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Will C. Chaffee.

Polk Radges Directory of Topeka.
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  Will C. Chaffee.  

Birth: Jun. 27, 1855, Vermont. 
Death: Nov. 3, 1933

Wife: Grace May Chaffee, 1880-1945, Born Illinois.

Children: Grace, Mildred J., and Harold C. Chaffee. 

Burial: Topeka Cemetery Topeka Shawnee County Kansas.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Walter Burtiss.

Walter Burtiss.

Birth: May 19, 1878 Illinois.
Death: Apr. 13, 1950.

Wife: Ina M Wood Burtiss (1887 - 1969).

Children: Vivian L., and Dons I. Burtiss.

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery Humboldt Allen County Kansas.

In 1906 Mr.  Burtiss was the Prop. of the Star Livery and Feed Barn, in Humboldt City, Kansas.

Edward Roberts Heacock

Picture publish date 1901.
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Edward Roberts Heacock.

Birth: Oct. 28, 1834, Pennsylvania.
Death: Nov., 1900, Lyon County, Kansas.

Brother to James Houston Heacock.

First wife; Hannah Sarah Dickenson, married;16 March 1859 in Pennsylvania. They had four children.

Elizabeth was Edwards second wife. They had three children. He married Elizabeth in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 11 June 1869. Marriage per Rebecca Roberts Heacock [his mother] in 1889, and Doni Wright in 2012.

Parents: Jonathan Heacock (1798 - 1853), Rebecca Roberts Heacock (1804 - 1890). Wife: Elizabeth P. Lewis Heacock (1839 - 1889).

Children: Edward Elmer Dickinson Heacock (1862 - 1946), Lewis Willard Heacock (1864 - 1950), Albert Henry Heacock (1877 - 1965), Abner Raymond Heacock (1878 - 1951).

Burial: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Olpe, Lyon County, Kansas.

Mr.  Heacock came to Lyon county in 1877 and settled in section 26, of Elmendaro township.  He was a farmer of  80 acres of land.  His post office address was Olpe, Kansas, which was about 5 miles north-west of the farm. 

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Miles W. Babb.

Picture publish date 1919.
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Miles W. Babb.

Birth: February 1, 1842, Iowa.
Death: April 7, 1919.

Wife: Anna "Annie" Babb 1848-1926, b. Iowa.

Children: George E. Babb, born 1876 or 1875, Iowa.  Albert L. Babb, born 1880, Iowa.  Lottie F. Babb, born 1885, Missouri.

Burial: Attica Cemetery, Attica, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr.  Babb came to Harper county in 1891 and settled in section 24 of Greene township.  Mr. Babb was a farmer and breeder of Poland China Hogs and Shorthorn Cattle.  The farm was called "Camp Creek Stock Farm". The farm was ran by Mr.  Babb and his son George Babb, the farm by 1919 cover two sections 13 & 24, 800 hundred acres in all. His wife Annie owning 160, acres Miles owning 160 acres and his son owning 480 acres.  Their post office address was Attica, Kansas which was about 8 miles north-east of the farm.

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Francis J. Welty.

Picture publish date 1906.
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Francis J. Welty.

Birth: November 13, 1838, France.
Death: June 21, 1911, Hill City, Kansas.

Wife: Margaret Welty, born Kentucky.

Children: Andrew W., George F., Charles F., Reasey L., James, Annie, Oakie, Raynan, Lorena, and Elizabeth Welty.

Burial: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City, Graham county, Kansas.

Mr.  Welty came to Graham county in 1879, and settled in section 4, of Hill City Township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on 484.65 acres.  His post office address was Hill City, Kansas, which was about 3, miles south-east of the farm.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ernest Harbes.

Picture publish date 1909.
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Ernest Harbes.

Birth: 1868.

Death: 1932.

Wife: Lillie M Harbes (1871 - 1945).

Children: Ernest Walter Harbes (1896 - 1958).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, Geary County, Kansas. Plot

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dr, Nathaniel KIdd.

Picture publish date 1905.
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Dr. Nathaniel Kidd.

Birth: April 22, 1857, Ireland.
Death: October 7, 1927.

Wife: Minnie M. Kidd.

Children: Nathan A. Kidd, Bessie E. Kidd.

