Sunday, November 24, 2013

Miles W. Babb.

Picture publish date 1919.
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Miles W. Babb.

Birth: February 1, 1842, Iowa.
Death: April 7, 1919.

Wife: Anna "Annie" Babb 1848-1926, b. Iowa.

Children: George E. Babb, born 1876 or 1875, Iowa.  Albert L. Babb, born 1880, Iowa.  Lottie F. Babb, born 1885, Missouri.

Burial: Attica Cemetery, Attica, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr.  Babb came to Harper county in 1891 and settled in section 24 of Greene township.  Mr. Babb was a farmer and breeder of Poland China Hogs and Shorthorn Cattle.  The farm was called "Camp Creek Stock Farm". The farm was ran by Mr.  Babb and his son George Babb, the farm by 1919 cover two sections 13 & 24, 800 hundred acres in all. His wife Annie owning 160, acres Miles owning 160 acres and his son owning 480 acres.  Their post office address was Attica, Kansas which was about 8 miles north-east of the farm.

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