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William M. Shaffer.


Birth: September 20, 1871, PEnnsylvania.
Death: January 26, 1901
Burial: Onaga Cemetery, Onaga, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.

William M. Shaffer was a son of a soldier. His father was a Captain of Company K, Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, enlisted in 1861, and served until 1865. The father, who was a prisoner in Libby, Columbia and Charleston, has been blind, deaf and almost helpless for the past four years, for which he has just been placed on the pension roll at $40 per month by special act.

When William M. came home he was received with a grand reception and a banquet by the citizens of Onaga, who presented him with a gold watch and chain. He was not very well when he landed and kept on to decline until finally he died. He had all the care and attention that could be given to him by relations and friends, as he was much thought of and was a good boy. He was buried with military honors by the G. A. R., Custard No. 39, of which I am commander.

He made application for a pension, but was rejected after being examined on his death bed. If he would have taken a disability discharge he would have been all right, but that was not like him. He was too proud for that.

Father's Civil War Service.

Pennsylvania 5th., Cavalry, Co. K.

William. H. Shaffer Captain, mustered in September 12, 1864, for 3 years. Promoted from private to Sergeant, November, 1861; to 2d Lt., February 22, 1863; to Captain, May 15, 1865; transferred to Company F, June 7, 1865. Mustered out with Company, August 7, 1865

William H. Shaffer.

Birth: May 12, 1836 PEnnsylvania.
Death: February 12, 1905.
Wife: Emma Shaffer, b. Pennsylvania.
Father: Samuel Shaffer 1791-1845.
Burial: Onaga Cemetery, Onaga, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.

Benjamin C. Gamble.

Picture publish date 1905.
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Benjamin C. Gamble, of El Dorado township, is a representative Butler county farmer and stockman. Mr. Gamble is a native of Indiana. He was born in 1843, is a son of Dr. John and Jane (Thompson) Gamble, natives of Ohio. The father was a practicing physician and spent his life in Indiana. B. C. Gamble is the only surviving member of his family.

Mr. Gamble was united in marriage in 1872 in Indiana to Miss Susan J. Harshman, a native of that State. She is a daughter of Moses and Elizabeth (Everding) Harshman, natives of Indiana. The Harshman family consisted of the following children : Taylor, Frankfort, Ind ; Mrs. Sarah Thompson, El Dorado township ; Mrs. Amanda Knapp, Frankfort, Ind. ; J. N., El Dorado township ; Mrs. Alice Thomas, South Pasadena, Cal.; Mrs. Bell Tillotson, El Dorado, Kans.; Ida Harshman, El Dorado, Kans. ; and Weaver, Blackwell, Okla.

Moses Harshman, the father of Mrs. Gamble, was a miller in early life in Indiana and came to Kansas in 1880. He settled on a half section of land in the southern part of El Dorado township, and followed farming the remainder of his life. He was an industrious and thrifty citizen and became well to do, and one of the prominent men of the community.

B. C. Gamble and his wife came to Butler county at the time her parents came, in 1880, and Mr. Gamble bought 120 acres of land in the southern part of El Dorado township where he has since been successfully engaged in general farming. His place is well improved and his land is under a high state of cultivation. He is also quite an extensive stock raiser and has met with success, generally, in his undertakings. To Mr. and Mrs. Gamble have been born the following children : Mrs. Mary Maxwell, Potwin, Kans. ; Mrs. Nora B. Shoots, Bellefontaine, Ohio; B. F., El Dorado, Kans.; Charles H., Leon, Kans.; Mrs. Louisa McDowell, Haverhill, Kans., and Mrs. Kate Bales, Augusta, Kans. All of the children received good education in the public schools, and the girls all attended the El Dorado High School, and all were teachers prior to their marriage.

Mr. Gamble has always taken a praiseworthy interest in local affairs and in the well being of the community. He has held a number of offices of trust and responsibility, and is now serving as trustee of El Dorado township. The family are members of the United Brethren church. Mr. and Mrs. Gamble are of that genial type of people who make many friends, and they are highly respected among their neighbors and acquaintances. Their children are all grown up and prosperous, and are splendid representatives of that high type of citizenship which makes for the betterment of the State and Nation.

