Tuesday, September 30, 2014

George W. Barrett.

George W. Barrett.

Birth: May 1838, New York.
Death: May 23, 1912.

Wife: Catherine Barrett, ( 1839 - 1911 ).
Married about 1860.

Children: Frank P. Barrett, wife Rebecca L. Barrett.

Burials: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Herrington, Dickinson County, Kansas.

Mr. Barrett came to Dickinson county in 1858, and settled in Lyon Township, in the town of Herrington, Kansas. There he was the owner? and Keeper of the hotel. .

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kansas soldiers With The Name Of Huff.

Here is a list of soldiers with the name of Huff, who fought in Kansas regiments.    Not all solders were true Kansans, but fought for Kansas..

I know there were other Huff's that lived in Kansas but fought for other states.  If you have a Huff  ancestor, who fought in the Civil War for another state but lived and died in Kansas and would like to add his name to these list e. mail me and I will add him to the list.

Second Kansas Cavalry.

Eli Huff,Private, Co. A., Residence Paris, Enlisted January 1, 1864, Mustered in same; Assigned to Co. B., April 21, 1863; Mustered out June 22, 1865 at Fort Gibson.

Benjamin G. Huff, private, Co. D., Residence Fort Smith Arkansas; Enlisted October 18, 1863; Mustered in same; Discharged at Fort Smith Arkansas, August 5, 1864.

Willis Huff, Private, Co. D., Residence Fort Smith Arkansas; Enlisted October 13, 1863; Mustered in same; Discharged at Fort Smith Arkansas, August 5, 1864.

Richard J. Huff, Private, Co. D., Residence Fort Smith Arkansas; Enlisted January 25, 1864; Discharged at Fort Smith Arkansas, August 5, 1864.

Sixth Kansas Cavalry.

Daniel F. Huff, Private, Co. E., Residence Paris; Enlisted September 2, 1861; Mustered in same; Mustered out with regiment January 3, 1865 at Leavenworth, Kansas.

Fourteenth Kansas Cavalry.

John A. Huff, Captain, Co. F., Residence Paola; Mustered in June 4, 1865; Mustered out with regiment June 25, 1865.

Thomas J. Huff, Sergeant, Co. F., Residence Paola; Enlisted August 3, 1863; Mustered in August 26, 1863; Red. to ranks July 1, 1864.  Promoted to Sergeant December 3, 1863; Mustered out June 25, 1865.

Fifteenth Kansas Cavalry.

Martin Huff, Private, Co. E., Enlisted October 10, 1863; Mustered in same; Discharged at Fort Leavenworth August 10, 1865.

Sixteenth Kansas Cavalry.

Samuel Huff, Private, Co. L., residence Osawatomie July 31, 1864; Mustered in August 27, 1864; Mustered out December 6, 1865.

First Kansas Light Artillery.

Dewitt C. Huff, Private, Enlisted January 2, 1862; Mustered in same.  Died December 15, 1862, from wounds received in battle at Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

Friday, September 26, 2014

John A. Sanders.

John A. Sanders.

Birth: 1853 - 1854, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1920.

Wife: Emma Alice Sanders, ( 1857 - 1934 ).

Children: Elmer, Jessie R., Laurence E., Clarence H., Malinda E. Sanders.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Mr. Sanders came to Harvey county, Kansas, in 1875, from Pennsylvania and settled in section 22, of Burrton township.  He was a Farmer on his 160 acres of land, later to be 240 acres, later back to 160 acres.  His post office address at the time was Burrton, Kansas, which was 3 miles south west from the farm.

In 1902 he was the Proprietor of the Livery, Freed and Sale Stable, in Burrton, Kansas. The farm was still in his name and would be up to at lest 1926.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

James Edwiin Herr.

James Edwin Herr.

Birth: 1836, Mifflinburg, Union County, Pennsylvania..
Death: July 31, 1920, Bennington, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Father: David Joel Herr.
Mother: Jane I. Herr.

Wife: Annetta M. Young Herr.

Children: Jennie, Maybell, Stella, Jessie, Arthur and Donald Herr.