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Ellis, Ellis County Kansas.

Mr. Kidd came to Ellis county in 1884 and settled in the town of Ellis, Kansas, in the township of Ellis.  He was a Physician and Surgeon.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

David Lewis Hamar

Picture publish date 1903.
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David Lewis Hamar

Birth: Oct. 6, 1839, Carmel, Hamilton County, Indiana.
Death: Oct. 21, 1905, Howard, Elk County, Kansas.

Parents: James Hamar (1810 - 1876), Anna Silvey Hamar (1814 - 1869).

Wife: Ellen Fertig Hamar (1842 - 1915).

Children: Baty Walker Hamar (1874 - 1936), N. Ethel Hamar Maxey (1878 - 1947).

Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery, Howard, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Hamar had a business in Howard, Kansas, called Hamar & Son, they sold Abstracts and Real Estate.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Peter A. Hartig.

Picture publish date 1902.
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Peter Anton Hartig.

Birth: Mar. 23, 1823.
Death: Jan. 22, 1902, Douglas County, Kansas.

Wife: Franziska Hartig.

Children: Lostier, John, Thracie, Frank, Barbara and Emil Hartig.

Burial: Holy Family Cemetery, Eudora, Douglas County, Kansas.

Mr. Hartig came to Douglas county in 1857, and settled in Eudora, Kansas where he was a Cabinet maker.

Capt. Peter Hartig, an original townsman of Eudora in 1865, donated an acre of land for Holy Family Catholic Cemetery. It furnishes a last resting place for the doner, who was instantly killed by the Santa Fe California Flyer, less than 200 feet from his home, when he was crossing the tracks on his way up town to do some shopping. Mr. Hartig's hearing was impaired and he did not hear the danger whistles of the engineer nor the noise of the fast approaching train and before he could cross the track was struck by the engine and his body was hurled into the air at which it skidded 25 feet more through the snow. (from the history of Holy Family Cemetery by Will Stadler)


The city of Eudora is pleasantly located on a gradually ascending slope, stretching back on the south bank of the Kansas or Kaw River, near the junction of the Wakarusa. Situated as it is, seven miles east of Lawrence, twenty-eight miles southwest of Leavenworth, and thirty-three miles west of Kansas City, Mo., on the line of the A., T. & St. Fe Ry., its location as a trading point is excellent, which is proven by its being the second city in the county in point of population and trade. Eudora was settled and is surrounded by that class of citizens, who are known the world over for their thrift and capacity in promoting a substantial growth in a new country - the Germans.

Early in the summer of 1856, an association, composed of prominent Germans, was organized at Chicago, Ill., under the name of the "Neuer Ansiedlungs Verein," with the prime object of making a settlement at some point in the great West. Organizing with fifty members, the association rapidly grew until it numbered over 600 stockholders. In March, 1857, a location committee, consisting of H. Heimann, F. Barteldes and C. Schleifer, were appointed to go West and look up a location, preparatory to the location of a town site. After looking through various parts of Missouri and Kansas, the present town site of Eudora was decided upon. A tract of 800 acres was secured from the Shawnee Indians through Pascel Fish, their chief, who was to receive every alternate lot. The town site of 800 acres was laid off, and named "Eudora," in honor of the chief's daughter.

On the return of the committee, it was decided to at once colonize the place. Sixteen members, who represented different trades and professions, were elected by the association and sent out under the leadership of P. Hartig, for that purpose. Following are the names of this hardy band of pioneers: P. Hartig, J. Fischer, J. Schiesgroohl, J. Leoterle, A. Herling, J. Schoartz, G. Buttner, A. Schirrner, M. Marthey, Fred Deirhmann, A. Veroh, C. Epple and wife, G. Kerg, C. Maxilius, Anton Goethhes, H. Baserman. The expenses of the party were paid by the association. Seven other members came out with the party, but paid their own expenses. The party left Chicago April 11, 1857, and arrived at their destination, April 18, 1857, and commenced erecting rude log buildings and making other crude improvements. Thus was formed the first settlement of Eudora.

