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Jocob T. Tustin.

Picture publish date 1907.
Jacob T Tustin.

Birth: Apr. 8, 1837.
Death: May 3, 1924.

Wife: Mary J Tustin (1855 - 1928).

Children: Eva Tustin (____ - 1895), Even Tustin (____ - 1895).

Burial: Gove Cemetery, Gove, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr.  Tustin came to Gove county in 1887, and settled in section 32, of Gove township of Gove county, Kansas.  He was a Farmer and Stock raiser, which he did on 640 acres.  His post office address was Gove, Kansas, which was 4 miles east of the farm.

James D. Bradley.

Picture publish date 1902.
James D Bradley.

Birth: 1845.
Death: 1932.

Parents: Pike M. Bradley (1818 - 1889), Jaly W. Bradley (1827 - 1895).

Wife Fannie L Bradley (1846 - 1914).

Burial: Attica Cemetery, Attica, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr.  Bradley came to Harper county and settled in Atties, Kansas, in 1885, where he was a Attorney and Real Estate Agent. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

William White.

Picture publish date 1903.

William White.

Birth: November8, 1844, Iowa.
Death: September 13, 1931.

Wife: Viola V. White.

Birth: May 5, 1850, Ohio.
Death: June 19, 1921.

Children: Minnie V. White, b., Iowa.

Burial: Moline Cemetery, Moline, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr.  White came to Elk county in 1865, and settled in section 32, of Wild Cat township of Elk county.  He own 160 acres on which he was a farmer and stock feeder.  His post office address was Moline, Kansas, which was 6 miles north-east of the farm.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

George Beswick Sr.

Picture publish date 1906.
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George Beswick Sr.

Birth: October 29, 1835, England.
Death: October 29, 1914.

Wife: Ann Beswick.

Birth: March 27, 1847, Ireland.
Death: November 22, 1930.

Children: Mary b., Ireland, Annie b., New York, George b., New York.

Burial: Parallel Cemetery, Clifton, Washington County, Kansas.

Mr. Beswick was a farmer and had settled in section 32, of Sherman Township  of Washington County.  His farm was 640 acres which 320 acres was in section 32 and 320 acres in section 33.  His post office address was Clifton, Kansas, which was 9 miles west of the farm.

Monday, August 26, 2013

John Quincy Adams

Picture publish date 1905.
John Quincy Adams.

Birth: Sep. 11, 1856, Portage County, Ohio.
Death: Oct. 2, 1938, Stockton,Rooks County, Kansas.

Wife: Minnie Amelia Hale Adams (1856 - 1926).

Children: Arthur Lewis Adams (1878 - 1958), Bessie B. Adams, B. 1890, Kansas..

Burial: Mount Vernon Cemetery, Stockton, Rooks County, Kansas.

MR. Adams came to Rooks County  and settled in Stockton, Kansas, in 1878.  Where he started a Hardware Store dealing in Agricultural Implements and &c.  

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Thomas M. Masterson, Father of "Bat Masterson."

Thomas M. Masterson.

Birth: Sep. 30, 1827, New York.
Death: Jan. 12, 1921, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Wichita Eagle, Thursday, January 13, 1921, Page 5


Was Frontiersman, Father of Bat Masterson; Dies at Age of 97. Thomas Masterson, 97 years old, passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Cairns, 1231[1221] Carlos avenue, Wednesday night. He is survived by his daughter and two sons, Thomas Masterson, of Fort Scott, Kan., and W. B. Masterson, of New York City. Mr. Masterson was born at Keysville, New York. Mr. Masterson was a striking example of the frontiersman.

The greater part of his younger days was spent on the fringe of civilization where survival was to the fittest. The Masterson name is written in the annals of Kansas. W.B. (Bat) Masterson having been marshal of Dodge City, Kan., during the days of the gunmen and of "Boot Hill." The former Dodge City marshal is now a theatrical and sporting writer of New York. Mrs. Cairns is the wife of Wichita's pioneer police chief.

Wife: Catherine U Mcgurk Masterson (1832 - 1908).

Children: Nellie E. Masterson Cairns (____ - 1925), Edward J. Masterson (1852 - 1878), Bat Masterson (1854 - 1921), James Masterson (1855 - 1895), Thomas Masterson (1858 - 1941).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Thomas Masterson came from St. Louis in June of 1871, to Sedgwick County where he settled in section 24, of Grant Township on his 80 acre farm.  His two sons Bat who was 18, and Ed who was 19, helped the father build a sod house.  The two boys after helping with the first year crop, headed west to hunt buffalo.  Another brother Jim joined them a year later.

