Friday, October 30, 2015

Adolph Wagner.

Adolph Wagner.

Birth: Aug. 3, 1867, Germany.
Death: Nov. 8, 1934.

Wife: Viola Wagner (1876 - 1909).

Children: Neva Wagner.

Burial: Waterloo Cemetery, Kingman County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Wagner lived In Kingman County, Kansas.  Lived in Galesburg Township, lived in the town of Waterloo, Kansas.  He was a Farmer and doing General Blacksmithing. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daniel C Walborn

Daniel C Walborn

Birth: 1852.
Death: 1926.

Wife: Louisa Walborn (1855 - 1941) .

Children: Edith G., Sibie M. Walborn.

Burial: Arlington Cemetery Arlington Reno County Kansas

In 1902 Mr. Walborn lived in Reno County Kansas, in the township of Arlington in section 10 of said township.  He owned a 160 acre farm called the Lake View Farm.  His Post office address was Arlington, Kansas, which is less then a half mile north from the farm.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Livery Stables of Harvey County, Kansas.

If one rode a horse in Harvey county in the 1900 hundreds and wanted to bed him down for the night, you may have a hard time finding a place to do so.  There were only five towns with stables in all of Harvey county and four were in newton, Kansas.  In all there only nine stables in the whole county.

Stables of Harvey county, Kansas, 1902.

John A. Sanders, ( 1853-1920 ), Wife Emma Alice ( 1857-!934.)
Proprietor Livery Feed and Sale stable, Burrton, Kansas.

Owen E. Jones ( 1853-1930 ) wife Elizabeth (1854-1934 ).
Proprietor The City Livery and Feed Barn, Halstead, Kansas.

Daniel William Thompson, Wife's Amanda J. ( 1843-1892 ), Margaret L. ( 1895- 1919 ).
Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable Halstead, Kansas.

A. M. Judkins, No names or Dates.
Proprietor Livery, Boarding and Hack Barn, Newton, Kansas.

Edwin W. Slaymaker ( 1858-1936 ).
Proprietor South Side Livery Stable, Newton, Kansas.

J. B.  Thompson (1855-1909 ) No names or dates.
Proprietor UP- to-Date Livery and hack Barn, Newton, Kansas.
David S. Welsh & Son, (1854-1919.) Wife Ella Rose McCray Welsh ( 1854-1934.)
Proprietor Livery and Hack Barn, Newton, Kansas,
Charles E. Kelly ( 1869-? ). Wife Henrietta L., ( 1873-?)
Proprietor Old Reliable Barn Whitewater, Kansas.
Lived in Harvey County, Kansas, in Richland township, Whitewater, Kansas.
John Swisher, No names or dates.
Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Sedgwick, Kansas.
Lived in Harvey County, Sedgwick township, Sedgwick, Kansas.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

John C. Petty.

John C. Petty.

Birth: 1859, Indiana.
Death: 1923.

Wife: Malinda E. Petty, ( 1863-1965.)

.Married 1887.

Children: Thelma H., Glennie S., Grace M., Joseph ( Joe ) Petty.

Burial: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. Petty, was living in Case County, Kansas.  Lived in the Township of Falls, in the town of Strong City.  .  In 1901 he was Postmaster of that city.

Friday, October 23, 2015


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FRANK W. HUTCHINSON, son of Perry Hutchinson, of Marysville, was born in Palo, Linn Co., Iowa, Aug. 2, 1857. When two years of age his father removed to Marysville, where our subject attended school until the age of sixteen. He then entered the Highland (Kansas) School, from there went to Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he graduated from Eastman's Business College. Returning to Marysville. he kept his father's books, and managed his lumber yard until twenty-one years old.

About that time he had three cars run over him, the injuries laying him up for some time; and also while at Marysville, a horse that he was riding, reared and fell backward, and so severe were the injuries thereby occasioned, that our subject was in a state of unconsciousness for seven weeks, and only regained his strength very slowly.In the spring of 1879 our subject came to Beattie, and established a grocery store, by the burning of which, two months later, he lost every dollar he had.

But undeterred by disaster he again started in business, soon building up a good trade, and has since been blessed by continued prosperity, now having the leading grocery store in the town. March 4. 1889, he received his commission as Postmaster, and took possession March 9. He has also been to some extent engaged in buying and shipping grain. Mr. Hutchinson is a man of ability and sterling character, well liked by his fellow townsmen and one who has made for himself a position and record of which any young man may be proud.

