Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gerhard Baergen.

Gerhard Baergen.

Birth: 1863.
Death: 1933.

Wife: Anna Gerbrand Baergen (1867 - 1956).

Children: Katie Baergen Reimer (1891 - 1973). Helen Baergen Unruh (1892 - 1980). Anna Baergen (1894 - 1955). Gustav A. Baergen (1895 - 1992). George P. Baergen (1898 - 1993). Marie Baergen (1900 - 1996). Bertha Baergen Tiahrt (1902 - 1968). Herbert Baergen (1905 - 1957).

Burial: Buhler Municipal Cemetery, Buhler, Reno County, Kansas.

Mr. Baergen lived in Harvey County Kansas, in 1902, settled in section 6 of Alta township.  He owned 79.41 acres of land he was a Farmer and Grain Raiser.  His post office adders was Inman Kansas which was four miles north of the Farm in McPherson County.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Charles Fox.

Charles Fox.

Birth: Unknown
note. census records give 1861.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Martha Fox.

Children: Helen and Irene Fox.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Fox Came to Geary County Kansas in 1902 and settled in Junction City, were he was the Proprietor of the Savoy Hotel. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June Moyer.

June Moyer.

Birth: 1842.
Death: 1915.

Wife: Susanna Moyer (1839 - 1928).

Children: John Henry Moyer (1877 - 1953), Charles E Moyer (1882 - 1970), Frank Cornelius Moyer (1883 - 1931).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, Geary County, Kansas.

Mr. Moyer came to Geary county Kansas in 1874, settled on section 28 of Jefferson township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 108 acres of land.  His post office address was Junction City Kansas.

Mr. Moyer was a Civil War Veteran was a Private, Jones' Independent Company, Pennsylvania Infantry (9 months, 1862-1863).

Bellefont Kansas.


Bellefont, a village of Wheatland township, Ford county, is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. 22 miles east of Dodge City, the county seat. The population was 40 in 1910. It has a money order post office with one rural delivery route, and is a shipping and supply point for that section of the county.

The founder of Bellefont was Major John A. Cline.

Bellefont Post Office open April 30, 1878 to September 31, 1896, closed and reopen on November 6, 1904 and ran to June 28, 1957.

County Directory 1905--06.

Major John A. Cline, Postmaster and Dealer of General Merchandise, came to county 1878.

Chris. Henning, Farmer and Stock Raiser and Dealer of Poultry, came to county 1885.

M. C. McKee, Farmer and Grain Dealer, came to county 1898.

George W. Molitor, Live Stock Commission and Merchant, came to county 1877.

Theo. Wadel, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1884.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lyle Kansas.

Lyle Kansas.
Lyle, a hamlet in Decatur county, is located on Sappa creek about 20 miles northeast of Oberlin, the county seat, and 8 miles north of Norcatur, the nearest railroad station and the post office from which it receives mail by rural route. The population in 1910 was 30.

Lyle post office open June 6, 1877, and close on  January1,1907. Lyle had one store and one other building but its not stated what it was.

The County Directory give only two names  who used the post office, but there had to be many more.  There names were;

Benjiman B. Bell, Farmer and Stock Raise, 140 acers, Section 28.

John A. Foley, Farmer and Stock Raise, 160 Aces, Section16.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hymer Kansas

                           HYMER KANSAS.

Hymer, a hamlet of Chase county, is located on Diamond creek, in the township of the same name, and is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. 13 miles northwest of Cottonwood Falls, the county seat. It has telegraph and express offices, and a money order post office. The population, according to the census of 1910, was 30.

Hymer post office open March  19,  1872 and ran to October 4,  1943.
The census of 1910 stated that their were  only 30 people living there, but in 1901, there were only five families using the post office according to the directory.

The people  using Hymers post office in  1901  were;

K. J. Fink, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

William Heskett, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

Martin David Umberger, Farmer and Stock Raiser. 

J. I. Mitchell, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

S. E. Whitney, President and General Manager of the "101" Cattle Company.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

E. E. Haverfield.

E. E. Haverfield.

Birth: 1869, Illinois.
Death: Unknown.


Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Haverfield lived in Rush county Kansas settled in section 31 of Banner township, he was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land. His post office address was Ash Valley which  was four miles South from the farm and in Pawnee County Kansas.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Joseph F Vrbas.

Joseph F Vrbas.

Birth: 1881, Czechoslovakia.
Death: 1947.

Parents: Joseph Vrbas (1852 - 1901), Frances Sis Vrbas (1861 - 1935).

Wife: Josephine M Bartosovsky Vrbas (1882 - 1958).

Children: Agnes A Vrbas Horinek (1905 - 1995), James L Vrbas (1907 - 1985), Charley A Vrbas (1909 - 1985), Martha Vrbas (1915 - 1915).

Note. This is the children I have  listed. Joseph S Vrbas, James L Vrbas,  Charles C Vrbas, Frank,  A Vrbas, Elbert R Vrbas,  Elizabeth Vrbas.

Siblings: Joseph F Vrbas (1881 - 1947), Frank J Vrbas (1883 - 1945), Frances Vrbas Horinek (1886 - 1956), Vaclav Vrbas (1888 - 1918), Mary Frances Vrbas Holub (1892 - 1967), Stanley M. Vrbas (1898 - 1985).

Burial: Saint Johns Cemetery, Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Vrbas lived Rawlins County Kansas, settled in Burntwood township, He was a Farmer in section 19 on 160 acres of land. His Post office address was Burntwood Kansas.  Burntwood wasn't a town just a post office although it may had a store of some kind. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Herman Nimz.

Herman Nimz.

Birth: Mar. 13, 1844, Germany.
Death: Feb. 21, 1926, Riverside, Ness County, Kansas.

