Thursday, December 31, 2015

Uylsess Grant Lane.

Uylsess Grant Lane.

Birth: Oct. 25, 1865, Missouri.
Death: Mar. 5, 1949, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas.

Wife; Bamma Eleanor Winfrey Lane (1865 - 1920).

Burial: Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Lane was living in Kingman County Kansas.  He lived in the township of Hooser, in the town of Kingman Kansas. He was the proprietor  of a Skimming Station he Manufactured high grade butter. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Charles C. Cutler.

Charles C. Cutler.

Birth: 1835, Ohio..
Death: 1929.

Parents: Daniel and Betsey Larkin Cutle.

Wife: Sarah T. Friggler Thompson Cutler (1845 - 1910).

Married January 29, 1890, this was her second marriage.

Burial: Ruhamah Cemetery, Rantoul, Franklin County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Cutler lived in Franklin County, Kansas he settled in section 10 of Cutler township. He was a Farmer and stock Raiser. He owned 248.35 acres and another 160 acres in section 5  His post office address was Rantoul Kansas.

He was also a Civil War Veteran  being in the Second Iowa Cavalry, Co. F..

Cutler, Charles C. Age 21. Residence Belmont, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1861, as Saddler. Mustered Sept. 9, 1861. Promoted Bugler Nov., 1862. Mustered out Oct. 3, 1864, Davenport, Iowa.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

James Harvey Toadvine Jr.

James Harvey Toadvine Jr.

Birth: March 5, 1843.
Death: December 1, 1930.

Parents: James Harvey Toadvine Sr.

Wife: Caroline Elizabeth White Toadvine.( 1852- 1906. )

Married May 21, 1868.

Children: Innis Elizabeth Toadvine Looney, ( 1873- 1906. ), Obediah Lee Toadvine, ( 1881- 1957.)

Burial: La Crosse Cemetery, La Crosse, Rush County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. Toadvine lived in Ellsworth county Kansas.  He settled in Valley township in the town of Holyrood Kansas. In Holyrood Kansas he owned a Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.  He also owned a Boarding House .

Thursday, December 24, 2015

James E.Louk.

James E. Louk.

Birth: 1866, West Virginia..
Death: 1948.

Wife: Mary Emma Louk, ( 1874- 1959)
Married 1890.

Children: Flossie A., Mable M. Louk.

Burial: Stull Cemetery, Stull, Douglas County, Kansas.

Mr. Louk came to Douglas county Kansas in 1877.  He would in time settled in Kanwaka Township  He would settled in the town of Stull Kansas..  In 1902 he was Postmaster of Stull he was also a Merchant.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Joseph A. Davis

Joseph A. Davis.

Birth: Jan. 8, 1820.
Death: Mar. 18, 1907.

Wife: Cyrena J. Davis (1822 - 1907).

Children: Jeremiah D. Davis (1842 - 1915).

Burial: Crandall Cemetery, Le Roy, Coffey County, Kansas.

Mr. Davis settled in Coffey County Kansas in the township of Burlington in the town Burlington Kansas.   In 1901 he was the proprietor of the Forest City Hotel.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Harry Lanphere.

Harry Lanphere.

Birth: 1865, Illinois.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Margaret Lanphere.

Children:  Winnifred, Grace, Gladys, Merie Lanphere.:

Burial: Unknown.

Its not known when Mr. Lanphere came to Butler County Kansas. In 1905 he was living in Augusta Kansas, at the time he was running the Hotel Lanphere. Then between 1905 and 1910 he moved to Sedgwick County, lived in Wichita Kansas.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nathan R. Chance.

Nathan R. Chance, a Civil war veteran and Butler county pioneer, who has spent forty years of his life in this county, is a native of Indiana. He was born in 1844, and is a son of William Chance, a native of North Carolina. N. R. Chance was one of a family of four children, two of whom are now living: William lives near Leavenworth, Kans.. and N. R., the subject of the sketch. N. R. Chance went to Iowa with his parents when a boy. He received his education in the common schools and followed farming in Lucas county, Iowa, until 1874, with the exception of a period during the Civil war, when he served as a member of the Forty-sixth Iowa infantry, enlisting in 1864, at the age of twenty years.

At the close of the war he was mustered out of service at Davenport, Iowa, and returned to the farm in Lucas county. In 1874 he came to Kansas, locating in Butler county, seven miles southwest of Augusta, in Bruno township. It will be remembered by those familiar with the early history and discouraging days of Kansas that this was the year of the grasshopper visitation. Many settlers were discouraged and left the State following the visitation of the grasshoppers, but Mr. Chance was not the kind of a pioneer to be driven from the plains of Kansas by any ordinary type of grasshoppers. He says that even with his forty years of life in Kansas that he likes the State a little better each year
than he did the preceding one. He belongs to that school of sturdy pioneers who not only made Butler county what it is, but were the builders of the great State of Kansas, and have just cause to be proud
of their achievements.

When Mr. Chance settled in Bruno township he bought his claim from Daniel Golden, for which he paid $1,000. The place was slightly improved, having a small four-room house with about twenty acres of prairie broken and some hedge. Here Mr. Chance vv^as successfully engaged in farming and stock raising until 1899, when he removed to Augusta, where he built a comfortable and commodious residence, where he now lives. He has added to his original purchase of land, and now owns 640 acres of valuable farm land, 400 acres of which is located in Pleasant township and the rest in Bruno.

Mr. Chance was married in 1865 in Iowa to Miss Mary E. McKnight, a native of Ohio. Two children were born to this union, as follows: Mack T., a traveling salesman for the Potts Drug Company who resides at Aichita, and Charlie C, a farmer and dairyman in Sedgwick county.Mr. and Mrs. Chance celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary December 24, 191 5, in Augusta. Both their children were present and also their eight grandchildren. Mr. Chance is a member of the Knights and Ladies of Security and the Methodist Episcopal church, and he is one of the substantial citizens of the county.

Iowa 46th., Infantry, Co. K.

Nathan R. Chance, Age 20. Residence Lucas County, nativity Indiana.  Enlisted May 24, 1864. Mustered June 10, 1864. Mustered out Sept. 23, 1864, Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Walter Burtiss

Walter Burtiss.

Birth: May 19, 1878, Illinois.
Death: Apr. 13, 1950.

Parents: Hiram Morse Burtiss (1848 - 1914), Helen E Snyder Burtiss (1851 - 1924).

Wife: Ina M Wood Burtiss (1887 - 1969).,

Children: Marjorie L Burtiss Stalnaker (1910 - 1990), Vivian L Burtiss McGuffin (1915 - 1978), Doris Eileen Burtiss Burcham (1921 - 2001).

Siblings: Margaret Alzora Burtiss Johnson (1870 - 1945), Chauncy Henry Burtiss (1872 - 1946), Walter Burtiss (1878 - 1950).

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Humboldt, Allen County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Burtiss was Living in Humboldt Kansas.  He was the Prop. of the Star Livery and Feed Barn.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

George R Allaman.

George R Allaman.

Birth: 1848.
Death: 1921.

Wife; Elizabeth "lizzie" Allaman.

Children: George T. Allaman.

Burial: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Mr. Allaman came to Wallace county Kansas in 1880, he settled in section 26  of Wallace township . He was a farmer he ran a 200 acre farm called Smoky Rose Ranch. Although he was listed as the proprietor of the ranch all the land was in his wife name. She would later own another 80 acres near Wallace, Kansas. Mr. Allaman would also own another 80 acres in the same section as his wife this was in his name. Their post office address was Wallace, Kansas.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

John H Briggs.

John H Briggs.

Birth: 1860.
Death: 1949.

Wife: Mary Briggs.

Married 1897.

Children: Russell Briggs.

Burial: Union Cemetery, Collyer, Trego County. Kansas.

Mr. Briggs came to Trego county, Kansas in 1886.  He settled in in the township of Collyer.  In 1906, he was living in Collyer Kansas.  He was a Butcher and a Proprietor of a Hotel.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rufus F Bond.

Rufus F Bond.

Birth: 1844, Massachusetts.
Death: Oct., 1906, Kansas.

Wife: Harriett Annette Eno Bond (____ - 1928).

Married 1880.

Children: John M. Bond.

Burial: Sterling Cemetery, Sterling, Rice County, Kansas,

Mr. Bond was Post master of Sterling Kansas and had been from July 1, 1889 through June 28, 1906.
He was also a civil war veteran being a Private in the Massachusetts 52nd, Militia, Co. I.

Massachusetts 52nd., Militia Nine month service, Co. I. 

Bond, Rufus F. Priv; Res. Greenwich; farmer; 18; enl. Sept. 15, 1862; must. Oct. 11, 1862; Must, out Aug. 14, 1863.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sherman E. Boice.

Sherman E. Boice.

Birth: Feb. 16, 1867, Ohio.
Death: Nov. 2, 1942.

Parents: Bartlett Boice (1837 - 1912), Esther A. Boice (1844 - 1922).

Wife: Susan Waterhouse Boice (1867 - 1960).
Married 1894.

Children: Lucy E., Harvey E., Raymond E. Boice.

Sibling: Sherman E. Boice (1867 - 1942), Robert O. Boice (1868 - 1944).

Burial: Springhill Cemetery, Spring Hill, Johnson County, Kansas.

Mr. Boisc came to Miami County Kansas in 1872, settled in Ten Mile township. He settled in the town of Bucyrus Kansas.  In 1901 he was running a Hotel and Livery and Stable, jn Bucyrus Kansas..


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stephen Samuel Outman

Stephen Samuel Outman.

Birth: 1849.
Death: 1921.

Wife: Hattie Catherine Roberts Outman (1857 - 1943).

Children: Robert L.,Henry L., Hablan V., Frederick S., Eugene, Alpha M., Jessie A. Outman

Burial: Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, Linn County, Kansas.

