Sunday, June 30, 2013

George Best.

George Best, came to Wilson County in 1870, and settled in section 29, of Verdigris township, he had a 160 acre farm which he was a farmer and Stock Raiser.  He lived about 15 miles north-west of Fredonia which was his post office address.

He was a Civil War Veteran, enlisting into the 33rd., Indiana Infantry, Co. A. August 30, 1861, at the age of 23, enlisted at Indianapolis.  Discharged July 21, 1865.  Promoted to Sergeant May 31, 1865, appointed Corporal November 1861.  Reduced for being absent without leave, November 26, 1862.  Veteran.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

John M. Chittenden

Picture plub. date 1903.
John M. Chittenden.

Birth: Jul. 24, 1858.
Death: May 2, 1934.

Spouse: Sarah Bruce Jack Chittenden (1861 - 1933).

Children: Bruce W. Chittenden (1912 - 1922).

Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Mr. Chittenden, came to Chautauqua County and settled in section 5, of Belleville township.  He was a farmer, had 120 acres, lived about 3 miles west of Chautauqua which was his post office address.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sise Wiggins.

Picture plub. 1921.
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Sise Wiggins.

Birth: 1869, Iowa.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Ida M. Wiggins.

Children: Caroline Wiggins and Winefred Wiggins.

Mr. Wiggins came to Decatur County in 1874, and settled in section 19, of Grant township.  He was a farmer and had a farm of 80 acres.  HIs post office address was Lebanon, Neb.

William W. Bell.

Picture plub. date 1904.
William W. Bell.

Birth: 1829.
Death: 1916.

Wife Mary A., 1840-1933.

Burial: Yates Center Cemetery, Yates Center, Woodson County Kansas.

When Mr. Bell came to Woodson County he settled in section 28, of Everett township.  He was a farmer.  His post office address was Yates Center.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

James J. Sisson.

Picture plub. date 1919.
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James J. Sisson.

Birth: 1841.
Death: 1929.

Wife's : Katie B., 1847-1874., Mary A., 1850-1926.

Burial: Harveyville Cemetery, Harveyville, Wabaunsee County, Kansas.

Came to Wabaunsee in 1876, from Benton County, Iowa and settled in section 30 of Plumb township.  He had a 240 acre farm called Grand View.  Mr. Sisson was a pioneer of Wabaunsee County.  He lived about 5 miles  north-west of Harveyville, Kansas which was his post office address.

Mr. Sisson was a Civil War Veteran.

James J. Sisson, Private, Enlisted 13th., Iowa Infantry, Co. D., October 10, 1861, Mustered in October 21, 1861, Age 21, Residence Ioka, Nativity of Indiana.  No other information.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

George Beswick Sr.

Picture Plub. Date 1906.
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George Beswick.

Birth: October 29, 1835.
Death: October 29, 1914.

Burial: Parallet Cemetery, Clifton, Washington County, Kansas.

When Mr. Beswick came to Washington County he settled in section 32, of Sherman township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser.  He also own land in section 33, in all his farm was 640 acres.  He lived about 6, miles south-east of Palmer, Kansas which was his post office address.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Josiah Benjamin Frager.

Picture plub. date 1906.
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Josiah Benjamin Frager.

Birth: Mar. 28, 1843, Williams County, Ohio.
Death: Apr. 28, 1918, Washington County, Kansas.

Parents: Jacob Israel Frager (1818 - 1898). Lydia Spangler Frager (1819 - 1888).

Wife's: Lucy Ann Nason Frager (1843 - 1926), Etta Angeline Newell Frager (1859 - 1951).

Children: Edwin Elsworth Frager (1866 - 1886), Lincoln Lewellen Frager (1868 - 1926), Albert Walter Frager (1880 - 1932), Dora Mae Frager Day (1898 - 1966).

Burial: Washington Cemetery, Washington, Washington County, Kansas.

Mr. Frager, came to Washington County in 1869.  In the Civil War he enlisted in as a private in the Ohio Third, Cavalry, Co. H., August 20, 1861, Age 18, for three years.  Mustered out October 3, 1864, at Columbia, Tennessee, on expiration of term of service.   Received a pension of $6, per month for dis. of abdominal viscera, pension started December, 1882.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Isaac Newton Holcomb.

