George H. Brown.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Brown came Ellis County Kansas in 1876.  He settled in Big Creek township and lived in the town of Hays Kansas.  In 1905 he was working as a General  Blacksmith and did Horse Shoeing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jerry Cook.

Jerry Cook.

Birth: 1859.
Death: 1941.

Parents: William S Cook (1815 - 1874).

Wife: Melissa Cook (1859 - 1951).

Sibling: Dianna Cook Newcomb (____ - 1874), Jerry Cook (1859 - 1941).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Cook Came to Decatur county in 1885. In 1905 he was the Rural Mail Carrier for Oberlin Kansas.

Monday, March 28, 2016

J. Leonard Blair.

J. Leonard Blair.

Birth: 1867. Death: 1947.

Wife: Emma J. Blair (1866 - 1910).

Second wife Mary J. Blair.

Children: Paul L. Blair.

Burial Englewood Cemetery, Englewood, Clark County, Kansas.

Mr. Blair was living in Englewood, Kansas in 1900, worked in a Livery.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Henry C. Bates.

Henry C. Bates.

Birth: Sep. 22, 1837, Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan.
Death: Aug. 22, 1920, Oakland County, Michigan.

Parents: Vrelon Bates (1805 - 1871), Eunice Wilhelm Bates (1818 - 1909).

Wife: Jennett C. Negus Bates (1849 - 1939).

Sibling: Henry C. Bates (1837 - 1920), Mary A. Bates (1847 - 1917).

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

H. C. BATES, farmer and stock raiser, Section 9, P. O. Augusta, is a native of Michigan, and was born in Washtenaw County, September 22, 1836; was educated and reared in his native State. Early in the war, he enlisted in the Fourth Michigan Infantry, Company K, in 1861, for three months; the first call. In 1863, he enlisted in the navy, being stationed at Erie, Pa., for a time, and afterwards in the Mississippi squadron, under Admiral Porter. He was married, in Michigan, to Miss Jennett Negus. In 1871, came to Franklin County, and in March, 1872, came to Butler County, being among the early settlers in the locality where he now resides.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Arthur Grumme.

Arthur Grumme.

Birth: 1870, Illinois.
Death: Dec. 30, 1943.

Wife: Elizabeth Rundle Grumme (1873 - 1920).

Children: Alfred, Earl Grumme.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr. Grumme came to Clay County Kansas in 1881.  He settled in section 14 of Clay Center township.  He was a farmer his farm was known as ( Walnut Ridge Farm ), his post office address was Clay Center, Kansas.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Charles Sheldon Bath.;

Charles Sheldon Bath.

Birth: 1856, Illinois.
Death: 1916.

Wife: Hattie B. Bath.
Married 1885.

Children: Earnest, Dilla, Jessie R. , Ella W, Theo R. Bath.

Burial: Buckeye Cemetery, Kanopolis, Ellsworth County, Kansas.

Mr. Bath lived in Kanopolis Kansas he made a liveing as a General Merchandise. He was also a Postmaster. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wm Byron Biggs.

Wm. Byron Biggs.

Birth: Jul. 9, 1856.
Death: Jan. 31, 1941.

Wife: Almira E Biggs (1863 - 1954).

Burial: McGill Cemetery, Potwin, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Biggs Came to Butler County Kansas in 1895 and settled in section 28, of Plum Grove township.
He was a farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land.  He later added another 320 acres.  His post office address was Potwin Kansas which is one mile west of the farm. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sherman Grant Allen

Sherman Grant Allen.

Birth: Nov. 6, 1870 Kankakee, Kankakee County Illinois.
Death: Feb. 24, 1947, Bison, Rush County, Kansas.

Parents: James Allen (1829 - 1892), Rebecca Jackson Allen (1832 - 1906).

Wife: Nancy Louise Magerkeuth Allen (1875 - 1940).

Children: William, Helen, Frank, Martha,Florence Edna Allen (____ - 1902).

Siblings: John Jackson Allen (1856 - 1921), Frederick James Allen (1861 - 1933), Thomas Eugene Allen (1863 - 1939), George William Allen (1865 - 1921), Sherman Grant Allen (1870 - 1947), Mary Jane Allen Bieber (1871 - 1960), Robert Charles Allen (1873 - 1954).

Burial: La Crosse Cemetery, La Crosse, Rush County, Kansas.