In 1906 Mr. Outman lived in Linn county Kansas, in Liberty township, he lived in the town Parker Kansas.  He was Proprietor of the Hotel.  The Hotel was  at the corner of Main and Catalpa Ave.

His son Robert L., was the Proprietor of the Livery and Feed Stable which was across the street from the hotel.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kosoarth S. Bates.

Kosoarth S. Bates.

Birth: Sep. 14, 1851.
Death: Aug. 2, 1910.

Wife: Mary A. Bates (1857 - 1918).

Married 1874.

Children: Jessie S., Roy A., Charles Frederick Bates (1877 - 1950), Loua A., Nora E. Bates.

Burial: Delhi Cemetery, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr. Bates came to Lincoln County Kansas, settled in section 31 of Cedron township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser.  He owned 240 acres it was called (Cottonwood Stock Farm). He also did Blacksmithing and Woodworking for a living.  His post office address was Lucas Kansas. 

Samuel Booth.

Samuel Booth.

Birth: 1844.
Death: 1908.

Wife: Christina W. Booth (1845 - 1937).

Children: Christina Sadie Booth Wood Griffin (1882 - 1975), Sam, William, Joseph, Robert, Henry, Elizabeth, Hattie Booth..

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Greensburg, Kiowa County, Kansas.

Mr. Booth came to Kiowa County Kansas in 1886.  He settled in section 19, Township is unknown.  Although I wasn't able learn what township they lived in section 19, he was a Ranchman.  He and his wife both owned 160 acres each of section 19, their post office address was Greensburg, Kansas.
The location of the farm was Township 30 and Range 17 West. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joseph Walter Peery

Joseph Walter Peery.

Birth: Dec. 13, 1871, Jewell County, Kansas.
Death: Jul. 29, 1923, Randall, Jewell County, Kansas.

Parents: John W Peery (1845 - 1923), Annie E Peery (1847 - 1924).

Wife: Susan Kathryn Hendrix Peery (1874 - 1948).

Children: Infant Peery, Carl E. Peery (1904 - 1977), Herbert, Florence, Mary Peery.

Siblings: Joseph Walter Peery (1871 - 1923), Albert William Peery (1877 - 1933), Everett Peery (1894 - 1991).

Burial: Randall Cemetery, Randall, Jewell County, Kansas.

Mr. Peery came to Jewell county with his parents in 1871, They settled in Buffalo township.  They settled in Randall, Kansas.  In 1908 Joseph Walter Peery either owned or ran a Livery S table.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alvin Ross "Ross" Mort

Alvin Ross "Ross" Mort.

Birth: 1875.
Death: 1943, Kansas,

Parents: Aaron Mort (1848 - 1925), Charlotte G. Dahlberg Mort (1843 - 1932).

Wife: Mary E. Mort (1876 - 1936.

Burial: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City, Graham County, Kansas. .

Mr Mort came to Graham county Kansas in 1879.  He settled in Hill City township in the town of Hill City, There he ran a Livery.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Birth: 1856-1857.
Death: Mar. 17, 1941.

Wife: Alce M. Wilson Houser.

Children: Inice W., Bernice M., Stella E., Raymond R., Alma A., Clifford P. Houser.. 

Burial: Grainfield Cemetery, Grainfield, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr, Houser came to Gove County, Kansas in 1884.  He settled in the township of Grainfield in the town of  Grainfield.  In 1910 he was a owner of a Hotel  He was also a dealer in Real Estate. He was also known to be a Farmer and owned a General Store.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

June Moyer.

June Moyer,

Birth: 1842.
Death: 1915,

Wife: Susanna Moyer (1839 - 1928)..

Children: John Henry Moyer (1877 - 1953), Charles E Moyer (1882 - 1970), Frank Cornelius Moyer (1883 - 1931).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, Geary County, Kansas.

Mr. Myer came to Geary County Kansas, in 1874. He settled in section 28 of Jefferson township. He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 108 acres of land.  His post office address was Junction City, Kansas which was 3 miles north west from the farm.

Mr. Moyer was also Civil War Veteran, Being in the Pennsylvania 116th, Infantry, Co. F. Private; Mustered in February 19, 1864; Mustered out with Company July 14,1865. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dr. Charles Paris Bartley.

Dr. Charles Paris Bartley.

Birth: 1866, Indiana.

Parents: Francis M. & Margaret Sullivan Bartley.

Wife; Flora D. Bartley.

Children: Benjamin E., Flora K. Bartley.

Burial:Crown Hill Cemetery, Excelsior Springs, Clay County, Missouri.

Dr. Bartley lived in Ford County Kansas, in the township of Spearville. He lived in the town of Spearville, Kansas. He lived there at lest from 1905 through 1910. He made his living as a Druggist He was Also Mayor of Spearville, Kansas.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

George H. Brown.

George H. Brown.

Birth: 1871 , Pennsylvania.
Death: Unknown.

Wife; Magretha or Margaret Brown, b 1874, Denmark.

Children: George H. Brown Jr., , James Harold Brown.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Brown came to Ellis County, Kansas, settled in Big Creek township ln 1878, settled in the town  of Hays City, Kansas.  In 1905 through 1910 he was in the business of General Blacksmithing and Horse shoeing. Lost all records of him after 1910.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jerome Beebe

Jerome Beebe.

Birth: Sep. 18, 1831, Michigan.
Death: Sep. 23, 1901.

Wife: Sarah W. Beebe (____ - 1908).

Married 1868.

Burial: Old Ellsworth Cemetery, Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, Kansas.

In1901 Mr. Beebe was living in Ellsworth County Kansas, in the Township of Ellsworth, in the city of Ellsworth Kansas.   He was a Dealer in Groceries and Hardware.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Frank C. Jardon.

Frank C. Jardon.

Birth: 1872.
Death: 1945, Douglas County, Kansas.

Parents: Peter and Victoria S. Jardon.

Wife: Margaret B. Jardon, ( 1880-1977.)

Children: Irene  T.Jardon Roos (1918 - 2013).

Burial: Mount Calvary Cemetery, Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas.

Lived in Douglas County of Palmyra Township Post office address was Baldwin, Kansas.
He was the Propr. of the Whiteface Stock Farm. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

William M. Benham

WILLIAM M. BENHAM, the leading liveryman at Columbus, and a famer and stock-raiser of Cherokee County, has been a resident of the county since 1869, and has been established in his present business at Columbus since 1873.  He was born in 1844 at Niles, Michigan, and was reared in Indiana, to which State his parents moved, and where both of them died.

Mr. Benham attended the common schools of Indiana, and prior to coming to Cherokee County, in 1869, followed farming in that State. After locating on a claim in Ross township, two miles north of Columbus, he spent bout two years in hauling freight between Columbus and Independence. In 1873 he started his livery at Columbus, and has been in the business continuously ever since, being the oldest operator in this line within a radius of 100 miles.

Mr. Benham first located on the northwest corner of the square, and there erected a building in 1876, which he used for 26 years. The site is now occupied by the Benham-Scovel Block, which affords accommodations for stores and offices. Mr. Benham purchased a corner property on Maple street, one lock west of the square, on which he erected his present building, which he occupied since August 1902.

This is a modern, sanitary building and contains quarters for a large number of horses. He uses about 24 in his own business, and keeps on hand conveyances of every kind, and suitable for every occasion to this business, he has been interested in a number of successful mining enterprises.

 On November 12, 1874, Mr. Benham was married at Columbus to Hattie L. Potter, who came to Cherokee County, locating at Baxter Springs, about 1871, but moved with her parents to Columbus at a later date. They have one son, Mortimer, who is associated with his father in the livery business.

Mrs. Benham is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Politically, Mr. Benham is a Democrat, and has always taken a lively interest in the advancement of his party, in which he is highly regarded. Formerly, in his younger days, he was active in a number of fraternal orders, but now confines his interest to the Masonic Blue  Lodge, the Knights of Pythias, and various insurance organizations. He is widely, one might almost say universally, known through this section of Cherokee County. His friends are found on every side.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

J. G. Polster.

J, G. POLSTER, one of the old and respected citizens of Baxter Springs and a prominent Republican politician of Cherokee County, has been identified with the business affairs of this city for the past 35 years. He was born in Hungary, January 10, 1840, and is a son of John and Elizabeth Polster.

The parents of Mr. 1 'ulster were also natives of Hungary. They came to America in 1858 and settled in Warren County. Missouri, where his father subsequently died. The mother still survives and lives in the city of St. Louis, at the advanced age of 92 years. Their eight children were : J. G., of this sketch ; Mary, wife of Louis Redmiller of St. Louis; Rosina, wife of Fred Koch, of Warren County, Missouri ; Theodore, a traveling man, now engaged in a hotel business at St. Louis ; Elizabeth, also a resident of St. Louis ; Tobias, in a real estate business and conducting a World's Fair hotel,at St. Louis; and Mina, who also resides in that city.

Mr. Polster was educated in the Hungarian schools and then went to Vienna, where he was instructed in the jewelry trade, remaining there for three years. After coming to America in 1858, he worked at his trade in St. Louis, until 1861, when he went to Springfield, Missouri, where he embarked in the jewelry business for himself. Finding conditions of trade less acceptable there than at St. Louis, he closed out his business at Springfield three years later and returned to St. Louis. In 1870 he located at Baxter Springs and accepted a partnership with his brother, who was established here in a large general mercantile business.

Until 1878 the brothers operated the largest store in Baxter Springs.Then our subject purchased his present property and opened up a drug and jewelry store to which he has added wall paper, paints, oils, glass and general notions, his large and complete stock being valued at not less than $10,000. It is the leading store of its kind in its section of the county. He is a large  property owner both in Baxter Springs and in St. Louis, and owns a large interest in the Visitors' World's Fair Hotel and Restaurant, which is being operated in the beautiful Missouri city by his brother Tobias. During these months of deep interest there, its hospitality has been extended to not only many visitors from far off Hungary, but from all portions of the globe, who find there rest and refreshment.