Mr. Masterson lived on the until his death in 1921.  His sons returned for visits now and then, especially Bat, during his years as Ford County sheriff at Dodge City.

Authors note.  To see just were the farm was take this link to a map of Grant Township, see section 24, the year 1881.


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Volentine S. Kelsey.

Pictures publish date 1906.
Volentine S. Kelsey.

Birth: 1871, Tennessee.
Death: December 28, 1928.

Wife: Melissa.

Birth: July 13, 1875.
Death: May 7, 1965.

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Burial : Bethel Cemetery, Erie, Neosho County, Kansas.

Mr. Kelsey was the Proprietor of his General Store in Kimball, Kansas.  He married Melissa Simmons, on October 21, 1897, he was 23 and she 22.  Over the years they lived in Grant, Kimball and Erie, Kansas.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Philip C. Hoover.

Picture publish date 1906.
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Philip C. Hoover.

Birth: January 8, 1843, Indian.
Death: December 28, 1928.

Wife: Rachel Hoover.

Birth: April 7, 1843.
Death: September 21, 1909.

Children: Franklin, Margret and Oda Hoover.

Burial: South Mound Cemetery, South Mound, Neosho County, Kansas.

Mr.  Hoover came to Neosho county and settled in section 21, of Lincoln township.  He was Propr. of the Walnut Grove farm, which was 240 acres.  His post office address was South Mound, Kansas, which was a mile and a half north of the farm.


Fifty-ninth Indiana Infantry.

Name: Philip Hoover Enlistment Date: 21 Aug 1862 Side Served: Union State Served: Indiana Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 21 August 1862. Enlisted in Company U, 59th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 21 Aug 1862. Transferred to Company C. Rank In: Private Rank Out: Private

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James G. Blue.

James G. Blue.

Birth: unknown
Death: unknown

Burial: Bogle Cemetery, Butler County, Kansas.

JAMES. G. BLUE, farmer and stock raiser, Section 10, P. O. Augusta, is a native of Ohio; was born in Ross County, February 22, 1824. Was reared and educated in Champaign County. For several resided in Illinois, where during the war he enlisted in the Eighty-sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, being mustered into the Thirty-second, in which he served nine months. In 1866 he came to Kansas, locating in Leavenworth County, where he followed farming until 1876, when he became a resident of Butler County. Mr. B. was married in Ohio to Miss Adaline Helmer. They have three children - Herbert L., Mary Ellen B. and Lettie.

James G. Blue. Residence Halleck IL; Enlisted on 9/27/1864 as a Private. On 9/27/1864 he was drafted into "A" Co. IL 32nd Infantry He was Mustered Out on 6/3/1865.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: BLUE, JAMES G. Rank: PVT. Company: A. Unit: 32 IL US INF. Personal Characteristics. Residence: HALLECK, IL. Age: 44. Height: 5' 11. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes: BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: CHAMPAIGN CO, OH. Service Record. Joined When: SEP 27, 1864. Joined Where: PEORIA, IL. Period: 1 YR. Muster In: SEP 27, 1864. Muster In Where: PEORIA, IL. Muster Out: JUN 3, 1865. Muster Out Where: WASHINGTON, D. C.

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John H. Poffinbarger

Picture publish date 1905.
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John H. Poffinbarger.

Birth: Apr. 30, 1844, Ohio.
Death: Oct. 14, 1917.

Farther: John Poffinbarger. Mother: Sorrenia Simmerl Poffinbarger.

Wife Rebecca Jeffiries Poffinbarger (1849 - 1953).

Married June 17, 1866.

Children: John H. Poffinbarger (1873 - 1954)., Grace M Poffinbarger Karns (1890 - 1963).

Burial: McGill Cemetery, Potwin, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr.  Poffinbarger came to Butler county in 1871, and settled in section 14, of Plum Grove township.  He had a 320 acre farm which he was a farmer and stock raiser.  His post office address was Potwin, Kansas which was 6 miles south west of the farm. 

Mr.  Poffinbarger was a veteran of the Civil War, enlisted in the Missouri 23rd., infantry, CO. D., December 19, 1861, as a private, age 18, Mustered in the same day.  Badly wounded at the battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862.  Discharged June of 1863.

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Henry Latta.

Picture publish date 1921.
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Henry Latta.