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Hugh Tidball.

Picture publish date 1906.

Hugh Tidball was born in 1840, in Pennsylvania came to Kansas and settled in section 2 of Collyer township of Trego County, Kansas in 1878.  He had a small farm lest then 80 acres where he was a Farmer and  Stock Raiser  HIs wife was Grace E. Tidball, who was born in Massachusetts.  They had five sons who were; Thomas, Brownhill, McKinley, Robert N., and Abraham N. Tidball.  Their post office address was Collyer, Kansas, which was 8 miles south of the farm.

Update August 25, 2014.

I am Hugh Tidball's grandson and I grew to manhood on the section 2 homestead. Hugh's children were James, Florence, Roy, Thomas, Brownhill, McKinley, Newton. He homesteaded a quarter section, 160 acres. His wife, Grace, had an 160 acre timber claim joining the homestead. By the time of his death in 1924, they had also purchased railroad section 11.

Mayme M. Freed

Mrs.  Mayme M. Freed was born in Republic County, Kansas, in 1882, some time before 1923, she settled in section 27, of White Rock township, of Republic County.  She was a Stock Raiser, and had a 80 acre farm called Meadow Brook, she also had a farm of 80 acres in section 28, called Twin Pines.  She had five sons who were; Milton F., Leonard C., Clark C., Chester and Marion Freed.  Her post office address was Courtland, Kansas which was 8 miles south from the farms.

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Isaac Newton Holcomb

Picture publish date 1906.

Isaac Newton Holcomb.

Birth: April 29, 1843, Pennsylvania.
Death: January 3, 1916.
Burial: Atwood Fairview Cemetery, Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas.

Wife: Mary  B. Matteson Holcomb, 1843-1923.

Mr.  Holcomb came to Rawlins county in 1886, and settled in section 5 of Atwood township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser had a farm of 160 acres.  His post office address was Atwood, Kansas.  The farm was about a mile north of Atwood.

Mr.  Holcomb was a Civil War Veteran, was a private of the 27th., Illinois Infantry Company I.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: HOLCOMB, ISAAC N. Rank: PVT. Company: I. Unit: 27 IL US INF. Personal Characteristics. Residence: ANNAWAN, HENRY CO, IL. Age: 19. Height: 5' 9. Hair: BROWN. Eyes: BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Marital Status: SINGLE. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: BUREAU CO, IL. Service Record. Joined When: AUG 26, 1861. Joined Where: NEPONSET, IL. Joined By Whom: CPT MERRILL. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: AUG 30, 1861. Muster In Where: CAMP BUTLER, IL. Remarks: .WOUNDED AT STONE RIVER TENN

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Mary M. McKee.

Picture publish date 1902.
Mary M. McKee.

Birth: April 9, 1819 Illinois.
Death: November 8, 1889, Springhill, Kansas.
Burial:  Springhill Cemetery, Springhill, Johnson County, Kansas.

Husband: Samuel P. McKee, born Kentucky 1816-1889.

Children: Joseph W., born 1854, Illinois.  Charles P., born Illinois 1859-1937.  Emma L., born 1857, Illinois.  Abbie T, born 1861, Illinois.

It's not recorded when Mr. & Mrs. McKee came to Kansas nor Johnson County, however they settled in section 10, of Aubry township of Johnson County.  The records shows that the land was in Mary's name in 1902, she own 160 acres.  The only McKee shown to be living on the farm in 1902, was her son Charles P. McKee, who came to Aubry township in 1879.  Charles was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, their post office was Springhill.  The farm was about 5 miles east of Springhill.

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Frederick Augustus "Fred" Etrick

Picture publish date 1905.
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Frederick Augustus "Fred" Etrick.

Birth: Dec., 1862, Germany
Death: 1944, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas.

Fredericka Henrietta Florentina Lamkey Etrick (1838 - 1912).

Mary Tryphina Peacock Etrick (1876 - 1913).
Rosa Allen Hardin Etrick (1889 - 1953).