Mr. Polster has always taken a deep and intelligent interest in politics and has supported the Republican party since the election of President Lincoln. For some 20 years he served as a useful member of the City Council and has given liberally of his means and time to increase the city's civic importance. During these long years of residence here, he has earned honor and respect and is justly considered one of the representative men of this part of the State.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Carl Bachmann

Carl Bachmann.

Birth:  1898.
Death; 1938.

Known as C. M.

Name also spelled, Bachman.

Wife; Gladys M. Bachmann, , ( 1897-1939.)

Children: Barbara, Lila Jean Bachmann.

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas.

In 1920 Mr. Bachmann lived in Bourbon County Kansas, in the town of Fort Scott, Kansas. There he was a Bottler of Carbonated Beverages, His Wife worked in the Bottling Works.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Edward J. Gamer

Edward J. Gamer,

Birth: May, 1863, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1931.

Wife; Alice M. Gamer (1862 - 1955).

Married 1892.

Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County, Kansas.

Mr. Gamer came to Chase County Kansas, and settled in Diamond Creek Township in the town of Elmdale, Kansas.  In 1901 he was Proprietor of the only Hotel in  Elmdale it was called the Palace. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wellrose Stuart Barton

Wellrose Stuart Barton.

Birth: 1870
Death: Aug.. 1, 1938.

Parents: David Crofton Barton (1845 - 1926), Mary Jane Massie Barton (1854 - 1932.

Wife: Sara Jane McKinnon Barton (1879 - 1958).

Children: Infant Son Barton (1902 - 1902),. Paul S. Barton (1908 - 1967),. Harold V. Barton (1911 - 1924),. Mary Elizabeth Barton Dixon (1913 - 2012),. Infant Daughter Barton (1915 - 1915)..

Sibling: Wellrose Stuart Barton (1870 - 1938), Miles Roscoe Barton (1873 - 1966).

Burial: Dinas Community Cemetery, Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas.

Mr. Barton settled in Wallace County, Kansas, in the Township of Harrison in the town of Dinas, Kansas.  In 1906 he was a dealer in General Merchandise, was also Postmaster of Dinas Kansas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

John W Spena

John W Spena.

Birth: 1874.
Death: 1932.

Wife; Ottie Spena, (1886-? )..

Children: Non recored.                                                    

Burial: Wakeeney City Cemetery, WaKeeney, Trego County, Kansas.

Mr. Spena  came to Trego County Kansas in 1879.  He settled in Wakeeney township, in the town of Wakeeney, Kansas. In 1906 he was Propr. of a Machine Shops and Tank Manufacturer.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hugh William Allen

Hugh William Allen.

Birth: May 13, 1855. Tamarack, Will County. Illinois.
Death: Nov. 24, 1929, Newton, Harvey County. Kansas.

Wife; Marian Barr Nairn Allen (1862 - 1939.)

Children: Mary Elizabeth Allen Squire (1882 - 1967), William Allen (1884 - 1967), Myrtle May Allen Ruckle (1886 - 1975), Roy Ray Allen (1888 - 1978).

Burial: Burns Cemetery, Burns, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Allen came to Marion County, Kansas in 1878, would settled In Milton Township in the town of Burns, Kansas.  In Burns, Kansas in 1902, he was running a Hotel and a Meat Market.

Friday, November 6, 2015

John Henry Bayer

John Henry Bayer

Birth: 1836, Stuttgart, Germany
Death: 1909, Owl Creek, Woodson County, Kansas.

Parents: John A. and Sophia Weittege Bayer.

Wife's; Dorothea E. L. Tilker Bayer.
Married April 1862.
Second wife Augusta Bayer.

Children: Mary B. Bayer.

Burial: Owl Creek Cemetery, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas.

Mr. Bayer came to Woodson County in 1865, he settled in section 23 of  Owl Creek township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, owning a farm called Clover Valley Farm.  His post office address was Yates Center, which is North East from the farm.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

John William Alford.

John William Alford .

Birth: Feb. 5, 1842, Alfordsville, Daviess County, Indiana.
Death: Oct. 11, 1909, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

Parents: Wayne Alford (1821 - 1874), Mary Perkins Alford (1823 - 1897).

Wife's: Malissa Ann Chandler Alford (1842 - 1880), Mary Adeline Carrothers Alford (1853 - 1930).

Children: Wayne Carrothers Alford (1882 - 1960), John William Alford (1887 - 1974)), ,

Siblings: John William Alford (1842 - 1909), Thomas Jefferson Alford (1848 - 1916), Anthony Wayne Alford (1851 - 1917), Missouri Ann Alford Hunter (1858 - 1941), Alexander Campbell Alford (1862 - 1916).

Burial: Farmington Cemetery, Macksville,Stafford County, Kansas.

In 1904 Mr. Alford was living in Stafford County, Kansas, in the Township of Farmingtion, in the town of Macksville Kansas. There he was a Physician and Postmaster of Macksville, Kansas.

Mr. Alford was also a Civil War Veteran being in the Sixth Indiana, Infantry Co. E.
Private, Residence Daviess Co., Enlisted October 14, 1861, Mustered out date not stated. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Henry Cottrill.

Henry Cottrill.

Birth: Mar. 28, 1852, Indiana.
Death: May 8, 1925, Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Parents: John Cottrill (1814 - 1871), Irena Rice Cottrill (1816 - 1878).

Wife's: Ida B. Cottrill (1860 - 1893), Mary E. Morris Cottrill Adams (1873 - 1952).

Children: Melba Louise Cottrill Lane (1910 - 1981).

Siblings: Sylvester Cottrill (1848 - 1879), Martin Cottrill (1851 - 1926), Henry Cottrill (1852 - 1925).

Burial:Twin Grove Cemetery, Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Cottrrill was living in Greenwood County, Kansas in the Township of Twin Groves, in the town of Severy, Kansas, where he was the Proprietor of the Livery Stable.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Erick L Bystrom .

Erick L Bystrom

Birth: 1836, Sweden.
Death: 1912, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Wife: Christina Nilsdotter Bystrom (1850 - 1939).

Children: Ethel Bystrom McKenzie (1893 - 1966), Alfred Bystrom (1894 - 1914).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery. Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Bystrom came to Decatur County Kansas in 1884 and settled in Oberlin township in the town of Oberlin Kansas  There he was a Merchant and Tailor.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Adolph Wagner.

Adolph Wagner.

Birth: Aug. 3, 1867, Germany.
Death: Nov. 8, 1934.

Wife: Viola Wagner (1876 - 1909).

Children: Neva Wagner.

Burial: Waterloo Cemetery, Kingman County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Wagner lived In Kingman County, Kansas.  Lived in Galesburg Township, lived in the town of Waterloo, Kansas.  He was a Farmer and doing General Blacksmithing. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daniel C Walborn

Daniel C Walborn

Birth: 1852.
Death: 1926.

Wife: Louisa Walborn (1855 - 1941) .

Children: Edith G., Sibie M. Walborn.

Burial: Arlington Cemetery Arlington Reno County Kansas

In 1902 Mr. Walborn lived in Reno County Kansas, in the township of Arlington in section 10 of said township.  He owned a 160 acre farm called the Lake View Farm.  His Post office address was Arlington, Kansas, which is less then a half mile north from the farm.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Livery Stables of Harvey County, Kansas.

If one rode a horse in Harvey county in the 1900 hundreds and wanted to bed him down for the night, you may have a hard time finding a place to do so.  There were only five towns with stables in all of Harvey county and four were in newton, Kansas.  In all there only nine stables in the whole county.

Stables of Harvey county, Kansas, 1902.

John A. Sanders, ( 1853-1920 ), Wife Emma Alice ( 1857-!934.)
Proprietor Livery Feed and Sale stable, Burrton, Kansas.

Owen E. Jones ( 1853-1930 ) wife Elizabeth (1854-1934 ).
Proprietor The City Livery and Feed Barn, Halstead, Kansas.

Daniel William Thompson, Wife's Amanda J. ( 1843-1892 ), Margaret L. ( 1895- 1919 ).
Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable Halstead, Kansas.

A. M. Judkins, No names or Dates.
Proprietor Livery, Boarding and Hack Barn, Newton, Kansas.

Edwin W. Slaymaker ( 1858-1936 ).
Proprietor South Side Livery Stable, Newton, Kansas.

J. B.  Thompson (1855-1909 ) No names or dates.
Proprietor UP- to-Date Livery and hack Barn, Newton, Kansas.
David S. Welsh & Son, (1854-1919.) Wife Ella Rose McCray Welsh ( 1854-1934.)
Proprietor Livery and Hack Barn, Newton, Kansas,
Charles E. Kelly ( 1869-? ). Wife Henrietta L., ( 1873-?)
Proprietor Old Reliable Barn Whitewater, Kansas.
Lived in Harvey County, Kansas, in Richland township, Whitewater, Kansas.
John Swisher, No names or dates.
Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Sedgwick, Kansas.
Lived in Harvey County, Sedgwick township, Sedgwick, Kansas.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

John C. Petty.

John C. Petty.

Birth: 1859, Indiana.
Death: 1923.

Wife: Malinda E. Petty, ( 1863-1965.)

.Married 1887.

Children: Thelma H., Glennie S., Grace M., Joseph ( Joe ) Petty.

Burial: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. Petty, was living in Case County, Kansas.  Lived in the Township of Falls, in the town of Strong City.  .  In 1901 he was Postmaster of that city.

Friday, October 23, 2015


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FRANK W. HUTCHINSON, son of Perry Hutchinson, of Marysville, was born in Palo, Linn Co., Iowa, Aug. 2, 1857. When two years of age his father removed to Marysville, where our subject attended school until the age of sixteen. He then entered the Highland (Kansas) School, from there went to Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he graduated from Eastman's Business College. Returning to Marysville. he kept his father's books, and managed his lumber yard until twenty-one years old.

