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Stansbery S. Tracy

S. S. Tracy Home.
Publish date 1906.
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Stansbery S. Tracy.

Birth: August 8, 1844.
Death: April 8, 1925.

Wife: Anna B. Tracy., ( 1847-1920 ).

Children: Non found.

Burial; Achilles Cemetery, Rawlinsv County, Kansas.

Mr. Tracy came to Rawlins County, Kansas, and settled in section 11 of Achilles township.

He was a  Farmer and Stock Raise.  He owned a round 400 acres .His post office address was Achilles, Kansas, which was about 3 miles south east from the farm.

He was a Civil War Veteran, being in the Missouri 2nd., State Militia Cavalry, Co. L.,Enlisted April 2, 1862; Mustered in October 7, 1862; Mustered out April 3, 1865.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lorenzo Marshall "Wren" Northway.

Lorenzo Marshall "Wren" Northway; 

Birth: May 30, 1861.
Death: May 24, 1944.

Parents: Samuel Northway (1833 - 1896), Jane W. Latta Northway (1838 - 1915).

Wife: Minnette Priscilla Crawford Northway (1868 - 1949). 

Married 1889.

Children: Frank E. Northway ( 1889-1958), Venda L. Northway Hays (1891 - 1943).

Sibling: Lorenzo Marshall Northway (1861 - 1944), Frankie Northway (1871 - 1876).

Burial: Osborne Cemetery, Osborne, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr. Northway came to Osborne County, Kansas and settled in Bethany township, in the town of Portis, Kansas.  There he was the Prop. of the Hotel, Livery, Feed and Sales Stable.

Charles A. Glancey.

Publish date 1905.
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Charles A. Glancey.

Birth: June 6, 1841.
Death: March 23, 1929.

Wife: Jane Glancey, ( 1840-1932.)

Children: Mary E., Edith E., Lyman A., Jessie L. Glancey.

Burial : Andover Cemetery, Andover, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Glancey came to Butler County, Kansas, in 1870.  He settled in section 5, not section 9, of Bruno township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres.  His post office address was Andover, which is about 2 miles south west from the farm.  He was also a Civil War Veteran.

Ohio State Records.
Ohio 105th., Infantry, Co. G.

Charles A. Glancey, ( Listed under Glancy ) Sergeant; Age 21; Enlisted August 5, 1862, for 3 years.  Mustered in as Private; Appointed Sergeant from Corporal, December 20, 1864; Mustered out with company June 3, 1865..

Monday, April 27, 2015

William Allmon.

Publish date 1906.
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William Allmon. 

Birth: Mar. 8, 1845.
Death: Jun. 18, 1923.

Wife: Dulcie M McColley Allmon (1846 - 1922).

Children: Edwin Mack Allmon (1872 - 1945), Carrie Nan Allmon Tedstrom (1878 - 1955).

Burial: Mound Valley Cemetery, Mound Valley, Labette County, Kansas.

Mr. Allmon, lived in Labette county, Kansas section 22, of Mound Valley, township. He was a Farmer.  his post office address was Cherryvale.

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Charles Thomas Worley.

Publish date 1906.
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Charles Thomas Worley. 

Birth: Jun. 24, 1849.
Death: Mar. 20, 1934.

Wife: Lucinda Catherine Ferguson Worley (1856 - 1909).

Children: Esther Ella Worley (1877 - 1885), harles Walton Worley (1880 - 1946), Minnie Grace Worley (1883 - ____), Edith Artalissa Talitha Worley Holden (1885 - 1971), Infant Worley (1887 - 1887), Alpharetta Tennessee Worley Vail (1889 - 1949), Eli Malcom Worley (1891 - 1969).

Burial: Richland Cemetery, Angola, Labette County, Kansas.

Mr. Worley came to Kansas, and settled in Labette County, in section 8 of Mound Valley township.  He was a Farmer, he farmed 160 acres, which was in his wife name.  Their post office address was Mound Valley, which was 5 miles north east from the farm.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

William Marion Ray

Publish date 1901.
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William Marion Ray. 

Birth: Jun. 22, 1834
Death: Jan. 14, 1907.