Burial: Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Wife burial: Mifflinburg Cemetery, Mifflinburg, Union County, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Herr, lived in Bennington, Kansas, which is in Ottawa county, there he was a Butcher.  He was also the Postmaster of Bennington, he held the office from April 29, 1897 to February 1, 1915.

He was a member of Mifflinburg Lodge No. 370, of Free and Accepted Masons, was first officer in 1866.

His father David Joel Herr started a foundry in Mifflinburg in 1834, was ran by horsepower they made castings for plows and Ect.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Charles Greig.

Publish date 1917.

Charles Greig.

Birth: December, 1851, Scotland.
Death: Unknown.
At the time of his death he was 38 years 2 months and 3 days old.

Wife: Emma S. Greig, ( 1862 --- 1900 ), b. Indiana.
Married about 1881.

 Children: Minnie M., Grace D., Susan M., Elizabeth A., Effie M., Allie E., Maud M., Tressie and Charles F. Greig.

Burial: Zimmerman Cemetery, Osborne, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr. Greig was one of the oldest settlers in Osborne county.  He came to Osborne county, Kansas, in 1873, and settled in section 6 of Winfield township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 240 acres of land.  His Farm was known as "Orchard Home".

Not only was he a farmer, he had a business in General Merchandise which he advertise; "Everything commonly kept in a good country store."  There was a post office on his land called Twin Creek.  Now I couldn't till by the county map if the store was in the post office or in another building.  He was post master of Twin Creek post office from January 3, 1893 to October 19, 1905.

When the post office closed on November 15, 1915, his post office address became Osborne, Kansas, which was 3 miles north from the farm.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Isaac W. Teeple.

Publish date 1906.
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Isaac W. Teeple.

Birth: 1869, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1961.

Father: W. T. Peeple.
Mother: Anna Teeple.

Wife: Lulu A. or Lula A. Cottrell Teeple.
Married April 12--15, 1894, Neosho County, Kansas.

Children: Buford L. Teeple.

Burial: Glenwood Cemetery, Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas.

Mr. Teeple at the age of 10, worked on his father's farm.  In 1900 was listed as a Undertaker.  He later settled in Grant Township of Neosho County, Kansas and settled in the town of Stark, Kansas, where in 1906 he had a business of selling Furniture, Carpets and Rugs. Later he would move to Crawford county, Kansas.

Friday, September 19, 2014

John James Waterhouse.

Picture publish date 1901.
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John James Waterhouse.

Birth: March 31, 1861, Miami County, Kansas.
Death: September 21, 1936, Miami County, Kansas.

Father: William M. Waterhouse.
Mother: Eliza Waterhouse.

Wife: Non recorded.
Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Bucyrus Cemetery, Miami County, Kansas.

John J. Waterhouse later in life settled in section 35, in Ten Mile township, of Miami County, Kansas.  There he was a Farmer on his 160 acres of land.  Having no wife his sister Lucy Waterhouse kept his house for many years.  Their post office address was Bucyrus, Kansas, which was 2 miles north west from the farm.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Calvin R. Honn.

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Calvin R. Honn.

Birth: Mar. 1, 1896.
Death: May 30, 1978.

Parents: George Washinton Honn (1854 - 1932), Alice Eldora Scott Honn (1861 - 1945).

Wife: Lilly A. Honn (1900 - 1956).

Children: Jessie A. and Roberta C. Honn

Siblings: Claud W. Honn (1885 - 1915), Harry A. Honn (1887 - 1961), Calvin R. Honn (1896 - 1978).

Burial: Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Peabody, Marion County, Kansas.

World War I. 

CALVIN R. HONN, Corp., Marion, Kansas.
AGE 21.

Born Mar. 1, 1896, Aulne, Kan.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Honn, Marion, Kan.
Entered service Marion, Kan , June 19, 1917.  139th Infantry, 35th Division, A. E. F.
Serial No. 1458177. Discharged May 8, 1919, Camp Funston, Kan.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

David M. Mills.

Picture publish date 1921.
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David M Mills.

Birth: 1855, Illinois.
Death: 1943.

Wife: Nancy C Mills (1857 - 1940).

Children: Mae Lueck, Lydia M., George E., Wedsel C., Emery R. Mills.

