Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Albert Watson Purinton.

Albert Watson Purinton.

Birth: Jun. 24, 1843, Lincoln, Addison County, Vermont.
Death: Aug. 6, 1918, Collyer, Trego County, Kansas.

Parents: Asa Purinton (1813 - 1902), Fannie Maria West Purinton (1810 - 1888).

Wife; Melissa Eliza Durkee Purinton (1844 - 1920). Children:

Charles Hurlburt Purinton (1866 - 1868), Leonard William Purinton (1868 - 1949), Alice Idella Purinton Tuttle (1872 - 1938), Florence Coralyn Purinton See (1875 - 1967).

Siblings: Cynthia Ann Purinton Gove (1840 - 1931), Electa Maria Purinton Gove (1841 - 1919), Albert Watson Purinton (1843 - 1918),Gabriel Huntington Purinton (1845 - 1931), Mary Elizabeth Purinton Gove (1850 - 1937),

Burial: Union Cemetery, Collyer, Trego County, Kansas.

Mr. Purinton came to Trego County, Kansas in 1878, and settled in section 32, of Franklin township.  He had a Farm, how many acres he had I was unable to learn. His post office address was  Banner, Kansas, he was Postmaster and a Merchant in Banner, Kansas, some time between 1878 and 1900, he mover to Collyer, Kansas. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Frank Killgore.

Frank Killgore.

Birth: August,1866, Missouri.
Death: Jan. 15, 1949, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington.

Parents: George S. Killgore (1839 - 1916), Samantha Ellison Killgore (1844 - 1910).

Wife: Maggie Killgore.

Children: Zenith Killgore (1893 - 1971), Harlan Killgore (1895 - 1925), Ivan and Faith Killgore.

Burial: Sumner Cemetery, Sumner, Pierce County, Washington.

Mr. Killgore came to Sumner County Kansas in 1896, and settled in the town of Caldwell Kansas.  There his business was that of a Jeweler and Optician.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stephen Gard Pound.

Stephen Gard Pound.

Birth: Jan. 21, 1856, Sullivan County, Indiana.
Death: Apr. 4, 1937, Stafford County, Kansas.

Parents: James David Pound (1832 - 1892), Sarah Eliza Mattix Pound (1830 - 1918).

Wife's: : Emily Jane Brown Pound (1859 - 1915), Martha Tyler Pound (1862 - 1935).

Children: Alice Pound (1880 - 1881), Ira Oscar Pound (1882 - 1931), Infant Son Pound (1890 - 1890).

Siblings: Nancy Caroline Pound Dellinger (1854 - 1930), Stephen Gard Pound (1856 - 1937), Emily Pound Gere (1861 - 1938), Isaac Martin Pound (1862 - 1937), Isabelle Pound Cook (1864 - 1895), Martha Elizabeth Pound Weir (1866 - 1923).

Burial:, Stafford Cemetery, Stafford, Stafford County, Kansas.

Mr. Pound came to Stafford, Kansas in 1877, and settled in section 21 of Ohio township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, on his 160 acre of land.  His post office address was St. John, Kansas, which is three miles north west from the farm. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Joseph H. Long

Publish date 1901.
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Joseph H Long.

Birth: 1848
Death: 1899.

Wife: Margaret E Long (1857 - 1920).

Burial: Belleville Cemetery, Belleville, Republic County, Kansas.

History of Joseph H. Long..

Joseph H. Long was born in Putnam county, Indiana, November 22d, 1848. While quite young the family moved to Iowa, where he grew to manhood. His father enlisted early in the war of the rebellion, leaving Joe to be the support of his mother and younger brothers and sisters. In the fall of 1863 he was discharged for disability and upon his return home Joe began trying to enlist. He was promised a position as teamster, but upon reporting at St. Louis was rejected. He then made eiforts to join the army at Alton, Mt. Sterling and Jacksonville, but each time rejected on account of his youth and slight form. Nothing daunted, he resolved to make another effort, and this time went to Springfield, Illinois, where he was accepted and mustered into Co. B, 152d regiment, Illinois infantry, in which he served until the close of the war, not being 17 years of age when mustered out.

At the close of the war he returned to Iowa, where he liv
ed until 1878, when he came to Kansas, and in 1883 to Belleville, which was his home until the time of his death. He was married to Miss Madge Bradley in June 1885. Mr. Long was an active worker in Grand Army circles, being a member of John Brown Post, No. 44, and its commander for the year 1889, and adjutant of the same for the years 1890-92-93-94-95-96-97 and 98. He was appointed post master at Belleville by President McKinley, taking charge of the office, with Mrs. Long as assistant, in April, 1899, but owing to failing health was unable to give it but little personal attention.

