Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Livery Stables of Harvey County, Kansas.

If one rode a horse in Harvey county in the 1900 hundreds and wanted to bed him down for the night, you may have a hard time finding a place to do so.  There were only five towns with stables in all of Harvey county and four were in newton, Kansas.  In all there only nine stables in the whole county.

Stables of Harvey county, Kansas, 1902.

John A. Sanders, ( 1853-1920 ), Wife Emma Alice ( 1857-!934.)
Proprietor Livery Feed and Sale stable, Burrton, Kansas.

Owen E. Jones ( 1853-1930 ) wife Elizabeth (1854-1934 ).
Proprietor The City Livery and Feed Barn, Halstead, Kansas.

Daniel William Thompson, Wife's Amanda J. ( 1843-1892 ), Margaret L. ( 1895- 1919 ).
Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable Halstead, Kansas.

A. M. Judkins, No names or Dates.
Proprietor Livery, Boarding and Hack Barn, Newton, Kansas.

Edwin W. Slaymaker ( 1858-1936 ).
Proprietor South Side Livery Stable, Newton, Kansas.

J. B.  Thompson (1855-1909 ) No names or dates.
Proprietor UP- to-Date Livery and hack Barn, Newton, Kansas.
David S. Welsh & Son, (1854-1919.) Wife Ella Rose McCray Welsh ( 1854-1934.)
Proprietor Livery and Hack Barn, Newton, Kansas,
Charles E. Kelly ( 1869-? ). Wife Henrietta L., ( 1873-?)
Proprietor Old Reliable Barn Whitewater, Kansas.
Lived in Harvey County, Kansas, in Richland township, Whitewater, Kansas.
John Swisher, No names or dates.
Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Sedgwick, Kansas.
Lived in Harvey County, Sedgwick township, Sedgwick, Kansas.

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