About that time he had three cars run over him, the injuries laying him up for some time; and also while at Marysville, a horse that he was riding, reared and fell backward, and so severe were the injuries thereby occasioned, that our subject was in a state of unconsciousness for seven weeks, and only regained his strength very slowly.In the spring of 1879 our subject came to Beattie, and established a grocery store, by the burning of which, two months later, he lost every dollar he had.

But undeterred by disaster he again started in business, soon building up a good trade, and has since been blessed by continued prosperity, now having the leading grocery store in the town. March 4. 1889, he received his commission as Postmaster, and took possession March 9. He has also been to some extent engaged in buying and shipping grain. Mr. Hutchinson is a man of ability and sterling character, well liked by his fellow townsmen and one who has made for himself a position and record of which any young man may be proud.

Our subject was married Feb. 2, 1878, to Miss Dorcas Carson', of Marysville, who died Nov. 20, 1883   Dec. 2, 1884, he took for his second wife  Miss Emma Brumbaugh, of Peoria, Ill.. Miss
Brumbaugh was born at Valparaiso. Ind., in 1864, the family afterward removing to Peoria, where she lived until 1881, and then came to Kansas. Mr. Hutchinson votes with the Republican party, but
has never been an office-seeker, the position which he holds coming to him through the good will of his townsmen, and their feeling that by him the public would be well served

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Claude Fitzgerald Betty

Claude Fitzgerald Betty.

Birth: Apr. 3, 1875,Milan, Rock Island County, Illinois.
Death: Jan. 16, 1955, Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas.

Parents: John F Betty (1832 - 1923), Anna Margaret Keller Betty (1845 - 1931.)

Wife: Letty Leone Jenkins Betty (1890 - 1920)..

Children: Elmer Dean Betty (1914 - 1980), Harry Raymond Betty (1917 - 2003).

Siblings: Claude Fitzgerald Betty (1875 - 1955), Selene E Betty (1884 - 1968), Louise Florence Betty (1890 - 1986).

Burial: Rosehill Cemetery, Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas.

Mr. Betty came to Barber County, Kansas in 1886. Settled in Hazelton Township, in the town of Hazelton , Kansas.  In 1905 he was listed as a Merchant. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

William Thomas Burgess.

Push to enlarge.
Captain, William Thomas Burgess.

Birth: Nov. 25, 1839
Death: Sep. 26, 1914.

Wife:  Sarah Catherine Downs Burgess (1843 - 1925).

 Children: George Leon Burgess (1863 - 1893),  Nellie Burgess James (1869 - 1950),   Jessie P Burgess (1873 - 1874).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Civil War Veteran.

Iowa 30th., Infantry, Co. E.

Burgess, William T. Age 25. Residence Brighton, nativity Ohio. Appointed Captain Aug. 9, 1862. Mustered Sept. 23, 1862. Resigned March 17, 1863.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

William E. Beeson.

William E. Beeson.

Birth: December, 1872, Iowa.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Gertrude Beeson, (1877-?).

Married  1896.

Children: Non found.

Burial: Attica, Cemetery, Attica, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr. Beeson came to Harper  County Kansas in 1883. He settled in Banner Township, in the town of Harper, Kansas. He served as  Postmaster of Harper from, July1, 1898 to July  !,  1902.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Elbert Goodman

Elbert Goodman,

Birth: Jan. 15, 1885, Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois.
Death: May 14, 1979, South Haven, Sumner County, Kansas.

Wife's; Olive May Hills Goodman (1891 - 1954), Osia Sabina Caroline Lewis Dickson Goodman (1893 - 1974).

Children: Opal M. Goodman Rose (1911 - 1994), Ruby Maude Goodman Gillock (1913 - 1999), Oscar Wendell Goodman (1915 - 1988), Elgin F. Goodman (1919 - 2000), Lois Goodman Hinkle (1921 - ____), Wilbur Dwight Goodman (1925 - 2000), Neva Irene Goodman Dodson (1928 - 2011).

There were 10 children in all.

Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, South Haven, Sumner County, Kansas.

Mr. Goodman came to Lane County, Kansas, in 1911.  He settled in section 26 of Spring Creek Township.  He was a Farmer and Stockman he owned 160 acres,  He later added another 320 acres in section 23, Hackberry Creek ran across his homestead.  His post office address was Beeler, Kansas, which was four miles east of  the farm, Beeler is in Ness County, Kansas.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Peter Henry Peel.

Peter Henry Peel.

Birth: 1849, Denmark.
Death: 1919.

Wife: Marie Peel (1853 - 1920).

Married 1889.

Children: Ruby May Peel.

Burial: Gypsum Hill Cemetery Salina, Saline County,. Kansas

In 1903 Mr. Peel was living in Saline, Kansas, as a Druggist and a Pharmacist

John E. Redding

Normally I wouldn't post such little information, but I felt someone maybe looking for this ancestorI couldn't  find any Birth, Death, Burial records for Mr. Redding. However what little information I do have maybe of help to someone looking into this family.

Mr. Redding came to Trego County Kansas in 1879. He settled in section 28 of Wakeeney township. He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land. His post office address was Wakeeney Kansas, which was three miles north from the farm.
Picture publish date 1905.
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Jerry Cook.

Jerry Cook.

Birth: 1859.
Death: 1941

Parents: William S Cook (1815 - 1874), Cynthia Jane Dee Cook. .

Wife: Melissa J. Cook (1859 - 1951).

Married 1882.

Children: Jacob M., Irwin W., Charley D., Miller Cook.

Sibling: Dianna Cook Newcomb (____ - 1874), Jerry Cook (1859 - 1941).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr.Cook came to Decatur County Kansas in 1885, settled in Oberlin Township, he lived in the town of Oberlin, Kansas.  In 1905 he was  the towns Rural Mail Carrier. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thomas C. McDowell.

Thomas C. McDowell.

Birth: 1843, Ohio,
Death: December 22, 1929. .

Wife: Emily E. McDowell ( 1848-1929.)

Married 1870.

Children: Effie A., Harry C., Lutrell M. McDowell (1878 - 1887).

Burial: Lone Elm Cemetery, Lone Elm, Anderson County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. McDowell was living in Anderson county in section 20 of Lone Elm township.  He was the Proprietor of the Deer Creek Ranch.  His post office address was lone Elm, Kansas.

He was also a Civil War Veteran.

Ohio 32nd., infantry, Co. B. Corporal; Age 18; Enlisted August 9, 1861, foe 3 years.  Appointed Corporal May 1, 1863; Mustered out with Company July 20, 1865. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scauyler Cheyler C. Harner.

Scauyler Cheyler C. Harner.

Birth: 1868, Indianan.
Death: April 2, 1943.

Wife: Jennie Kress Harner, ( 1875-1942 .)

Children: John E., (1901-1947), Erma Harner

Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas.

Mr. Harner came to Riley County Kansas, in 1869, and settled  in Wild Cat Township, in the town of Keats, Kansas.  In 1909 his business was that of a dealer Of General Merchandise.  He was also Postmaster of Keats Kansa..


Thursday, October 8, 2015

William Harry Kitchen

William Harry Kitchen. Birth:

Jul. 7, 1866, New Washington, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Feb. 10, 1924, Sterling, Rice County, Kansas.

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Roby Kitchen (1870 - 1938).

Married in 1892.

Children: Myrtle Vella Kitchen Manwarren (1892 - 1962), Eva Hazel Kitchen Sturgeon (1895 - 1960), Elda N Kitchen (1903 - 1983), Irene Mildred Kitchen Bernstorf (1906 - 1990).

Burial: Lyons Municipal Cemetery, Lyons, Rice County, Kansas.

Mr. Kitchen lived in Rice county, Kansas in the Township of Eureka.  He settled in section 11.  He was a farmer and a Stock Raiser, on 160 acres of land. He was  also a Carpenter and Joiner and a Contractor and builder.  His post office address was Frederick, Kansas, which was one mile north east from the farm.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Benjamin Bolton and Family.

Benjamin Bolton and Family.

John N. Bloton, Store.
Push pictures to enlarge.
Benjamin Bolton, president of the Scranton State Bank, is an Englishman, born at Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, Jan. 7, 1836. His father, Jonathan Bolton, was also a native of England, where he was reared and educated. He was a miner in England and in 1840 came to the United States and located in Pennsylvania. He continued to work in the coal mines around Pittsburgh until his death in 1864. Benjamin's mother, whose maiden name was- Ann Herst, was also a nati\e of England.

Benjamin was only four years of age when his parents came to America and he first attended school at Mount Washington, near Pittsburgh. Subsequently he went to school in Pittsburgh. He grew to manhood in Pennsylvania and at the beginning of the Civil war enlisted in the Forty-ninth Pennsylvania infantry. Army of the Potomac. He was on duty at Harrisburg and after Lee's surrender was sent to North Carolina.

After his discharge from the army he returned home, but believed there were more chances for a young man in the West and in 1872 came to Kansas. He joined one of the early settlements and developed a farm in Wabaunsee county. For ten miles to the west the county was practically unsettled at that time. The Kansas Indians roamed over the country at will, and it was no infrequent sight to see them hunting and fishing along the streams.

Mr. Bolton lived on his farm until 1883, when he started a general store at Paxico under the firm named of Bolton & Bros, and continued in business until 1891, when he sold out and retired from active life. But the habit of a lifetime was too strong and in 1904 Mr. Bolton engaged in banking, becoming the head of the Scranton State Bank. Under his management the business of the institution has enlarged and it is one of the sound financial houses of Kansas. Mr. Bolton is also interested in mining enterprises, having an interest in the High Tariff Mining Company of Joplin, Mo., with his son, C. F. Bolton, and others.