Mr.  Allen came to Rush County Kansas and settled in Lone Star township.  He lived in the town of Bison Kansas.  He made is living as a General Smith. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Robert M. Norris.

Robert M. Norris.

Birth: Sep. 4, 1858.
Death: Oct. 20, 1938.

Wife: Mary C. Norris. Married 1884.

Children: Mabel C., George R., Robert A., Ruth I. Norris.

Burial: Browns Grove Cemetery, Burdett, Pawnee County, Kansas.

Mr. Norris came to Pawnee County, Kansas and settled in Browns Grove townships. He settled in the town of Burdett Kansas, where he had many businesses. He was a Dealer in Genera Merchandise and Furniture and was in undertaking. He also was a Dealer of Grain.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Henry W Barber.

Henry W Barber.

Birth; Jan. 30, 1843.
Death: Jan. 2, 1926, Ransom, Ness County, Kansas.

Parents: Romanta Barber (1799 - 1853), Lydia Foote Barber (1805 - 1881)..

Wife; Frances Maria Woods Barber (1843 - 1928).

Children: Frederick Abner Barber (1867 - 1940), Adelbert Harry Barber (1870 - 1966), Mabel Irene Barber Lynn (1875 - 1961), Millie Alice Barber Jackson (1878 - 1966), Dora Belle Barber Barkley (1881 - 1959).

Sibling: Melinda E Barber Reeder (1832 - 1913), Henry W Barber (1843 - 1926).

Burial: Ransom Cemetery, Ransom, Ness County, Kansas.

Mr. Barber came to Ness County in 1889, he settled in Nevad township.  He settled in the town of Ransom, Kansas. He was the Postmaster from 1902 to 1912.  He was also Dealer of Coal

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sherman E. Boice.

Sherman E. Boice.

Birth: Feb. 16, 1867, Ohio.
Death: Nov. 2, 1942.

Parents: Bartlett Boice (1837 - 1912), Esther A. Boice (1844 - 1922).

Wife: Susan Boice (1867 - 1960).

Married 1894.

Children: Lucy E., Harry E., Raymond E.

Sibling: Sherman E. Boice (1867 - 1942), Robert O. Boice (1868 - 1944).

Burial: Spring Hill Cemetery, Spring Hill, Johnson County, Kansas.

Mr. Boice came to Miami County Kansas in 1872.  He settled in Ten Mile township,  He settled in the town of Bucyrus Kansas where  he made a living running a Hotel and livery.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tont Lyon.

Tont Lyon.

Birth: 1872.
Death: 1961.

wife: Myrtle Lyon (1878 - 1962).

Burial: Vesper Cemetery, Lincoln County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. Lyon lived in Lincoln County, Kansas in the Township's of Marion and Beaver it the City of Lincoln Kansas. He   was the owner of White's Livery and Feed Stable.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

John Beaver.

John Beaver.

Birth: Jun. 5, 1845, Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Feb. 7, 1919, Jetmore, Hodgeman County, Kansas.

Parents: Adam Beaver (1823 - 1904), Margret Elizabeth Rice Beaver (1824 - 1874).

Wife: Amanda E. Friend Beaver (1844 - 1938).

Children: Kathryn Vera Beaver Patchen (1886 - 1924).

Siblings: John Beaver (1845 - 1919), Rebecca Beaver Kintigh (1846 - 1930), Frankie Beaver (1870 - 1873), Rhoda C. Beaver (1877 - 1888).

Burial: Fairmount Cemetery, Jetmore, Hodgeman County, Kansas.

Mr. Beaver came to Hodgeman County Kansas in 1885 and settled in Center township in the town of Jetmore. In 1907 he was listed as City Marshal and Justice of the Peace.  

Friday, February 5, 2016

George T Brown.

George T Brown.

Birth: 1863.
Death: 1942, Gove County, Kansas.

Wife: Elizabeth E Brown (1870 - 1965).

Children: Emmet H Brown (1891 - 1939), Leslie Lele Brown (1895 - 1967).

Burial:, Gove Cemetery, Gove, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr. Brown came to Gove County Kansas, settled in Gove township and lived in the town Gove, Kansas.  In 1907, he owned the Brown's Hotel and was a Dealer of General Merchandise. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

John S. Hanway.

John S. Hanway.

Birth: November, 1834, Ohio.
Death: Unknown.