Wife; Rebecca Miller Boggess Ray (1826 - 1911).
Married 1864.

Children; Non found.

Burial: Delavan Cemetery, Delavan, Morris County, Kansas.

Mr. Ray came to Morris County, Kansas in 1884, settled in Grand View Township, in the town of Delavan, Kansas.  He was in the business
of Lumber etc.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

John Houston.

Pictures publish date 1907.
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John Houston.

Birth: Jan. 30, 1844, Claiborne County, Tennessee.
Death: May 10, 1916. Gem, Thomas County, Kansas.

Son of William Henry (Billy) & Mary Elizabeth Honeycutt Houston.

Wife: Mary A Keck Houston (1843 - 1914). 

Children: Phillip Sherman Houston (1875 - 1958).
P. S.. Huston.

Burial: Gem Cemetery, Gem, Thomas County, Kansas.

Mr. Huston came to Thomas County, Kansas in 1886, settled in section 30 of Smith township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser he owned a little under 800 acres.  His post office address was Gem, Kansas, which was 5 miles north west from the farm..

Thomas Hardin Wix.

Publish date 1904.
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Thomas Hardin Wix. 

Birth: Aug. 16, 1852, Bates County, Missouri.
Death: Dec. 17, 1920, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas.

Parents: Sarah Beaty Wix (1821 - 1857).

Wife: Phoebe Varns Wix (1860 - 1923).

Children: John Wix (1877 - 1878), Rosa Marie Wix (1878 - 1934), Charles Stephen Wix (1880 - 1951), Cora E. Wix Calhoun (1882 - 1950), Clark Wix (1884 - 1910).

Burial: Myers Cemetery, Hudson, Bates County, Missouri.

Mr. Wix came to Woodson County, Kansas, in 1881.  He settled in section 32 of Belmont Township.  He was a Breeder of registered cattle, lives on over 500 acres of land.  His farm is Oak Ridge Farm.  His post office address was Yates Center.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

William E. Beeson

William E. Beeson.

Birth: July, 1872, Iowa.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Gertude Beeson, ( 1877-?)

Married 1896.

Children: Unknown.

Burial: Attiea Cemetery, Attiea, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr. Beeson came to Harper County, Kansas in 1883, and settled in the town of Harper, Kansas.  He became Post Master On July 1, 1898 to July 1, 1902.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Daniel T. Hopkins.

Daniel T Hopkins. 

Birth: Dec. 9, 1833.
Death: Feb. 4, 1926.

Wife; Nancy Husted Hopkins (1838 - 1904).

Children: Alfred Hopkins (1869 - 1869).

Burial: Bridgeport Cemetery, Bridgeport, Saline County, Kansas.

Kansas Ex-Prisoners of War.

Daniel T. Hopkins, Town Bridgeport, Saline County; Iowa 14th., Infantry, Co. K.; Captured Pittsburg Landing, April 6, 1862; Prisons, Cahawba, Macon, Released May 28, 1862.

Iowa State Records.

Iowa 14th., Infantry, Co. K.

Hopkins, Daniel T. Age 28. Residence Des Moines County, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Oct. 10. 1861. Mustered Nov. 6, 1861. Missing in action April 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. Mustered out Nov. 16, 1864, Davenport, Iowa.

Kansas County Histories

D. T. HOPKINS, farmer, P. O. Bridgeport, Section 25, born in Union County, Ind., December 9, 1833, and was raised and educated in Decatur County, Ind. In 1854, he moved to Des Moines County, Iowa, where he engaged in farming until 1861, when he enlisted in Company L, Fourteenth Regiment Iowa Infantry.

He participated in some of the hard fought battles, and was taken prisoner at Shiloh, and was confined in various Southern prisons, and was paroled at Macon, Ga. He then re-entered the service, and was discharged at Davenport, Iowa, in 1864. He came to Kansas in 1866, and located on his present place of 360 acres. He is also largely interested in a flouring mill at Bridgeport. The mill is a five story building, 30x44, propelled by water, and consumes about 450 bushels of grain per day.