Burial: Windom Cemetery, Windom, McPherson County, Kansas.

Mr. Mills came to McPherson county, Kansas, in 1973.  He settled in section 14, of Castle township.  He was a Farmer on his 160 acres of land.  The farm was known as the "Harmony farm". His post office address was Conway, Kansas, which was 5 miles south east from the farm.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

U. S. S. Charles Arthor "Tabberer", ( DE - 418 ).


The U.S.S. TABBERER commemorates the Naval career of Lieutenant (junior grade) Charles Arthur Tabberer, USNR, who was born in Kansas City, Kansas, on 18 December 1915. He was officially reported missing in action 7 August 1942, when the plane he was piloting failed to return from the Battle of the Solomon Islands.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Tabberer was leading a two-plane section of his squadron against hostile forces of 27 twin-engine bombers in the Solomon Islands. He was awarded the American Defense Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism and extraordinary achievement during action against enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands area on 7 August 1942. Lieutenant (jg) Tabberer, although viciously intercepted by Zero fighters, gallantly pressed home his attacks until his plane was shot down. His courageous fighting spirit and resolute devotion to duty contributed to the destruction of at least five enemy bombers and undoubtedly played a major role in disrupting the enemy attack.

Monday, September 15, 2014

U. S. S. Jesse Rutherford, ( DE- 347 ).


The U.S.S. RUTHERFORD commemorates the Naval career of PRIVATE JESSE RUTHERFORD, JR., who was born in Salmon, Idaho, on January 12, 1922, and was killed in action aboard the U.S.S. LEXINGTON on May 8, 1942.

Private Rutherford enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at Seattle, Washington on July 14, 1941, and served from July 16, 1941, at San Diego, California until he joined the U.S.S. LEXINGTON on November 8, 1941.

Private Rutherford was awarded the Purple Heart, American Defense Service Medal, 1941: the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, 1942: and the NAVY CROSS for service as set forth in the following citation:

"For extraordinary heroism and meritorious devotion to duty as fuse setter on a ship in action against enemy Japanese forces during the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, 1942. Although mortally wounded by the fragments of a bursting bomb, Private Rutherford, displaying outstanding courage and a loyal determination to keep his gun in action despite his injured condition, valiantly remained at his battle station setting fuses until he collapsed on the deck. His inspiring loyalty and utter disregard for his own life were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave up his life in the service of his country."

Next of kin: Mrs. Mary Rutherford, mother, 103 Evergreen St., Chanute, Kansas.

Full Name: Jesse Edward "alias Raymond Miller" Rutherford, Jr

Burial:Elmwood Cemetery, Chanute, Neosho County, Kansas.

Author: If you would like to read more about him and his family take this link.

Kendall Carl Campbell.


The U.S.S. KENDALL C. CAMPBELL commemorates the Naval career of Ensign Kendall Carl CAMPBELL, USNR, who was born in Garden City, Kansas on 25 July 1917, and who died as a result of enemy action in the Pacific. He was officially reported missing in action, 8 May 1942, when the plane he was flying failed to return from the battle of the Coral Sea.

Ensign CAMPBELL was commissioned on 19 August 1941 and, at the time of his death was a member of Scouting Squadron Five. He was awarded the NAVY CROSS for extraordinary heroism from 4 to 6 May 1942, and for contributing materially to the sinking of eight enemy vessels in Tulagi Harbor and an enemy aircraft carrier in the Coral Sea. He was awarded a Gold Star in lieu of a second NAVY CROSS for action against the Japanese at Salamaua and Lae on 10 March 1942. His superb airmanship and outstanding courage contributed to the destruction of three enemy warships, including a direct hit on one.


BUILT BY: Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Port Newark, N. J.

LAUNCHED: 19 March 1944. SPONSOR: Mrs. Carl B. CAMPBELL, mother.

COMMISSIONED: 31 July 1944.



3rd Fleet from November 1944 to December 1944.
7th Fleet from December 1944 to January 1945.
5th Fleet from February 1945 to March 1945.
3rd Fleet from March 1945 to July 1945.
9th Fleet from July 1945 to September 1945.
3rd Fleet from September 1945 to November 1945.
19th Fleet from November 1945 to Inactivation.