His health failed rapidly during the summer and on September 15th, 1899, he passed peacefully away. Mr. Long was intensely loyal, a man highly respected by all who knew him, for his high standard of moral character and spotless business integrity. He will always be remembered for his loyalty and devotion to the old flag. He was succeeded in the postoffice by his faithful wife, who is conducting the business in a highly satisfactory manner.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Charles Banner Lewis

Charles Banner Lewis.

Birth: Nov. 16, 1870.
Death: 1942.

Parents: William Hunter Lewis (1848 - 1928), Rachel Amanda Busbee Lewis (1853 - 1922).

Wife: Anna Lewis (1878 - 1941).

Children: Elsie Anna Lewis (____ - 1903)*, Amy Mae Lewis Erb (1897 - 1953), Florence L. Howard (1899 - 1977), Alice Lewis Moorefield (1905 - 1951), William A. Lewis (1908 - 1982), LaVerne V. Lewis Erb (1915 - 1986)*.

Siblings: Charles Banner Lewis (1870 - 1942), Samuel G. Lewis (1876 - 1961), Luie Ann Lewis Renner (1878 - 1968),Belle Lewis (1881 - 1972), Willis H. Lewis (1886 - 1969), Harrison Morton Lewis (1888 - 1954), Robert Allan Lewis (1892 - ____).

Burial: Locust Hill Cemetery, Rush Center, Rush County, Kansas.

In 1901, Mr. Lewis was living in Rush County, Kansas, in the township of Banner, in the town of Timken, Kansas.  While there he was a Grain Buyer and Postmaster. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

George L Bunsold.

George L Bunsold.

Birth: Jan. 30, 1864, Randolph County, Indiana.
Death: Jan. 16, 1929, Pratt County, Kansas.

Parents:, John S. Bunsold (1810 - 1873), Mary A.F. Bunsold (1825 - 1883).

Wife: Anna M. Curran bunsold, 1872-1962.

Children: Leo G Bunsold (1900 - 1966), Mary Bunsold (1902 - 1994), Alice P Bunsold (1904 - 1912), Margurite Bunsold (1906 - 1990).

Burial:,Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas.

Mr. Bunsold came to Pratt County, Kansas, in 1887, he settled in section 12 of Banner township.  He owned 160 acres of land.  His business was Livery and Stock.  His post office address was Cullison, Kansas, which was less then one mile north east from the farm.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

George E. Curry.

George E. Curry.

Birth: Oct. 17, 1836.
Death: Aug. 1, 1916

Wife: Mary A. Curry (1848 - 1913).

Children: Elzie Emmett Curry (1867 - 1946), Tillie Curry (1875 - 1895).

Burial: Potterville Cemetery, Cheyenne, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr. Curry came to Osborne county, Kansas, and settled in section 28 of Winfield township.  He owned 320   acres of land, he was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, he was also a Carpenter and Joiner,  He did Blacksmithing and all kinds Machinery repaired  Which was all done on his farm..  His post office address was Potterville, Kansas which was less then a half mile north from the farm.  

Mr. Curry was also a civil War Veteran, being in the Twentieth Ohio Infantry, Co. I.  Enlisted as a Private at the age of 25, on December 3, 1861, fore three years.  Was discharged August 2, 1862 on Surgeon's Certificate of disability.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ira Butler

Publish date 1902.
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Ira Butler.

Birth: Mar. 1, 1838, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana.
Death: Mar. 1, 1931, Brownell, Ness County, Kansas.

Wife: Alace, (1840-1925).

Children: Non listed.

Burial: Vansburgh Cemetery, Brownell, Ness County, Kansas.

Mr. Butler, came to Ness County, Kansas, in 1902 and settled in section 27, of Waring township. He owned around 635 acres which some was in section 22. He was a Farmer and Proprietor of the sunny Side farm. His post office address was Brownell, Kansas, which was less then a half mile north of the farm.  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Perry Thomas Bates.

Perry Thomas Bates.

Birth: Nov. 28, 1867, Preble County, Ohio.
Death: Jan. 5, 1953, Lewis, Edwards County, Kansas.

Perry Thomas Bates came to Marion County, Kansas as a railroader. He married Laura Mae Shields on March 22, 1893 in Marion, Marion County, Kansas. They had a son, Arthur John Bates, on August 4, 1894 who died shortly after birth. Perry and Laura adopted Charlie Ray, Jr. in 1895, giving him the name Chester Alexander Bates.