Picture plub. date 1906.
Isaac Newton Holcomb.

Birth: April 20, 1843.
Death: January 3, 1910.

Burial: Atwood Fairview Cemetery, Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas.

Mr. Holcomb came to Rawlins county in 1886, and settled in section 3, of Atwood township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser.  He lived about 3 miles north-east of Atwood, Kansas which was his post office address.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Joseph Brennemann

Picture plub. date 1904.
Joseph Brennemann.

Birth: Nov. 22, 1822.
Death: Jul. 9, 1914, Republic County, Kansas.

Wife: Elsie Brennemann (1838 - 1905).

Children: Sidney E Brennemann (1869 - 1904).

Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, Narka, Republic County, Kansas.

Mr. Brennemann, came to Republic County in 1886, and settled in section 23, of Albion township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser, his farm was 640 acres.  He lived about 2, miles south-east of Narka, Kansas which was his post office address.

Author note.  His last name was also spelled ( Brinneman )

William E. Steed.

Picture plub. date 1906.
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William E. Steed.

Birth: 1850.
Death: 1938.

Burial: Whitfield Cemetery, Graham County, Kansas.

Mr. Steed came to Graham County in 1882, and settled in section 2, of Pioneer Township, he was a farmer and stock raiser.  He liver about 6 miles south of Densmore, Kansas, which is in Norton County, this was his post office address.

Friday, June 21, 2013

John Wesley Wooddall.

Picture plub. date 1903.
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John Wesley Wooddall.

Birth: Nov. 18, 1838, Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia.
Death: Dec. 24, 1923, Cave Springs, Elk County, Kansas.

Burial: Mount Zion Cemetery, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Wooddall, settled in section 5, of Liberty township of Elk County, Kansas, was a farmer and lived about 6 miles south of Severy, Kansas, which is in Greenwood County, this was his post office address.

Mr. Wooddall was a Civil War Veteran, was in the Kansas Ninth Cavalry, Company H., Enlisted and mustered in November 25, 1862, was assigned to the new Company C., he was discharged for a disability on June 25, 1865.

Authors note.  To learn more abut his family take this link.

Solomon L. Dusher.

Picture plub. date 1906.
Solomon L. Dusher.

Birth: 1834.
Death: 1915.

Wife: Ophella M. Dusher, 1842-1915.

Children: Jacob T. Dusher, Margret O. Dusher and Daisy A. Dusher.

Burial: Wayne Cemetery, Lewis, Edwards County, Kansas.

J. T. & S. L. Dusher, ran a 400 acre farm.  They came to Edwards County in 1901, and settled in section 21 of  Wayne township, they were farmers and stock raisers.  They lived about 4 miles north-west of Lewis, Kansas, which was their post office address.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Major Clarkson Reynolds.

Picture date 1902.
Clarkson "Clark" Reynolds.

Birth: July 7, 1828, Reynolds Mills, Randolph County North Carolina..
Death: March, 1911, El dorado Springs, Cedar County, Missouri.

Wife: Olinda Bunnell Routh Reynolds...
Married May 23, 1852, Wayne County, Dalton, Indiana.
Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas.

Mr. Reynolds came to Douglas County in 1890, and settled in section 27, of Palmyra township.  He had a 100 acre farm which he was a farmer and stock raiser.  He got his mail from Baldwin, Kansas, which was about two miles south from the farm.

Mr. Reynolds was a Civil War Veteran.  He was in the sixteenth Kansas Cavalry, Field & Staff, mustered in October 8, 1864.  Mustered out with regiment December 6, 1865.

Update October 14, 2014.

The following information was given by Mrs. Lindalee Green, and she states;

Clarkson Reynolds is my great, great grandfather.  I would love to share with you the correct information and his birth and death dates, etc.  He and his wife Olinda were an amazing couple.  I am so proud of him! I am so proud of these two!  I will send info as I find it.  Here are 2 pages on the patent on the land you mentioned on Clarkson and Olinda.  It was actually 160 acres! I'm also sending a picture of  his wife, Olinda B. Routh Reynolds taken about 1853.

Push any picture to enlarge.
Page 1.
Page 2.

John Alm.

Picture plub. date 1900.
John Alm.

