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Stuttgart Kansas & Paul H. Bethke.

Stuttgart, Kansas, date unknown.
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Lately I been going through a lot of pictures of Kansas towns.  What I find interesting is how barren the towns look, no trees of any kind, will hardly any.  What I look for in these pictures is interesting buildings, but not for just any building.  Buildings with signs that tells what the building was used for, and if I'm lucky there will be a name on the sign or building.  If I'm lucky and there is a name I will research the name. 

Not only is the building interesting to me, I would like to know something about the person who ran the business.  Those of you who been to this site before knows it was built on the surname, and from time to time I put in a little Kansas history.

Take the above picture of the General Merchant store.  It was ran by Paul H. Bethke, he was born in Minnesota in 1877, his wife Winne, was boon in Kansas in 1881, and their daughter Linda, who was born in Kansas in 1909.  Little is known about him and his family.  Its known that he was in business in 1905, and was the postmaster as the postmaster list below will show.  He was in Stuttgart up till 1910.  He left town sometime after 1910, as no other record can be found after that time.

You will note there's another Bethke on the postmaster list. she is not part of this family although she may be connected in some way as there were other Bethke's around.
Stuttgart Kansas.

Stuttgart, a country hamlet in Phillips county, is located in Mound township on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R. R., 7 miles west of Phillipsburg, the county seat. It has general stores, a mill and grain elevator, telegraph and express offices, and a money order postoffice. The population in 1910 was 125.

Stuttgart Post Office History.

Stuttgart post office opened on February 6, 1888, and ran to June 1, 1986, when to became a community post office, then closed on August 1, 2000..  Postmasters were; :

 George VEEH, February 6, 1888. 
Martin KISTNER, August 30, 1900. 
Paul BETHKE, April 1, 1905. 
James M. SMITH, May 29, 1912. 
Leota G. SMITH, May 13, 1914. 
Ida D. SMITH, September 26, 1918. 
Wm. DeVRIES, April 6, 1920. 
August M. VEEH, November 19, 1923. 
Annie M. HEMPLER-BETHKE, January 23, 1948. 

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Isaac Franklin Ordway

Isaac F. Ordway, Mail Carrier.
Date unknown.
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Isaac Franklin Ordway,

Birth: Sep. 19, 1839, Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine.
Death: Sep. 13, 1927, Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas.

Death age:88, years.

Wife: Sybil Serepta Reccord Ordway (1843 - 1928).

He married Sybil Serepta Reccord Jan 2, 1865 in Algona, Kossuth Co Iowa. They had the following children:  Rodney Larkin, Clarence Victor, Calvin Guy, Cora, Viola V and Mable Clara.

Children: Rodney Larkin, Clarence Victor, Calvin Guy, Cora, Viola V., Mable Clara Ordway. 

Burial: Plainville Cemetery, Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas.

In 1880 Isaac was living in Walton, Kansas, as a farmer, later came to Plainville, Kansas, in 1905 he had a business called I. F. Ordway & son, dealing in Dry Goods, Shoes, Furnishing Goods and Groceries,  Later in life 1910, he was a mail carrier on rural route No. 1.

Its recorded that he was a Civil War Veteran, was a private in the First Minnesota Infantry Co. G.  However when this author looked up his record he was not found on any company roster of the first regiment under any spelling.

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Post Maters Of Bison Kansas.


Bison Post Office opened May 7, 1888.

Bison Post Office, more then likely taken in the early 1900's.
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Name---------------Title Date-----Appointed
Samuel Rothweiler---Postmaster---05/07/1888
In 1901, was Dealer in Dry Goods.
Samuel Rothweiler---Postmaster---04/16/1897
Henry Ficken---Postmaster---08/28/1894
In 1901, ran the Bison Milling Company.
Peter C. Dixon---Postmaster---07/01/1907
Claus Neve---Postmaster---08/25/1911
Vaclav Sajner---Postmaster---10/01/1919
Miss Clara Sainer---Acting Postmaster---01/01/1943
Miss Clara Sainer---Postmaster---10/05/1943
Melvin E. Decker---Acting Postmaster---11/30/1953
Melvin E. Decker---Postmaster---03/09/1955
Bessie Stejskal---Officer-In-Charge---05/05/1979
Dorothy M. Schwartzkopf---Postmaster---12/15/1979
Helena Deschenes---Officer-In-Charge---12/27/1991
Elaine L. Seeman---Postmaster---06/13/1992
Joycelyn Haynes---Officer-In-Charge---10/23/1996
Patricia L. Gilliland---Postmaster---12/07/1996
Shelly Lippert---Officer-In-Charge---07/10/2001
Kalen Hahn---Officer-In-Charge---10/16/2001
Mandy Urban---Officer-In-Charge---07/07/2004
Judith Wasko---Officer-In-Charge---07/13/2005
Shelly M. Lippert---Postmaster---12/10/2005 
Maureen M. Georg---Postmaster---04/26/2008
Teresa A. McCabe---Officer-In-Charge---01/24/2008 

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John W. Hyler.

John W. Hyler Drug store.
Picture publish date 1910.
Picture taken 1909.
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John W. Hyler came to Wilson county Kansas, from Ohio, in 1879, with is wife Ida J. Hyler who were married around 1878, there were no children in this marriage.  They settled in the town of Fredonia, Kansas, were he was a Grocer-Merchant.  In 1880 he was on the Fredonia Building Loan Association, as one of the board of directors.  Some time between 1880 & 1900 he became a Druggist in Frodonia, Kansas.

John's wife Ida J., died in Fredonia, Kansas, in 1903, she was around 47 years, her burial was at Fredonia cemetery, Fredonia, Wilson county, Kansas.

Some time between 1903 & 1910, John remarried to a woman by the name Rosa, they had moved to Benedict, Kansas, were he was a Druggist, he had the only drug store in town. 

This is all I know about them as I lost all track of them after 1910, I couldn't find out if John and Rosa had any children nor could I find any death or burial records on them.

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Birch M. ( B. M. ) Butters.


Birch M. ( B. M. ) Butters.