Lingayen Gulf Invasion of January, 1945.

Iwo Jima Invasion of February and March 1945.

Okinawa Invasion of April, May and June 1945.

3rd Fleet strikes on the Japanese homeland of July 1945.

Occupation of Japan of August, September, October and November 1945.

Assisted in destroying three midget submarines while operating in Hunter Killer Group with Task Group 75.19 from August 6, 1945 to to August 27, 1945.

Lt. Cdr. R. W. JOHNSON, USNR, 31 July 1944 to 21 June 1945.
Lt. Cdr. Henry R. ELMER, USNR, 21 June 1945 to 31 May 1946.


31 May 1946


At San Diego, California on 9 August 1946.
Burial: Lakin Cemetery, Lakin, Kearny County, Kansas

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Lewis Taswell Holder

Picture publish date 1921.
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Lewis Taswell Holder.

Birth: 1860, Iowa.
Death: 1940, Kansas.

Wife: Fannie E. Bomar Holder (1876 - 1956).

Children: George R. Holder, Blanchard Holder, Willis E. Holder, Grace L. Holder, Lela Holder.

Burial: Murdock Cemetery, Murdock, Kingman County, Kansas.

Mr. Holder Came to Kingman county and settled in section 2, of Dale township.  He was a Farmer on his 160 acres of land.  His post office address was Murdock, Kansas, which was 2 miles south east from the farm.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ulysses S. Grant Thornton.

Picture poblish date 1900.
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Ulysses S. Grant Thornton.

Birth: 1868, Illinois.
Death: 1948.

Wife: Nancy E. Cooper Thornton, ( 1867 - 1943 ).

Children: Ira A., Irl J., Lottie Ivo Thornton Geer.

Burials: Greenwood Cemetery, Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr. Thornton came to Clay county, Kansas, in 1873.  Settled in section 26, of Clay township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land.  His post office address was Clay Center, Kansas, which was about 4 miles south east from the farm.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

William M. Shaffer & Father.

William M. Shaffer was a son of a soldier. His father was a Captain of Company K, Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, enlisted in 1861, and served until 1865. The father, who was a prisoner in Libby, Columbia and Charleston, has been blind, deaf and almost helpless for the past four years, for which he has just been placed on the pension roll at $40 per month by special act.
Pennsylvania Fifth Cavalry, Co. K.
Civil War.

William. H. Shaffer, Captain mustered in September 12, 1864 for  3 years.  Promoted from private to Sergeant, November, 1861; to 2d Lt., February 22, 1863; to Captain, May 15, 1865; transferred to Company F, June 7, 1865

William H. Shaffer.

Birth: May 12, 1836.
Death: Feb. 12, 1905.

Parent: Samuel Shaffer, ( 1791 - 1845 ).

Wife: Emma Glass Shaffer, ( 1847 - 1910 ).

Children: Katie M. ( Jan. 1874 - Aug. 16, 1893 ), William M., ( Sept. 20, 1871 - Jan. 26, 1901 ), Robert E. Shaffer, ( 1878 - 1917 ).

Burials: Onaga Cemetery, Onaga,  Pottawatomie County, Kansas.

Kansas Twentieth Infantry, Co. H.
Spanish American War.
When William M. came home he was received with a grand reception and a banquet by the citizens of Onaga, who presented him with a gold watch and chain. He was not very well when he landed and kept on to decline until finally he died. He had all the care and attention that could be given to him by relations and friends, as he was much thought of and was a good boy. He was buried with military honors by the G. A. R., Custard No. 39, of which I am commander.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thomas F. Ireland.

Thomas F. Ireland.

Birth: 1878.
Death: 1949.

Wife: Zone A. Ireland, ( 1883 - 1978.

Children: Orris R. Ireland.

Burial: Bronson Cemetery, Bronson, Bourbon County, Kansas.

Mr. Ireland was a veteran of the Spanish American War.  He was in the 20th., Kansas infantry Co. H. In 1900 he wrote the following in the "Kansas Kompany Bulletin".