Carl Frederick Etrick (1896 - 1954).
Herbert Nahum Etrick (1898 - 1992).
Milo Melvin Etrick (1902 - 1993).
Ethel Mae Etrick Watkins (1910 - 1989).

Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas.

Mr.  Etrick, came to Ford County in 1885 and settled in section 32, of Richland township.  He was a printer and own 80 acres of land which was just across the Arkansas river.  His post office address was Dodge City, Kansas which was about 5 miles north-east of his home.

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Daniel Weaver

Daniel Weaver
Picture publish date 1901.
Daniel Weaver, came to Dickinson County in 1874, and settled in section 28, of Lyon township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser in 1901 he had a 240 acre farm called Redwood Farm. in 1909 the farm was still called Redwood but he no longer own the land.  His post office address was Herington, Kansas, which was 5 miles north-east of the farm.

C. S. Van Pelt.

Picture publish date 1905.
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C. S. Van Pelt, was born in Iowa, came to Decatur County, Kansas, and settled in section 10, of Beaver Township in 1886.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, had a farm of 210 acres.  His post office address was Cedar Bluffs, Kansas, which was a mile south from the farm.  By 1905, the farm was in his wife's name and between 1910 and 1921 the farm was gone.

In 1910, C. S. Van Pelt was 36, years, was born in Iowa about 1850, his wife Mary Van Pelt was 28 years and born in Missouri  they had three children who were Rollo Van Pelt, age 8 years, born in Kansas, Chalmer Van Pelt age 11m. old, born in Kansas, and Christine Van Pelt 7 years, born in Kansas.

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C. E. Williams.

C. E. William.

1920, census.

Birth: abt. 1867, Indiana.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Laura Williams.

Children: Harold, Walter, Charles, George, Virgil, Mina and Ethel Williams.

Info from under the picture.

C. E. Williams, age 50 years, born in Indiana and has resided in the State of Kansas since 1873.  Mr.  Williams came to Mt. Ayr, township in 1890, was married three years later and have twelve children all living.

1917, Patron's Directory.

Mr.  Williams came to Osborne County in 1878, and settled in section 2, of Mt. Ayr township.  He had a farm of 80 acres called The Cedars.  His post office was Alton, Kansas, which was 6 miles north of the farm.

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Noyes J. Lamb.

Picture publish date 1900.
Noyes J. Lamb.

Birth: May 10, 1836, Connecticut.
Death: Aug. 4, 1904, Kansas.

Wife's: First Martha E. Main Lamb (1840 - 1875).
Second, Amanda Lamb, b., Connecticut.

Children: Otis D. Lamb (1867 - 1889), b. Connecticut.
Charles Lamb, b., Connecticut.
Martha b., Connecticut.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr.  Lamb came to Clay County in 1869, and settled in section 21, of Hayes Township of Clay County.  He was a Farmer and own a Mill, he own a 160 acres, his post office address was Clay Center, which his farm was 5 miles north-east of Clay Center.

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Newton A. Moore

Picture publish date 1902.
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Newton A. Moore.

Birth: October, 1857, Virginia..
Death: 1928.

Married 1883.

Wife: Susan Moore (1860 - 1907).

Children: Clara E., Stella B., and Roy Moore.

Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Bluff City, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr.  Moore lived in Bluff City, Kansas, which is in the Township of Stohrville, of Harper County Kansas.  He was a agent for the Longbell Lumber Company in Bluff City.
The Lumber Company sat on the north east corner of Kalamazoo and Main Street. 

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D. R. Chappell.

Picture publish date 1906.
D. R. Chappell, came to Neosho county and settled in section 23, of Tioga Township.  He was a Farmer and Fruit Grower, had a farm of 80 acres.  Post office was Chanute, Kansas which was 3 miles from the farm.

Authors note.  If you have any information you would like to add drop me a line..

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Henry Latta.

Picture publish date 1921.
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Henry Latta.

Birth: 1865.
Death: 1930.

Wife: Blanche Latta (1871 - 1959).

Children: Grace Latta Denney (1905 - 1994).

Burial: Upchurch Cemetery, Norwich, Kingman County, Kansas.