Wife: Laura Mae Shields Bates (1874 - 1956).

Children: Chester Alexander Bates (1895 - 1975).

Burial: Fellsburg Cemetery, Edwards County, Kansas.

Author.  Mr. Bates came to Marion County, Kansas in 1893, and settled in the township of Lehigh.  Lived in the town of Wadeck Kansas.  There he was a Agent for the C. R. I. & P. Ry.  He was also the Postmaster and a Merchant. ( 1902 ) 

Hugh William Allen

Hugh William Allen.

Birth: May 13, 1855, Tamarack, Will County, Illinois.
Death: Nov. 24, 1929, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Wife: Marian Barr Nairn Allen (1862 - 1939).

Children: Mary Elizabeth Allen Squire (1882 - 1967), William Allen (1884 - 1967), Myrtle May Allen Ruckle (1886 - 1975), Roy Ray Allen (1888 - 1978). Hugh William Allen

Burial: Burns Cemetery, Burns, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Allen came to Marion County, Kansas, in 1878, and settled in Milton township and settled in the town of Burns, Kansas, where he either owned or ran a Hotel and Meat Market.. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Frank Sharp.

Frank Sharp.

Birth: May 26, 1869, Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas.
Death: Jan. 26, 1904, Jackson County, Kansas.

Parents: William Sharp (1839 - 1918), Rebecca Abel Sharp (1848 - 1883).

Wife; Mary E. Stauffer Biggart (1871 - 1945).

Married December 24, 1894, Circleville, Kansas.

Children: Gerrine Valine Sharp Turner (1896 - 1943).

Sibling: Frank Sharp (1869 - 1904), Jesse Green Sharp (1873 - 1924).

Burial: Circleville Cemetery, Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas.

Mr. Sharp was born and lived his whole live in Jackson, County, Kansas, in the Township of Jefferson.  He lived in the town of Circleville, Kansas, over the yeas he was Postmaster,Collector, Notary Public and Insurance Agent. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Alonzo H. Williams.

Alonzo H. Williams

Birth: Sep. 27, 1843 Morgan County Ohio.
Death: Mar. 22, 1912 Holton Jackson County Kansas.

 Parents: Josiah W. Williams (1819 - 1910) Elizabeth McKeever Williams (1822 - 1896).

Wife's: Mary Agnes Graden Williams (1846 - 1874), Hattie Jones Smurr (1855 - 1925).

Children: Francis Ellsworth Williams (1868 - 1928),   Fannie Florence Williams (1871 - 1872),   Hattie Evelyn Williams Mallon (1886 - 1978).

Siblings: Alonzo H. Williams (1843 - 1912), Margaret Jane Williams Black (1845 - 1916), Charles C. Williams (1849 - 1853), Archibald M Williams (1851 - 1854), William Hollis Williams (1854 - 1944), Richard A Williams (1857 - 1900), Richard A Williams (1857 - 1900), Mary E Williams Fulton (1861 - 1917), Charles Sumner Williams (1866 - 1936).

Burial: Holton Cemetery Holton Jackson County Kansas.

The Holton Recorder, March 28, 1912:

Alonzo H. Williams was born in Morgan county, Ohio, September 27, 1843. In his fifteenth year he came with his parents to this state. The farm on which they located was in the southern part of this county where he shared the privations that pertained in those pioneer days. A few years later the Civil war began and as a youth of 19 years he enlisted in his country's cause. His first term of service began August, 1862, as a member of Company B, 11th Kansas Volunteer Infantry. Forced to return home because of serious illness he re-enlisted in Company B, 17th Kansas Cavalry and served in it until the wars close.

In October, 1865, he was united in marriage to Agnes Garden. Two children were born to them, Francis Elsworth and Fannie E. Williams. The daughter died in her eighth month and the mother passed away soon afterward. In 1874 he was united in marriage to Hattie L. Jones of Holton and to them were born four children, Bessie and Fred Williams of California and Evelyn Mallon and Florence Williams of Topeka.

For many years he has been a prominent citizen of this town. He was sheriff for several terms. For a number of years he was a partner of Mr. W. W. Naylor, in the drug business, while for five years he had charge of the City Hotel. For eight years he was postmaster at Holton which was likely his most conspicuous service in the town's interest. In February of last year he moved to Topeka and because of ill health he made a visit to California.

Returning eight weeks ago he rapidly grew worse and at last passed peacefully away Friday, March 22 ... the Masonic order had charge at the cemetery .... he finished his life's work in his 68th year, leaving behind to mourn his loss, three brothers, three sisters, a wife and five children .... Those who attended the funeral from away were C. S. and Hollis Williams, of Topeka, Mrs. Fulton, of Colorado, Mrs. Black, of Smith Center, Frank Williams, of Elgin, Arch McKeever, of Topeka.