Wife's First Georgia A, Hanway ( 1859-1904)
Married 1889.

Second Helen M. Hanway ( 1838-1881 ).

Children: Delia, Mary S., Bernice, Lloyd Hanway.

Mr.  Hanway came to Franklin County Kansas in 1903 settled in Potawatomie township he lived in the town of Lane Kansas there he was Postmaster from 1897-1903.  He was also a Civil War Vet.

Author note.  A error was made he came to Franklin county before 1880.

Kansas Tenth Infantry CO. C.
John S. Hanway, Sergeant, Residence Mount Gilead, Enlisted July 24, 1861 , Mustered in same: Promoted First Lieutenant Company E, Third Indian Home Guards, July, 1862.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

William M. Dory Jr.

William M. Dory Jr.

Birth: Aug. 22, 1856, New York.
Death: May 29, 1941, Grenola, Elk County, Kansas.

Married: Mar 17 1880 Howard, Elk Co. Kansas.

Wife: Emma Jane Weeks.

Children: William E., Roy H., Mary J., Harry A., Earl M. Dory

Parents: William M Dory Sr., Rhoda Anna Clark.

Burial: Green Lawn Cemetery, Grenola, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Dory came to Elk county Kansas in1870. Settled in Greenfield township, lived in the town of Grenola Kansas.  In the town of Grenola he was a Butcher, Farmer and Stock Raiser.  

Kyle Murray.

Kyle Murray.

Birth: Sep. 24, 1879.
Death: Jul. 29, 1935.

Parent: Mary E. Murray.

Children: Twins,Kyle, Charley Murray.

Burial: White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Mr. Murray lived in Doniphan County Kansas, in the township of Union.  He lived in Denton Kansas.  In 1900 he was a Grocer and in 1902-1903, he was Postmaster of Denton, he was also a School Teacher.  His brother Charley w a s also Postmaster of Denton Kansas. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thomas K. Settle.

Thomas K. Settle.

Birth: Aug., 1840, Virginia.
Death: unknown.

Parents: Meredith Settle, Matilda Whitehead Settle (1813 - 1883).

Wife;  Mary J. Settle, Married 1871.

Children: Laura O., Clyde F., Howard D. Settle.

Siblings: Mary C Settle Thompson (1838 - 1885), Thomas K. Settle (1840 - ____), Telitha F. Settle Hartwell (1842 - 1886), Lucy V Settle Huffman (1847 - 1927), Ashford C. Settle (1850 - 1903).

Burial: Toronto Cemetery, Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas.

Mr. Settle came to Butler County Kansas in 1886, He settled in Union Township in the town of Latham Kansas. In 1905 he was Postmaster of Latham Kansas he was Postmaster from 1897 to 1907.

He was also a Civil War Vet.

Civil War, Company G., 15th Regiment U.S. Infantry.

US Army, Register of Enlistments. Enlisted August 29, 1861 at Warren Co, Virginia, Age 21, Discharged February 13, 1864.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

George Thomas Boon.

George Thomas Boon.

Birth: 1875.
Death: 1948.

Wife: Mary Carrie Bedell Boon.

Married January 25,  1898.

Burial:Oak Hill Cemetery. Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas.

Mr.  Boon was living in Labette county Kansas, was living in Chetopa Kansas.  He was Postmaster of Chetopa from 1902 to 1914.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Elmer F Berry.

Elmer F Berry.

Birth: 1867, Clinton County, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1918.

Parents: Lewis F Berry (1835 - 1883), Rebecca Berry (1834 - 1919).


Burial: Jewell City Cemetery, Jewell, Jewell County, Kansas.

Mr.  Berry lived in Jewell County Kansas in the Township of Center, in the town of Mankato Kansas.
In 1908 he was running the Mankato Hotel.

Monday, January 25, 2016

William Tregellas.

William Tregellas.

Birth: 1849.
Death: 1932,

Wife: Ruth Ann Davis Tregellas (1850 - 1937).

Children: Alfred, George, Nettie, Clara.

Burial: Iuka Township Cemetery, Iuka, Pratt County, Kansas.

Mr. Tregellas Came to Pratt County Kansas in 1878, he settled in Iuka township, lived in the town Iuka Kansas.  In 1906 he ran a Hardware store and a Livery.


Julius Berger.

Julius Berger.

