Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Jacob Cooper Houser.

Birth: 1856-1857.
Death: Mar. 17, 1941.

Wife: Alce M. Wilson Houser.

Children: Inice W., Bernice M., Stella E., Raymond R., Alma A., Clifford P. Houser.. 

Burial: Grainfield Cemetery, Grainfield, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr, Houser came to Gove County, Kansas in 1884.  He settled in the township of Grainfield in the town of  Grainfield.  In 1910 he was a owner of a Hotel  He was also a dealer in Real Estate. He was also known to be a Farmer and owned a General Store.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

June Moyer.

June Moyer,

Birth: 1842.
Death: 1915,

Wife: Susanna Moyer (1839 - 1928)..

Children: John Henry Moyer (1877 - 1953), Charles E Moyer (1882 - 1970), Frank Cornelius Moyer (1883 - 1931).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, Geary County, Kansas.

Mr. Myer came to Geary County Kansas, in 1874. He settled in section 28 of Jefferson township. He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 108 acres of land.  His post office address was Junction City, Kansas which was 3 miles north west from the farm.

Mr. Moyer was also Civil War Veteran, Being in the Pennsylvania 116th, Infantry, Co. F. Private; Mustered in February 19, 1864; Mustered out with Company July 14,1865. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dr. Charles Paris Bartley.

Dr. Charles Paris Bartley.

Birth: 1866, Indiana.

Parents: Francis M. & Margaret Sullivan Bartley.

Wife; Flora D. Bartley.

Children: Benjamin E., Flora K. Bartley.

Burial:Crown Hill Cemetery, Excelsior Springs, Clay County, Missouri.

Dr. Bartley lived in Ford County Kansas, in the township of Spearville. He lived in the town of Spearville, Kansas. He lived there at lest from 1905 through 1910. He made his living as a Druggist He was Also Mayor of Spearville, Kansas.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

George H. Brown.

George H. Brown.

Birth: 1871 , Pennsylvania.
Death: Unknown.

Wife; Magretha or Margaret Brown, b 1874, Denmark.

Children: George H. Brown Jr., , James Harold Brown.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Brown came to Ellis County, Kansas, settled in Big Creek township ln 1878, settled in the town  of Hays City, Kansas.  In 1905 through 1910 he was in the business of General Blacksmithing and Horse shoeing. Lost all records of him after 1910.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jerome Beebe

Jerome Beebe.

Birth: Sep. 18, 1831, Michigan.
Death: Sep. 23, 1901.

Wife: Sarah W. Beebe (____ - 1908).

Married 1868.

Burial: Old Ellsworth Cemetery, Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, Kansas.

In1901 Mr. Beebe was living in Ellsworth County Kansas, in the Township of Ellsworth, in the city of Ellsworth Kansas.   He was a Dealer in Groceries and Hardware.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Frank C. Jardon.

Frank C. Jardon.

Birth: 1872.
Death: 1945, Douglas County, Kansas.

Parents: Peter and Victoria S. Jardon.

Wife: Margaret B. Jardon, ( 1880-1977.)

Children: Irene  T.Jardon Roos (1918 - 2013).

Burial: Mount Calvary Cemetery, Baldwin City, Douglas County, Kansas.

Lived in Douglas County of Palmyra Township Post office address was Baldwin, Kansas.
He was the Propr. of the Whiteface Stock Farm. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

William M. Benham

WILLIAM M. BENHAM, the leading liveryman at Columbus, and a famer and stock-raiser of Cherokee County, has been a resident of the county since 1869, and has been established in his present business at Columbus since 1873.  He was born in 1844 at Niles, Michigan, and was reared in Indiana, to which State his parents moved, and where both of them died.

Mr. Benham attended the common schools of Indiana, and prior to coming to Cherokee County, in 1869, followed farming in that State. After locating on a claim in Ross township, two miles north of Columbus, he spent bout two years in hauling freight between Columbus and Independence. In 1873 he started his livery at Columbus, and has been in the business continuously ever since, being the oldest operator in this line within a radius of 100 miles.

Mr. Benham first located on the northwest corner of the square, and there erected a building in 1876, which he used for 26 years. The site is now occupied by the Benham-Scovel Block, which affords accommodations for stores and offices. Mr. Benham purchased a corner property on Maple street, one lock west of the square, on which he erected his present building, which he occupied since August 1902.

This is a modern, sanitary building and contains quarters for a large number of horses. He uses about 24 in his own business, and keeps on hand conveyances of every kind, and suitable for every occasion to this business, he has been interested in a number of successful mining enterprises.