Birth: 1865.
Death: 1930.

Wife: Blanche Latta (1871 - 1959).

Children: Grace Latta Denney (1905 - 1994), Ellen Latta b., 1903, Kansas., William Latta b. 1911, Kansas.

Burial: Upchurch Cemetery, Norwich, Kingman County, Kansas.

Mr. Latta came to Kingman County in 1900, and settled in section 25, of Canton Township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser his farm was 360 acres.  His post office address was Norwich, Kansas which was about 8 miles north-east of the farm.

Henry H. Ratzlaff.

Picture publish date 1905.
Henry H. Ratzlaff..

Birth: Unknown.
Death: February 26, 1908.

Burial: Hawkeye Cemetery, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr.  Ratlaff came to Decatur County in 1904 and settled in section 22, of Cook Township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, his farm was 320 acres.  His post office address was Selden, Kansas which was in Sheridan County, Kansas, which was 6 miles south of the farm.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Samuel Erwin Morlan.

Picture publish date 1904.

Samuel Erwin Morlan.

Birth: Nov. 8, 1821.
Death: Apr. 2, 1906.

Wife: Anna Byers Morlan (1842 - 1905).

Children: Samuel E. Morlan, Clara Morlan.

Burial: White Rock Cemetery, Republic County, Kansas.

Mr.  Morlan was a Merchant in Courtland, Kansas.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jacob F.R. Gundelfinger

Picture publish date 1906.
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Jacob F.R. Gundelfinger.

Birth: Sep. 17, 1834, Germany
Death: Sep. 28, 1920.

Wife's: Marie M. Hotz Gundelfinger, Elisabeth A. Gundelfinger (1839 - 1885).

Children: George W., John F., Caroline F., Celia Ann, Rosena, and Lizzie E. Gundelfinger.

Burial: Hanover Cemetery, Hanover, Washington County, Kansas.

Mr.  Gundelfinger came to Washington County in 1860, and settled in section 5., of Hanover Township. He was a farmer and in time he would own 447 acres.  His post office address was Hanover, Kansas, which was about 2 miles south of the farm.

Joshua B Hubble.

Picture publish date 1904-5.
Joshua B Hubble.

Birth: Dec. 11, 1853, Kentucky..
Death: Feb. 13, 1937.

Wife: Harriett A Hubble (1855 - 1928), b. Kentucky.

Children: Mattie Hubble McGee (1883 - 1929), b. Kansas, Maud Hubble, b. Kansas.

Burial: Stockton Cemetery, Stockton, Rooks County, Kansas.

Mr.  Hubble came to Rooks County in 1879, and settled in section 26, of Farmington Township, where he was a Farmer and   Stock Raiser on 320 acres.  His post office address was Stockton, Kansas which was 6 miles south of the farm.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Corbitt C Chapman

Picture publish date 1904-5.
Corbitt C Chapman.

Birth: 1846.
Death: 1930.

Wife: Caroline Chapman (1850 - 1909).

Burial: Stockton Cemetery, Stockton, Rooks County, Kansas.

Mr. Chapman came to Rooks County in 1887, and settled in section 3 of Hobart Township.  He also owned land in section 4, in all he had a farm of 640 acres.  He was a Farmer and Breeder of Registered and Graded Short Horn Cattle and Poland China Hogs.  His post office address was Stockton, Kansas which was about 6 miles north-east of the farm.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

John D. Brown.

Picture publish date 1902.
John D. Brown.

Birth: 1849, England..
Death: 1908.

Wife: Mattie E. Brown, b. Iowa.

Burial: Forest Park Cemetery, Anthony, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr.  Brown came to Harper county in 1880, and settled in Anthony,, Kansas where he ran a Real Estate and Farm loan business.

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Cyrus N. & Paris R. Teeter or Teater.

I'm looking for information on the following men.

Sixth Kansas Cavalry, company B. M.

These men are listed under the following names.

C. N. Teeter, Teater, Cyrus N. Teeter, Teater.
P. R. Teeter, Teater, Paris R. Teeter, Teater.

Private, Teater Cyrus N. enlisted Aug. 12, 1861, mustered in Aug. 12, 1861, Co. B. Promoted Sergeant. Sergeant Assigned to Co. M, April 8, 1865; pris'r of war, capt'd at Muzzard Prairie Ark., July 27, 1864. Mustered out April 8, 1865, DeVall's Bluff, Ark.