Birth: 1877, Burgenland, Austria.
Death: 1962, Horton, Brown County, Kansas.

Parents: Frank Berger (1847 - 1921), Barbara Kreitz Berger (1856 - 1932).

Wife: Anna K. Schuetz Berger (1884 - 1968).

Children: Barbara Mary Berger Wilhelm (1905 - 2005). Martin Fred Berger (1906 - 1978). Joseph J Berger (1909 - 1979). Mary Rosalia Berger (1912 - 1927). Carl F. Berger (1914 - 1985). Magdlena Berger Heinen (1916 - 2010). William M. Berger (1917 - 1982). Ewald (Fritz) Berger (1919 - 1993). Elizabeth M. Berger Schuetz (1921 - 2012). Frank Henry Berger (1923 - 2008). Rosie W Berger Kimmi (1926 - 2010). Marian L. Berger Whitcraft (1928 - 2012).

Siblings: Mathias Berger (1875 - 1875). Julius Berger (1877 - 1962). Roselia Berger Kleidosty (1879 - 1973). Barbara Berger Hutfles (1881 - 1968). Mary Berger Berger (1886 - 1933).

Burial: Saint Leos Catholic Cemetery, Horton, Brown County, Kansas.

Mr. Berger came to Rawlin County Kansas in1882, settled in Herndon township  He lived in Herndon Kansas,  In 1902 he was a Butcher, Fresh and Salt Meats.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Samuel Booth.

Samuel Booth.

Birth: 1844.
Death: 1908.

Wife: Christina W. Booth (1845 - 1937).

Married about 1864.

Children: Sam, William B., Joseph, Henry, Robert, Christina Sadie Booth Wood Griffin (1882 - 1975).

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Greensburg, Kiowa County, Kansas.

Mr. Booth came to Kiowa County Kansas in 1886.  He settled in section 19, of Reeder Township.  He was a Ranchman on his 160 acres of land.  His post office address was Greensburg Kansas.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

George W Barrett.

George W Barrett.

Birth: 1838.
Death: May 23, 1912.

Wife: Catherine Barrett.

Married 1860.

Children: Frank P. Barrett.

Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Herington, Dickinson County, Kansas.

Mr. Barrett came to Dickinson County in  1858, Settled in Lyon township, lived in Herrington Kansas. In 1901 he was running the Herington Hotel.                                                             1

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vencil S. Musil.

Vencil S. Musil.

Birth: 1849, Czech Republic.
Death: 1904, Barber County, Kansas.

Birthplace: , Frauenberg, Bohemia.

Married Theresia KIMPLER on May 15, 1877 in Ellinwood, Barton, Kansas.

Wife: Theresia Kimpler Musil (1853 - 1926).

Children: Peter Martin Musil (1878 - 1906), Katie Musil (1881 - 1906), Mamie Musil (1884 - 1900), Fredrick M Musil (1890 - 1923), Clair Musil Heaney (1892 - 1983),

Burial: Lakin Comanche Cemetery, Ellinwood, Barton County, Kansas.

He was an Agriculture Implement Dealer in Ellinwood for several years.  In 1902 he was Police Magistrate of Ellinwood Kansas. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Joseph Alexander Cooper..

Joseph Alexander Cooper.

Birth: Nov. 25, 1823, Whitley County, Kentucky.
Death: May 20, 1910, Stafford County, Kansas.

Civil War Union Brevet Major General. After serving in the Mexican War, he took part in politics as an anti-secessionist and when Tennessee seceded from the union, he moved to Kentucky and joined the Union as a Captain in the 1st Tennessee Infantry. After being in combat in some engagements in Tennessee, he was commissioned Colonel of the 6th Tennessee and took part in the Battles of Stone's River, Chickamauga and the Chattanooga Campaign. In 1864, he was promoted Brigadier General, commanded a brigade at the Battle a Jonesborough, at the Franklin and Nashville Campaigns and during the advance on Bentonville. For his service during the war, he was brevetted Major General of US Volunteers and left the Army in 1866. After the war, he was briefly in politics and was a Internal Revenue collector for ten years before moving to Kansas to engage in farming.

Parents: John Cooper (1780 - 1854), Hester Sage Cooper (1793 - 1878).

Wife: Mary J. Cooper.

Married 1877.