Birth: 1868.
Death: 1901.

Burial: Garfield Center (Mission Covenant), Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas.

John Alm came to Clay County in 1884, and settled in section 19, of Garfield township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser, his farm was known as the Elmwood Stock Farm.  His post office address was Clay Center which was 9 miles south of the farm.  Oscar, Kansas was only about a mile east of the farm. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joseph Henderson Hannon.

Picture plub. date 1905.
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Joseph Henderson Hannon.

Birth: Aug. 5, 1847, Columbus, Polk County, North Carolina.
Death: Mar. 1, 1928, Leon, Butler County, Kansas.

Husband of Martha A. Hannon Son of Thomas W. Hannon

Parents: Thomas Warren Hannon (1819 - 1882) Elizabeth Green Hannon (1821 - 1885)

Wife: Martha A Morgan Hannon (1845 - 1914).

Children: Elford W Hannon (1871 - 1952). John Lindsay Hannon (1876 - 1955). Bengiman H Hannon (1888 - 1889).

Burial: Leon Cemetery, Leon, Butler County, Kansas.

Mr. Hannon came to Butler County in 1884 and settled in section 21, of Little Walnut, township were he had a small farm, he was a farmer and stock raiser.  He lived about a half mile south of Leon, Kansas which was his post office address.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Henry Saxton.

Picture plub. date 1903.

Henry Saxton.

Birth: Feb. 26, 1825.
Death: Oct. 29, 1906.

Wife: Martha A Saxton (1840 - 1909).

Children: Henry B Saxton (____ - 1876), Infant Saxton (____ - 1865).

Burial: Mount Vernon Cemetery, Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas.

In 1903, Mr. Saxton lived in section 6, of Grasshopper Township of Atchison county.  He was a retired farmer, came to Atchison county in 1866.  His post office address was Everest, Kansas which was in Brown county, which was about 2 and a half miles north from where he lived.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

William McCracken

Picture plub. date 1905.
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William McCracken.

Birth: Mar. 16, 1826, Pennsylvania.
Death: Mar. 20, 1906. Burial: Park Cemetery, Sunnydale, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Wife: Mary McCracken, Born Ireland..

Mr. McCracken was a Fruit Grower and Nurseryman.  Came to Sedgwick County in 1872, from Pennsylvania, settled in section 22, of Grant Township.  In 1882 his Post Office address was Sunnydale.  In 1905, his Post Office address was Valley Center.  In 1882 the farm was known as the McCracken  Nursery Fruit Farm.  In 1905 the farm was known as the Sunnydale Fruit & Flower Farm.

Sunny Dale & Sunnydale, Kansas.

Sunnydale, a hamlet in Sedgwick county, is located 12 miles north of Wichita, the county seat, and 6 miles east of Valley Center on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., the nearest railroad station and the post office from which it receives mail. The population in 1910 was 50.

Sunny Dale post office open February 15, 1877, and ran to September 14, 1894, first postmaster was Joseph Hutchinson.  Name changed to Sunnydale in September 14, 1894, and ran to July 31, 1901, first postmaster was Andrew Marshall.

Authors note.  This shows way McCracken post office address change.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Noah S. Surface

Picture plub. date 1918.
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Noah S. Surface.

Birth: February 23, 1845, Ohio.
Death: May 6, 1940.
Burial: Brazoria Cemetery, Brazoria, Brazoria County, Texas.

Noah S. Surface, born in 1845, Ohio.  Married Druzilla Whitted, they have eight children.  He is a pioneer farmer and director of the First National Bank, came to Osage County in 1870.  He lives in section 16, of Valley Brook township, of Osage County, Kansas.  He gets his mail from Lyndon, Kansas.  He was a Civil War Veteran enlisting in the 156th, Ohio, infantry Co. A., on May 2, 1864, age 19, service 100 days.  Mustered out with company September 1, 1864

Nels Anderson Family, Osage County Kansas.

Nels Anderson

Birth: Apr. 15, 1826, Sweden
Death: Aug. 29, 1909

The Carbondale Post Osage County Thursday September 9, 1909
Nels Anderson Passes Away.