 On November 12, 1874, Mr. Benham was married at Columbus to Hattie L. Potter, who came to Cherokee County, locating at Baxter Springs, about 1871, but moved with her parents to Columbus at a later date. They have one son, Mortimer, who is associated with his father in the livery business.

Mrs. Benham is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Politically, Mr. Benham is a Democrat, and has always taken a lively interest in the advancement of his party, in which he is highly regarded. Formerly, in his younger days, he was active in a number of fraternal orders, but now confines his interest to the Masonic Blue  Lodge, the Knights of Pythias, and various insurance organizations. He is widely, one might almost say universally, known through this section of Cherokee County. His friends are found on every side.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

J. G. Polster.

J, G. POLSTER, one of the old and respected citizens of Baxter Springs and a prominent Republican politician of Cherokee County, has been identified with the business affairs of this city for the past 35 years. He was born in Hungary, January 10, 1840, and is a son of John and Elizabeth Polster.

The parents of Mr. 1 'ulster were also natives of Hungary. They came to America in 1858 and settled in Warren County. Missouri, where his father subsequently died. The mother still survives and lives in the city of St. Louis, at the advanced age of 92 years. Their eight children were : J. G., of this sketch ; Mary, wife of Louis Redmiller of St. Louis; Rosina, wife of Fred Koch, of Warren County, Missouri ; Theodore, a traveling man, now engaged in a hotel business at St. Louis ; Elizabeth, also a resident of St. Louis ; Tobias, in a real estate business and conducting a World's Fair hotel,at St. Louis; and Mina, who also resides in that city.

Mr. Polster was educated in the Hungarian schools and then went to Vienna, where he was instructed in the jewelry trade, remaining there for three years. After coming to America in 1858, he worked at his trade in St. Louis, until 1861, when he went to Springfield, Missouri, where he embarked in the jewelry business for himself. Finding conditions of trade less acceptable there than at St. Louis, he closed out his business at Springfield three years later and returned to St. Louis. In 1870 he located at Baxter Springs and accepted a partnership with his brother, who was established here in a large general mercantile business.

Until 1878 the brothers operated the largest store in Baxter Springs.Then our subject purchased his present property and opened up a drug and jewelry store to which he has added wall paper, paints, oils, glass and general notions, his large and complete stock being valued at not less than $10,000. It is the leading store of its kind in its section of the county. He is a large  property owner both in Baxter Springs and in St. Louis, and owns a large interest in the Visitors' World's Fair Hotel and Restaurant, which is being operated in the beautiful Missouri city by his brother Tobias. During these months of deep interest there, its hospitality has been extended to not only many visitors from far off Hungary, but from all portions of the globe, who find there rest and refreshment.

Mr. Polster has always taken a deep and intelligent interest in politics and has supported the Republican party since the election of President Lincoln. For some 20 years he served as a useful member of the City Council and has given liberally of his means and time to increase the city's civic importance. During these long years of residence here, he has earned honor and respect and is justly considered one of the representative men of this part of the State.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Carl Bachmann

Carl Bachmann.

Birth:  1898.
Death; 1938.

Known as C. M.

Name also spelled, Bachman.

Wife; Gladys M. Bachmann, , ( 1897-1939.)

Children: Barbara, Lila Jean Bachmann.

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas.

In 1920 Mr. Bachmann lived in Bourbon County Kansas, in the town of Fort Scott, Kansas. There he was a Bottler of Carbonated Beverages, His Wife worked in the Bottling Works.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Edward J. Gamer

Edward J. Gamer,

Birth: May, 1863, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1931.

Wife; Alice M. Gamer (1862 - 1955).

Married 1892.

Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County, Kansas.

Mr. Gamer came to Chase County Kansas, and settled in Diamond Creek Township in the town of Elmdale, Kansas.  In 1901 he was Proprietor of the only Hotel in  Elmdale it was called the Palace. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wellrose Stuart Barton

Wellrose Stuart Barton.

Birth: 1870
Death: Aug.. 1, 1938.

Parents: David Crofton Barton (1845 - 1926), Mary Jane Massie Barton (1854 - 1932.

Wife: Sara Jane McKinnon Barton (1879 - 1958).

Children: Infant Son Barton (1902 - 1902),. Paul S. Barton (1908 - 1967),. Harold V. Barton (1911 - 1924),. Mary Elizabeth Barton Dixon (1913 - 2012),. Infant Daughter Barton (1915 - 1915)..

Sibling: Wellrose Stuart Barton (1870 - 1938), Miles Roscoe Barton (1873 - 1966).