Private, Teater Paris R. enlisted Aug. 12, 1861, mustered in Aug. 12, 1861 Died of disease, Mound City, Kan., Sept. 25, 1861.

William L. Acton.

Picture publish date 1905.
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William L. Acton.

Birth: 1867, Iowa.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Alice E. Acton.

Wife and all children were born in Kansas.

Children: Etta M., Dora R., Alice M., Virgil S, and James W. Acton.

MR. Acton came to Decatur County in 1894 and settled in the town of Oberlin, Kansas where he owned a Livery business.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August F. P. Knollenberg.

Picture publish date 1905.
August F. P. Knollenberg.

Birth: Jan. 20, 1843.
Death: May 1, 1908.

Wife: Anna L. Knollenberg (1855 - 1915).

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr.   Knollenberg came to Butler county in 1886, and settled in section 2, of Augusta township.  He was a farmer and Stock Raiser, with a farm of 242.15 acres.  His post office address was Augusta, which was 3 miles south of the farm.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jacob Hoak.

Picture publish date 1902.
Jacob Hoak.

Birth: November, 1853, Ohio.

Death: 1908.

Wife: Alice Hoak, b. Ohio (1858 - 1933).

Children: Harry W., b., Ohio, Edgar, b., Kansas and Emma, b., Kansas.

Burial: Attica Cemetery, Attica, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr.  Hoak came to Harper county in 1886, and settled in section 16, of Lake township, he was a farmer.  He also owned land in section 9, in all he had 480 acres, the farm was known as the Bluff Creek Stock Farm.   His post office address was Attica, Kansas, which was about 4 miles south-west of the farm.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Lucky Dennis Long.

Picture publish date 1920
Lucky Dennis Long.

Birth: May 18, 1873, Xenia, Bourbon County, Kansas.
Death: Dec. 14, 1926, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas.

Parents: Silas A. Long (1841 - 1926), Emily Josephine Pottenger Long (1845 - 1928).

Wife: Bertha Willett Long.

Burial: Bronson Cemetery, Bronson, Bourbon County, Kansas.

Mr. Long was a Auctioneer in Bronson, Kansas. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joseph Price.

POSEPH PRICE. Among the best known and most highly respected farmers of Mound Valley township, Labette county, Kansas, is the gentleman whose name begins this sketch. He lives in section 20, township ^^, range 18, where he carries on diversified farming. Mr. Price was born in Wales, in 1832, and when he was but three weeks old his parents died of cholera.

Mr. Price has no kin-folk in America as far as he knows. When his parents died, he was claimed by an uncle, whose name was John Pierce. Later, this uncle was accidentally burned to death. ~Mr. Price followed coal mining in Wales, and in 1861 came to America, where he settled in Pennsylvania. There lie also mined, and afterward followed the same occupation in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. In 1872, he removed to Labette county, Kansas, having visited in the Sunflower- State during the previous year. He took up in Mound Valley township the southwest quarter of section 20, township 33, range 18, and subsequently bought a half section in Canada township. This claim in Mound Valley, his present home, was the only one not claimed by the railroad company.

He bought the farm from John Williams, and paid $750 for it. Later, he acquired title to the place. Mr. Williams had built a log house on the farm, and had broken about twenty-five acres of the land.' Air. Price has made many improvements and it is a very valuable piece of land. Pumpkin Creek enters near the center, on the north edge, and runs out near the southwest corner, thus affording a good supply of water. Mr. Price raises wheat, corn and oats, and cattle and hogs, having earned enough to buy other farms. He now owns 415 acres of land, and is a very prosperous man. He is a good manager, and much of his success has been due to that fact. He has been a diligent and conscientious worker, and has just cause to be proud of his home, which is one of the best in the county. He set out a goodly amount of hedge and a large number of trees, which bear fruit each year.

Mr. Price was married, in Wales, to Charlotte Andrews, who was born in 1825. They have been blessed with one daughter: Elizabeth Polly (Summers). She lives in the southwest part of Mound Valley township, and has five children, namely; William, aged twenty-one years; Olive, aged nineteen years; Eugene, aged sixteen years ; Ray, aged twelve years ; and Lorene, aged eight years.