Wife: Catherine Simmeth Nimz (1843 - 1914).

Children: Anna Nimz Rauch (1883 - 1978).

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Ness County, Kansas.

Mr. Nimz came to Ness county Kansas in 1875.  He settled in section 8 of Highpoint township. He lived in Francis Kansas where he was a Merchant and Postmaster, he owned 320 acers of land which Francis was built on.

Francis Kansas.

Francis, a money order post-hamlet of Ness county, is situated in Highpoint township, about 12 miles southeast of Ness City, the county seat, and in 1910 reported a population of 20. It has a general store and is a trading center for the neighborhood. Ness City and Bazine are the nearest railroad stations.

Francis Kansas Post Office open Jan. 17, 1888 and ran to Dec. 20, 1888 closed  and reopen March 30, 1888 and ran to Oct. 30, 1915.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

James W. Covert.

James W. Covert.

Birth: Jul. 16, 1864.
Death: Dec. 29, 1906.

Parents: Elias and Hannah Covert.

Wife: Minnie N. Covert.

Child: Homer James Covert.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Lived in Ottawa County, Kansas in the town of Minneapolis.
He was one of the Proprietors of J. W. Covert & Co. Place Drug Store.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Volentine S Kelsey.

Volentine S Kelsey.

Birth: Feb. 20, 1871.
Death: Feb. 22, 1952.

Wife: Mellissa Kelsey ( 1875-1965. )
No children found.

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Erie, Neosho County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Kelsey lived in Grant township and lived in the town of Kimbal Kansas.  He was Postmaster of Kimbal Kansas and owner of a General Store.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Albert N Freeborn.

Albert N Freeborn.

Birth: Oct. 20, 1841, Ohio.
Death: Mar. 24, 1910, Florence, Marion County, Kansas,

Wife: Sarah Ann Startup Freeborn (1852 - 1922).
Married 1875.

Children: A,S., Willie, D. O., Mabel, Myrtle S Freeborn Jaquee (1877 - 1896).

Burial: Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion County, Kansas.

In 1902 Mr. Freeborn lived in Marion county Kansas, Settled in the Township of Boyle and lived in the town of Florence Kansas. There he owned the Cottage Hotel. He was also a Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hay and Farm Implements.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

William Sanford Kimball.

William Sanford Kimball.

Birth: Mar. 16, 1840, New York.
Death: Jun. 5, 1923, Crowley County, Colorado.

William Sanford Kimball was born to William S Kimball and Cordelia Freeman in New York. Cordelia died in 1852. His father married twice after the death of his first wife. William Sanford Kimball married Margaret Comstock in Illinois December 30, 1863 The couple had 3 daughters and 2 sons. He died Ordway Colorado June 5, 1923 and is buried in Mound City Kansas.

Parents: William Kimball (1810 - 1895).

Wife: Margaret Pauline Comstock Kimball (1841 - 1904).

Children: George R. Kimball (1866 - 1939).

Sibling: William Sanford Kimball (1840 - 1923), Minor Galord Kimball (1854 - 1936).

Burial: Mound City, Kansas.

In 1910 Mr. Kimball was living in Linn county Kansas, he settled in Mound City township and lived in Mound City Kansas.  He was the Dealer of Staple Groceries and owner of the Opera House.                  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

John Morrow Bonner.

John Morrow Bonner.

Birth: 1850.
Death: 1928.

Wife: Martha A. Bonner, ( 1847- 1921 ).

No children found.

Burial: Fairmount Cemetery, Jetmore, Hodgeman County, Kansas.

Mr. Bonner came to Hodgeman county Kansas in 1885 and settled in center township and settled in the town of Jetmore, Kansas.  Made his living as a Dealer of Hardware.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Aaron R. Mort

Aaron Mort.

Birth: 1848.
Death: 1925.

Wife's; Charlotte G. Mort, !843- 1932, Mary E. Mort, 1876-1936

Children: Carl, Maude or Mauddie, Alvin Ross Mort (1875 - 1943).

Burial: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City,Graham County, Kansas.

Mr. Mort came to Graham county Kansas in 1874, settled in the township of Hill City and lived in the town of Hill City Kansas where he ran a Livery.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thomas Alvin Fuller.

Thomas Alvin Fuller.

Birth: Apr. 20, 1856.
Death: Jun. 22, 1926.

Wife: Leva L  Fuller.
Married 1900.

Children: Alma Fuller..

Burial: Elmwood Mausoleum, Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Fuller came to Butler county Kansas in 1884, settled in Augusta township and settled in Augusta Kansas.  He ran a Grocery and Bakery.

Friday, June 3, 2016

George Richmond Holman.

George Richmond Holman.

Birth: Mar. 6, 1876.
Death: Oct. 7, 1943.

Parents: George W. Holman (1844 - 1901) Catharine E. Barbee Holman (1845 - 1912).

Wife's: Della M Bond Holman (1877 - 1906).
             Marred 1898.
Eva Lee Holman (1883 - 1960).

Children: Ardin R Holman (1906 - 1906).

Sibling: Anna Lydia Holman Colvin (1872 - 1965), George Richmond Holman (1876 - 1943).

Burial: Syracuse Cemetery, Syracuse, Hamilton County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Holman lived in Greenwood county Kansas, settled in Eureka township and lived in the town of Eureka Kansas. He was the Proprietor of a Livery and feed and Sale Stable. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Charles F. Herrmann.

Charles F. Herrmann.

Birth: Jun. 8, 1867.
Death: Mar. 31, 1946.

Parents: William and Sopioa Herrmann.

Wife: Elizabeth Shadwell Herrmann.
Married July 7, 1903.

Children: Harold Grove Herrmann.

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Herrmann was living in  Kinsley Kansas, made his living running the Grove Hotel.