Birth: 1869.
Death: 1955.

Wife: Mary F. Butters 1870-1925.

Children: William Frank Butters, Charles H. ( Charley ), Butters, Nettie M. Butters, Estella G. Butters, Elsie J. Butters, Mary E. I. Butters, Irene Butters.

Burial" Spring Hill Cemetery, Whiting, Jackson County, Kansas.

Mr. Butters was at one time the proprietor of the New Whiting House, what year I couldn't find out.  He may have been in Whiting a little after 1903, as he wasn't in any records or census till 1910, when it was stated he was a farmer, although no records shows him owning any land.  In 1920 he was a Commercial Traveler. 

The man and the children to the right most likely is Mr. Butters and part of the family.  The man in the wagon is most likely Albert J. Parrott, the Hired man.

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Hoxie Kansas, Bakey & Restaurant.

History of Hoxie, Kansas.

Hoxie, the county seat of Sheridan county, is situated almost in the exact geographic center of the county on the Union Pacific R. R. The town was laid out in the early part of 1886 by a company composed of E. F. Parker, W. P. Rice, J. W. Huff, J. H. Huff, H. R. Stimson, H. P. Churchill, William Mellen, E. H. McCracken and Isaac Mulholland. The Kenneth Sentinel of March 11, 1886, says: "On last Saturday evening a meeting of the citizens of Kenneth was held at the school house for the purpose of receiving and considering a proposition from the Hoxie town company looking to a consolidation of the two places, and a removal of the buildings to the Hoxie town site."
becoming a city. On June 6, 1886, a Presbyterian church was organized, and the town company made a contract with George Forgue, of Clifton, Kan., to establish a brick yard. Hoxie now has 2 banks, 2 grain elevators, a weekly newspaper (the Sentinel), good hotels, an international money order post office with four rural routes, telegraph and express offices, a telephone exchange, and a number of well stocked stores which handle all lines of merchandise. The count
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At that meeting the Hoxie interests were represented by W. P. Rice, J. W. Huff and William Mellen, who agreed to give new lots to those who owned property in Kenneth, and to pay the expense of removing their buildings to the new town, which was about 3 miles south of Kenneth. These men by their courtesy and diplomacy won the day, and "after mature deliberation, extending far into the night, a vote was finally reached on a motion to consolidate the two towns by moving Kenneth to the Hoxie town site, and it was adopted without a dissenting voice."

This absorption of the town of Kenneth, which was at that time the county seat, gave Hoxie a good start toward y high school is located at Hoxie, and there are also graded public schools. The population in 1910 was 532.

Hoxie Bakery & Restaurant.

Picture date unknown.
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When I saw this picture of the Hoxie Restaurant I know I had to do something with it  There was just something about the restaurant I Knew I had to research it.  I found it was built between 1886 and 1900.  Although it could have been built in Kenneth, Kansas, but I don't think so as the town only lasted six years 1879-1886, before the town was moved to the new Hoxie site.

The earliest census I could research was 1900, as most of the 1890 census was burned in some kind of fire.  The 1900 census shows only one person working in a restaurant, that was Mrs. Ada J. Clark, she was born November, 1871,Missouri, she was 28, when she started  working as the "Restaurant Keeper".  She was a widower with two children Armida A., age 12, George J. Clark age 10, both born in Missouri, Some time between 1901 and 1906, she left town and Kansas as far as I can till.

The Hoxie City Directory of 1906, shows no one working in any restaurants.   In the census of 1910, there were only two working in a restaurant both were shown as owners it has to be the same restaurant they were; John L. Snedden, age 27, wife Emma, age 27, son Clyde Snedden, age 3, all born in Kansas.  George H. Waibel age 25, Wife Mattie age 27, son George Waibel age 2, all born in Missouri.  These two families came to Hoxie City after 1906.

I could go to 1920, but I'll stop at 1910, mainly because as Hoxie grew so did the restaurant business. In 1920, there were four of five families in the restaurant business. There's no way of telling which family worked in the restaurant of 1886, if it was still standing as thirty-four has passed by 1920.

In 1910 I stated that John L. and  George H., were owners I believe they were partners, and I fell confident that all three worked in the same restaurant, if not the one pictured above one just like it.

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Captain Edward A. Blakeley.

CAPT. EDWARD A. BLAKELEY came to Kansas in April, 1868, and was employed by C. W. Goodlander as a carpenter for eighteen months succeeding his arrival. He then had charge of teams for Mr. Clough (who was Street Commissioner) until 1873, when he became engaged in the transfer business for himself, in which he has continued since. He was born in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., N. Y., December 24, 1840, and lived there until he came to Kansas with the exception of four years service in the Union Army. He enlisted as a private May 16, 1861, in Company G, Eighty-first New York Volunteer Veteran Infantry, and served in the Second Corps of the Army of the Potomac until September 16, 1865, participating in all the battles of his command.

He was fireman on the N. Y. C. R. R. five years and engineer two and a half years on the same road after the war until he came to Kansas. He is a merchant by trade; he was married at Syracuse, N. Y., October 4, 1872, to  Martha A. Mortimer, a native of Virginia. They have three children--Edward S., Arthur R. and Everett H. Capt. Blakely, is a member of the A. O. U. W., I. O. O. F. and G. A. R., Grand Legion, and Captain of Company F, First Regiment of the Kansas National Guards.
Captain Edward A. Blakeley, died in 1922, is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas.

New York State Records.

BLAKELEY, EDWARD A.—Age, 22 years. Enrolled, September 12,1861, at Syracuse, to serve three years; mustered in as sergeant, Co. G, September 16, 1861; re-enlisted as a veteran, January 1, 1864; wounded in action, September 30,1864, at Chaffin's Farm, Va.; mustered in as first lieutenant, September 22, 1864; as captain, January 28, 1865; mustered out with company, August 31, 1865, at Fort Monroe, Va. Commissioned first lieutenant, November 30, 1864, with rank from September 20, 1864, vice G. C. Smith promoted; captain, March 14, 1865, with rank from January 28, 1865, vice L. V. S. Mattison promoted.