Politically Mr. Price was formerly a Republican, and voted that ticket until Grant's second term. Since that time, he has been a follower of the Greenback party and the Union Labor party; and at present he is a Populist. Although he does not aspire to office, he takes an active interest in local politics. He was a member of the I. O. O. F. fraternity, in Wales. He is liberal in religious views. There is no farmer in Mound Valley township and throughout Labette county, who is held in higher esteem than Mr. Price. He is a man who keeps posted on all topics of the day, and is very fond of spending his leisure hours in reading standard literature. He, is a good neighbor, and his friends are many.

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Charles A. Ladd.

Picture publish date 1917.
Charles A. Ladd, Sr., came to Osborne county in 1876, and settled in section 8, of Bloom township.  Had a 200 acre called the Climax farm.  His post office address was Downs, Kansas, which was about 11 miles north of the farm.

Picture publish date 1917.
Charles A. Ladd, was born in North Carolina, his wife Sarepta Ladd, was born in Ohio.  They had the following children; A. Delbert A. Ladd, born Indiana, Charles A Ladd, born 1876, Kansas, Benjamin B. Ladd, born Indiana.

His son Charles A. Ladd Jr., lived in Osborne, Kansas, with his wife Elsie Ladd and their son Raymond Ladd, born in Kansas, the had one other son but name is unknown.

Authors note.  I got my information from Kansas County Plat Book 1917, and from Family-search.
But this family needs a lot more research, as you will see by taken this link.

Henry W. Fromme.

Picture publish date 1906.
Henry W. Fromme

A pioneer family of Kiowa County was that of Henry W. Fromme, who was born in Langenholzhausen, Lippedelmoldt, Germany, Oct. 19th, 1858. He immigrated to America at the age of 21, often recalling to his family that he arrived in Kiowa County with less than a dollar. From New York he worked his way west and spent about six months in the Chicago area, and about 4 years in Missouri before taking advantage of the homestead opportunities in Kansas. He chose a site about five miles Southwest of what is now Mullinville and filed under the homestead act.

Authors Note.  To learn more about Mr. Fromme and his family take this link.

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Daniel Weyrich Jr.

Picture publish date 1906
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Daniel Weyrich, Jr.

Birth: February 10, 1869 or 1870, Germany.
Death: February 25, 1954.

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas.

Wife: Lizzie Weyrich, b. about 1876, Illinois.

Mr.  Weyrich, came to Edwards County in 1878, and settled in section 12, of Jackson Township.  He was a Farmer and Stcokraiesr, had a 320 acre farm.  His post office address was Kinsley, Kansas, which was about 8 miles south-east of the farm.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

John Levi Cook.

Picture publish date 1907.
John Levi Cook.

Birth: Oct. 22, 1844, linton County, Indiana.
Death: Mar. 2, 1913, Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas.

Parents: Jeptha Dudley Cook (1823 - 1897), Zurilda E. Frazier Cook (1826 - 1858).

Wife: Sarah Jane Haller Cook (1844 - 1906)

Burial: Gove Cemetery, Gove, Gove County, Kansas.

Judge John L. Cook of Grove City, Kansas, is one of the most extensive farmers and stock raisers in Grove County.  He is a Hoosier, his birthplace being name Frankford, Indiana, where he was born October 22, 1844.  At the age of sixteen he enlisted in Lew Wallace's Zouaves, and served over four years in the Civil War, at the close of the war he married and started westward.  After four years in Wayne County, Iowa, and twelve years in Franklin County, Nebraska, he located in Grove County, Kansas, October 28, 1885, taking the first lot ever taken in Grove City, where he has since resided.

Eleventh Indiana Infantry
Lew Wallace's Zouaves.

John L. Cook, Private, Enlisted July 23, 1861, at Indianapolis, Indiana, in 11th Indiana Infantry, Co. G.   Appointed Sergeant.  Discharged July 26, 1865, at Baltimore, Maryland.

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Onaga Kansas.