Our subject was married Feb. 2, 1878, to Miss Dorcas Carson', of Marysville, who died Nov. 20, 1883   Dec. 2, 1884, he took for his second wife  Miss Emma Brumbaugh, of Peoria, Ill.. Miss
Brumbaugh was born at Valparaiso. Ind., in 1864, the family afterward removing to Peoria, where she lived until 1881, and then came to Kansas. Mr. Hutchinson votes with the Republican party, but
has never been an office-seeker, the position which he holds coming to him through the good will of his townsmen, and their feeling that by him the public would be well served

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Claude Fitzgerald Betty

Claude Fitzgerald Betty.

Birth: Apr. 3, 1875,Milan, Rock Island County, Illinois.
Death: Jan. 16, 1955, Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas.

Parents: John F Betty (1832 - 1923), Anna Margaret Keller Betty (1845 - 1931.)

Wife: Letty Leone Jenkins Betty (1890 - 1920)..

Children: Elmer Dean Betty (1914 - 1980), Harry Raymond Betty (1917 - 2003).

Siblings: Claude Fitzgerald Betty (1875 - 1955), Selene E Betty (1884 - 1968), Louise Florence Betty (1890 - 1986).

Burial: Rosehill Cemetery, Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas.

Mr. Betty came to Barber County, Kansas in 1886. Settled in Hazelton Township, in the town of Hazelton , Kansas.  In 1905 he was listed as a Merchant. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

William Thomas Burgess.

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Captain, William Thomas Burgess.

Birth: Nov. 25, 1839
Death: Sep. 26, 1914.

Wife:  Sarah Catherine Downs Burgess (1843 - 1925).

 Children: George Leon Burgess (1863 - 1893),  Nellie Burgess James (1869 - 1950),   Jessie P Burgess (1873 - 1874).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Civil War Veteran.

Iowa 30th., Infantry, Co. E.

Burgess, William T. Age 25. Residence Brighton, nativity Ohio. Appointed Captain Aug. 9, 1862. Mustered Sept. 23, 1862. Resigned March 17, 1863.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

William E. Beeson.

William E. Beeson.

Birth: December, 1872, Iowa.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Gertrude Beeson, (1877-?).

Married  1896.

Children: Non found.

Burial: Attica, Cemetery, Attica, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr. Beeson came to Harper  County Kansas in 1883. He settled in Banner Township, in the town of Harper, Kansas. He served as  Postmaster of Harper from, July1, 1898 to July  !,  1902.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Elbert Goodman

Elbert Goodman,

Birth: Jan. 15, 1885, Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois.
Death: May 14, 1979, South Haven, Sumner County, Kansas.

Wife's; Olive May Hills Goodman (1891 - 1954), Osia Sabina Caroline Lewis Dickson Goodman (1893 - 1974).

Children: Opal M. Goodman Rose (1911 - 1994), Ruby Maude Goodman Gillock (1913 - 1999), Oscar Wendell Goodman (1915 - 1988), Elgin F. Goodman (1919 - 2000), Lois Goodman Hinkle (1921 - ____), Wilbur Dwight Goodman (1925 - 2000), Neva Irene Goodman Dodson (1928 - 2011).

There were 10 children in all.

Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, South Haven, Sumner County, Kansas.

Mr. Goodman came to Lane County, Kansas, in 1911.  He settled in section 26 of Spring Creek Township.  He was a Farmer and Stockman he owned 160 acres,  He later added another 320 acres in section 23, Hackberry Creek ran across his homestead.  His post office address was Beeler, Kansas, which was four miles east of  the farm, Beeler is in Ness County, Kansas.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Peter Henry Peel.

Peter Henry Peel.

Birth: 1849, Denmark.
Death: 1919.

Wife: Marie Peel (1853 - 1920).

Married 1889.

Children: Ruby May Peel.

Burial: Gypsum Hill Cemetery Salina, Saline County,. Kansas

In 1903 Mr. Peel was living in Saline, Kansas, as a Druggist and a Pharmacist

John E. Redding

Normally I wouldn't post such little information, but I felt someone maybe looking for this ancestorI couldn't  find any Birth, Death, Burial records for Mr. Redding. However what little information I do have maybe of help to someone looking into this family.

Mr. Redding came to Trego County Kansas in 1879. He settled in section 28 of Wakeeney township. He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land. His post office address was Wakeeney Kansas, which was three miles north from the farm.
Picture publish date 1905.
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Jerry Cook.

Jerry Cook.

Birth: 1859.
Death: 1941

Parents: William S Cook (1815 - 1874), Cynthia Jane Dee Cook. .

Wife: Melissa J. Cook (1859 - 1951).

Married 1882.

Children: Jacob M., Irwin W., Charley D., Miller Cook.

