Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Noyes J. Lamb.

Picture publish date 1900.
Noyes J. Lamb.

Birth: May 10, 1836, Connecticut.
Death: Aug. 4, 1904, Kansas.

Wife's: First Martha E. Main Lamb (1840 - 1875).
Second, Amanda Lamb, b., Connecticut.

Children: Otis D. Lamb (1867 - 1889), b. Connecticut.
Charles Lamb, b., Connecticut.
Martha b., Connecticut.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr.  Lamb came to Clay County in 1869, and settled in section 21, of Hayes Township of Clay County.  He was a Farmer and own a Mill, he own a 160 acres, his post office address was Clay Center, which his farm was 5 miles north-east of Clay Center.

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Bill Rozell said...

Noyes was my great grandmother's father-in-law. She married his son, Otis, whodied on her shortly after.