Alton Kansas.

History of Bull, Alton, Kansas.

Alton, Kansas, date unknown.
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In the fall of 1870 two men met at Cawker City and headed west together.  At this time, the Bullock's Ranch at Bloomington was the furthest west settlement.  General Hiram C. Bull and Lyman T. Earl came to a wide valley, at a big bend in the river, with bluffs to the south, and thought this would make a beautiful setting for a town.

On September 12, 1870, they staked out the townsite and General Bull built a 12 x 24-foot general store.  A flip of a coin to decide the city's name resulted in the name of Bull City.  The first post office was established May 31, 1871.  General Bull was the first postmaster.  His pay was $12 a month.

At the close of 1872 there were five log buildings, a stone hotel, one frame building and the Bush Sawmill south of Alton.  The first term of school was held in the upstairs of the Austin Hotel.  In 1873 $1500 in bonds were voted for a stone school house.  The town of Bull City was growing and developing.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck.  On October 12, 1879, General Bull and two of his friends were killed by a pet elk.  After his death, there was talk of changing the name of the town.  A Mrs. Clark from Alton, Ill., allowed no one would consider coming to a town having such a vulgar name.  Much publicity followed.  At some point names from a road petition were cut off and pasted on the change-of-name petition and mailed to Washington.  Alton was incorporated October 1, 1885.

I have researched many Kansas counties and I always find the names of the farms interesting.  I have not done a list on farm names before, but after seeing so many interesting name while researching Osborne county I decided to make one up.  These farms are in Sumner Township and they all have the post office address of Alton, Kansas.

The date after the name is the year they came to the county, although they may have been in Kansas a lot longer.  There maybe some additional information on these names, you may request a look up, I'll be glad to help.

C. R. Bales, Golden Crop, Farm, 1877.
E. O. Binder, Walnut Lane, Farm, 1909.
Allen Grimes, Fair View, Homestead, 1881.
J. E. Hahn, Spring Brook Stock Farm, 1972.
Tom. W. Hale, Walnut Grove Stock Farm, 1909.
Emma D. Hart, Pioneer Poultry  Farm, unknown.
William A. Holloway, Elmdale Stock Farm, 1906.
William H. Holtslander, Pleasant Hill, Farm, 1901.
Leo W. Kissell, Plum Grove, Farm, 1877.
H. E. Kuatz, Sunshine Wheat Farm, 1879.
Jas. McEwen, Sunny Bank Farm, 1879.
W. T. Moran, Maple Lawn Farm, 1906.
James Nicker, Shady Grove Farm, 1878.
S. A. Norris, Lone Tree Farm, 1878.
N. E. Osborn, Longview Farm, 1872.
F. N. Shaw, The Four Cedars, Farm, 1888.
S. O. Smith, Silver Leaf, Farm, 1890.
William E. Smith, Ideal Stock Farm, 1878.
Edgar Stanfield, Cottonwood Grove, Farm, 1879.
William H. Stanfield, The House By The Side Of The Road, 1876.
W. I. Storer, South Slope, Farm, 1871.
F. C. Strebel, Prairie Dale Stock Farm, 1885.
Charles H. Stull, Alfalfa Valley, Farm, 1873.
O. K. Thompson, Lone Cedar Stock Farm, 1909.
Alonzo U. Thornburg, Bur Oak Stock Farm, 1887.
C. E. Williams, The Cedars, Farm, 1878.
L. C. Worden, White Leghorn, Farm, 1878.

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John Michael Kingsley.

Picture publish date 1903.
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John Michael Kingsley.

Birth: Feb. 26, 1824, Wurtemberg, Germany.
Death: Apr. 29, 1899, Howard, Elk County, Kansas.

Wife: Emma Florence Baker Kingsley (1854 - 1933).

Children: Alice Kingsley (1877 - 1881), William David Kingsley (1878 - 1951), John Ralph Kingsley (1882 - 1951).

Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery, Howard, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Kingsley came to Elk county in 1871 and settled in section 27 of Howard Township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, on his 160 acres of land.  His post office address was Lima, Kansas, which was a half mile south of the farm.  After Mr. Kingsley died in 1899, his wife took over the running of the farm as her children were to young.

The post office in lima closed in 1887 and some time before 1903, the town was completely gone.  After the  post office closed they had to go to Howard, Kansas, which was round 5 or 6 miles south west from the farm.

Ella A. Stout Marries Johnson N. HIgh.

Although Ella A. Stout is only connected to Kansas through her husband.  But as she lived here many years and died here and had children here I thought her children and grandchildren would like to know more about their mothers and grandmothers background.

Biographies of Henry County, Ohio, Napoleon Township.
Published in 1888.

George Stout came to Napoleon in the autumn of 1834. Napoleon township was then an almost unbroken wilderness. He purchased a town lot in Napoleon and built the second log cabin in the place. He lived in this cabin while he built a public house or tavern, into which he moved his family in March, 1835. This he opened for the entertainment of guests as soon as it could be made ready. The first two or three terms of the Common Pleas Court, was held in the dining room of this hostelry, and the first grand jury of Henry county slept in the hay-mow in the barn. At this time there were but few settlers in the county. Those nearest were Hazael Strong, John Patrick, and Amos Andrews, who lived four miles down the river, and Elijah Gunn, who lived on Girty's Island, five miles above town. For a distance of fifteen miles from the river, on both sides, the county was a vast unbroken wilderness.

As an inducement to settlers, a town lot was offered by the original proprietors of the town, Messrs. Phillips, Cory and Level, to the first permanent settler. Upon this lot a log cabin had been built by a man named Hollway, being the first erected in the place. It was quit- claimed by Mr. Holloway, and also afterwards by several others, none of whom remained long enough to entitle them to a deed, and was finally deeded to Mr. Stout as the first actual settler in the town. This was lot No. 25 on the original plat of Napoleon. The house was somewhat pretentious for those days, as it was built of hewed logs, the greater portion of the buildings of that day being of round logs. It was afterwards weather- boarded and plastered, and is still standing, being the oldest house in town.