Sibling: Dianna Cook Newcomb (____ - 1874), Jerry Cook (1859 - 1941).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr.Cook came to Decatur County Kansas in 1885, settled in Oberlin Township, he lived in the town of Oberlin, Kansas.  In 1905 he was  the towns Rural Mail Carrier. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thomas C. McDowell.

Thomas C. McDowell.

Birth: 1843, Ohio,
Death: December 22, 1929. .

Wife: Emily E. McDowell ( 1848-1929.)

Married 1870.

Children: Effie A., Harry C., Lutrell M. McDowell (1878 - 1887).

Burial: Lone Elm Cemetery, Lone Elm, Anderson County, Kansas.

In 1901 Mr. McDowell was living in Anderson county in section 20 of Lone Elm township.  He was the Proprietor of the Deer Creek Ranch.  His post office address was lone Elm, Kansas.

He was also a Civil War Veteran.

Ohio 32nd., infantry, Co. B. Corporal; Age 18; Enlisted August 9, 1861, foe 3 years.  Appointed Corporal May 1, 1863; Mustered out with Company July 20, 1865. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scauyler Cheyler C. Harner.

Scauyler Cheyler C. Harner.

Birth: 1868, Indianan.
Death: April 2, 1943.

Wife: Jennie Kress Harner, ( 1875-1942 .)

Children: John E., (1901-1947), Erma Harner

Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas.

Mr. Harner came to Riley County Kansas, in 1869, and settled  in Wild Cat Township, in the town of Keats, Kansas.  In 1909 his business was that of a dealer Of General Merchandise.  He was also Postmaster of Keats Kansa..


Thursday, October 8, 2015

William Harry Kitchen

William Harry Kitchen. Birth:

Jul. 7, 1866, New Washington, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Feb. 10, 1924, Sterling, Rice County, Kansas.

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Roby Kitchen (1870 - 1938).

Married in 1892.

Children: Myrtle Vella Kitchen Manwarren (1892 - 1962), Eva Hazel Kitchen Sturgeon (1895 - 1960), Elda N Kitchen (1903 - 1983), Irene Mildred Kitchen Bernstorf (1906 - 1990).

Burial: Lyons Municipal Cemetery, Lyons, Rice County, Kansas.

Mr. Kitchen lived in Rice county, Kansas in the Township of Eureka.  He settled in section 11.  He was a farmer and a Stock Raiser, on 160 acres of land. He was  also a Carpenter and Joiner and a Contractor and builder.  His post office address was Frederick, Kansas, which was one mile north east from the farm.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Benjamin Bolton and Family.

Benjamin Bolton and Family.

John N. Bloton, Store.
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Benjamin Bolton, president of the Scranton State Bank, is an Englishman, born at Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, Jan. 7, 1836. His father, Jonathan Bolton, was also a native of England, where he was reared and educated. He was a miner in England and in 1840 came to the United States and located in Pennsylvania. He continued to work in the coal mines around Pittsburgh until his death in 1864. Benjamin's mother, whose maiden name was- Ann Herst, was also a nati\e of England.

Benjamin was only four years of age when his parents came to America and he first attended school at Mount Washington, near Pittsburgh. Subsequently he went to school in Pittsburgh. He grew to manhood in Pennsylvania and at the beginning of the Civil war enlisted in the Forty-ninth Pennsylvania infantry. Army of the Potomac. He was on duty at Harrisburg and after Lee's surrender was sent to North Carolina.

After his discharge from the army he returned home, but believed there were more chances for a young man in the West and in 1872 came to Kansas. He joined one of the early settlements and developed a farm in Wabaunsee county. For ten miles to the west the county was practically unsettled at that time. The Kansas Indians roamed over the country at will, and it was no infrequent sight to see them hunting and fishing along the streams.

Mr. Bolton lived on his farm until 1883, when he started a general store at Paxico under the firm named of Bolton & Bros, and continued in business until 1891, when he sold out and retired from active life. But the habit of a lifetime was too strong and in 1904 Mr. Bolton engaged in banking, becoming the head of the Scranton State Bank. Under his management the business of the institution has enlarged and it is one of the sound financial houses of Kansas. Mr. Bolton is also interested in mining enterprises, having an interest in the High Tariff Mining Company of Joplin, Mo., with his son, C. F. Bolton, and others.