Burial: Dinas Community Cemetery, Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas.

Mr. Barton settled in Wallace County, Kansas, in the Township of Harrison in the town of Dinas, Kansas.  In 1906 he was a dealer in General Merchandise, was also Postmaster of Dinas Kansas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

John W Spena

John W Spena.

Birth: 1874.
Death: 1932.

Wife; Ottie Spena, (1886-? )..

Children: Non recored.                                                    

Burial: Wakeeney City Cemetery, WaKeeney, Trego County, Kansas.

Mr. Spena  came to Trego County Kansas in 1879.  He settled in Wakeeney township, in the town of Wakeeney, Kansas. In 1906 he was Propr. of a Machine Shops and Tank Manufacturer.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hugh William Allen

Hugh William Allen.

Birth: May 13, 1855. Tamarack, Will County. Illinois.
Death: Nov. 24, 1929, Newton, Harvey County. Kansas.

Wife; Marian Barr Nairn Allen (1862 - 1939.)

Children: Mary Elizabeth Allen Squire (1882 - 1967), William Allen (1884 - 1967), Myrtle May Allen Ruckle (1886 - 1975), Roy Ray Allen (1888 - 1978).

Burial: Burns Cemetery, Burns, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Allen came to Marion County, Kansas in 1878, would settled In Milton Township in the town of Burns, Kansas.  In Burns, Kansas in 1902, he was running a Hotel and a Meat Market.

Friday, November 6, 2015

John Henry Bayer

John Henry Bayer

Birth: 1836, Stuttgart, Germany
Death: 1909, Owl Creek, Woodson County, Kansas.

Parents: John A. and Sophia Weittege Bayer.

Wife's; Dorothea E. L. Tilker Bayer.
Married April 1862.
Second wife Augusta Bayer.

Children: Mary B. Bayer.

Burial: Owl Creek Cemetery, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas.

Mr. Bayer came to Woodson County in 1865, he settled in section 23 of  Owl Creek township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser, owning a farm called Clover Valley Farm.  His post office address was Yates Center, which is North East from the farm.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

John William Alford.

John William Alford .

Birth: Feb. 5, 1842, Alfordsville, Daviess County, Indiana.
Death: Oct. 11, 1909, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

Parents: Wayne Alford (1821 - 1874), Mary Perkins Alford (1823 - 1897).

Wife's: Malissa Ann Chandler Alford (1842 - 1880), Mary Adeline Carrothers Alford (1853 - 1930).

Children: Wayne Carrothers Alford (1882 - 1960), John William Alford (1887 - 1974)), ,

Siblings: John William Alford (1842 - 1909), Thomas Jefferson Alford (1848 - 1916), Anthony Wayne Alford (1851 - 1917), Missouri Ann Alford Hunter (1858 - 1941), Alexander Campbell Alford (1862 - 1916).

Burial: Farmington Cemetery, Macksville,Stafford County, Kansas.

In 1904 Mr. Alford was living in Stafford County, Kansas, in the Township of Farmingtion, in the town of Macksville Kansas. There he was a Physician and Postmaster of Macksville, Kansas.

Mr. Alford was also a Civil War Veteran being in the Sixth Indiana, Infantry Co. E.
Private, Residence Daviess Co., Enlisted October 14, 1861, Mustered out date not stated. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Henry Cottrill.

Henry Cottrill.

Birth: Mar. 28, 1852, Indiana.
Death: May 8, 1925, Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Parents: John Cottrill (1814 - 1871), Irena Rice Cottrill (1816 - 1878).

Wife's: Ida B. Cottrill (1860 - 1893), Mary E. Morris Cottrill Adams (1873 - 1952).

Children: Melba Louise Cottrill Lane (1910 - 1981).

Siblings: Sylvester Cottrill (1848 - 1879), Martin Cottrill (1851 - 1926), Henry Cottrill (1852 - 1925).

Burial:Twin Grove Cemetery, Severy, Greenwood County, Kansas.

In 1903 Mr. Cottrrill was living in Greenwood County, Kansas in the Township of Twin Groves, in the town of Severy, Kansas, where he was the Proprietor of the Livery Stable.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Erick L Bystrom .

Erick L Bystrom

Birth: 1836, Sweden.
Death: 1912, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Wife: Christina Nilsdotter Bystrom (1850 - 1939).

Children: Ethel Bystrom McKenzie (1893 - 1966), Alfred Bystrom (1894 - 1914).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery. Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Bystrom came to Decatur County Kansas in 1884 and settled in Oberlin township in the town of Oberlin Kansas  There he was a Merchant and Tailor.