Mr.  Latta came to Kingman county in 1900, and settled in section 25, of Canton township.  He was a farmer and Stock Raiser, with a farm of 360 acres.  His post office address was Norwich, which was about 8 miles north-east of the farm.

John W. Swan

John W. Swan.

Birth: 1842, Lower Canada.
Death: 1887.
Burial: Haddam Cemetery, Haddam, Washington County, Kansas.

Father was born in Scotland.
Mother was born in Ireland.

Wife: Anna Swan, born New York.

Children: Paul C., Arthur, William, Harry and Nellie Swan.

Mr.  Swan came to Washington county and settled in Mill Creek, Township, ( Now Haddam Township ),  he settled in the town of Haddam, Kansas, and started a business in General Merchandise, in 1867.

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George R. Peck.

Kansas Historical Collection, Volume 9., 1905-1906, p. 144.
George R. Peck was born May 15, 1843, in Cameron, Steuben County, New York.  He is a descendant of William Peck, who emigrated from England in 1638 and was one of the founders of New Haven.  His father Joel Munger Peck, was born in Chenango County, New York, in 1799and removed to Plmyra,  Wis., in 1849.  His mother Amanda Purdy, was born in Norwich, Chenango County, New York in 1804.
George R. Peck was the youngest of ten children.  He worked on a farm until he was sixteen years old.  He attended the common schools during the Fall and Winter.  For three successive winters he taught school.  At the age of seventeen he entered Milton College His parents determined to send him to an Eastern college, but on the day he was to start he changed his mind, and enlisted under Lincolns call for 3000,000, additional volunteers in the First Wisconsin Artillery.  In three months he was made First Lieutenant of company K., Thirty-First Wisconsin Infantry, of which he became Captain.  He was with General Sherman in many of his engagements and was mustered out in July, 1865.
He read law with Charles G. Williams in Janesville, Wis., where he practiced for three years, and in the Fall of 1871, changed his residence to Independence Kan., January 14, 1874.  He was appointed United States district Attorney for Kansas by President Grant, and reappointed by President Hayes.  He moved to Topeka and formed a partnership with Thomas Ryan.  He became general solicitor for the Atchison, Topeka at Santa Fe Railroad Company in 1881, serving until August, 1896, when he was called to a similar position with Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.  He served many years as regent of Kansas State University. He was married in 1866, to Miss Belle Burdick, of Janesville, Wis., they have three children.
Authors note.  The 1880 census states there were four children one must of died or got married between 1880 and 1904.  the children were; Minnie, Isabel, Ethel and Charles B. Peck.
Obituary from Topeka State Journal, February 23, 1923, p. 7.
George R. Peck is Dead.
Former Topeka attorney Dies in Hinsdale Ill.
A telegram was received in Topeka today by Charles Blood Smith, Topeka attorney, announcing the death at Hinsdale Ill., Thursday of George R. Peck, 80 years old, formerly of Topeka.  He had been in ill health for several years.  He retired a few years ago as consulting counsel of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad at Chicago.
Mr.  Peck was born in New York May 15, 1843.  He entered the Union Army as a private in the Civil War, serving from 1861 to 1865 and was a captain in the First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery and later in the Thirty-First Wisconsin Infantry.  He was admitted to the bar in 1866 and from 1871 to 1874 practiced law at Independence Kan.  He came to Topeka in 1874 and practiced law here until 1893, when he moved to Chicago.
He was senior member of the firm of Peck, Miller and Starr from 1894 to 1912.  He was general solicitor for the Santa Fe Railroad from 1881 to 1895 and at the time of the reorganization of the Santa Fe became consulting counsel for the C. M. & St. P. from 1874 to 1879 he served as United States District Attorney for Kansas.  He was President of the American Bar Association from 1905 to 1906.  He was a Republican in politics.
The funeral will be held Monday at Evanston Ill.

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William H. Nemitz.

Picture plub. date 1906.
William H. Nemitz.

Birth: 1828, Prussia.
Death: 1899.
Burial: Unknown.

Wife: Teny Nemitz, ( B.1828, Prussia, D.-? ).

