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Dr, Nathaniel KIdd.

Picture publish date 1905.
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Dr. Nathaniel Kidd.

Birth: April 22, 1857, Ireland.
Death: October 7, 1927.

Wife: Minnie M. Kidd.

Children: Nathan A. Kidd, Bessie E. Kidd.

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Ellis, Ellis County Kansas.

Mr. Kidd came to Ellis county in 1884 and settled in the town of Ellis, Kansas, in the township of Ellis.  He was a Physician and Surgeon.

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Ivan Kidd said...

Dr Nathaniel is my 2nd great-uncle, it seems that he studied Medicine in Dublin but (story has it) that he didn't complete his medical exam as he went to the Derby (Horse racing) in the Curragh, Co Kildare on that day. His parents were Dead at this time and as his siblings were funding him, they "suggested" that he leave, never to return.
Nathaniel Kidd Dr (1859 - 1927)
2nd great-uncle
George Kidd (1807 - 1865)
father of Nathaniel Kidd Dr
George Kidd (1846 - 1898)
son of George Kidd
Thomas James Kidd (1877 - 1958)
son of George Kidd
John Roland Kidd (1918 - 1998)
son of Thomas James Kidd
Ivan Roland Kidd
You are the son of John Roland Kidd