Thomas F. Ireland, Bronson, Kansas ; farmer. "March 18, 1900.  I am sorry I live so far from the rest of the company, for I get more homesick to be back with the company than I ever was to get home while I was in Manila, and you all know that was considerable." "May 27, 1900.--I don't know what the rest of you "gu-gus" think about it, but I miss having a pay day once in awhile, and have decided $15.60, board and clothes included, is about as good as farming, until a person gets one crop at least. The weather has been warm enough the last week to remind me of Manila and make me feel glad I am not there. Well, I must close, so adios : your comrade, T. F. Ireland."

Joseph B. Kendall.

Joseph B Kendall.

Birth: Mar. 26, 1875, Colfax, Clinton County, Indiana.
Death: Jan. 10, 1950, Kiowa, Barber County, Kansas.

Parents: Joseph H Kendall (1822 - 1883), Eliza Beal Kendall (1843 - 1928).

Wife: Zella W Peebles Kendall (1895 - 1954).
Married October 1906.

Children: Clarence B Kendall (1907 - 1908), Ruth A Kendall McCarty (1909 - 1998), Katherine Francis Kendall (1912 - 1998).

Burial: Forest Park Cemetery, Anthony, Harper County, Kansas.

Mr. Kendall was a veteran of the Spanish American War.

In the Kansas Kompany Bulletin he had this to say about himself.


Joseph B. Kendall, Anthony, Kansas; merchant. "April 12, 1901. The 26th of January I started up in business for myself. Bought out a grocery store and will add dry goods this summer. Four other stores here, but have a very nice trade.

Was sorry I could not attend the First Annual Reunion, but could not.

Have been in good health all winter Regards to all the boy's.
Jos. B. Kendall."

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Benjamin F. Musch.

Picture publish date 1901.
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Benjamin F. Musch.

Birth: February, 1863-1864, Illinois.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Angie Musch.
Married 1886.

Children: Clifford, Warren, George P., Elsie M. Musch.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Musch came to Lyon County, Kansas in 1884, settled in section 4, of Jackson township.  Was a Farmer on his 185.50 acres of land.  His post office address was Hartford, Kansas which was 3 miles south east from the farm.

Ellery Fred Trollope.

Picture publish date 1900.
Age around 10.
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Ellery Fred Trollope.

Birth: September 26, 1890, Nebraska.
Death: June 26, 1951.

Mother: Naomi C. Trollope, ( 1852 - 1920 ).

Burial: Boulder City Cemetery, Clark County Nevada.

Ellery came with his mother who was a widow to Clay county, Kansas in 1894.  They settled in section 29, of Hays township.  She did farming on her 160 acres of land.  Their post office address was Clay Center, Kansas, which was 2 miles south west from the farm.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Colonel Andy J. James..

Picture publish date 1902.
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Col. Andy James, owner and proprietor of the "Meadow Brook Stock Farm, is perhaps one of the most widely known men of Johnson county. Colonel James is a native of Illinois, born in Hancock county, and came to Kansas in 1864 with his parents, John P. and Hettie (Nichols) James, the former a native of Ohio and the latter of Pennsylvania. They were the parents of two children : Col. Andy James, whose name introduces this sketch, and Willard James, who married Ida Staver, of Johnson county, and resides on the home farm. After coming to Kansas, Andy James attended the public schools in Lawrence and Baker University.

He began life as a farmer and later engaged in the mercantile business at Kansas City, Mo., and Dallas, Mo. About fifteen years ago he purchased 240 acres of land in Mission township to which he has since added the old Phillips homestead of 160 acres. These two farms comprise what is known as the "Meadow Brook Farm." He makes a specialty of Short Horn cattle, Poland China hogs and mules. While Colonel James is well known as a farmer and stockman, he is still better known as a high class auctioneer. He began conducting auction sales several years ago and for the past fifteen years has conducted real estate and stock sales of importance over several states.

He has been employed by the United States Government and various railroad and construction companies as an auctioneer, in addition to numerous thoroughbred and stock sales of the leading breeders throughout the country. Mr. James was married in 1891 to Miss Minnie Riley, of Johnson county, and to this union three children have been born, John R., now a student in Baker University ; Elizabeth N., a student in the Manhattan Agricultural College and known as one of Johnson county's leading teachers, and Ralph H. graduated from the Olathe High School in 1915.