Paxico Store.
In 1857, Mr. Bolton married Jane, the daughter of William and Isabella Black, who came to America from Scotland. Mr. Black was a miner in the old country and followed that vocation in Pennsylvania. He founded and built up the town of Green Oak, Pa. Seven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bolton : Wesley S., engaged in the grain business ; William F., who lives in Denver and deals in real estate ; John N., who runs a general store at Alta Vista, Kan. ; Thomas B.. a farmer in Oklahoma ; Charles F., cashier of the Scranton State Bank, and two daughters who are married and live in Oklahoma. Mrs. Bolton died in 1899 and in 1903 Mr. Bolton married Elizabeth Hardaker of Newcastle, Pa., and she died in 1904. Mr. Bolton has many friends and is regarded as one of the prosperous and most substantial business men of Scranton.

Author.  John N. Bolton had his store in Alta Vista in the 1890's.
The store in Paxico was ran by Mr. Bolton two sons, Wesley S and William F. Bolton up to the time it was sold to  C. J. Glotzbach.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Alonzo D. Knapp.

Alonzo D. Knapp.

Birth: 1847.
Death: 1931.

Wife: Olive Scott Knapp (1844 - 1928).

Children: Elmer E., Wiot R., Jessy A. Knapp.

Burial: Kansas Veterans Cemetery at Fort Dodge, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas.

Mr. Knapp was a Farmer, he was also a Civil War Veteran, being in the Iowa 44th., infantry, Company K.

Knapp, Alonzo D. Age 18. Residence Davenport, nativity Iowa. Enlistee  May 7. 1864. Mustered June 1, 1864. Mustered out Sept. 15, 1864.  Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Publish date 1902.
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THOMAS PHILIP FLAHIVE, was born December 16, 1861, in the County Kerry, Ireland. He received his education in the public schools, and in 1S78 came to America, locating in Kansas City.
He was a poor boy, without capital or influence, but he did not lack for energy and pluck. His first position was with a railroad in the offices, but in 1882 he secured a position on the police force, where he has ever since remained.

Honest, willing, and brave, he showed capability from the start, and in 1887 he was promoted to be sergeant. In that position he also showed efficiency, and in 1889 he was made a captain, the office
he now holds.

Captain Flahive belongs to no lodges or clubs, for his whole life is given over to his work. In the time he has been on the force he has made himself a splendid reputation both at home and abroad, and
although he has gone far, will go farther. Captain Flahive married Miss Lizzie Burns in Octber, 1888, and they have one son, John Joseph.

Death: June 26, 1918, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.
Burial: Saint Mary's Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Publish date 1902.
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FRANK MAYNARD HOWE, was born in Arlington, Mass., July 20, 1849. He was educated in the public schools and in Cotting Academy, and afterwards took a special course in architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. In 1868 he entered the office of Ware & Van Brunt, architects, in Boston, and upon the retirement of Mr. W. R. Ware in 1832, became a partner in the concern under the name of Van Brunt & Howe, which partnership still exists. Prior to this he spent some time in travel and, study abroad, and in 1880 formed a partnership with the late Arthur H. Dodd, of Boston, but in 1882 this was dissolved, and that of Van Brunt & Howe formed. In 1885 the firm was established in Kansas City.

The present firm enjoys a large practice in all parts of the country, and has always retained its eastern office in Boston. They were on the Commission of Architects at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and enjoy a similar honor on the same commission at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. In their practice in Kansas City they have built many of the largest and most important buildings here.

Mr. Howe was married in 1871 to Miss Mary E. Wyman, of Arlington, and they have two daughters, Katherine and Dorothy. He belongs to the Papyrus Club, of Boston, the Kansas City Club, the Commercial Club, is president of the Knife and Fork Club, president of the Symphony Orchestra, and is a thirty-second degree Mason, and Shriner.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Isaac E. Bartlett.

Isaac E. Bartlett.

Birth: May, 1860, Ohio.
Death: 1949.

Wife: Maybelle (Belle) Bartlett (1865 - 1915).

Married 1883.

Children: I. Earl, Elma M. James S. Bartlett.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Iola, Allen County, Kansas.

Mr. Bartlett was living in woodson county, Kansas, in 1904. Lived in Yates Center his business was Blacksmithing, and also Mayor.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lizzie & George R. Allaman

Lizzie Allaman..

Birth: Jul. 25, 1848
Death: Nov. 27, 1905.

Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Alford married;
(1) George Stafford in 1867.
She married (2) George R. Allaman in 1872.

Burial: Wallace Township Cemetery, Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas.

Mr. Allaman came to Wallace County, Kansas in 1880.  He Settled in section 26, of Wallace township.  He was a Rancher owning 320  acres, his Ranch was called Smoky Rose Ranch.

Although he was noted as the proprctor of the ranch  all the land was in lizzie name.   Their post office  address was Wallace, Kansas, which was one and a half miles north east from the Ranch. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Albert Watson Purinton.

Albert Watson Purinton.

Birth: Jun. 24, 1843, Lincoln, Addison County, Vermont.
Death: Aug. 6, 1918, Collyer, Trego County, Kansas.

Parents: Asa Purinton (1813 - 1902), Fannie Maria West Purinton (1810 - 1888).

Wife; Melissa Eliza Durkee Purinton (1844 - 1920). Children:

Charles Hurlburt Purinton (1866 - 1868), Leonard William Purinton (1868 - 1949), Alice Idella Purinton Tuttle (1872 - 1938), Florence Coralyn Purinton See (1875 - 1967).

Siblings: Cynthia Ann Purinton Gove (1840 - 1931), Electa Maria Purinton Gove (1841 - 1919), Albert Watson Purinton (1843 - 1918),Gabriel Huntington Purinton (1845 - 1931), Mary Elizabeth Purinton Gove (1850 - 1937),

Burial: Union Cemetery, Collyer, Trego County, Kansas.

Mr. Purinton came to Trego County, Kansas in 1878, and settled in section 32, of Franklin township.  He had a Farm, how many acres he had I was unable to learn. His post office address was  Banner, Kansas, he was Postmaster and a Merchant in Banner, Kansas, some time between 1878 and 1900, he mover to Collyer, Kansas. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Frank Killgore.

Frank Killgore.

Birth: August,1866, Missouri.
Death: Jan. 15, 1949, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington.

Parents: George S. Killgore (1839 - 1916), Samantha Ellison Killgore (1844 - 1910).

Wife: Maggie Killgore.

Children: Zenith Killgore (1893 - 1971), Harlan Killgore (1895 - 1925), Ivan and Faith Killgore.

Burial: Sumner Cemetery, Sumner, Pierce County, Washington.

Mr. Killgore came to Sumner County Kansas in 1896, and settled in the town of Caldwell Kansas.  There his business was that of a Jeweler and Optician.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stephen Gard Pound.

Stephen Gard Pound.

Birth: Jan. 21, 1856, Sullivan County, Indiana.
Death: Apr. 4, 1937, Stafford County, Kansas.

Parents: James David Pound (1832 - 1892), Sarah Eliza Mattix Pound (1830 - 1918).

Wife's: : Emily Jane Brown Pound (1859 - 1915), Martha Tyler Pound (1862 - 1935).

Children: Alice Pound (1880 - 1881), Ira Oscar Pound (1882 - 1931), Infant Son Pound (1890 - 1890).

Siblings: Nancy Caroline Pound Dellinger (1854 - 1930), Stephen Gard Pound (1856 - 1937), Emily Pound Gere (1861 - 1938), Isaac Martin Pound (1862 - 1937), Isabelle Pound Cook (1864 - 1895), Martha Elizabeth Pound Weir (1866 - 1923).

Burial:, Stafford Cemetery, Stafford, Stafford County, Kansas.

Mr. Pound came to Stafford, Kansas in 1877, and settled in section 21 of Ohio township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, on his 160 acre of land.  His post office address was St. John, Kansas, which is three miles north west from the farm. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Joseph H. Long

Publish date 1901.
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Joseph H Long.

Birth: 1848
Death: 1899.

Wife: Margaret E Long (1857 - 1920).

Burial: Belleville Cemetery, Belleville, Republic County, Kansas.

History of Joseph H. Long..

Joseph H. Long was born in Putnam county, Indiana, November 22d, 1848. While quite young the family moved to Iowa, where he grew to manhood. His father enlisted early in the war of the rebellion, leaving Joe to be the support of his mother and younger brothers and sisters. In the fall of 1863 he was discharged for disability and upon his return home Joe began trying to enlist. He was promised a position as teamster, but upon reporting at St. Louis was rejected. He then made eiforts to join the army at Alton, Mt. Sterling and Jacksonville, but each time rejected on account of his youth and slight form. Nothing daunted, he resolved to make another effort, and this time went to Springfield, Illinois, where he was accepted and mustered into Co. B, 152d regiment, Illinois infantry, in which he served until the close of the war, not being 17 years of age when mustered out.

At the close of the war he returned to Iowa, where he liv
ed until 1878, when he came to Kansas, and in 1883 to Belleville, which was his home until the time of his death. He was married to Miss Madge Bradley in June 1885. Mr. Long was an active worker in Grand Army circles, being a member of John Brown Post, No. 44, and its commander for the year 1889, and adjutant of the same for the years 1890-92-93-94-95-96-97 and 98. He was appointed post master at Belleville by President McKinley, taking charge of the office, with Mrs. Long as assistant, in April, 1899, but owing to failing health was unable to give it but little personal attention.

His health failed rapidly during the summer and on September 15th, 1899, he passed peacefully away. Mr. Long was intensely loyal, a man highly respected by all who knew him, for his high standard of moral character and spotless business integrity. He will always be remembered for his loyalty and devotion to the old flag. He was succeeded in the postoffice by his faithful wife, who is conducting the business in a highly satisfactory manner.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Charles Banner Lewis

Charles Banner Lewis.