The Holton Recorder, April 4, 1912:

Comrade A. H. Williams died of heart failure at the family home, 1264 Tyler street, Topeka, Friday, March 22 1912, The numerous friends of sister Hattie L. Williams, past president [G. A. R.].

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fred F Jackson.

Fred F Jackson.

Birth: Feb. 2, 1859.
Death: Jul. 12, 1901.

Wife: Ida M Jackson (1860 - 1934.)

Children: Soloman W., Laura M., Avis E., Ha ttie G. Jackson.

Burial:Hoyt Cemetery, Hoyt, Jackson County, Kansas.

Mr. Jackson came to Jackson County, Kansas and, Settled in Douglas Township.  Mr. Jackson was a Farmer, after he died in 1901, his wife became the Proprietor of the Jackson Hotel in Hoyt, Kansas,  (1903)  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

William A. Ader.

William A Ader.

Birth: 1855
Death: 1932.

Wife: Maria ( Marie) J Ader (1856 - 1937).

Children: Earnest C., Ord A., Dee, Marnie Z., Goldie M. Ader.

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado.

Mr. Ader came to Hodgeman County, Kansas in 1900, he Settled in section 33, of Hallet Township.  He was a Farmer and Postmaster of Hallet, Kansas.

He owned 160 acres of land and Hallet post office sat on his land.   He was Postmaster.

Hallet, Kansas.

Hallet was first called Holbrook, it ran from September 29, 1887 to April 20, 1905.  It was closed and renamed Hallet and ran from April 20, 1905 to April 20, 1920. 

Hallet, a post-hamlet of Hodgeman county, is situated in the town-
ship of the same name, in the Buckner creek valley about lo miles
southwest of Jetmore, the county seat and nearest railroad station

Thursday, September 10, 2015

John S. Hanway.

John S. Hanway.

Birth: November, 1835, Ohio.
Death: January 1, 1908.

First wife; Hellen M. ( Helen ), ( 1838-1881.)

Children: Lloyed, Mary S., Dalia ( Delia Hanway.)

Second wife: Georgia A. Hanway, ( 1859-1904. )
Married 1889, no children.

Burial: Unknown.

Wife's burials Spring Grove Quaker Cemetery, Lane, Miami County, Kansas.

Author.  There is no Lane Kansas, in Miami County, its in Franklin County.

Its not known just when Mr. Hanway came to Kansas, but he was in the Kansas Army in the 1860's.

In 1880 he was living in Franklin  County, Kansas, in the township of Potawatomie in the town of Lane Kansas, his occupation Marble dealer.  In the 1890's he became Postmaster of Lane, Kansas, servicing the years; May 1, 1897-April 20, 1903.

Mr. Hanway was a veteran of the Civil War, Servicing two Kansas Regiments.  The Third Kansas Indian Home Guards Co. A. & E. Mustered in as First Lieutenant, July 11, 1862, from Company C. Tenth Infantry, Private & Sergeant.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Major John A. Cline.

Its not known just when Major Cline came to Kansas, but he settled in Ford county in 1878.  He settled on section 17, of Wheatland township.  In 1878 a post office was started and a small store, the post office was called Bellefont.  A town was officially platted in July, 1885

Major Cline, was born On January 7, 1837. in Pennsylvania?. He was one of the founders of Bellefont, Kansas, along with George M. Hoover, who were the owners of the land.

Major Cline would become Postmaster and was a dealer in General Merchandise.

He was a Civil War Veteran being in the 155th., Pennsylvania Infantry Co. F.  Mustered in September 11, 1862; Promoted from Captain company K., January 23, 1865; Mustered out with regiment on June  2, 1865.

Major Cline received a pension, his wound; Gunshot to the left hand and Shoulder.  What battled he was wounded in is not stated.

Major Cline later moved to Edwards County, Kansas, near or in Kinsley, Kansas, where he died on July 10, 1915, leavening no wife or children that I can find.

His burial Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas..

Bellefont, Kansas.

Bellefont - Long before the village of Bellefont was officially established, it had a post office that first opened in April, 1878. A town was officially platted in July, 1885 by J.A. Cline and George M. Hoover, land owners, who believed that it would become a railhead for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. However, the railroad did not build a junction there as was hoped for and the community never developed very much. It did sustain for several years as a small farming community, once boasting a general store, a grocery store and a depot in its early years. By 1896, the post office was closed, but it reopened in 1904. By 1910, the population was just 40, but the town served as a shipping and supply point for that part of the county. The town's post office closed forever in June, 1957. Situated about 22 miles northeast of Dodge City on Highway 50, today there are but a few farms and a grain elevator.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Adin Waldron Finley

Publish date 1903.
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Adin Waldron Finley.