This page is about the people of Onaga, Kansas.  Onage is in Mill Creek, Township, of Pottawatomie County, Kansas.  Although there were a lot of people living out side of Mill Creek Township who used Onaga as their post office address I will only list those who lived within Mill Creek Township.  The years covered on this page are; 1877, 1883, 1905 & 1912.
People Of Onaga, Kansas, 1883.
WILLIAM F. CHALLIS, attorney-at-law, Onaga, was born in Pontiac, Livingston Co., Ill., August 16, 1857. When ten years old, his parents removed with him to Kansas, settling at Wamego, Pottawatomie County. He was educated in the high school of that city. He studied law with R. S. Heick, of Louisville, and was admitted to the bar at the March, 1880, term of the District Court for Pottawatomie County. He moved to Onaga, and has been in practice there since. He is a notary public. He was married, July 10, 1879, at Louisville, Kans., to Miss Lizzie Riddell. They have two children - Leon, born April 11, 1880, and Ray, born June 10, 1882.
SILAS I. GRIFFIS, live-stock dealer, P. O. Onaga, was born in East Canada, June 20, 1849. At the age of eight years, his parents moved with him to Niagara County, N. Y. He was educated in an academy in Lockport, N. Y. In 1870, he came to Louisville, Kan., and has lived in Pottawatomie County since. He first engaged in farming. In 1880, the Sheriff of Pottawatomie County having resigned, he was appointed Sheriff by his excellency, Gov. St. John. He served until February, 1881, and has been in live-stock trade since. He was married, April 9, 1872, at Louisville, Kan., to Miss Emma A. Ingalabe. They have four children - Edith May, born November 24, 1873; Pete, March 27, 1876; Edna Maria, July 16, 1879, and Emma Mildred, September 16, 1881.
HENRY HOOVER, farmer, P. O. Onaga, was born in Henry County, Ind., April 19, 1839. In 1854 he came to Kansas and lived in Jefferson County until 1856, when he moved to Pottawatomie County, locating on the farm he now occupies. He is the oldest inhabitant of Mill Creek Township. In August, 1863, he enlisted in Company K, Eleventh Kansas Cavalry. He served with his regiment three years, was in the Price raid, and in a skirmish in which his regiment took part he was wounded, receiving a minie ball in the left arm. He has been a member of the District School Board. He was married, January 13, 1857, in Pottawatomie County, to Miss Melinda Eytchison. They have nine children: Laura C., now married; Nancy Ellen, William Merritt, Charles Henry, James Alfred, Edwin Elmer, Bessie May, Sarah Belle and Cicely Pearle.
WILLIAM HUTCHISON, farmer, P. O. Onaga, was born in Westmoreland County, England, April 12, 1824. At the age of eleven years, he came to America with his parents, settling in Canada. In 1848, he came to the United States, locating in Chillicothe, Ohio, engaging in the milling business. In March, 1862, he enlisted in Company M of the First Ohio Cavalry, serving nearly four years with the armies of the Cumberland and the Tennessee. Returned to Ohio after the war, and in 1868, came to Kansas, locating in Pottawatomie County, and was engaged in milling on Rock Creek, and in improving a farm. He mill was swept away in a flood, and since, he has been a farmer. He is a member of the A. F. and A. M. and the I. O. O. F. He was married, June 20, 1850, at Chillicothe, Ohio, to Miss Josephine Fritch. They have six children: Mary, Catherine, George, Thomas, Joseph and Flora.
JOHN P. KOENTZ, M. D., Onaga, was born in the Province of Gelderland, Holland, January 27, 1823. He was educated in a medical college at Amsterdam. Coming to America in 1849, he settled in Sheboygan County, Wis., where he was in practice. In 1855 he came to Kansas, locating in Leavenworth, where he lived four years, and then moved to Pottawatomie County, where he has been practicing his profession since, except when he was in the army. In 1862 he enlisted in Company K, of the Eleventh Kansas, and was promoted to Hospital Steward. He served in that capacity until the close of the war; was acting Post Surgeon most of the time. He returned to his farm at the close of the war, and in 1880 moved into the City of Onaga, where he still resides. He belongs to the G. A. R. He was married in October, 1865, at Little Santa Fe, Mo., to Miss Sarah M. White. They have three children: Walter William, Charles E., Christian H.
JEFFREY J. LA MORSNA, live-stock dealer, P. O. Onaga, was born in Upper Canada, September 21, 1846. In the fall of 1848, moved to Kalamazoo County, Mich., with his parents, where they lived until the spring of 1853, when they removed to Grundy County, Ill. He enlisted, March 4, 1864, in Company A of the One Hundred and twenty-seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and at the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., lost his left leg. Returned to Grundy County, Ill., where he remained until 1865, when he moved to Champaign County, where he lived three years. In 1868, he came to Kansas, settling on a farm in Clear Creek Township. In 1878, he moved to Onaga, and went into the livery business. In the spring of 1881, he returned to his farm, and again in December, 1882, returned to Onaga, and engaged in present business. He was married, March 4, 1872, to Miss Maria Clough, at Onaga, Kan. They have three children: John W., Eben H. And Girard C.
AMOS E. LANDON, banker, Onaga, Kan., was born in Pottsdam, N. Y., June 2, 1830. He was a farmer's boy, but on attaining his majority, he began railroading, which he continued until 1854, when he came to Kansas, settling on a farm in Jackson County. In 1859, he was elected Sheriff of the county, and re-elected two years after. In 1863, he was elected County Clerk, and served one term. In 1870, he came to Onaga, and has been in mercantile business here since. In 1881, he established his present banking-house, one of the substantial institutions of the town. He was married, July, 1854, at Ogdensburg, N. Y., to Miss Harriet H. Burt. They have four children, now all grown to maturity.