Joseph A. Stout, a son of the above, was born in Holmes county, 0hio., July 13, 1819 .  He was married to Sarah C. Palmer. They raised two children, Albert T. and Ella A. Stout. The latter married Johnson N. High, and resides with her husband in Kansas. Mr. Stout came to Henry county with his parents in 1834, and had with all the settlers of that early period an abundant experience of the trials of pioneer life.

John G. Stout, a brother to the above, came to Henry county with his parents in 1834. He was at one time a superintendent of public works in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. He was married to Sarah Ryan January 24, 1841, They had a family of eight children, one of whom, John P. Stout, is an examiner of pensions in Washington.

Adam Stout was born in Richland county, Ohio, September 29, 1819. He was married to Mary J. Barnhart, who was born in Maryland, Ohio, in 1826. They had eight children. He moved with his parents to this county in 1833.

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Christian Elniff.

Picture publish date 1901.
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Christian Elniff.

Birth: 1862, Denmark.
Death: November 10, 1952.

Wife: Ella Elniff, ( 1878-1929 ).

Children: William, Nellie E. Elniff.

Burial: Jamestown Cemetery, Jamestown, Cloud County, Kansas.

Mr. Elniff came to America in 1873, he later came to Cloud county, Kansas in 1873.  He settled in section 7, of Grant township of Cloud county, Kansas.  He was a farmer and stock raiser on his 156.82 acres.  His farm was called ( Sunflower Model Farm ), his post office address was Jamestown, Kansas, which was between 4 & 5  miles south east from the farm.

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Daniel L. Brown.

DANIEL L. BROWN was born August 14, 1846, at Plymouth, Ind. He enlisted in the United States army, Company H, Eighty-seventh Indiana Volunteers, and at the close of the war was discharged, and returned to his old home at La Porte Ind. He was twice elected Sheriff of La Porte County. He was admitted to the bar, and commenced the practice of law in November, 1874, at La Porte, Ind.

In 1879 he moved to Concordia, Kan., and engaged in the practice of his chosen profession. In the fall of 1882 he was elected Judge of the Probate Court by a huge majority, running several hundred ahead of his ticket. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., K. of P. and the G. A. R., and has been a lifelong Republican. He was married at Union Mills, Ind. July 28, 1867 to Miss Elizabeth M. Carpenter; they have two children - Maude and Daniel L., Jr., and Luella, a brother's child.

From the history of La Porte County, Indiana. 
Daniel L. Brown, Attorney at Law. Was admitted to the bar of La Porte in 1874. He was sheriff of La Porte county from 1870 to 1874, having been twice elected to that office. He makes the collection of doubtful claims a specialty. Money to loan and all business of the profession attended to with promptness.

Civil War Record.

Daniel L. Brown, age 18, recruit, residence Laporte, Enlisted March 20, 1864, at Laporte, Mustered in March 23, 1864.  Transferred to 42nd, June 9, 1865.  42nd, Daniel L. Brown, Private, Mustered in October 21, 1861.  Veteran mustered out July 21, 1865.

Author note.  I know some of this dates are in error however this is what the roster stated.

Moonlight, Kansas.

Moonlight, Kansas 1912.

Moonlight, an inland hamlet in Dickinson county, is located 7 miles northeast of Abilene, the county seat, and 6 miles from Detroit, the nearest shipping point and the post office from which it receives mail. The population in 1910 was 25.

Moonlight Post office.

Post office opened on March 19, 1894 and run to October 14, 1905, first post master John M. Sheets..

People Who used Moonlight As Their Post Office Address As Of 1901.

J. E. Baumbaugh, came to Dickinson county in 1879, settled in section 17, of Hayes township, was a farmer, owned 120 acres.

John Goodwin, came to Dickinson county in 1870, settled in section 20, of Hayes township, was a farmer, owned 80 acres.

William Lantz, came to Dickinson county in 1881, settled in section 19, of Hates township, was a farmer, owned 160 acres.

I. N. Lowe, came to Dickinson county in 1878, settled in section 10, of Hayes township, was a farmer, owned 160 acres.

Rev. John M. Sheets, came to Dickinson county in 1879, settled in section 21 of Hayes township, was in General Merchandising and a farmer, owned 320 acres.

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Alexander Stewart.

Picture publish date 1904.
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ALEXANDER STEWART, attorney, came to Kansas in the spring of 1857; lived one year in Franklin, Douglas County, and moved April 1, 1858, to Iola, Allen County, where he practiced law and taught the first school ever taught in Iola, and was the first man to move on the town site. Following the great drouth of 1860, Mr. Bostwick, of Iola, went East and solicited a large amount of aid, which was shipped in the spring of 1861, as far as Sedalia, Mo., then the terminus of the railroad, and was there held by the rebels. Mr. Stewart, with nine ox teams and drivers, went to Sedalia, procured the goods, and under the pretense of taking them to the rebels at Balls Mills, near the Kansas and Missouri State line, drove it through to Iola.

He engaged in the mercantile business at Iola, for two years, and when Humboldt was burned by the guerrillas and Iola was threatened, he disposed of his goods and moved to Leroy, Coffey County, in the fall of 1863, where he devoted his entire attention to the practice of law. He was married, in Jay County, Ind., February 14, 1846, to Miss Rebecca Patterson, a native of Kentucky, and a daughter of George and Mary Patterson. She died in February, 1864, and in January, 1865, he married S. J. Veleto, daughter of John Veleto. They have three daughters--Cora, seventeen years old; Nellie, twelve; and Eva, nine.

In March, 1878, he moved to Yates Center, where he is now engaged in the practice of his profession. He is now serving his second term as Justice of the Peace. During the war he recruited the Iola Battalion for the Ninth Kansas Regiment Volunteers, and did border service during a three months' enlistment. Was then commissioned Recruiting Officer, and organized an artillery company for the same regiment and was commissioned Captain; served four months, and when Hunter superseded James H. Lane, his company dropped out of the service, having enlisted under the condition that it would serve under no other commander than Gen. Lane.