Birth: Nov. 16, 1870.
Death: 1942.

Parents: William Hunter Lewis (1848 - 1928), Rachel Amanda Busbee Lewis (1853 - 1922).

Wife: Anna Lewis (1878 - 1941).

Children: Elsie Anna Lewis (____ - 1903)*, Amy Mae Lewis Erb (1897 - 1953), Florence L. Howard (1899 - 1977), Alice Lewis Moorefield (1905 - 1951), William A. Lewis (1908 - 1982), LaVerne V. Lewis Erb (1915 - 1986)*.

Siblings: Charles Banner Lewis (1870 - 1942), Samuel G. Lewis (1876 - 1961), Luie Ann Lewis Renner (1878 - 1968),Belle Lewis (1881 - 1972), Willis H. Lewis (1886 - 1969), Harrison Morton Lewis (1888 - 1954), Robert Allan Lewis (1892 - ____).

Burial: Locust Hill Cemetery, Rush Center, Rush County, Kansas.

In 1901, Mr. Lewis was living in Rush County, Kansas, in the township of Banner, in the town of Timken, Kansas.  While there he was a Grain Buyer and Postmaster. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

George L Bunsold.

George L Bunsold.

Birth: Jan. 30, 1864, Randolph County, Indiana.
Death: Jan. 16, 1929, Pratt County, Kansas.

Parents:, John S. Bunsold (1810 - 1873), Mary A.F. Bunsold (1825 - 1883).

Wife: Anna M. Curran bunsold, 1872-1962.

Children: Leo G Bunsold (1900 - 1966), Mary Bunsold (1902 - 1994), Alice P Bunsold (1904 - 1912), Margurite Bunsold (1906 - 1990).

Burial:,Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas.

Mr. Bunsold came to Pratt County, Kansas, in 1887, he settled in section 12 of Banner township.  He owned 160 acres of land.  His business was Livery and Stock.  His post office address was Cullison, Kansas, which was less then one mile north east from the farm.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

George E. Curry.

George E. Curry.

Birth: Oct. 17, 1836.
Death: Aug. 1, 1916

Wife: Mary A. Curry (1848 - 1913).

Children: Elzie Emmett Curry (1867 - 1946), Tillie Curry (1875 - 1895).

Burial: Potterville Cemetery, Cheyenne, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr. Curry came to Osborne county, Kansas, and settled in section 28 of Winfield township.  He owned 320   acres of land, he was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, he was also a Carpenter and Joiner,  He did Blacksmithing and all kinds Machinery repaired  Which was all done on his farm..  His post office address was Potterville, Kansas which was less then a half mile north from the farm.  

Mr. Curry was also a civil War Veteran, being in the Twentieth Ohio Infantry, Co. I.  Enlisted as a Private at the age of 25, on December 3, 1861, fore three years.  Was discharged August 2, 1862 on Surgeon's Certificate of disability.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ira Butler

Publish date 1902.
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Ira Butler.

Birth: Mar. 1, 1838, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana.
Death: Mar. 1, 1931, Brownell, Ness County, Kansas.

Wife: Alace, (1840-1925).

Children: Non listed.

Burial: Vansburgh Cemetery, Brownell, Ness County, Kansas.

Mr. Butler, came to Ness County, Kansas, in 1902 and settled in section 27, of Waring township. He owned around 635 acres which some was in section 22. He was a Farmer and Proprietor of the sunny Side farm. His post office address was Brownell, Kansas, which was less then a half mile north of the farm.  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Perry Thomas Bates.

Perry Thomas Bates.

Birth: Nov. 28, 1867, Preble County, Ohio.
Death: Jan. 5, 1953, Lewis, Edwards County, Kansas.

Perry Thomas Bates came to Marion County, Kansas as a railroader. He married Laura Mae Shields on March 22, 1893 in Marion, Marion County, Kansas. They had a son, Arthur John Bates, on August 4, 1894 who died shortly after birth. Perry and Laura adopted Charlie Ray, Jr. in 1895, giving him the name Chester Alexander Bates.

Wife: Laura Mae Shields Bates (1874 - 1956).

Children: Chester Alexander Bates (1895 - 1975).

Burial: Fellsburg Cemetery, Edwards County, Kansas.

Author.  Mr. Bates came to Marion County, Kansas in 1893, and settled in the township of Lehigh.  Lived in the town of Wadeck Kansas.  There he was a Agent for the C. R. I. & P. Ry.  He was also the Postmaster and a Merchant. ( 1902 ) 

Hugh William Allen

Hugh William Allen.

Birth: May 13, 1855, Tamarack, Will County, Illinois.
Death: Nov. 24, 1929, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Wife: Marian Barr Nairn Allen (1862 - 1939).

Children: Mary Elizabeth Allen Squire (1882 - 1967), William Allen (1884 - 1967), Myrtle May Allen Ruckle (1886 - 1975), Roy Ray Allen (1888 - 1978). Hugh William Allen

Burial: Burns Cemetery, Burns, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Allen came to Marion County, Kansas, in 1878, and settled in Milton township and settled in the town of Burns, Kansas, where he either owned or ran a Hotel and Meat Market.. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Frank Sharp.

Frank Sharp.

Birth: May 26, 1869, Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas.
Death: Jan. 26, 1904, Jackson County, Kansas.

Parents: William Sharp (1839 - 1918), Rebecca Abel Sharp (1848 - 1883).

Wife; Mary E. Stauffer Biggart (1871 - 1945).

Married December 24, 1894, Circleville, Kansas.

Children: Gerrine Valine Sharp Turner (1896 - 1943).

Sibling: Frank Sharp (1869 - 1904), Jesse Green Sharp (1873 - 1924).

Burial: Circleville Cemetery, Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas.

Mr. Sharp was born and lived his whole live in Jackson, County, Kansas, in the Township of Jefferson.  He lived in the town of Circleville, Kansas, over the yeas he was Postmaster,Collector, Notary Public and Insurance Agent. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Alonzo H. Williams.

Alonzo H. Williams

Birth: Sep. 27, 1843 Morgan County Ohio.
Death: Mar. 22, 1912 Holton Jackson County Kansas.

 Parents: Josiah W. Williams (1819 - 1910) Elizabeth McKeever Williams (1822 - 1896).

Wife's: Mary Agnes Graden Williams (1846 - 1874), Hattie Jones Smurr (1855 - 1925).

Children: Francis Ellsworth Williams (1868 - 1928),   Fannie Florence Williams (1871 - 1872),   Hattie Evelyn Williams Mallon (1886 - 1978).

Siblings: Alonzo H. Williams (1843 - 1912), Margaret Jane Williams Black (1845 - 1916), Charles C. Williams (1849 - 1853), Archibald M Williams (1851 - 1854), William Hollis Williams (1854 - 1944), Richard A Williams (1857 - 1900), Richard A Williams (1857 - 1900), Mary E Williams Fulton (1861 - 1917), Charles Sumner Williams (1866 - 1936).

Burial: Holton Cemetery Holton Jackson County Kansas.

The Holton Recorder, March 28, 1912:

Alonzo H. Williams was born in Morgan county, Ohio, September 27, 1843. In his fifteenth year he came with his parents to this state. The farm on which they located was in the southern part of this county where he shared the privations that pertained in those pioneer days. A few years later the Civil war began and as a youth of 19 years he enlisted in his country's cause. His first term of service began August, 1862, as a member of Company B, 11th Kansas Volunteer Infantry. Forced to return home because of serious illness he re-enlisted in Company B, 17th Kansas Cavalry and served in it until the wars close.

In October, 1865, he was united in marriage to Agnes Garden. Two children were born to them, Francis Elsworth and Fannie E. Williams. The daughter died in her eighth month and the mother passed away soon afterward. In 1874 he was united in marriage to Hattie L. Jones of Holton and to them were born four children, Bessie and Fred Williams of California and Evelyn Mallon and Florence Williams of Topeka.

For many years he has been a prominent citizen of this town. He was sheriff for several terms. For a number of years he was a partner of Mr. W. W. Naylor, in the drug business, while for five years he had charge of the City Hotel. For eight years he was postmaster at Holton which was likely his most conspicuous service in the town's interest. In February of last year he moved to Topeka and because of ill health he made a visit to California.

Returning eight weeks ago he rapidly grew worse and at last passed peacefully away Friday, March 22 ... the Masonic order had charge at the cemetery .... he finished his life's work in his 68th year, leaving behind to mourn his loss, three brothers, three sisters, a wife and five children .... Those who attended the funeral from away were C. S. and Hollis Williams, of Topeka, Mrs. Fulton, of Colorado, Mrs. Black, of Smith Center, Frank Williams, of Elgin, Arch McKeever, of Topeka.

The Holton Recorder, April 4, 1912:

Comrade A. H. Williams died of heart failure at the family home, 1264 Tyler street, Topeka, Friday, March 22 1912, The numerous friends of sister Hattie L. Williams, past president [G. A. R.].

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fred F Jackson.

Fred F Jackson.

Birth: Feb. 2, 1859.
Death: Jul. 12, 1901.

Wife: Ida M Jackson (1860 - 1934.)

Children: Soloman W., Laura M., Avis E., Ha ttie G. Jackson.

Burial:Hoyt Cemetery, Hoyt, Jackson County, Kansas.

Mr. Jackson came to Jackson County, Kansas and, Settled in Douglas Township.  Mr. Jackson was a Farmer, after he died in 1901, his wife became the Proprietor of the Jackson Hotel in Hoyt, Kansas,  (1903)  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

William A. Ader.

William A Ader.

Birth: 1855
Death: 1932.

Wife: Maria ( Marie) J Ader (1856 - 1937).

Children: Earnest C., Ord A., Dee, Marnie Z., Goldie M. Ader.

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado.