Children: Carolina Nemitz, ( B. 1862, Canada, D.-? )
William A. Nemitz, ( B. 1864, Iowa-D.? )

Mr. Nemitz, came to Kansas and settled in Washington County in 1870.

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James Smith "Babe", 7th., Kansas Cavalry.

 Lieutenant James Smith, later captain, was a native of the East Tennessee mountains, and had an intense hatred for a rebel. He was a big, awkward fellow, with very light hair which he always wore close cropped; he never escaped the name of "Babe," given him at his first enlistment. He was perfectly fearless and would fight an army rather than retreat, and when he held the command of the company, had always to be watched and ordered back in a most peremptory manner or he was liable to stay too long. He would have died any time rather than surrender, as the story of his death will attest. After his discharge from the service he went to southern Kansas, where he jumped, or rather took possession of, a claim deserted by the original preemptor; a party of men who considered him an interloper rode out to drive him off. He did not drive, and when they opened fire he promptly returned it and killed two of their number before he himself fell. As one of the posse bent over him to ascertain if he was dead, he suddenly raised his pistol hand and sent a bullet through the brain of his inquisitive enemy, and with a look of grim satisfaction joined him on his unknown journey. 

James Smith, Private, 7th., Kansas Cavalry, Co. C., Residence Leavenworth, Enlisted August 1, 1861, Mustered in September 5, 1861.  Promoted Second Lieutenant October 10, 1861.   Promoted Captain July 1, 1863.  Mustered out with regiment September 29, 1865.

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Winifred Viers Wooster.

Picture plub. date 1918.
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Dr Winifred Viers Wooster.

Birth: Jun. 13, 1891, Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio.
Death: Oct. 25, 1967, Salina, Saline County, Kansas.

Winifred Viers was born June 13, 1891, at Wauseon, Ohio. She died at Asbury hospital, Salina.

The Viers family moved to Minneapolis, Kansas, in 1908 while Winifred was a student in college. She and David T. Wooster were married at the Viers home in Minneapolis on June 13, 1922, and lived most of their married lives in Minneapolis.

Dr. Wooster practiced medicine in Minneapolis for more than 50 years, delivered more than 1000 babies and was the only woman in the United States to be a county coroner. She began practice in Minneapolis in 1912, hanging her shingle in the office of her father, the late Dr. H. N. Viers, a veterinarian.

Dr. Wooster, known affectionately as "Dr. Winifred," also served as county health officer. She was a member of the American Medical Association, state and county medical associations, the American Women's Medical association, the Order of the Eastern Star, Business and Professional Women, and was a charter member of the Minneapolis PEO. She also was a member of the AMA's 50-Year club. Dr. Wooster belonged to the Minneapolis Presbyterian Church. Survivors included the widower, an aunt and several cousins.

Husband: David T. Wooster (1891 - 1976).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas.

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William Supple.

Picture plub. date 1899.
William Supple, General Merchant, Postmaster, Railroad Agent and Agriculturist, at Newman, Kansas, came to Kansas March 17, 1860, and located in Jefferson County, where he remained until 1876, when he removed to Pottawatomie County of the same state.  He followed agricultural pursuits while a resident of the last name county, where he resided until 1899, when he returned to Jefferson County, which place has since been his home.

Mr. Supple's  home circle consists of an agreeable wife and three bright children upon whom has been bestowed the following names; William P. Supple, born December 27, 1889, Mary Supple born August 17, 1891 and Agnes Supple born January 29, 1893.

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Charles S. Hunter.

Picture plub. date 1899.
Age about 47.
Charles S. Hunter wholesale and retail dealer in grain, hay and feed at Rock Creek, Kansas; was born in Pailadelphia.  Reared in Fairfox County, Virginia, where he resided during the War of the Rebellion, here upon his father's farm in hearing of the battles of Bull Run, Gettsyburg and Fredericksburg.  He spent his time grubbing and working among the stumps, being to young for the army.  Came to Kansas in 1868; settled in what was at that time Grasshopper Falls, but now called Valley Falls.  Enlisted in the Nineteenth Kansas Cavalry, in the fall of 1868 and served in the Indian campaign under General George A. Custer, the following winter and spring.  Came to Rock Creek in 1881 and established himself in the hay business there, and is still in the business; built the elevator and about a dozen other buildings.  He has been twice appointed postmaster by Presidents Harrison and McKinley.