He was born in Marietta, Ohio, August 4, 1825. He is the son of Alexander and Irena Stewart. His mother died when he was in the cradle, and his father died soon after. He was raised in Seneca County, Ohio, until twelve years of age, then went to Fort Wayne, Allen County, Ind. Although he had never attended a day of school after he was twelve years of age, he began teaching in the village of Monmouth, Ind., when seventeen years old.

He next taught seven terms in succession in one district; studied law during the time, and the next year was admitted at Portland. In the fall of 1855, he moved to Dixon, Lee County, Ill., and taught during the winters of 1855 and 1856, and in the spring of 1857, moved to Kansas. Mr. Stewart has been a Mason for twenty-eight years, and helped to organize the first lodge in the Neosho Valley, at Humboldt. He has ten living children, five married and five single. His youngest son, Wellington, is twenty-two years of age, and is foreman in the Yates Center News office.

Talmage Kansas.

Talmage, Kansas.
Publish date 1901.
Date picture taken is unknown.
Push any pictures to enlarge.
. Talmage, a little town in Dickinson county, is located in Willow Dale township on Mud creek and on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. 7 miles northwest of Abilene, the county seat. It has a bank, a number of stores, telegraph and express offices, and a money order post ofifice with one rural route. The population in 1910 was 200.

Map of Talmage 1901.
The map shows the dividing line.
What the information above doesn't tell you is that Talmage is in two townships, Talmage main street is the dividing line.  The east side of the street is in Buckeye township while the west side is in Willow Dale township, also spelled Willowdale.

Talmage Post office open on December 22, 1887, and was still running in 1961.  First post master was John Fulton.

People Who Used Talmage As Their Post Office Address.
J. A. Berry, Farmer came to Dickinson county in 1884, settled in section 21, of Willowdale township. 
W. R. Edwards, Farmer came to Dickinson county in 1880, settled in section 36, of Flora township.
John Fulton, Farmer came to Dickinson county in 1877, settled in section 32, of Cheever township.
H. G. Hoffman, Merchant, came to Dickinson county in 1879, settled in Talmage.
John Killen, Farmer, came to Dickinson in 1885, settled in section 4, of Willowdale township.
Homer Martin, Farmer, came to Dickinson county in 1873, settled in section 36, of Flora township.
T. C. Stewart, Farmer, came to Dickinson county in 1880, settled in section 8, of Willowdale township.
F. Sullivan, Farmer, came to Dickinson county in 1873, settled in section 25, of Willowdale township.
R. G. Watt, Farmer, came to Dickinson county in 1879, settled in section 2, of Willowdale township.
William D. Fulton, Grain and Coal, came to Dickinson county 1877, settled in Talmage.
Picture publish date 1921.
William G. Baldwin, Farmer, came to Dickinson county in 1883, settled in section 24, of Cheever township.  His farm was called ( Sunny Bank Stock Farm ), he owned 519 acres.
W. D. Fulton home, publish date 1921.
Talmage Post Masters through Time.
Mrs. Laura A. Fields Postmaster
Miss Elsie M. Jones Acting Postmaster 03/31/1952
Mr. Clare S. Kner Postmaster 03/25/1954
Frank E. Coup Acting Postmaster 05/31/1967
Frank E. Coup Postmaster 02/20/1971
Judith Elaine Coup Officer-In-Charge 05/29/1987
Edward L. Hoffhines Postmaster 08/01/1987
Katherine A. Coup Officer-In-Charge 04/04/1990
Norma R. Turner Postmaster 06/02/1990
Twila G. Holt Officer-In-Charge 09/30/1992
Theresa L. Callahan Postmaster 09/17/1994

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CLEMENTS BELL, farmer, Section 12, Wheatland Township, P. O. Abilene, was born in Ireland December 16, 1845. Was brought to America when young, and was raised and educated in Muskingum County, Ohio. In 1861 enlisted in Company B, Seventy-eighth Regiment Ohio Infantry, and participated in the battles of Pittsburg Landing, Champion Hill, Atlanta; at the latter place was captured and confined in the Andersonville prison at Savannah, Ga., until the close of the war; after which he located in Chicago, Ill., for some time engaged in various pursuits. In 1866 he removed to Johnson County, Mo., where he farmed for five years, and in 1871 came to Kansas and located in Dickinson county on his estate of 560 acres. Married in Johnson County, Mo., October 28, 1873, to Miss Mary E. Foster. She was born in Johnson County, Mo., June 8, 1853. They have four children - Carrie L., Sue L., Clements W., and Mary.

Roster: 78th, Ohio Infantry, Co. B.

Clements Bell, Private, Age 18, Enlisted December 11, 1861, for 3 years.  Mustered out June 15, 1865, at camp Chase, Ohio, by orders of War Department.

Birth: Dec. 16, 1845, County Antrim, Northern. Ireland.
Death: Jun. 5, 1929, Dickinson County, Kansas.

Wife's: Mary Elizabeth Foster Bell (1853 - 1885), Anna Laura Logan Bell (1878 - 1972).

Children: Sue L. Bell (1877 - 1965), Mary Purdy Bell Humbargar (1882 - 1982), Margaret E. Bell (1896 - 1981), John Clements Bell (1897 - 1955).

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Carlton, Dickinson County, Kansas. .

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Henry Buttron & Family.

Picture publish date 1916.
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The life story of Henry Buttron, late of Lancaster township. Atchison county, Kansas, reveals the accomplishments of a poor German emigrant, who began his career in Kansas with no money, and rose to become the practical leader of the German colon)- in the township, and to amass considerable wealth. His large farm of 960 acres which he owned at the time of his demise was left intact, to be held in trust for his children and heirs.

Henry Buttron was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, October 12, 1831, and he was one of the five sons of Jacob and Margaret (Zimmer) Buttron, two of whom came to America from their native land. Two brothers of the family, Frederick and Henry, came to America in 1852; Frederick settled in Pittsburgh, as did Henry, and he resided there until 1854, and then came to the west. In his native land. Henry Buttron had learned the trade of blacksmith ; he worked at his trade in Pittsburgh. and after he came west, he was employed as a smith at Elgin, Ill., until 1857. He then came to Kansas and preempted a claim on section 22, Lancaster township, Atchison county.