Nels ANDERSON was born April 15th, 1826 at Onestad, Sweden and died after an illness of eight months at the home of his son, Nels Anderson, August 29, 1909, aged 83 years, 4 months and 14 days. He came to Kansas from Sweden in 1871 where he was a successuful farmer. In 1851 he was united in marriage to Miss Kiersle PAULSON. His wife died April 5th, 1896, aged 72 years, 10 days. To this union were born seven children, four sons and three daughters. Two sons are living, Nels Anderson and Peter Anderson both of Fairfax township. Mr. Anderson became a member of the Swedish Lutheran Church at the age of 15 years and has ever since remained a consistant and faithful member. He leaves two sons and many other relatives to mourn his death.

Wife: Kjersti Anderson (____ - 1896).

Burial: Mount Zion Cemetery Osage County, Kansas.


Nels N. Anderson, born in Sweden, in 1857, came to Osage County in 1870.  Married Araminta Gross, the had six children.  He is a farmer and breeder of registered Hereford cattle and thoroughbred Poland Chiaa Hogs, lives in section 28, of Fairfax Township of Osage County.  He gets his mail from Scranton, Kansas. He died in April 18, 1934,  Burial: Mount Zion Cemetery Osage County, Kansas.


Peter Anderson, born in Sweden, in 1865, came to Osage County in 1870.  Married Myrtle Branson, they had six children.  He is a farmer and breeder of Shorthorn and Hereford cattle.  His farm is known as the Plum Creek Farm, which is in section 22, of Fairfax Township, of Osage County, Kansas.  He gets his mail from Scranton, Kansas.  Burial is unknown.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peter Robidoux

Pictures Plub. date 1908.
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Peter Robidoux.

Birth: Mar. 23, 1850, Saint-Remi Quebec, Canada.
Death: Oct. 9, 1927, Wallace County, Kansas.

Wife: Alice Cecilia Barry Robidoux (1865 - 1942).

Children: Aline Mary Robidoux Madigan (1885 - 1954). Peter James Robidoux (1890 - 1923). Ramona Hortense Robidoux Bowman (1895 - 1980). Louis William Robidoux (1899 - 1974).

Burial: Fort Wallace Cemetery, Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas.

Mr. Robidoux was born in Quebec, Canada, settled in Kansas 1868, married to Alice Barry.  He is owner of large tracks of land in Wallace, Sherman and Sheridan counties.  His ranches are well irrigated, stocked and improved and all the land is fenced in.  He has served as Postmaster of Wallace, Kansas from 1873- 1884.

Place and date is unknown.
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PETER ROBIDOUX is president of the State Bank of Wallace County. Great herds of cattle with the Robidoux brand and ownership graze over pastures and ranches comprising 30,000 acres of land. But besides the significance given by these material possessions to the name Mr. Robidoux is also an interesting character by reason of his pioneer residence on the western frontier of Kansas. He and his family connections have been identified with Wallace County and the surrounding territory from the time it was first opened to white settlement by reason of the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. Ranching, agriculture, merchandising and banking and all the other important interests of that vicinity have recognized Peter Robidoux as a leader for over forty years.

As his name indicates, he is of French ancestry. The Robidoux family some generations ago left France and settled in Lower Canada, in the Province of Quebec. Peter Robidoux may therefore be called a French Canadian by birth. He was born at St. Remy, Canada, March 23, 1850. His father, Peter, Sr., was born in Quebec in 1825, spent his life in that Province, and died at Henryville, Quebec, October 30, 1897. He married Mary Ann Isabelle, who was born in Quebec in 1825 and died at Henryville May 14, 1896. Peter, Sr., spent his life as a farmer. He was a devout Catholic and reared his family in that faith. His children were: Souphranie, born March 31, 1848, is now living at Iberville, Quebec, the widow of Ed Trambly, who was a blacksmith and died in Massachusetts; Alfred, born in 1849, died in infancy; Peter, Jr., third in the family; Joseph, born April 3, 1853, a general merchant at Benkelman, Nebraska; Dumina, born December 24, 1854, came to Wallace County and was a homesteader and farmer there ten years, after which he returned to Canada and died in 1913; Albert, born May 19, 1859, was for a number of years a rancher in Wallace County, where he located in 1877, and died at Wallace May 19, 1912; Auzilda, born May 6, 1860, married Erienne Meunier and they live at Iberville, Quebec, where he is a farmer; Emma died at the age of twelve years; Arthur, born August 22, 1868, is a barber at Fall River, Massachusetts.