Birth: Sep. 25, 1866, Kane County, Illinois 
Death: Aug. 13, 1939, Elk Falls, Elk County, Kansas.

Wife: Mary Eliza Parmley Finley (1872 - 1942).

Children: Beulah Darling Finley Ransom (1897 - 1981), Grace Eugenia Finley Morton (1900 - 1967), Frederic Adin Finley (1906 - 1986).

Burial: Elk Falls Cemetery, Elk Falls, Elk County, Kansas.

Mr. Finley lived in Elk Falls Township in the town of Elk Falls, Kansas. He was in business of Live Stock, Grain an Hay.  He was also the Prop. of the River Ranch, Clear Creek Ranch and County Line Ranch

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Casper Wistar Shreve

Casper Wistar Shreve.

Birth: Jan. 31, 1833, Deerfield, Portage County, Ohio.
Death: May 14, 1912.

Parents: Thomas Curtis Shreve (1800 - 1878), Ann G. Coates Shreve (1802 - 1897).

Wife: Dora Utt Shreve (1861 - 1952).

Children: Priscilla Shreve (1887 - 1975), Charles W Shreve (1892 - 1903).

Sibling: Julia M Shreve (1831 - 1913), Casper Wistar Shreve (1833 - 1912).

Burial: Olive Branch Cemetery, White Cloud. Doniphan County, Kansas.

Mr. Shreve lived in Doniphan County, Kansas, in the town of White Cloud, Kansas.  In 1905 he was listed as a Druggist and a Notary Public.

George F. Shotwell

Publish date 1905.
Push to enlarge.
George F. Shotwell

Birth: December 1859, New York
Death: 1927.

Wife: Mamie L. Shotwell, ( 1868-1927.)
Married abt. 1888.

Children: Harold R., Anna S. Shotwell.

Burial: Janesville Cemetery, Hamilton, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Mr. Shotwell came to Butler County, Kansas, in 1898, and settled in Eureka, Kansas.  He was listed as a Farmer and Stock Raiser. Some time between 1905 and 1910 he moved to Greenwood county, where he died in 1927.

John B. King.

John B. King.

Birth: March 10, 1838, Louisiana.
Death: April 20, 1912.

Wife: Eliza King, b. Tennessee.

Children: John B., Henry, Marion, Minnie, Mary King.

Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Eldorado, Butler County, Kansas.

Its not known when Mr. King came to Butler county, however he was living in ElDInorado, Kansas before 1880. In  1868 he established a Merchant business, in Eldorado Kansas.

Mr. King was a Civil War Veteran,  being in the Kansas Ninth Cavalry Co. I.
Enlisted March 20, 1862, Mustered in same.  Discharged for  disability March 21, 1863, Fort Riley, Kansas..

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Birth: 1856-1857, Pennsylvania..
Death: Mar. 17, 1941.

Wife: Alice M. Weldon Houser.

Children: Inice W., Bornice M., Stella E., Alma A., Raymond R., Clifford P. Houser.

Burial: Grainfield Cemetery, Grainfield, Gove County, Kansas,

Mr. Houser came to Gove county, Kansas in 1884.settled in Grainfield township in the town of Grainfield.  There he was the Prop. of a Hotel and was a dealer in Real Estate.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

John J. Oldham.

John J. Oldham.

Birth: May 2, 1857
Death: Nov. 4, 1907

Wife: Margaret Oldham( 1870-1945 ).

Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery Kingman Kingman County Kansas,

Mr. Oldham Lived in Kingman County, Kansas, in Dale township in the town of Murdock.  There he was the proprietor of the New Murdock Roller Mills. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fred C Wendt.

Publish date 1900.  Push to enlarge.
Fred C Wendt. 

Birth: Feb. 17, 1859, Germany.
Death: Dec. 30, 1938.

Wife: Elida B Wendt (1863 - 1936).

Children: Albert Wendt, Fred C Wendt Jr. (1885 - 1975).

Burial: Rose Meron Cemetery, Oak Hill, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr. Wendt came to Clay County, Kansas in 1867, and settled in section 19 of Oak hill township. He was a Farmer on his 275.08 acres of land.  His post office address was Oak Hill, Kansas, which was about 2 miles south east from the farm.