At the first regular election, held in March, 1859, the following gentlemen were elected to represent the city government: Mayor, F. Faerber; Councilmen, A. Summerfield, M. Marthey, P. Hartig, Aug. Cieseniss, and P. Hoppenan; Justice of the Peace, F. Schowarte; Marshal, F. Soelte; Treasurer, Charles Achning; Clerk (by appointment), F. Schowarte.

James A. Tufts

Picture publish date 1921.
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James A. Tufts.

Birth: 1865.
Death: May 7, 1946.

Wife: Eva R. Richardson Tufts (1871 - 1954).

Burial: Abilene Cemetery, Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas.

Mr. Tufts, was a Undertaker and Funeral Director in Abilene, Kansas.  He was also a County Commissioner.

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Roy Chilson.

Picture publish date 1921.
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Roy Chilson.

Birth: 1878, Iowa. 
Death: unknown.

Parents: James M Chilson (1845 - 1914), Elizabeth Chilson (1855 - 1937).

Wife: Dora Chilson.

Children: William Chilson.

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Chilson came to Decatur county in 1884, and settled in section 31, of Sappa township.  He was a farmer of 240 acers.  His post office address was Oberlin, Kansas, which was about 15 miles north-west of the farm.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Presley Monroe Funkhouser.

Picture publish date 1905.
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Presley Monroe Funkhouser.

Birth: December 15, 1846.
Death: June 21, 1920.

Wife: Laura E. Funkhouser, ( 1851-1935 ).

Children: Ida M. Funkhouser.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas.

Mr.  Funkhouser, came to Cowley county in 1881, and would settle in section 9, of Liberty township.  He was a farmer and Stock Raiser, on his 160 acre farm.  His post  office address was Winfield, Kansas which was about 5 miles north-west of the farm.

Authors note.  Although its recorded that he was farming in section 9, the land was in his wife's name in 1905.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Carl Moore.

Carl Moore

Birth: May 8, 1869, Illinois.
Death: February 4, 1927.

Father Charles F. Moore, ( 1840-1911 ).
Mother: Mary L. Moore, ( 1843-1927 ).

Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas.

Buried with mother and father, looks like he never married.

Picture publish date 1901.
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Carl Moore. Under the system of local government prevailing in most American states, the office of sheriff is easily one of the most important. As the executive court officer and responsible manager of the county prison, he had a wide range of duties. The people of Cloud County during the past four years have had every reason to congratulate themselves upon the presence in that office of Mr. Carl Moore, who had distinguished himself for efficiency and an administration in the best interests of law and order.

For many years Mr. Moore had been engaged in public office either as sheriff or on the police force. He was a member of the Concordia police when in 1912 he was elected on the republican ticket as sheriff of Cloud County. A fearless and faithful discharge of his duties during his first term insured him renomination and election in 1914. At his second election he received the largest majority given any candidate on the entire ticket. His majority was 2,498 votes. This in itself was a most substantial tribute and endorsement of the people to the efficient manner in which he conducted his rosponsible duties.
Mr. Moore is regarded as the best sheriff  Cloud County ever had. He is painstaking in all his performance, conscientious and fearless when the law demands, but is friendly and affable to his friends and the public at large. The fact that Mr. Moore had served Cloud County as sheriff for four terms is evidence of his high position in that community. He was undersheriff for eight years and for four years city marshal of Concordia.

Picture publish date 1917.
He is well equipped for the adequate discharge of his responsibilities, including the capture of law breakers and their safe keeping for trial and conviction. One of the agencies used in the discharge of such duties is his noted blood hounds, controlled and commanded by his undersheriff, Francis Swafford. Sheriff Moore owned a pack of sixteen hounds, valued at from $400.00 to $600.00 per pair. The service of these dogs is sought by officers of the law all over this and adjoining states for the purpose of running down criminals. The percentage record of these dogs in the numerous trials at which they have been employed in running down fugitives from justice averages 82 per cent. It can be safely said that the success gained by the use of these dogs in the capture of law breakers is an important cause in the decrease of crime in Cloud and other counties of Kansas. The dogs are being trained all the time and are always ready for their duties.