All the successive steps in the career of Mr. Peter Robidoux can not be recounted, but the following facts will indicate that he began life dependent on his own exertions and with not as many advantages as the average high school graduate of today. From the age of six to twelve he attended the parish school in his country district, and his teacher throughout that period was the same man, Edward Lafond. When about twelve years of age he left school on one Friday and on the following Monday walked fifteen miles from home to begin work in a country store. The first year he was paid $1.50 a month, after which his wages were doubled and he got $36 for the second year. Further experience and training in merchandising came by six months' employment in a store at St. John, Canada. In the fall of 1867 he arrived in the United States, locating at Mantino, Illinois, and worked for his board during January and February. March 1, 1868, he hired out to a farmer, and worked steadily until the 10th of August. At that date he went to Chicago, where he invested practically all his savings in a railroad ticket that would take him to the end of the railroad, then the old Kansas Pacific. The railway terminus at that time was Hays City, Kansas. He reached there without a single penny, and during the following year worked as a common laborer with the Kansas Pacific Railway. Following that came an experience of ten months as a barkeeper at Kit Carson, Colorado. Returning to Kansas, he was clerk in the old Kansas Pacific Hotel at Ellis for two years under Hon. John H. Edwards.

In that time Mr. Robidoux came to know much of western ways and men, and had developed his owe self-reliance and enterprise to a point where he could make his experience useful to himself. In 1873 he located as a pioneer at Wallace, and was one of the first merchants at that small railroad town. He continued a merchant until 1893, but in the meantime his interests had expanded to cover a large field. In 1878 he entered the cattle industry, homesteading 160 acres and taking a tree claim of 160 acres. In his cattle operations he used the open range and did not become an individual owner of more land until 1903, since then he has been investing heavily in Kansas lands until he now owns 30,000 acres in Wallace County. He raises and feeds every year great bunches of cattle, hogs and mules, and for forty years his name has figured conspicuously among the cattle men of Western Kansas. In 1911 Mr. Robidoux bought a modern home at Wallace, a residence which was erected by another pioneer citizen in 1882, H. H. Clark.

The State Bank of Wallace County, of which Mr. Robidoux is president, was established under a state charter in 1907. George R. Allman is vice president and Frank Madigan is cashier. This is a solid and substantial institution, with a capital of $10,000 and surplus and profits of $7,500. In politics Mr. Robidoux is a republican.

February 11, 1885, at St. George, Kansas, he married Miss Alice Barry. To their marriage were born four children: Aline Mary, born December 19, 1885, finished her education at Manhattan, being a graduate of the high school and also a student in Manhattan College. She is now the wife of Frank Madigan, cashier of the Wallace County State Bank. Peter James Robidoux, born August 31, 1891, is a graduate of Manhattan High School and attended Manhattan College and is now ranching under his father. Ramona Hortense, born July 27, 1895, is assistant cashier in her father's bank. Louis William, born March 5, 1899, is assisting his father on the ranch and finished his education in the Salina Business College.

James Barry, father of Mrs. Peter Robidoux, also deserves special mention among the prominent pioneers of Western Kansas. He was born January 12, 1828, in Ireland, and when about two years of age was brought to America by his parents, who first located at Covington, New York. He grew up there and married Mary Fitzgerald. In 1859 they moved to the vicinity of Kankakee, Illinois, and in 1862 set up their home in St. George, Kansas, owning a farm between Manhattan and St. George. James Barry was for eighteen years in the employ of the Denver division of the Union Pacific Railway Company as road master. His headquarters from 1870 to 1875 were at Wallace, his supervision of the railway extending west to Denver. During that time Mrs. Barry kept the pioneer hotel at Wallace. After retiring from the railway James Barry returned to St. George, living there until March 1, 1908, at which date he built a residence on North Juliette Avenue in Manhattan, and died there a few months later. His widow is still living in Manhattan.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silas H. Bacon.

Picture plub. date 1904.
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Silas H. Bacon.

Birth: December 1843.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Lydia A. Bacon.