FRED MIDLAM, druggist, Onaga, was born in Oneida County, N. Y., June 28, 1837. At the age of seventeen, he went to Cleveland, Ohio, and learned the carriage-making trade, and worked there three years. During the mania for speculation in the oil regions of Pennsylvania he spent six years there, amassed a fortune and lost it again. He then moved to Erie, and lived there two years. In 1868, he settled at Kansas City, Mo., and for four years was in business as an undertaker, then ten years in railroading. In 1878, was assistant foreman of the bridging of the Kansas Central Railroad, and came to Pottawatomie County. He located at Onage, and in 1880, established the drug store which he still conducts. He is a Mason, and a member of the K of P. Was married, August 11, 1859, at Mentor, Ohio, to Miss Ellen Hoyt. They have one child, Nellie.
FRANKLIN MILLER, merchant, Onaga, was born in Fond du Lac County, Wis., August 3, 1852. When a boy, his parents removed to Milwaukee. He learned the carpenter's trade in that city. In the fall of 1869, he came to Kansas, settling on a farm three miles west of Onaga, in Pottawatomie County. He worked on the farm until 1878, when he sent to the town of Hollenburg, in Washington County, and engaged in the lumber trade with Charles Zable. The next year, returned to Onaga, and engaged in the bulding business. In August 1882, opened present business with his brother, Washington. They have a store 30x100 feet, basement same size, and have both rooms filled with an immense stock of hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural implements, wagons, etc., and do a large business.
THOMAS O'MEARA, merchant, Onaga, was born in Canada, June 6, 1831. When one year old, his parents removed with him to the United States, settling in Miami County, Ind. He was raised a farmer. In 1866, he came to Kansas and located in Atchison, where, with his brother, he began business in the grocery line. This continued two years, when he removed his business to Efflingham, and then to American City, Nemaha County, where he opened a stock of general merchandise. In 1878, moved to Onaga, Pottawatomie County, and has been in trade here since. He is a Mason, and is Worthy Master of Onaga Lodge, No. 188; also belongs to the K. of P. He was married, April 16, 1863, at Peru, Ind., to Miss Lizzie O'Brien. They have five children - Carrie, Nellie, Charles A., Anna and Leon.
JOSEPH PECHEUR, merchant, Onaga, was born in Lorraine, France, February 1, 1831. He was educated at a Normal school at Nancy, and was engaged in teaching in the public schools until he came to America, in 1864, He taught two years in Stark County, Ohio, and then moved to St. Clair County, Ill., where he lived for a short time. In 1868, he came to Kansas, settling on a homestead in Pottawatomie County, four miles from Onaga. In 1879, he moved to Onaga, built a business house, and opened a trade in general merchandise, and is still in the business. He is clerk of the school district, and an active man in all educational movements. He was married, August 2, 1880, at Seneca, Kan., to Mrs. Stephen Azier; each has children by former marriages.
F. A. REED, attorney and counselor-at-law, Onaga, was born in Kendall County, Ill, March 17, 1850. He was educated at Fowler's Institute, Newark, graduating in 1870. In 1871, he came to Kansas, locating at Louisville and starting the Kansas Reporter, which he published seven years, selling to a stock company that removed it to Wamego. He studied law, meanwhile, with R. S. Hick, and was admitted to the bar in 1873. Practiced at Louisville until November 1, 1881, when he moved to Onaga, where we now find him in practice, which is rapidly increasing. He was married, September 30, 1875, to Miss Rosa Hick of Louisville. They have two children - Pearl and an infant.
HENRY STORCH, banker, Onaga, was born in Poppenhausen, Bavaria, November 7, 1845. In 1867, came to America, landing in New York City April 8. Settled in Atchison, Kan., the coming fall, and engaged in clerking for three years. In August, 1873, he went to Muscotah, Kan., and began business as a merchant on his own account with a general stock. This he continued until February, 1872, when he built himself a store building 24x85 feet, in Onaga, Kan., where he moved his stock of goods and continued business until June 1881, when he took as partner E. B. Landon. In 1882, he built a fine stone building 25x50 feet, two-story and a basement, the first story occupied by the Onaga Exchange Bank, Henry Storch & Co., and the upper story being used for various offices. He is a Mason and member of K. of P. Was married, November 19, 1878, at Atchison, Kan., to Miss Alice E. Hagaman.
HUGH SUTHERLAND, farmer, P. O. Onaga, was born near Inverness, Scotland, February 14, 1819. When a boy, he came to Canada with his father, and lived there four years. He afterwards came to the United States, settling at Cleveland, and was the book-keeper for a mercantile firm in that city until 1849, when he located in St. Louis and engaged in same business. In 1850, he went overland to California, and for a short time was engaged in mining. Then he entered the service of a mercantile house at Nevada City, in Nevada County, where he continued until 1853, when he again made the overland journey to Missouri. He settled in Weston, and for a time followed his old business. His health declining, in 1857 he gave up mercantile life and moved on a farm in Jackson County, Kan., where he lived until 1865, when he moved to Pottawatomie County, locating on a farm, where he now lives. In 1872, he was-elected a County Commissioner, and re-elected in 1874, serving four years. While a citizen of Jackson County, he served several years as a Justice of the Peace. He is a member of the Masonic order. Was married at St. Louis, Mo., January, 1851, to Miss Hannah Mary Strickland. They have eight children - John, Mary Ellen (Mrs. S. A. Regar), Jenneatte (Mrs. D. H. Crum), George D., Lorena, Ida May, Nettie and Maud.
SAMUEL H. TAYLOR, farmer, P. O. Onaga, was born in Delaware County, Ind., October 6, 1833. He was raised a farmer. In the fall of 1859, he came to Kansas, settling in Mill Creek Township, where he now lives. In the spring of 1875, he moved to Oregon, where he lived three years. Returned in the fall of 1877, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. In 1864, he was in the Twentieth Regiment of Militia during the Price raid. He has been Constable and Deputy Sheriff for several years. He was married, in Delaware County, Ind., to Miss Nancy Godlove. They have five children - Harvey, Perry, Mary Ann, Martha and Carrie.
Onaga Post office History.
Onaga, post office open December 3, 1877 and was still open in 1961.  First post master was Amos E. Langdon.
People of Onaga, Kansas, 1905.
The date beside the name is the year they came to the county. 