Married in Des Moines County, Iowa, November 11, 1858, Miss Nancy Husted. She was born in Union County, Ind., January 28, 1838. They have nine children - Mary E., Lillie S., Cora, Josiah W., Nettie, Albert, Robert, Edward H. and Edith.

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Ploughboy Kansas.

Ploughboy, also spelled Plowboy, Kansas, is a mystery, it was never a town but was a Post Office, even though it was never indicated as such on any county maps, it was just there.

Ploughboy is in Shawnee County, Kansas in Dover Township, section 25.  The post office open August 8, 1871 and ran to April 24, 1882.  In 1882 the name was changed to Redpath, the post office ran on to February 4, 1882.

Ploughboy or Redpath, sat on the land owned by Albert S. Corey, who became its first post master in 1872.

More is known about the farmers in the area then Redpath.  Here is a list of farmers who used Redpath as their post office address.

Albert S. Corey.
Rufus N. Edwards. 
William G. Gilkerson.
John Green.
Charles P. Jones.

Dover Township Ploughboy is marked in orange, map 1873. Push to enlarge.

Clayton H. Briggs

Publish date 1907.
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Clayton H Briggs. 

Birth: 1866.
Death: Nov. 17, 1954.

Wife: Minnie E. Briggs, ( 1874-1971 ).

Children: Carrie I. Briggs Zink.

Burial: Kanorado Cemetery, Kanorado, Sherman County, Kansas,

Mr. Briggs came to Sherman County, Kansas in 1902. He settled in State Line Township, in the town of Kanorado, Kansas.  His business was that of  Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.  He owned 200 acres in section 29, at the south end of town just over the rail road tracks..

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Hiram W. Griffith.

Publish date 1905.
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Hiram W. Griffith.
Also spelled Hyram.

Birth: 1867, Wisconsin.
Death: 1930.

Wife: May Griffith, ( 1872-1952 ), born Illinois.

Children: Edith, Alice Griffith.

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Ellis, Ellis County, Kansas.

Mr. Griffith cane to Ellis County, Kansas in 1902, settled in Ellis Township, in the town of Ellis, Kansas.  In Ellis he was in the Livery business.

Author. Please re-research names and dates before stating as fact...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Arthur I. Cromb.

Arthur I Cromb. 

Birth: 1863.
Death: 1954.

Parents: Truman Billington Cromb (1839 - 1923), Harriett Hattie Mixer Cromb (1845 - 1920.)

Wife: Ida M. Cromb, ( 1874-1963.)

Children:: Arthur H. Cromb.

Siblings: Arthur I Cromb (1863 - 1954), Lillian Mae Cromb Baker (1872 - 1968), Mable Cromb Wallace (1874 - 1918).

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Ellis, Ellis County, Kansas.

Mr. Cromb, came to Ellis County, Kansas, in 1889, settled in Ellis Township, and settled in the town Ellis, Kansas.  He was in the General Merchandise business.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jonas H. Cook

Jonas H. Cook.

Birth: 1834,
Death: 1904.

Wife: Sophia Cook (1837 - 1916).

Children: Mary Cook DeVore (1858 - 1911), Mattie E. Cook Osborn (1869 - 1963), Fred R. Cook (1872 - 1952), Katharine C. Cook Gregg (1877 - 1963).

Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery, Howard, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Cook came to Elk County in 1886, and settled in Howard Township, in the town of Howard, Kansas.  There he owned and ran a hotel

He advertised his Hotel as: ( Everything first Class, Rates $150 per day.).

William Francis Hann

William Francis Hann. 

Birth: 1870.
Death: Jul. 7, 1957. 

Parents: Benjamin Hann (1840 - 1927), Elizabeth Jane Hann (1848 - 1931.)

Wife: Luna Hann (1891 - 1919)..

Siblings: Ida Hann Johnson (1868 - 1938), William Francis Hann (1870 - 1957), John Charles Hann (1874 - 1957).

Burial: Hanston Cemetery, Hanston, Hodgeman County, Kansas.

MR. Hann came to Hodgeman County, Kansas, in 1879, settled in Marena Township in the town of Hanston, Kansas.  He was a D.aler in General Merchandise, he may also ran a hotel

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Kosputs S. Bates.