Children: William Riley Cooper (1847 - 1926),  George R., Daniel B., Carla L., .Jonathan L., Sally A. Cooper Adopted Daughter  Hattie Kindle.

Siblings: Ephraim Cooper (1817 - 1864).
Mahulda Lindsay (1819 - 1886).
Mahala Cooper Jackson  (1822 - 1891).
Joseph Alexander Cooper (1823 - 1910).
Sylvester Cooper (1826 - 1919).
William P. Cooper (1829 - 1903).
Fountain Cooper (1831 - 1904).
Lindsey Cooper (1833 - 1916).
M. L. Cooper (1835 - 1908).

Burial: Knoxville National Cemetery, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

Mr. Cooper came to Stafford County Kansas in 1881, Settled in section 28 of Cleveland township,  He was a Farmer owning 160 acres, His post office address was St. John, Kansas. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Henry Tork.

Henry Tork.

Birth: Aug. 1, 1854, Pennsylvania.
Death: Dec. 19, 1933, Jackson County, Kansas,

Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Lister Tork (1855 - 1905).

Married 1875.

Children: George W., John H., Clyde, Stella Tork.

Burial: Mayetta Cemetery, Mayetta, Jackson County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Tork was Living in Jackson county Kansas, Settled in the township of Cedar.  He lived in the town of Mayetta Kansas, there he owned a livery, Fed and Sale Stable.

John William Burchfield

John William Burchfield.

Birth: 1831.
Death: Nov. 10, 1887.


Wife: Julia A. Burchfield, ( 1830 - 1915 ).

Children: Luther Burchfield (1858 - 1913), Edward Clinton Burchfield (1860 - 1932), Anna M Birchfield Sweeney (1862 - 1946).

Burial: Cornelison Cemetery, Brown County. Kansas.

In 1902 Mr. Burchfield lived in Harper County Kansas.  He settled in Anthony township in the town of Anthony Kansas.  In 192 he was the owner of the Anthony Hotel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Alvin Ross "Ross" Mort.

Alvin Ross "Ross" Mort.

Birth: 1875.
Death: 1943, Kansas.

Parents: Aaron Mort (1848 - 1925), Charlotte G. Dahlberg Mort (1843 - 1932).

Brother: Owen R. Mort.                        

  Wife: Mary E. Mort (1876 - 1936).

Burial: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City, Graham County, Kansas.

Mr. Mort came to Graham County Kansas in 1879 with his parents. He later settled in the township of Hill  City,  In 1906 he was running a Livery in Hill City, Kansas. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Walter P. Marshall.

Walter P. Marshall.

Birth: Nov., 1856.
Death: Mar., 1925.

Wife: Jessie F. Marshall, ( 1855-? )
Married 1878.

Burial: Silent Land Cemetery, Spearville, Ford County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Marshall was living in Ford County Kansas. He lived in the  township of Spearville, lining in the town of Spearville Kansas.  He ran the Parker Hotel and Reataurant, he ran it from about 1900 to 1930. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jerry Cook.

Jerry Cook.

Birth: 1859.
Death: 1941.

Parents: William S Cook (1815 - 1874).

Wife: Melissa Cook (1859 - 1951).

Sibling: Dianna Cook Newcomb (____ - 1874), Jerry Cook (1859 - 1941).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Cook came to Decatur County Kansas  in 1885. He settled in Oberlin township in the town of Oberlin.  In 1905 he was the Rural Mail Carrier

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thomas Alvin Fuller

Thomas Alvin Fuller,

Birth: Apr. 20, 1856.
Death: Jun. 22, 1926.

Wife: Eva L. Fuller.

Children: Alma Fuller.

Burial: Elmwood Mausoleum, Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Fuller came to Butler county in 1884.  He  settled in the township of Augusta.  He lived in Augusta Kansas.  In 1905 he owned a Grocery Bakery and Confectionary.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Frantisek "Frank" Bizek

Frantisek "Frank" Bizek.

Birth: May 21, 1852,
Death: Feb. 28, 1921.

Wife: Katerina "Katty" Bizek (1856- 1915).

Children: Stella, August, Emma, Charles Bizek.

Burial:Bohemian Cemetery, Timken, Rush County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. Bizek lived in Rush County Kansas,  He settled in section 2, of Banner township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser owning 320 acres of land.  His post office address was Timken Kansas, Which is five miles north of the farm.