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Glenn Buckman.

Glenn Buckman, was a Farmer and Grain man and Stock Raiser, was born in McPherson County, about 1887, he was raised on his father farm, which was in section 14, of Hayes Township.  His father was Morris Smith Buckman he came to McPherson County and settled in section 14, of Hayes Township in 1873, he was one of the first settlers in Hayes township.  His father was Morris Smith Buckman ( 1850-1943), Mother was Frances Derby Shire Buckman ( 1865-1933 ).

Many Buckman's owned land in section 14, over the years  In the beginning their post office address was Monitor, Kansas, ( 1874-1902 ) then close, their next address was Conway< Kansas, ( 1903- through later years ).


M. S. Buckman, 640 acres and a Wind Mill.
H. S. Buckman, 160, acres.
A. J. Buckman, 160, acres.


M. S. Buckman, 360, acres.
A. J. Buckman, 280, acres.


Glenn Buckman, 80, acres.
M. S. Buckman, 200 acres.
A. J. Buckman, 280, acres.
Ruby Buckman, 80 acres.

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John A. Cline.

Picture plub. date 1905.
John A. Cline was born in Pennsylvania in 1837, there is no information on his early life in Pennsylvania.  A year after the war began he enlisted in the 155th., Pennsylvania Infantry, Company K., he mustered in September 11, 1862, as a Captain, later promoted to Major on January 23, 1865.  In 1878, he came to Ford County Kansas and settled in section 17, of Wheatland Township.  There he was to become one of the founders of Bellefont, Kansas.  There he started a business in General Merchandising.   On July 17, 1885, he became the towns Postmaster.
His wife was Caroline Cline, this union saw six children; Lillias Cline, Carrie Cline, Bertha Cline, Elsie Cline, James and Rob Cline.
Bellefont Kansas.

Bellefont - Long before the village of Bellefont was officially established, it had a post office that first opened in April, 1878. A town was officially platted in July, 1885 by J.A. Cline and George M. Hoover, land owners, who believed that it would become a railhead for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. However, the railroad did not build a junction there as was hoped for and the community never developed very much. It did sustain for several years as a small farming community, once boasting a general store, a grocery store and a depot in its early years. By 1896, the post office was closed, but it reopened in 1904. By 1910, first postmaster was Abram L. Shirley.  T
he population was just 40, but the town served as a shipping and supply point for that part of the county. The town's post office closed forever in June, 1957. Situated about 22 miles northeast of Dodge City on Highway 50, today there are but a few farms and a grain elevator.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Andrew Jackson Maddox.

Picture plub. date 1903.
Andrew Jackson Maddox.

Birth: Jan. 8, 1846, Kentucky.
Death: Jan. 3, 1910, Longton, Elk County, Kansas.

Wife: Avadna S Husey Maddox (1848 - 1934).
Married February 15, 1872, Leavenworth County Kansas.

Burial: Longton Cemetery, Longton, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Maddox was sheriff of Howard, Kansas.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Edgar Joseph Fisher.

Picture plub. date 1921.
Edgar Joseph Fisher.

Birth: Dec. 12, 1881.
Death: Aug. 13, 1936.

Parents: James L. Fisher (1841 - 1926), Mary Ann Holroyd Fisher (1853 - 1894)

Wife: Mary Annice Fisher (1893 - 1978).

Burial: Ozro Falls Cemetery, Hewins, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Edgar Joseph Fisher, Real Estate and Hall Insurance, Cedar Vale.  Mr. Fisher was born January 12, 1880, near Galena, in Cherokee County, Kansas, and moved with his parents to a farm near Cedar Vale, Kansas, where he worked on the farm and attended the public schools, graduating from the Cedar Vale, High School at 16, and then Emporia, Kansas State Normal at 21.  He then taught school four years, and farmed several seasons.

