Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mary M. McKee.

Picture publish date 1902.
Mary M. McKee.

Birth: April 9, 1819 Illinois.
Death: November 8, 1889, Springhill, Kansas.
Burial:  Springhill Cemetery, Springhill, Johnson County, Kansas.

Husband: Samuel P. McKee, born Kentucky 1816-1889.

Children: Joseph W., born 1854, Illinois.  Charles P., born Illinois 1859-1937.  Emma L., born 1857, Illinois.  Abbie T, born 1861, Illinois.

It's not recorded when Mr. & Mrs. McKee came to Kansas nor Johnson County, however they settled in section 10, of Aubry township of Johnson County.  The records shows that the land was in Mary's name in 1902, she own 160 acres.  The only McKee shown to be living on the farm in 1902, was her son Charles P. McKee, who came to Aubry township in 1879.  Charles was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, their post office was Springhill.  The farm was about 5 miles east of Springhill.

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