He brought a small amount of money with him, and was enabled to build a very small house, and then began to improve his farm. The crops failed in i860, and he found it necessary to resort to the hammer and anvil in order to gain a livelihood for himself and his family. He, accordingly, removed to Atchison and was employed at his trade by Tom Ray, of the firm of Ostertag & Carmichael, and Anthony & Ostertag, consecutively for nine years.

He then returned to his claim, redeemed the unpaid taxes, and entered upon a new era of progress and industry which led to his great success in the ensuing years. In 1882 he erected a large, handsome farm house, which at the time was one of the most conspicuous homes in the county. He added to his possessions as he was able, and accumulated a total of six quarter sections of good land, of 960 acres in all, all of which he left to his widow, who resides on the old home place.

Henry Buttron was married in Atchison, Kan., in 1866, to Rosa Scheu, whose father, Andrew Scheu. came from Wittenberg. Germany. The following children were born to this union: Rosa, wife of Louis Gerhardt, of Atchison: Emma, wife of Charles Kammer, of Lancaster township: Kate and Jacob, at home; Henry, who married Bertha Kemmer: Fred. married Louise Meek, lives near Nortonville. Kan. : Anna, wife of George Schulz, Lancaster township: Karl, married Anna Hegland, Lancaster township: William, George and Louis, at home. The mother of these children was born in Germany, in May, 1845, and came to America with her parents when nine years of age. She was a daughter of Andrew and Rosena ( Baner ) Sclieu, both deceased.

Mrs. Buttron has grandchildren as follows: Kathrine. Rosa and Henrietta Kamnier ; Henry Buttron's children, three, Clarence, Esther and Ruth: Fred Buttron has three children, Karl, Ralph, Mildred; Mrs. Anna Schulz has two children, Gilbert and Karl : Mrs. Rosa Gerhardt has one son, William ; Karl Buttron has one child, Edward; Jacob Buttron has four children, Bertha. Emma, Alice and John.

Henry Buttron died February 8, 1913. During the Civil war he was a member of the Kansas State militia, and was in the engagement fought at Westport, and which resulted in the rout of the forces of the rebel general. Price. Mr. Buttron always took a keen interest in local and county affairs, and took a prominent part in affairs of importance to the well being of the people. He was always modest and unostentatious in his conduct, and was greatly respected by the people of his neighborhood for his cool judgment and patriotism at all times. Henry Buttron was a good citizen, and a kind parent who was highly esteemed by all who knew him.

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Henry S. Wilson Jr.

Pictures publish date 1919.
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Henry S. Wilson Jr..

Birth: 1870, England.
Death: January 1951.

Father: Henry S. Wilson Sr., b. 1844, England.
Mother: Sarah J. Wilson, B. 1839, England.

Wife: Nellie ( Hamilton ) Humphreys Wilson, b. 1870, Ohio, d. 1944, Kansas.

Children: Ralph Wilson b. 1907, Kansas, d. 1968, Kansas.  Nellie Wilson b. 1903, d. 1903, age 5 months, Kansas.

Burial: Sterling Cemetery, Sterling, Rice County, Kansas.,

Alden 1919.
Mr. Sterling came to America in 1872, his mother and father came be for him in 1869.  Henry would in time settle in section 28, of Valley township, in Rice county, Kansas.  He own a 160 acre farm called River View Farm.  His post office address was Alden, Kansas.  When going to Alden to get supplies they traveled around 4 and a half miles north east and crossed the Arkansas river on the way.

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Edward E. (E. E.) Shull.

Picture publish date 1906.
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Edward E. Shull.

Birth: November, 1870, Missouri.
Death: 1952.

Wife: Alberta M. Shull ( 1878-1927 ).
Married: 1898.

Children: Ethel W. Shull ( 1899-? ).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas.

Mr. Shull lived in section 8 of Jefferson township of Rawlins county, Kansas.  He had 160 acres which he farmed.  He was also an Assessor.  His post office address was Achilles which is 6 miles north east of the farm.

Hasten Love.

Publish date 1908.
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Hasten Love.

Birth: Dec. 15, 1822.
Death: Mar. 23, 1915.

Children: Willis W Love (1860 - 1930), John C Love (1863 - 1939).

Burial: Balch Cemetery, Formoso, Jewell County, Kansas.

Mr. Love came to Jewell county in 1871 and settled in section 16 of Grant township.  He was a farmer on his 80 acres of land.  His post office address was Formoso, Kansas which is 1 mile south from the farm. 

Barney Reed.

Publish date 1878.
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BARNEY REED, proprietor of livery, sale and boarding stable, which business he established in the fall of 1877. He is also proprietor of Reed's Hotel. He keeps a good stock of horses and carriages and has a first-class stable. Mr. Reed is a native of Indiana, and has lived in Illinois and Iowa. He moved from the latter State to Paola, Kansas in 1866. He took possession of his hotel at the close of 1882 on the expiration of the lease of the former occupant, refitted and refurnished it and opened the same for business January 1, 1883. Mr. Reed keeps a first class house and is doing a good business.

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Mahlon B. Riggs & Family.

Pictures publish date 1092.
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Mahlon B. Riggs.

Birth: 1833.
Death: Apr. 22, 1905.

Parents: Reuben Riggs (1810 - 1873), Nancy Riggs Riggs (1814 - 1867).

Wife: Eliza J. Riggs (1833 - 1917).

Children: Lewis E. Riggs (1855 - 1927), James D. Riggs (1856 - 1926), Delma Riggs (1863 - 1924), Ida Belle Riggs Noll (1870 - 1901).

Siblings: Mahlon B. Riggs (1833 - 1905), David Carlow Riggs (1838 - 1904), Louise C. Riggs Colusky (1843 - 1867).

Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Florence, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. M. B. Riggs came to Marion county, Kansas, in 1864 and settled in section 2  of Fairplay township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser on his 664.44 acres, 160  acres was in section 35.  His post office address was Florence, Kansas, which is about 3 miles east of the farm.