Mr. Ader came to Hodgeman County, Kansas in 1900, he Settled in section 33, of Hallet Township.  He was a Farmer and Postmaster of Hallet, Kansas.

He owned 160 acres of land and Hallet post office sat on his land.   He was Postmaster.

Hallet, Kansas.

Hallet was first called Holbrook, it ran from September 29, 1887 to April 20, 1905.  It was closed and renamed Hallet and ran from April 20, 1905 to April 20, 1920. 

Hallet, a post-hamlet of Hodgeman county, is situated in the town-
ship of the same name, in the Buckner creek valley about lo miles
southwest of Jetmore, the county seat and nearest railroad station

Thursday, September 10, 2015

John S. Hanway.

John S. Hanway.

Birth: November, 1835, Ohio.
Death: January 1, 1908.

First wife; Hellen M. ( Helen ), ( 1838-1881.)

Children: Lloyed, Mary S., Dalia ( Delia Hanway.)

Second wife: Georgia A. Hanway, ( 1859-1904. )
Married 1889, no children.

Burial: Unknown.

Wife's burials Spring Grove Quaker Cemetery, Lane, Miami County, Kansas.

Author.  There is no Lane Kansas, in Miami County, its in Franklin County.

Its not known just when Mr. Hanway came to Kansas, but he was in the Kansas Army in the 1860's.

In 1880 he was living in Franklin  County, Kansas, in the township of Potawatomie in the town of Lane Kansas, his occupation Marble dealer.  In the 1890's he became Postmaster of Lane, Kansas, servicing the years; May 1, 1897-April 20, 1903.

Mr. Hanway was a veteran of the Civil War, Servicing two Kansas Regiments.  The Third Kansas Indian Home Guards Co. A. & E. Mustered in as First Lieutenant, July 11, 1862, from Company C. Tenth Infantry, Private & Sergeant.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Major John A. Cline.

Its not known just when Major Cline came to Kansas, but he settled in Ford county in 1878.  He settled on section 17, of Wheatland township.  In 1878 a post office was started and a small store, the post office was called Bellefont.  A town was officially platted in July, 1885

Major Cline, was born On January 7, 1837. in Pennsylvania?. He was one of the founders of Bellefont, Kansas, along with George M. Hoover, who were the owners of the land.

Major Cline would become Postmaster and was a dealer in General Merchandise.

He was a Civil War Veteran being in the 155th., Pennsylvania Infantry Co. F.  Mustered in September 11, 1862; Promoted from Captain company K., January 23, 1865; Mustered out with regiment on June  2, 1865.

Major Cline received a pension, his wound; Gunshot to the left hand and Shoulder.  What battled he was wounded in is not stated.

Major Cline later moved to Edwards County, Kansas, near or in Kinsley, Kansas, where he died on July 10, 1915, leavening no wife or children that I can find.

His burial Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas..

Bellefont, Kansas.

Bellefont - Long before the village of Bellefont was officially established, it had a post office that first opened in April, 1878. A town was officially platted in July, 1885 by J.A. Cline and George M. Hoover, land owners, who believed that it would become a railhead for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. However, the railroad did not build a junction there as was hoped for and the community never developed very much. It did sustain for several years as a small farming community, once boasting a general store, a grocery store and a depot in its early years. By 1896, the post office was closed, but it reopened in 1904. By 1910, the population was just 40, but the town served as a shipping and supply point for that part of the county. The town's post office closed forever in June, 1957. Situated about 22 miles northeast of Dodge City on Highway 50, today there are but a few farms and a grain elevator.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Adin Waldron Finley

Publish date 1903.
Push to enlarge.
Adin Waldron Finley.

Birth: Sep. 25, 1866, Kane County, Illinois 
Death: Aug. 13, 1939, Elk Falls, Elk County, Kansas.

Wife: Mary Eliza Parmley Finley (1872 - 1942).

Children: Beulah Darling Finley Ransom (1897 - 1981), Grace Eugenia Finley Morton (1900 - 1967), Frederic Adin Finley (1906 - 1986).

Burial: Elk Falls Cemetery, Elk Falls, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Finley lived in Elk Falls Township in the town of Elk Falls, Kansas. He was in business of Live Stock, Grain an Hay.  He was also the Prop. of the River Ranch, Clear Creek Ranch and County Line Ranch

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Casper Wistar Shreve

Casper Wistar Shreve.

Birth: Jan. 31, 1833, Deerfield, Portage County, Ohio.
Death: May 14, 1912.

Parents: Thomas Curtis Shreve (1800 - 1878), Ann G. Coates Shreve (1802 - 1897).

Wife: Dora Utt Shreve (1861 - 1952).

Children: Priscilla Shreve (1887 - 1975), Charles W Shreve (1892 - 1903).

Sibling: Julia M Shreve (1831 - 1913), Casper Wistar Shreve (1833 - 1912).

Burial: Olive Branch Cemetery, White Cloud. Doniphan County, Kansas.

Mr. Shreve lived in Doniphan County, Kansas, in the town of White Cloud, Kansas.  In 1905 he was listed as a Druggist and a Notary Public.

George F. Shotwell

Publish date 1905.
Push to enlarge.
George F. Shotwell

Birth: December 1859, New York
Death: 1927.

Wife: Mamie L. Shotwell, ( 1868-1927.)
Married abt. 1888.

Children: Harold R., Anna S. Shotwell.

Burial: Janesville Cemetery, Hamilton, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Mr. Shotwell came to Butler County, Kansas, in 1898, and settled in Eureka, Kansas.  He was listed as a Farmer and Stock Raiser. Some time between 1905 and 1910 he moved to Greenwood county, where he died in 1927.

John B. King.

John B. King.

Birth: March 10, 1838, Louisiana.
Death: April 20, 1912.

Wife: Eliza King, b. Tennessee.

Children: John B., Henry, Marion, Minnie, Mary King.

Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Eldorado, Butler County, Kansas.

Its not known when Mr. King came to Butler county, however he was living in ElDInorado, Kansas before 1880. In  1868 he established a Merchant business, in Eldorado Kansas.

Mr. King was a Civil War Veteran,  being in the Kansas Ninth Cavalry Co. I.
Enlisted March 20, 1862, Mustered in same.  Discharged for  disability March 21, 1863, Fort Riley, Kansas..

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Birth: 1856-1857, Pennsylvania..
Death: Mar. 17, 1941.

Wife: Alice M. Weldon Houser.

Children: Inice W., Bornice M., Stella E., Alma A., Raymond R., Clifford P. Houser.

Burial: Grainfield Cemetery, Grainfield, Gove County, Kansas,

Mr. Houser came to Gove county, Kansas in 1884.settled in Grainfield township in the town of Grainfield.  There he was the Prop. of a Hotel and was a dealer in Real Estate.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

John J. Oldham.

John J. Oldham.

Birth: May 2, 1857
Death: Nov. 4, 1907

Wife: Margaret Oldham( 1870-1945 ).

Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery Kingman Kingman County Kansas,

Mr. Oldham Lived in Kingman County, Kansas, in Dale township in the town of Murdock.  There he was the proprietor of the New Murdock Roller Mills. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fred C Wendt.

Publish date 1900.  Push to enlarge.
Fred C Wendt. 

Birth: Feb. 17, 1859, Germany.
Death: Dec. 30, 1938.

Wife: Elida B Wendt (1863 - 1936).

Children: Albert Wendt, Fred C Wendt Jr. (1885 - 1975).

Burial: Rose Meron Cemetery, Oak Hill, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr. Wendt came to Clay County, Kansas in 1867, and settled in section 19 of Oak hill township. He was a Farmer on his 275.08 acres of land.  His post office address was Oak Hill, Kansas, which was about 2 miles south east from the farm.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Caroline M Barnett Bates.

Caroline M Barnett Bates. 

Birth: Jan. 13, 1847, Illinois.
Death: Jan. 28, 1942,

Age 95.

Husband: Benjamin Bates (1842 - 1935).

Married 1869.

Children:Edna M. Bates Flautt,  Hugh Marion Bates (1882 - 1956).

Note. There were at lest two more children, but I couldn't find.

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Niotaze, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Mrs. Bates lived in Chautauqua County, Kansas, in the township, of Little Caney.  She came in 1882 in 1900 she was a House Wife, and Mr. Bates was a Plasterer.  They lived in Niotaze, Kansas, where in 1903 she either owned or ran the Niotaze Hotel.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mercy L Nelson Harper

Mercy L Nelson Harper. 

Birth: Oct. 3, 1850, Hartford, Washington County, Wisconsin.
Death: Jun. 29, 1938, Benton, Butler County, Kansas.

Parents: Edwin R Nelson (1820 - 1905), Maria Sargent Nelson (1829 - 1888).

Husband: Dr. Luman A. Harper, ( 1847-1902.)

Children: Flora E., Susie M., Edwin T. Harper (1876 - 1962).
Note. There may have been two others; Elma F., Cora.

 Sibling: Mercy L Nelson Harper (1850 - 1938), James W Nelson (1857 - 1931).

Burial: Indianola Cemetery, Benton, Butler County, Kansas.

Author.  The Harper's lived in Butler county, Kansas, in section 35 of Benton township.  They were Farmers and Stock Raisers, on 240 acres of land. Mr. Harper owned no land all the land was in Mrs. Harper name.  Their post office address was Augusta, Kansas, which was about 7 miles south east from the farm. (1905.)

Butler County History, Publ. 1916.

E. T. Harper, of Benton township, well known in Butler county as a successful farmer and stock breeder, is a native son of this county. He was born in Benton township in 1876, and is a son of Dr. L. A. and M. L. (Nelson) Harper. The mother was a daughter of Edwin and Maria Nelson of Wisconsin, and she was a native of that State. 

Dr. L. A. Harper came to Butler county with his parents in 1870, they being among the early settlers of this section. Dr.Harper was born near Hartford, Wis., March 9, 1847, attended the district and village schools. In early life, he taught school a number of terms, and later took a course in a Milwaukee commercial college. He then attended medical college at Cleveland, Ohio, and prepared himself for the practice of medicine.