Married about 1868, married for 32 years.

Mr. Bacon lived in the town of Narka, Kansas which is in Republic County.  He came to Republic County in 1883 and settled in Narka and started a business as a livery and breeding stable.  He also was a coal dealer.

Civil War Veteran. 

ILLINOIS STATE ARCHIVES. Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: BACON, SILAS H. Rank: PVT. Company: I. Unit: 91 IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence: WHITEHALL, GREENE CO, IL. Age: 18. Height: 5' 8. Hair: DARK. Eyes: GRAY. Complexion: DARK. Marital Status: SINGLE. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: WHITEHALL, GREEN CO, IL.

Service Record. Joined When: AUG 8, 1862. Joined Where: WHITEHALL, IL. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: SEP 8, 1862. Muster In Where: CAMP BUTLER, IL. Muster Out: JUL 12, 1865. Muster Out Where: MOBILE, AL.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Judge John L.Cook.

Picture plub. date 1907
John Levi Cook.

Birth: Oct. 22, 1844, Clinton County, Indiana.
Death: Mar. 2, 1913, Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas.

Parents: Jeptha Dudley Cook (1823 - 1897)
Zurilda E. Frazier Cook (1826 - 1858)

Wife: Sarah Jane Haller Cook (1844 - 1906).

Burial: Gove Cemetery, Gove, Gove County, Kansas.

John L. Cook of Gove City, Kansas is one of the most extensive farmer and stock raisers in Gove County.  He is a Hoosier, his birth place being near Frankford, Indiana, where he was born October 22, 1844.  At the age of sixteen he enlisted in Lew Wallace's Zouaves, and served over four years in the Civil War.  At the close of the war he married and started westward.  After four years in Wayne County, Iowa and twelve years in Franklin County, Nebraska, he located in Gove County, Kansas, October 28, 1885, taking the first lot ever taken in Gove City, where he has since resided.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Andrew Hawk.

Picture plub. date 1903.
Andrew Hawk.

Birth: February 4, 1825, Coshocton, county, Ohio.
Death: June 6, 1906.

Wife: Lavina M. Landes Hawk, 1844-1922.


Rachel Emily Hawk, 1857-1918.
Rutherford Hawk, 1877-1957.
John Andrew Hawk, 1880-1956.

Burial Effingham Cemetery, Effingham, Atchison County, Kansas.

Mr. Hawk came to Atchison county in 1883 and settled in section 8, of Benton township.  In 1903 was a retired farmer.  His far was of 320 acres which he stills lives.  The farm is about 4 miles north west of Effingham which is his post office address.

Authors Note.  To read more about Andrew Hawk and his family take this link.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Abe Giltner.

Abe Giltner.

Birth: 1837.
Death: 1920.

Burial: Wamego City Cemetery, Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.

Mr. Giltner came to Pottawatomie county in 1871, and settled in section 26, of Wamego township.  He had a farm of a 160 acres, was a farmer and Stock Raiser, he lived about 5 miles north-east of Wamego from which he got his mail and supplies.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

James Cadamy

Picture plub. date 1902.

James Cadamy.

Birth: 1850.
Death: 1927.

Burial: Forest Park Cemetery, Anthony, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr. Cadamy came to Harper county in 1883 and settled in Banner township in section 25.  He was the superintendent of the poor farm, his post office address was Anthony Kansas which was 7 miles south of the poor farm.  Why Anthony was his post office address when Harper Kansas was only 3 miles north of the poor farm, this author has no idea.

Monday, June 3, 2013

James Thompson.

Picture plub. date 1903.

James Thompson.

Birth: Jan. 2, 1840, Akron, Summit County, Ohio.
Death: Apr. 23, 1912, Elk County, Kansas.

Parents: Bowman Thompson (1811 - 1865). Elizabeth Canon Thompson (1813 - 1876).

Wife: Charlotte S Cliver Thompson (1843 - 1913).

Children: Elizabeth C Thompson Kinsell (1868 - 1951).

Burial: Green Lawn Cemetery, Grenola, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Thompson came to Elk county in 1903 and settled in section 1., of Greenfield township.  He was a farmer and Stock Raiser and dealer.  His farm was about 5 miles south of Grenola, Kansas, from which he got his mail and supplies.