Mr. Carl Moore was born in Illinois in 1869, a son of C. F. and Mary Moore, both of whom were natives of Ohio. As he was brought by his parents to Kansas in 1871, Mr. Moore always considers him self a Kansas by birth and training. His father was at one time county commissioner of Cloud County. Sheriff Moore is one of four children, three of whom were born in Kansas. Sheriff Moore is unmarried. He affiliates with the Benevolent and Protcetive Order of Elks and the Select Knights. His position as a public official is emphasized by his relation as secretary to the Kansas State Sheriffs’ Association, and he is also vice president of the National Association of Sheriffs of the United States and Cauada.

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William James Sterling.

Picture publish date 1905.

William James Sterling.

Birth: Jan. 1, 1861, Sullivan County, Missouri.

Death: 1931, Barber County, Kansas.

Wife: Lenora Evaline Wilhite Sterling ( 1867-1950 ).

Children: George E. and Eddie L. Sterling.

Burial: Hardtner Cemetery, Hardtner, Barber County, Kansas.

Mr. Sterling came to Barber County in 1884 and settled in section 31 of Elwood township.  He was a farmer and breeder of short horn cattle on his 545.16 acre farm.  His post office address was Hardtner, Kansas which was 4 miles south-east of the farm.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Charles "Charley" Louis Rosenkrans

Picture publish date 1906.
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Charles Louis Rosenkrans.

Birth: Apr. 12, 1853, Jersey Shore, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Jan. 9, 1913, Hoxie, Sheridan County, Kansas.

Wife: Sarah Ann Wesby Rosenkrans (1857 - 1921).

Children: Gracie Mabel Rosenkrans (1878 - 1884), Jesse Bryan Rosenkrans (1878 - 1896), Harmon Rosenkrans (1880 - 1961).

Burial: Hoxie Cemetery, Hoxie, Sheridan County, Kansas.

Mr. Rosenkrans came to Sheridan county in 1875, and settled in section 34, of Kenneth township.  He was a farmer and ranchman on his 320 acre farm.  His post office address was Hoxie, Kansas, which was 3 miles north of the farm.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Abraham D. Risher.

Picture publish date 1917.
Abraham D. Risher.

Birth: 1843, Ohio.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Angelicia Risher, b. 1845-?, Ohio.

Children. Wesley, 1884-?, Beatha, 1890-?

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Risher came to Phillips County in 1888 and settled in section 29, of Dayton township.  He was a farmer on 240 acres.  His post office address was Prairie View, Kansas which was about 8 miles south-west of the farm.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Garrett Teed.

Picture publish date 1918.
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Garrett Teed.

Birth: Jul. 18, 1858, Sidney, Delaware County, New York.
Death: Jun. 30, 1926, Delphos, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Wife: Orpha J. Geren Teed (1863 - 1947).

Children: Edward Raymond Teed (1884 - 1918), Earl Guy Teed (1886 - 1948).

Burial: Delphos Cemetery, Delphos, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Delphos Republican July 8, 1926 Garrett Teed was born July 18 in 1858 at Sidney, New York and departed this life Wednesday June 30, 1926 at his home in Delphos at the age of 67 years, 11 months and 12 days. Mr. Teed came to Kansas in 1877 and settled a short distance northwest of Delphos, and has resided continuously in this community ever since.

On February 26, 1882 he was married to Miss Orpha Geren. The fruit of this union was 3 children: Edward R., who departed this life eight years ago, Irl (Earl) G., of Delphos, and Mrs. Irene Colburn of Denver, Colorado. Mr. Teed was converted to Christ and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in February 1906 and continued in the faith to the end.

He was well and favorably known throughout the entire community, and counted his friends by the number of his acquaintances, all of whom unite in extending heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family. Memorial services were held at the Methodist Church here Friday, July 2nd, at 10 o'clock. The service was conducted by the pastor, Rev. L.E. Laybourn, the memorial sermon being preached by Rev. Geo. S. Smith. The body was interred in Delphos Cemetery, the Odd Fellows having the burial in full charge.

Authors note.  Mr. Teed came to Ottawa county in 1877.  He owned 239 acres of section 9 & 10, of Sheridan Township.  His post office address was Delphos, Kansas which was about a mile south-west of the farm.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Edward E. Jeter.

Pictures publish date 1917.
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Edward E. Jeter.

Birth: 1861, Indiana.
Death: Jun. 8, 1946, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois.