He came to Butler county with his parents in 1870, and practiced his profession for a number of years, but was compelled to give it up on account of failing health. He was an invalid fora number of years, and a patient sufferer, who bore his afflictions with fortitude. He died August 10, 1902, and is remembered as a kind friend and good neighbor who always entertained a broad sympathy and kindly feeling for his fellow man.

Dr. Harper and wife were the parents of three children, as follows; E. T.. the subject of this sketch; Flora E., Augusta, Kans., and Mrs. Susan M. Snodgrass, Towanda, Kans.

E. T. Harper was reared in Benton township and received a good public school education. Mr. Harper has made farming and stock raising his study and occupation. He specializes in Ayrshire cattle, and is also quite an extensive and successful hog raiser. He owns one of the fine farms of Benton township, and is one of the substantial men of Butler county.

Mr. Harper was married July 3, 1902, to Miss Nellie M. Fuller, a daughter of Milo and. Frances Fuller of Andover, Kans. Two children have been born to this union, as follows : Luman M., and Clifford N.

Mr. Harper is a Republican and takes an active interest in local affairs, and the well being of the community. He is especially interested in good schools, and has been a member of the school board for a number of years. He has also been clerk of Benton township. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Louis Hansen.

Louis Hansen. 

Birth: Jun. 5, 1832, Denmark.
Death: Feb. 24, 1901.

Author.  Last name was also spelled Hanson.
Sophie, was also spelled Sophia.

Wife: Sophia Hansen (1839 - 1929)
Married 1869.

Children: Olga Hansen Palet, ( 1880-1975 ).

Burial: Swedish Cemetery, Savonburg, Allen County, Kansas.

The Hansen's lived in Allen County, Kansas, in section 36 of Cottage Grove township, They were Farmers and Stock Raisers..  Mr. Louis owned 190 acres of land.  After Louis death in 1901, Sophie and daughter were listed as Farmers and Stock Raisers.  However the land stayed in his name.  Their post office address was Savonburg, Kansas, which was 7 miles strait east from the farm. 

Catharine A Demoney Chartier.

Push to enlarge.
Catharine A Demoney Chartier. 

Birth: Nov. 13, 1841, New York,.
Death: Jul. 9, 1907.

Parents: Samuel Phillip Demoney (____ - 1885), Clarissa C Tripp Demoney (1814 - 1899).

Spouse: Dositee Chartier (1839 - 1900).

Siblings: Melvin L. Demoney, William E. Demoney (____ - 1865), Albert A. DeMoney (1833 - 1918), Catharine A Demoney Chartier (1841 - 1907), John Hartley Demoney (1845 - 1918), Hanah Anna De'Money McMahon (1853 - 1932), Charles Fremont Demoney (1856 - 1882), Edward M DeMoney (1869 - 1932).

Burial: Hope Cemetery, Hope, Dickinson County, Kansas.

Catharine came to Dickinson,County, Kansas and married her husband in 1879, they settled in section 10 of Hope Township. They were Farmers and Stock Raisers  They owned 160 acres in section 10, and another 120 acres in section 15.  Their post office address was Hope, Kansas, which was a half mile north from the farm.  Mr  Chartier was also a Civil War Veteran.

Michigan 22nd., Infantry, Co. G.

Chartier, Dositee, Harrison. Enlisted in company G, Twenty-second Infantry, as Corporal, Aug. 12, 1862, at Mt. Clemens, for 3 years, age 22. Mustered Aug. 29, 1862. Sergeant Sept. 8, 1862. Taken prisoner at Chickamauga, Ga., Sept. 20, 1863. Returned to regiment April 10, 1865. Mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., June 26, 1865.

Monday, July 13, 2015

George M Boofing.

Publish date 1920.  Push to enlarge.
George M Boofing. 

Birth: Jan., 1872, Indiana.
Death: 1937, Lane County,Kansas.

Wife: Mary Louise Ward Boofing (1881 - 1982).

Burial: Dighton Cemetery, Dighton, Lane County, Kansas.

Mr. Boofing came to Lane County, Kansas in 1912, and settled in section 21 of Cleveland township.  He was a Farmer and owned 320, acres His post office address was Dighton, Kansas which was about 14 miles north west from the farm.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Charles G Crippen.

Charles G Crippen. 

Birth: Feb. 21, 1864, New York.
Death: Apr. 15, 1907, Gove County, Kansas,

Parents: John and Harriet Crippen.

Siblings: George P., Hiram, Lucy, Charles G. Crippen.

Wife; Emma J Crippen (1864 - 1949).
Married 1895.

Children: Leon G.,  Verda Marie Crippen (1898 - 1919), Raymond E. Crippen (1899 - 1961).

Burial: Gove Cemetery, Gove, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr.. Crippen first came to Russell County, Kansas, in 1879, with his parents he was 15, years old. Then moved to Gove County in 1880.  He later took a claim 3 miles south of Buffalo Park. In 1898 moved to Gove city, where he became a blacksmith and County Commissioner was also Mayor of the City. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Adolph Wagner.

Adolph Wagner.

Birth: 1867, Germany.
death: 1934.

Wifes: Viola W. Wagner, ( 1876-1909 ), Married about 1890.  Bertie Wagner, ( 1873-? ).

Children: Calyton, Neva, Florence Wagner.

Burial: Saint Louis Cemetery, Waterloo, Kingman County, Kansas.

Mr. Wagner lived in Kingman County, Kansas, in the Township of Galesburg.  He settled on sections 33, 34, he owned 320 acres.  He was a farmer and did general Blacksmithing and some wagon work. His post office address was Walterloo, Kansas, which was about 3 miles north east from the farm.  . 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

William Luther Acton

Publish date 1905, push to enlarge.

William Luther Acton. 

Birth: Sept. 19, 1866.
Death: Mar. 15, 1945.

Wife: Alice Elva Brown Acton (1869 - 1955).

Children: James W Acton (1902 - 1962), Virgil S., Etta M., Dora R., Alice M. Acton.

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska.

Mr. Acton came to Decatur County, Kansas, in 1894 and settled in the Township of Oberlin in the town of Oberlin, Kansas. There he either owned or worked in the livery.  Before moving to Oberlin township , he lived in Center township, in 1900 he was Farming, his post office address was as now 1905, Oberlin, Kansas.  He moved to Nebraska, some time before 1921.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weaden A. Williamson.

Weaden A. Williamson.

Birth: 1876, Kentucky.
Death: 1921.

Wife: Mary F. Williamson, ( 1875-?), b.. Kentucky.

Children: Non recorded.

Brother: Robert E. Williamson, b., Kentucky.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Ashland, Clark County, Kansas.

In 1909 Weaden was living in Clark County, Kansas, in the township of Center, in the town of Ashland, Kansas, where he was Sheriff.

His wife name is on his headstone but there are no dates under her name.  she is not even recorded as being in the cemetery.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mary Frances Fudge Bowlin

Mary Frances Fudge Bowlin.

Birth: Feb. 11, 1855, Lucas County, Iowa.
Death: Aug. 30, 1916, Jamestown, Cloud County, Kansas.

Parents: David M. Fudge (1827 - 1886), Elizabeth Eleanor Holmes Fudge (1830 - 1888),

Spouses: Samuel Giver Bowlin (1853 - 1886), James Monroe Hale (1861 - 1923).

Children: Margaret Lucinda Bowlin (1877 - 1886), Samuel Giver Bowlin (1885 - 1951), Jake Alvin Hale (1889 - 1972), Steven M. Hale (1892 - 1939), Leah Agnes Hale McPeek (1894 - 1970), James Elijah Hale (1897 - 1981).

Siblings: Mary Frances Fudge Bowlin (1855 - 1916), Sarah Elizabeth Fudge Comer (1855 - 1921), Susanna Asanna Fudge Miller (1863 - ____), Charles Robert Lee Fudge (1870 - 1961).

Burial: Jamestown Cemetery, Jamestown, Cloud County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mary lived in Cloud County, Kansas, in the township of Summit.  She settled in section 5  She was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, she own land in sections 5, 4,3, and 9, 360 acres in all.  All in her name.  The farm was called Shady Glen Farm. Her post office address was Scottsville, Kansas, which was was in Mitchell County, Kansas, and was 4 miles south west from the farm.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Avon, Kansas.

 Avon, Kansas,

Avon was a Post Office of Coffey County, Kansas, situated in Star Township on section 20, it was situated on Crooked Creek. It was 8 miles east of Burlington, Kansas, the County Seat, population 1200.  John J. Rillin, Justice of the Peace; John L. Hughes, Constable.

Avon Post Office.

Avon post office open May 30, 1865 ran to January 10, 1870, closed, reopen June 15,  1870 closed January 20, 1888.

People who used Avon as their post office, 1883.

PETER CAYOT, farmer, P. O. Avon, was born in France, 1828, lived there seventeen years; came to United States, located in Maryland, remained there four years, then moved to Washington County, Iowa, lived there three years; in 1853, went to California, remained there three years, was engaged in mining; he returned to Iowa, lived there two years, came to Kansas, 1858, located in Star Township, Coffey County; has been engaged in farming and stock-raising. Was married in Iowa to Miss Cecile Poire, a native of France. They have three children -- Peter, William L. and Clara. He has a fine farm of 600 acres.

JOSEPH POIRE, farmer, P. O. Avon, was born in France in 1831, lived there twenty years, then came to the United States, located in Iowa, and remained there six years; came to Kansas in 1861, and located in Star Township, Coffey County. He was married in Coffey County, in 1862, to Miss Christine Cayot, a native of France. They have eight children -- Kate, Millie, Cecilia, Minnie, Cynthia, Maggie, Julius and Willie.