Delma Riggs.

Birth: 1863.
Death: 1924.

Parents: Mahlon B. Riggs (1833 - 1905), Eliza J. Riggs (1833 - 1917).

Wife: Emma E. Riggs (1862 - 1935).

Children: Arthur F. Riggs (1886 - 1953), Calvin Barker Riggs (1888 - 1966), Edmund C. Riggs (1892 - 1911), Raymond Riggs (1894 - 1895), Ervin Riggs (1898 - 1898), Delmar H. Riggs (1903 - 1907).

Siblings: Lewis E. Riggs (1855 - 1927), James D. Riggs (1856 - 1926), Delma Riggs (1863 - 1924), Ida Belle Riggs Noll (1870 - 1901).

Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Florence, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Delma Riggs came to Marion county, Kansas, in 1864 and settled in section 36 of Fairplay township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser on his 140 acres.  His post office address was Florence, Kansas, which is about 3 miles South east of the farm.

Lewis E. Riggs.

Birth: 1855.
Death: 1927.

Parents: Mahlon B. Riggs (1833 - 1905), Eliza J. Riggs (1833 - 1917).

Wife: Jennie E. Riggs (1862 - 1939). Children: Maude E. Riggs (1878 - 1953).

Siblings: Lewis E. Riggs (1855 - 1927), James D. Riggs (1856 - 1926), Delma Riggs (1863 - 1924), Ida Belle Riggs Noll (1870 - 1901),

Burial: Marion Cemetery, Marion, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Lewis E. Riggs came to Marion county, Kansas in 1865 and settled in section 2 of Grant township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser on his 440.44 acres.  His post office address is Elk, Kansas, which is about 3 miles east in Chase county, Kansas.

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Ellery F. Trollope.

Picture publish date 1900.
Age 10.
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Ellery Fred Trollope.

Birth: 1890, Wilber, Saline County, Nebraska.
Death: Jun. 26, 1951, Boulder City, Clark County, Nevada.

Mother: Naomi C. Trollope, ( 1852-1920 ).

Burial: Boulder City Cemetery, Boulder City, Clark County, Nevada.

Mr.Ellery came to Clay county, Kansas, with his mother Naomi Trollope in 1894, they settled in section 29, of Hayes township, Clay county, he was raised on a farm with his mother, she was a farmer and had a 160 acres.  Their post office was Clay Center, Kansas, which is one mile south from the farm. His mother's burial is Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas.

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Demas D. Britton.

DEMAS D. BRITTON, farmer, Section 20, P. O. Ozark, Anderson County, was born at Terre Haute, Ind., February 16, 1839. At the age of sixteen, he removed to Clay County, that State, and was employed in general farm work. In April, 1861, he enlisted in the Tenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served three months. He re-enlisted in the Eleventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company D, in August, 1862. He was wounded September 19, 1864, at Winchester, Va., in the side of the head; taken prisoner and held for twenty days. He served until the war closed, after which he again followed agricultural pursuits in Clay County. Mr. Britton came to Allen County in November, 1866, and located on his present farm, which consists of 170 acres, all improved. On his place is a fine orchard of about four acres, and he breeds considerable stock. He was married in Clay County, Ind., October 16, 1866, to Coatney A. Pate. They have a family of five children.

Civil War Service.

Demas D. Britton, enlisted in 10th., Indiana infantry, Co. F., April 25, 1861, at Brazil, Indiana, age 22.  Discharged August 6, 1861, served 3 months and 12 days.  Re-enlisted in 11th., Indiana infantry, Co. D., August 22, 1862, age 23.  Discharged June 20, 1865, at Baltmore, Maryland by order General order #53.  Recruit, Veteran.

To read more about him take this link.

John Mannion Sr.

Picture publish date 1905.
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Birth: March 22, 1822, Ireland.
Death: July 30, 1908.

Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Augusta, Butler county, Kansas.

John Mannion Sr., was a farmer and stock raiser, Section 5, of Spring township P. O. Augusta. He is one of the pioneers and solid farmers of Spring Township. He is a native of Ireland, and was born in County Galway about the year 1824. In 1847 he came to the United States. For a number of years he was engaged in agricultural pursuits in Macon County, Mo., coming from there to Kansas in 1867, locating where he now resides on the 4th of July in that year. Mr. M. has all the difficulties to contend with the first few years in Kansas, and has been eminently successful as a farmer. He was early identified with the school interests of his district. He was married in St. Louis, Mo., to Miss Margaret Gormley. They have had eleven children - Katie, Mary A., Maggie, Ella, Thomas P., John Eliza, William H. and James C. Lost two - Mollie and an infant.

James Wesley Springer.

Picture publish date 1905.
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James Wesley Springer.

Birth: Mar. 17, 1842, Plattsburg, Clinton County, Missouri.
Death: Mar. 4, 1926, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas.

Parents: Harvey Springer and Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Poteet Springer.

Wife: Matilda L. Hayden Springer (1857 - 1938).

Children: Cora Edith Springer Warren (____ - 1964), Bessie Jane Springer Vandruff (1887 - 1975), Eddson L Springer (1889 - 1933), Lulu C. Springer Hall (1894 - 1970), Carrie Louella Springer Balding (1896 - 1988), Lucy Springer Ives (1899 - 1987).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas.

Mr.  Springer came to Barber county in 1885 and settled in section 12 of Nippawalla township. He was a Ranchman and had 320 acres of land.  His post office address was Medicine Lodge, Kansas, which was about 7 miles north west of the farm

He was also a Civil War Veteran of the Kansas 7th., cavalry, Co. G., was a private, residence Leavenworth, Kansas, enlisted November 12, 1861, mustered in the same.  Re-enlisted as a veteran.  Veteran, Corporal, enlisted January 1, 1864, mustered in same.  Mustered out with regiment September 29, 1865.

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Palmer Kansas.

Palmer Kansas 1883.