William Berges, Farmer, 1871.
F. W. Brunkow, Farmer, 1883.
R. H. Brunkow, Farmer, 1874.
J. J. Brunner, Farmer, 1870.
August Buchhole, Farmer, 1865.
Steve Conden, Flour and Feed Mill, Onaga City.
F. F. Crevecouf, Farmer, 1870.
O. W. Grover, Farmer, 1861.
Herman Hartwick Jr., Farmer, 1874.
H. Hetzler, Farmer, 1886.
William Honig, Farmer, 1872.
Paul Jeanneret, Farmer, 1877.
Charles W. Kolterman, Farmer, 1869.
Ed. Kolterman, Farmer, 1867.
C. F. Kuehl, Farmer, 1868.
Adolph Lindeman, Farmer, 1866.
G. W. Regar, Farmer, 1865.
E. F. Richardson, Physician & Surgeon, Onaga City.
Phil Schwarz, Stock Raiser, Onaga City, 1870.
Lynn Swartzt Co., ( W. H. McGowen, Manger ), GEneral Merchandies, Onaga City.
August Tessendorf, Farmer, 1890.
A. F. Wegner, Farmer, 1868.
George Young, Farmer, 1891.
Charles Zabel, Farmer, 1882.
Onaga Kansas 1912.

Onaga, one of the incorporated cities of Pottawatomie county, is located in the northeastern part of the county at the junction of two lines of the Union Pacific R. R. and on the Vermillion river, 20 miles from Westmoreland, the county seat. It has 2 banks, a weekly news  paper (the Herald), and is a shipping point for grain, live stock, fruits and produce. The population in 1910 was 800. There are express and telegraph offices and an international money order post office with five rural routes. The town was first platted in 1877 by Paul F. Havens, the president of the railroad. An addition was made to it in 1878. There v/ere only two families on the town site at that time .  Amos E. Langdon and J. B. Hubbell.