Kosputs S. Bates.

Birth: Sep. 14, 1851.
Death: Aug. 2, 1910.

Wife: Mary A. Bates (1857 - 1918). 
Married 1874.

Children: Jessie S., Charles F., Lola A., Nora E., Roy A. Bates.

Burial: Delhi Cemetery, Lucas, Osborne County, Kansas.  

Mr. Bates lived in Lincoln County, Kansas, he settled in Cedron township in section 31, he had 281 acres of farm land, which was called Cottonwood Stock Farm.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser and a Blacksmith and a Wood worker.  His post office address was Lucas, Kansas, which is in Russell County, Kansas a few miles west from the farm.        

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Enos Rushton.

Publish date 1901.
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Enos Rushton. 

Birth: Oct. 22, 1839.
Death: Jan. 14, 1901.

Wife: Jane Rushton (1842 - 1898).

Children: Laura Jane Rushton Macy (1862 - 1918), , Susie Rushton Collins (1867 - 1928), Olive Rushton Guipre (1870 - 1946), Emily A. Rushton Guipre (1875 - 1941), Nellie Juriah Rushton Conroy (1876 - 1946).

Burial: Summit Cemetery, Jamestown, Cloud County, Kansas.

Iowa 19th., Infantry, Co. B.

Rushton, Enos. Age 22. Residence Batavia, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862. Mustered Aug. 18, 1862. Promoted Fourth Corporal Aug. 1, 1863; Second Corporal July 13, 1864; First Corporal March 1, 1865; Fifth Sergeant May 1, 1865. Mustered out July 10, 1865, Mobile, Ala.

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Philip Hund.

Hotel Paxico, publish date 1901.
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Philip Hund . 

Birth: Oct. 13, 1865.
Death: May 6, 1938.

Father - Michael Hund
Mother - Otlillia (Peters)

Wife: Anna Lamm Hund (1868 - 1925).
Married May 8, 1888.

Children: Ida T. O., Rosa A., Mary M., Florentina P., Mary A
., Thresa D.,  Adelaid Hund (1897 - 1909)

Burial: alvary Cemetery, Mankato, Blue Earth County, .Minnesota


Was born in Mankato, Minnesota, October 13, 1865. Came to Kansas with his parents when but five years of age, the family locating near Newbury. Was educated in the district and parochial schools. On May 1, 1888, was united in marriage to Miss Anna Lamm, to which union seven children were born. Until September, 1900, Mr. Hund was one of the progressive farmers of Newbury township, but is at present proprietor of the Hotel Paxico, which, under his efficient management has attained a reputation as a popular stopping place with the traveling public-equalled by few and excelled by none.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

James M. Bell

James M Bell. 

Birth: Dec. 12, 1885.
Death: Mar. 3, 1968.

Wife; Bertha Dorathea Hoffer Bell (1883 - 1982).

Children; Hazel, Garnetta, Marceline Bell

Burial: Laurel Cemetery, Haven, Reno County, Kansas.

Mr. Bell lived in Reno County, Kansas, in the Township of Haven, in the town of Haven, Kansas.
In 1918, he was in the Meat Market business.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Franklin H. Guy..

Franklin H Guy. 

Birth: 1855.
Death: 1941,

Wife: Helen P. Stafford Guy, ( 1854-1931.)
Married 1879.

Children: Willie L., Verne P., Ralph Guy (1884 - 1965), Merle Malina Guy Fletcher (1890 - 1989).

Burial: Atwood Fairview Cemetery, Atwood, Rawlins County. Kansas

Mr. Guy came to Rawlins County, Kansas, in 1886 and settled in Atwood township, in the town of Atwood, Kansas.  In 1900, he was working at the Livery stable, in 1906, he was the Prop. of the Tremont House.

Hugh William Allen.

Hugh William Allen. 

Birth: May 13, 1855, Tamarack, Will County, Illinois.
Death: Nov. 24, 1929, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Wife: Marian Barr Nairn Allen (1862 - 1939.)

Children: Mary Elizabeth Allen Squire (1882 - 1967). William Allen (1884 - 1967). Myrtle May Allen Ruckle (1886 - 1975). Roy Ray Allen (1888 - 1978).