Pictures published 1882.
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The village of Peach Creek was located in 1870, about two miles south of the present site of Palmer. In the spring of that year E. Wilson, of Sherman Township, established a store, and a Methodist Episcopal class was soon after organized, Dr. Geo. Wigg being pastor. Dr. Randall came about the same time, opened a store, and was appointed postmaster. Others came in 1871. In the spring of 1879, however, those who had settled at Peach Creek, moved to the new village of Palmer, which had been laid out and named in honor of J. Palmer, one of the first superintendents of public instruction in the count. The town was platted in November, 1878, R. M. Pomeroy, E. A. Thomas and Eliza A. Currier, proprietors. Frank Nadeau started the first store on the site of Palmer in 1879, and his father, Francis, the present incumbent, was appointed the first postmaster.  

Palmer is now a village of about 200 people, containing, besides the Methodist Episcopal Society, referred to, a French Catholic Church, organized in 1879 by Louis Ray and others. Father Molier was their pastor. They built a church the same year, and have now a society of some thirty. The present pastor is Father R. A. Hoffman. Rev. J. S. Horner is pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The village has a good district school.  

The business of Palmer is represented by five general stores, an elevator, a lumber-yard, an agricultural implement depot, two blacksmith shops, and one hardware store. The traveling public are accommodated by two hotels -- the Palmer House and the Central House. The latter was built by W. J. Cook in 1879, and is kept by Francis Nadeau, the postmaster. The Palmer House has just been opened.

People in and around Palmer in 1882.

Palmer Kansas 1912.

Palmer, a town in Washington county, is located in Sherman township on the Missouri Pacific R. R., 14 miles southwest of Washington, the county seat. It has a bank, an opera house, a weekly newspaper (the Index), telegraph and express offices, and a money order post office with two rural routes. The population in 1910 is given as 400.

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J. F. Denneber.

Picture publish date 1899.
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J. F. Denneber, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 25, P. O. Winchester, is a native of Kentucky, and was born in Campbell County, October 29, 1843. Early in life he removed to Ohio, where he was educated and reared. In 1861, he tendered his services to the Union cause, and entered the First Ohio Light Artillery. He was first mustered into the Twenty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He served through the close, participating in forty-eight general engagements. Was all through the Peninsula Campaign. Was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg. At the first Bull Run engagement was taken prisoner, but made an adroit escape from the guards. Few men saw more service during the war than Mr. Denneber. He came to Kansas in 1865, settling in Jefferson County, where he has become one of its leading argriculturalists. He has been twice married, first to Miss Mary Pages, now deceased. They had four children - Charles, Fred, Annie and Amelia. His present wife was Miss S. T. Oliver, of Platte County. Mr. Denneber was a resident of that county one year.

Authors note.  I couldn't find his service record in any regiments or companies. His last name may have been under a total different spelling.

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Albert B. Rendell.

Left to Right.
Johnny, Freda, Albert.
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Albert B. Rendell.

Birth: 1903, Kansas.
Death: 1975, Kansas.

Father: William C. Rendell, b 1879, England, came to America in 1882.
Mother: Eliza Rendell, b. 1880, Ireland, came to America in 1893.
Brother: William.

Wife: Freda C. Segelquist Rendell, b. 1905, d. 1990, Kansas.
Note.  Freda was my dads sister.

Children: John A. "Johnny" Rendell, b. 1938, Kansas.

Burial: Carbondale Cemetery, Carbondale, Osage county, Kansas.
Note. Their name is spelled both Rendell, Rendall.

Albert lived all his life on the family farm, his son Johnny still lives there.  Albert's father William after coming to America would in time settle in section 4, of Ridgeway township of Osage county, Kansas.  He would farm 80 acres.  Their post office address was Overbrook, Kansas, which is a little over 4, miles north east of the farm.. 

Daniel B. Grisso.

Picture publish date 1899.
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Daniel B. Grisso.

Birth: August 11, 1840, Virginia.
Death: May 29, 1909.

Wife: Sarah Spitler.
Birth December 29, 1848, Ohio, death April 14, 1928.
Married November 22, 1874, Douglas county, Kansas.

Children: Minnie A., Perniett A., and Ora Della Grisso.

Burial: Valley Brook Cemetery, Michigan Valley, Osage county, Kansas.

Mr. Grisso settled in section 3 of Ridgeway township of Osage county, Kansas.  He was a farmer and stock raiser on his 240 acre farm.  His post office address was Overbrook, Kansas, which was a little over 4 miles north-east of the farm.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nicholas 'Nick' Frankhouser..

Picture publish date 1879.
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Nicholas "Nick" Frankhouser.

Birth: 1847, New York.
Death: Unknown.
Burial: Unknown.

Wife: Emma Farkhouser, b. 1851-?, Pennsylvania.

Children: Myrtie H. Frankhouser, b. 1874-?, Kansas.

Mr. Frankhouser came to Osage county in 1869, from Seneca county, Ohio.  Settled in Valley Brook, township in the town of Lyndon, Kansas.  In 1879 was listed as being Sheriff, in 1880 he was listed as Under Sheriff.  In 1890-1894 was listed as Sheriff.  Moved to Superior, township and settled in the town of Osage City, Kansas.

He was also a Civil War veteran, servicing in the Ohio 12th., Cavalry, Company I., as a private, enlisted September 30, 1863, for 3 years was 19; mustered out with company November 14, 1865.

Authors note.  I did a post on him on February 16, 2012, but I have found more information on him I deiced to do a new and delete the old one.

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Isaac Nees.

Picture publish date 1908.
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ISAAC NEES, farmer, of Brown's Creek Township, P. O. Jewell City, was born in Venango County, Pa. Removed to Warren County, Ill. Came to Jewell County, Kan., in 1871, and took a homestead twelve miles southwest of Mankato, and is now the owner of 560 acres of land; keeps eighty head of cattle and fifty head of hogs. Mr. Nees' farm is one of the best in Jewell County, and may be called the model farm of said county. He has each forty acres fenced with hedge, and has splendid improvements. Is a member of the Odd Fellows fraternity. He was married, November 20, 1864, near Havana. Ill., to Miss Sarah A. Edkins, and is the father of ten children.