Died age 85. Son of James N. Jeter & Mary Paine. Married Elizabeth Schneider on 27 June 1906 in Kane Co., IL.

Wife: Elizabeth Schneider Jeter (1873-1955).

Burial: Spring Lake Cemetery, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois.

Mr. Jeter was a Land Merchant and the Owner and Publisher of the Lenora News, in Lenora, Kansas, in 1917.  He would sell the newspaper and was in Colorado in 1930 then they went back to Illinois in 1935.


Julius Huxmann.

Picture publish date 1906.
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Julius Huxmann.

Birth: Jan., 1860, Iowa.
Death: 1942.

Wife: Mary Galle Huxmann (1863 - 1933).

Children: Edgar, Elmer, Paul, Irvin, Minnie, Barbara, Bertha and Lydia Huxmann.

Burial: Arnold Cemetery, Arnold, Ness County, Kansas.

Mr. Huxmann came to Ness County in 1886, and settled in section 23, of Ohio Township.  He was a farmer on 320 acres of land.  His post office address was Arnold, Kansas which is about one mile south of the farm.

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Matthew & Rachel G. Tibbie "Tibby"..

Matthew Tibbie, "Tibby"..

Birth: December 2, 1824, Newbliss County Monaghan, Ireland.
Death: 1879.

Wife: Rachel G. Tibbie, "Tibby",

Birth: November 9, 1824, Dublin county Dublin Ireland.
Death: March 4, 1908.

Burials: East Hill Cemetery, Erie, Neosho County, Kansas..

RACHEL TIBBY, general merchandise, is a native of Ireland, as was her husband; on coming to America, she located on Staten Island, and here in 1866, was married to Matthew Tibby. They then came to Kansas on account of his health in 1869, locating in Erie, and establishing the business now carried on by his widow. In 1879, as Mr. Tibby was riding on the stock train, on Twenty-third street, St. Louis, having gone there with stock for Mr. Letcher, of Osage Mission, he fell between the cars and was run over and killed instantly; his body was brought home for burial. Mr. Tibby had traveled almost around the world, having visited California, Australia, England and Ireland, and was overtaken finally by this sad accident. Mrs. Tibby is now carrying on the store a stock of about $800, and is doing a good business of $2,400. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of which her husband was a local minister.

David F. Deem.

Picture publish date 1906.
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David F. Deem.

Birth: January, 1865, Indiana.
Death: 1934.

Wife: Anna K. Deem, birth Ohio, 1870-1937.

Burial: Mount Moriah Cemetery, Neosho County Kansas.

Mr.  Deem settled in the township of Grant of Neosho County, Kansas and settled in the town of Stark, Kansas.  Where he had a business in Drugs and Toilet articles, Ect.

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Pilsen Kansas.

Pilsen Kansas.

Pilsen was founded in 1874 and named to honor the city of Plzeƈ of Bohemia by Bohemian immigrants. The area was settled in the 1870s and 1880s by 46 Bohemian families of Czech and German descent who purchased their land from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. 

In 1888, the first Catholic church was built. It was a two-story frame building; the upper floor was the church and the lower flower was the rectory. The building was converted into a convent after the second church was built.

Up until about 1902, the community was centered around a General Store that was located approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of the current Pilsen site. After the General Store closed in 1902, Mr and Mrs Cerny built a new two-story store at the current Pilsen site, and continued to operate it until 1944, then later it was torn down in 1970.

Pilsen Post Office.

Picture publish date 1921.
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Pilsen post office opened on March 17, 1917 and ran to March 8, 1957, Joseph Cerny was first post master.

People who used Pilsen as their post office Address, 1921.

Joseph Cerny, General Merchandise, came to the county in 1900.

Paul Silhan, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Shady Brook Holstein farm, section 14, Clark Township.

John M. Sklenar, Pastor St. John's Catholic Church, Clear Creek Township, section 19, came to county in 1880.

T. W. Spachek, Cashier, Pilsen State Bank.

Joseph Vinduska, Farmer, Blacksmith, Machine Shop, Garage and Farm Implements, Clear Creek Township, section 19, came from Chicago Illinois, came to county in 1874.

World War Roll of Honor.
Picture publish date 1920.
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