Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Charles A. Ladd.

Picture publish date 1917.
Charles A. Ladd, Sr., came to Osborne county in 1876, and settled in section 8, of Bloom township.  Had a 200 acre called the Climax farm.  His post office address was Downs, Kansas, which was about 11 miles north of the farm.

Picture publish date 1917.
Charles A. Ladd, was born in North Carolina, his wife Sarepta Ladd, was born in Ohio.  They had the following children; A. Delbert A. Ladd, born Indiana, Charles A Ladd, born 1876, Kansas, Benjamin B. Ladd, born Indiana.

His son Charles A. Ladd Jr., lived in Osborne, Kansas, with his wife Elsie Ladd and their son Raymond Ladd, born in Kansas, the had one other son but name is unknown.

Authors note.  I got my information from Kansas County Plat Book 1917, and from Family-search.
But this family needs a lot more research, as you will see by taken this link.

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