Burial: Burns Cemetery, Burns, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Allen came to Marion county. Kansas, in 1878 and settled in the township of Milton, in the town of Burns, Kansas.  He was in the business of a Hotel and a Meat Market, ( 1902.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

John W. Keenan.

Publish date 1899.
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John W. Keenan. 

Birth: 1841.
Death: 1903.

Wife: Lizzie A. Keenan (1844 - 1916).
Married 1878.

Children: Lizzie Keenan Roell (1867 - 1913).

Burial: Lyndon Cemetery, Lyndon, Osage County, Kansas.

Mr. Keenan lived in Lyndon, Kansas.  Over the years he was Mayor, Post Master and in Real Estate.  He was also a Civil War veteran

Second Indiana Cavalry, Co. D.

Private, Mustered in November 28, 1861; Mustered out October 4, 1864.

Daniel B. Grisso .

Publish date 1899.
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Daniel B. Grisso 

Birth: Aug. 11, 1840.
Death: May 29, 1909.

Wife: Sarah S. Grisso, ( 1848-1928 ).
Married 1876.

Children: Minnie A., Ora Della, Pernietta Grisso.

Burial: Valley Brook Cemetery, Michigan Valley, Osage County, Kansas.

Mr. Grisso lived in Osage County, Kansas, in the Township of Ridgeway in section 3.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, on his 80 acres of land.  His post office address was Overbrook, Kansas, which was 3 miles east from the farm.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

James Frank Brown.

Long Ford, Kansas, taken 1912.
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James Frank Brown.

Birth: Feb. 1863, Wisconsin.
Death: 1941.

Wife: Emma O. Brown, ( 1869-1954.)
Married 1891.

Children Ina R. Brown.

Burial: Henry Cemetery Buckeye, Dickinson County, Kansas.

Mr. Brown lived in Clay County, Kansas, in the township of Chapman, in the town of Long Ford. He was in the business of Hardware and Furniture.

Friday, April 3, 2015

John A. Levin.

John A Levin. 

Birth: Aug. 7, 1850.
Death: Sep. 28, 1923.

Wife; Ida Sophia Karlson Levin (1862 - 1941).

Children: Carl John Levin (1886 - 1982). . Esther Levin (1888 - 1985). David Edwin Levin (1894 - 1962). Joseph A Levin (1897 - 1980). Ida Mildred Levin (1905 - 1905). Edmund Lawrence Levin (1909 - 1909).

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Lindsborg, McPherson County, Kansas.

Mr. Levin lived in the town of Lindsborg, Kansas, where he was in the General Merchandise business.

John A. Levin, General Merchandise.
Picture taken 1920.
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Edward Marshall Coon.

Edward Marshall Coon.

Birth: 1838.
Death: 1928.

Wife: Ella L. Coon, ( 1848-1934.).
Married 1868.

Children: Durrell C. Coon, ( 1883-1946.)

Note.  There is at lest one more child, but was unable to find.

Burial: Spring Grove Cemetery, Anthony, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr. Coon came to Harper county, Kansas in 1878, and settled in section 21, of Anthony Township.  He was a Farmer.  The land of 200 acres was in his wife's name.  Their post office address was Anthony, Kansas, which was three miles east from the farm.  He was also a Civil War Veteran.

Michigan Thirteenth Infantry Co. H.

Coon, Edward M., Paw Paw. Enlisted in company H, Thirteenth Infantry, Aug. 26, 1864, at Antwerp, for 1 year, age 23. Mustered Sept. 1, 1864. Taken prisoner near Rockingham, S. C, March 8, 1865. Confined in prison at Danville, Va. Discharged at Detroit, Mich., June 7, 1865.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

John W. Woodward.

Date taken unknown.
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John W. Woodward..

Birth: October, 1852, Ohio.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Mary E. Woodward, ( 1852-? ), Iowa
Married 1881.

Children: L. M., S.E., Blanch O., Victor D., Mary E. Woodward.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Woodward lived in Ottawa County Kansas, in the township of Sheridan in the town of Delphos, Kansas.  He was in the Hardware business.