Paxico Store.
In 1857, Mr. Bolton married Jane, the daughter of William and Isabella Black, who came to America from Scotland. Mr. Black was a miner in the old country and followed that vocation in Pennsylvania. He founded and built up the town of Green Oak, Pa. Seven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bolton : Wesley S., engaged in the grain business ; William F., who lives in Denver and deals in real estate ; John N., who runs a general store at Alta Vista, Kan. ; Thomas B.. a farmer in Oklahoma ; Charles F., cashier of the Scranton State Bank, and two daughters who are married and live in Oklahoma. Mrs. Bolton died in 1899 and in 1903 Mr. Bolton married Elizabeth Hardaker of Newcastle, Pa., and she died in 1904. Mr. Bolton has many friends and is regarded as one of the prosperous and most substantial business men of Scranton.

Author.  John N. Bolton had his store in Alta Vista in the 1890's.
The store in Paxico was ran by Mr. Bolton two sons, Wesley S and William F. Bolton up to the time it was sold to  C. J. Glotzbach.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Alonzo D. Knapp.

Alonzo D. Knapp.

Birth: 1847.
Death: 1931.

Wife: Olive Scott Knapp (1844 - 1928).

Children: Elmer E., Wiot R., Jessy A. Knapp.

Burial: Kansas Veterans Cemetery at Fort Dodge, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas.

Mr. Knapp was a Farmer, he was also a Civil War Veteran, being in the Iowa 44th., infantry, Company K.

Knapp, Alonzo D. Age 18. Residence Davenport, nativity Iowa. Enlistee  May 7. 1864. Mustered June 1, 1864. Mustered out Sept. 15, 1864.  Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Publish date 1902.
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THOMAS PHILIP FLAHIVE, was born December 16, 1861, in the County Kerry, Ireland. He received his education in the public schools, and in 1S78 came to America, locating in Kansas City.
He was a poor boy, without capital or influence, but he did not lack for energy and pluck. His first position was with a railroad in the offices, but in 1882 he secured a position on the police force, where he has ever since remained.

Honest, willing, and brave, he showed capability from the start, and in 1887 he was promoted to be sergeant. In that position he also showed efficiency, and in 1889 he was made a captain, the office
he now holds.

Captain Flahive belongs to no lodges or clubs, for his whole life is given over to his work. In the time he has been on the force he has made himself a splendid reputation both at home and abroad, and
although he has gone far, will go farther. Captain Flahive married Miss Lizzie Burns in Octber, 1888, and they have one son, John Joseph.

Death: June 26, 1918, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.
Burial: Saint Mary's Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Publish date 1902.
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FRANK MAYNARD HOWE, was born in Arlington, Mass., July 20, 1849. He was educated in the public schools and in Cotting Academy, and afterwards took a special course in architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. In 1868 he entered the office of Ware & Van Brunt, architects, in Boston, and upon the retirement of Mr. W. R. Ware in 1832, became a partner in the concern under the name of Van Brunt & Howe, which partnership still exists. Prior to this he spent some time in travel and, study abroad, and in 1880 formed a partnership with the late Arthur H. Dodd, of Boston, but in 1882 this was dissolved, and that of Van Brunt & Howe formed. In 1885 the firm was established in Kansas City.

The present firm enjoys a large practice in all parts of the country, and has always retained its eastern office in Boston. They were on the Commission of Architects at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and enjoy a similar honor on the same commission at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. In their practice in Kansas City they have built many of the largest and most important buildings here.

Mr. Howe was married in 1871 to Miss Mary E. Wyman, of Arlington, and they have two daughters, Katherine and Dorothy. He belongs to the Papyrus Club, of Boston, the Kansas City Club, the Commercial Club, is president of the Knife and Fork Club, president of the Symphony Orchestra, and is a thirty-second degree Mason, and Shriner.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Isaac E. Bartlett.

Isaac E. Bartlett.

Birth: May, 1860, Ohio.
Death: 1949.

Wife: Maybelle (Belle) Bartlett (1865 - 1915).

Married 1883.

Children: I. Earl, Elma M. James S. Bartlett.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Iola, Allen County, Kansas.

Mr. Bartlett was living in woodson county, Kansas, in 1904. Lived in Yates Center his business was Blacksmithing, and also Mayor.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lizzie & George R. Allaman

Lizzie Allaman..

Birth: Jul. 25, 1848
Death: Nov. 27, 1905.

Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Alford married;
(1) George Stafford in 1867.
She married (2) George R. Allaman in 1872.

Burial: Wallace Township Cemetery, Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas.

Mr. Allaman came to Wallace County, Kansas in 1880.  He Settled in section 26, of Wallace township.  He was a Rancher owning 320  acres, his Ranch was called Smoky Rose Ranch.

Although he was noted as the proprctor of the ranch  all the land was in lizzie name.   Their post office  address was Wallace, Kansas, which was one and a half miles north east from the Ranch.