He was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 1907 and again in 1909.  He was a volunteer worker and served on the Legal Advisory Board during the world war.  Mr. Fisher is now engaged in the oil and real estate business at Cedar Vale, Kansas, and owns a good ranch near town.

His neighbors have showered him with offices;  He is now Secretary of the men's Bible Class, treasurer of the board of trustees of the Methodist Church, chairman of the board of education, Police Judge and Justice of the Peace.  His wife was Mary Annice Taylor and they have three bright young boys.   

James Wesley Springer.

Picture plub. date 1905.
James Wesley Springer.

Birth: Mar. 17, 1842, Plattsburg, Clinton County, Missouri.
Death: Mar. 4, 1926, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas.

Parents: Harvey Springer and Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Poteet Springer.

Wife: Matilda L. Hayden Springer (1857 - 1938).

Children: Cora Edith Springer Warren (____ - 1964). Bessie Jane Springer Vandruff (1887 - 1975). Eddson L Springer (1889 - 1933). Lulu C. Springer Hall (1894 - 1970). Carrie Louella Springer Balding (1896 - 1988). Lucy Springer Ives (1899 - 1987).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas.

Mr.  Springer came to Barber County in 1877 and settled in section 12, Township 33-south and Range 12-west.  He was a ranchmen and had a farm of 640 acres, post office address was Medicine Lodge.

Mr. Springer was also a Civil War Veteran, being in the seventh Kansas Cavalry, Company G., Private, Enlisted and mustered in November 12, 1861.  Re-enlisted and mustered in as a Veteran, January 1, 1864.  Promoted to Corporal, mustered out with regiment September 29, 1865.

Friday, July 5, 2013

August Asbjornson

Picture plub. date 1904.

August Asbjornson.

Birth: July 29, 1839
Death: December 8, 1906.

Wife: Marie Aabjornson, 1851-1912.

Burial: Riverview Cemetery, Scandia, Republic County, Kansas.

Mr. Asbjornson came to Republic County in 1869, and settled in section 20, of Scandia township.  He was a  Farmer and Stock Raiser.  He lived one mile north of Scandia, Kansas which was his post office address.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

William North.

Picture plub. date 1904.

William North.

Birth: 1839.
Death: 1930.

Wife: Elizabeth North, 1844-1911.

Burial: Plainville Cemetery, Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas.

Mr. North was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to Rooks County in 1878, and settled in section 36, of Plainville township.  His farm was 310, acres.  He lived about a mile east of Plainville, Kansas, which was his post office address.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Noah William Brammell.

Picture plub. date 1916.
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Noah William Brammell.
Birth: June 17, 1862, Indiana.
Death: .February 7, 1920.

Wife: Essie E. Benton Brammell.

Burial: Ozawkie Cemetery, Ozawkie, Jefferson County, Kansas.

Mr. Brammell was born in Clinton County, Indiana, 1862.  Came to Kansas in 1865, where for the last 30, years he has been engaged in the General Mercantile business.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Frank Yaw.

Frank Yaw.

Birth: Jul. 28, 1849.
Death: Mar. 19, 1918.

Spouse: Mary Alice Adamson. Yaw (1863 - 1935)

Children: May Flower Yaw Weaver (1886 - 1963), Clyde Yaw (1891 - 1941).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

When Mr. Yaw first came to Wichita he was a tramp he had no money or a place to stay.  He left Wichita and tramped around the country went to New Mexico and Colorado will in Colorado he worked on two cow ranges.  Mr. Yaw had a love for Wichita and came back and worked for the Santa Fe Railroad as a foreman.  He finely bought two lots near Wichita but had no money to build a house.  Mr. Yaw made a deal with a Dr. Minturn who advanced him $500.  Mr. Yaw work on the farm of Dr. Minturn for $20, per month until the $500, was paid off. Dr. Minturn had a hired girl by the name of Mary Alice Adamson, who Mr. Yaw married on June 23, 1883.  Later Mr. Yaw sold out and bought some land in section 20, of Waco township, there he became a Fruit Grower and would become well known through out the state as a fine Fruit Grower.