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Edward Roberts Heacock

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Edward Roberts Heacock.

Birth: Oct. 28, 1834, Pennsylvania.
Death: Nov., 1900, Lyon County, Kansas.

Brother to James Houston Heacock.

First wife; Hannah Sarah Dickenson, married;16 March 1859 in Pennsylvania. They had four children.

Elizabeth was Edwards second wife. They had three children. He married Elizabeth in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 11 June 1869. Marriage per Rebecca Roberts Heacock [his mother] in 1889, and Doni Wright in 2012.

Parents: Jonathan Heacock (1798 - 1853), Rebecca Roberts Heacock (1804 - 1890). Wife: Elizabeth P. Lewis Heacock (1839 - 1889).

Children: Edward Elmer Dickinson Heacock (1862 - 1946), Lewis Willard Heacock (1864 - 1950), Albert Henry Heacock (1877 - 1965), Abner Raymond Heacock (1878 - 1951).

Burial: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Olpe, Lyon County, Kansas.

Mr.  Heacock came to Lyon county in 1877 and settled in section 26, of Elmendaro township.  He was a farmer of  80 acres of land.  His post office address was Olpe, Kansas, which was about 5 miles north-west of the farm. 

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