James Lewis Morgan.

Picture publish date 1902.
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James Lewis Morgan.

Birth: Jan. 21, 1833, Hardin County, Kentucky.
Death: Apr. 2, 1917, Missouri.

Wife: Frances Dicken Morgan (1848 - 1914).

Children: Anza May Morgan Hundley (1865 - 1935), Ambrose M. Morgan (1871 - 1892), James Pleasant Morgan (1874 - 1916), Frances M. Morgan Gordon (1876 - 1927).

Burial: DeSoto Cemetery, De Soto, Johnson County, Kansas.

Mr. Morgan came to Johnson county, Kansas, and settled in section 32,of Lexington Township in 1858. He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 154 acres of land. His post office address was Desoto Kansas, which was I mile north east from the farm.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Edmond J. Thayer.

E. J. THAYER, of Waters & Thayer, proprietors of the Elevator Mills, was born at Chelsea, Vt., in 1840. At the age of fourteen years he removed to Clinton County, Ohio, where he was employed in grist mills and at general farm work. In August, 1861, he enlisted in Company D, Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry. He was promoted from Orderly Sergeant to Captain in 1864, and was mustered out January 16, 1866. In June of the same year he came to Kansas and located in Bourbon County, where he followed agricultural pursuits until 1878, when he came to Iola. He at once purchased a building and put in milling and elevator machinery. In September, 1881, he admitted his present partner, H. Waters. They do quite an extensive business in their custom flouring mills, and also deal in grain, coal, etc.

Thirty-Ninth Illinois Regimental History.

First Lieutenant Edmond J. Tinayer. Commissioned Sergeant August 21st. 1866, vice Ferrin, resigned. Wounded June 18th, 1864; and again October 7th, 1864, in both legs, and portion of fibula of right leg resected.

Thayer was born August 22d, 1840, at Chelsea, Vermont; emigrated to Iowa in 1854, and in the winter of 1859 removed to Ogle county, Ill. From this place he enlisted in Company D. He had previously enlisted for the three months' service, but the company was not accepted. He was the first man from the regiment to re-enlist as a veteran in January, 1864. While home on veteran furlough he married Miss E. F. Benedict at Lindenwood. Ogle county. After the war he went to Kansas, locating on a homestead near Fort Scott, where he remained until 1878, when he moved to lola, Kansas, where he is engaged in the milling business. He has obeyed the divine injunction to "increase and multiply," for two sons and six daughters make glad his home circle.

Lieutenant Thayer was a deserving soldier, and fairly won all his promotions. He was greatly respected for his many excellent qualities as a man and his soldierly conduct wherever placed. He was commissioned Captain of Company D, December 6th, 1865, but could not be mustered as there was not the requisite number of men in the company. The company had been under his command since August 16th, and remained so until the final disbandment December 16th. 1865.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wendel Kuhn.

Mrs. Emma A, Kuhn.
Picture publish date 1906.
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Wendel Kuhn.
His first name was also spelled Wendell.

Birth: August 5, 1850, Germany.
Death: October 17, 1923

Wife's: First Bertha E. Kuhn, ( 1861 - 1899 ). Children Lonie Kuhn. 
Second Emma A. Kuhn, ( 1872 - 1958 ).Children, Bertha, William Kuhn.

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas.
Burial of Bertha E. Kuhn: Peace Lutheran Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas.

Mr. Kuhn came to Kansas and settled in section 21 of Jackson township, of Edwards County, Kansas, in 1878.  He was a Farmer and stock Raiser on his 960 acres of land. he owned 480 acres in section 22, and 480 acres in section 21. On the land records his name was spelled Wendell Kuhn.  His post office address was Kinsley Kansas, which was around 8 miles south east from the farm.

Silas Gibson.

Picture publish date 1905.
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Silas Gibson.

Birth: 1879-1880, Missouri.
Death: Unknown.

Wife: Altha L. Gibson, b. Ohio, ( 1879-1880 - ? ).
Married 1900.

Children: Donald M., Dorothy V. Gibson.

Death: Unknown.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Gibson came to Decatur County, Kansas in 1886, He was only 6 or 7 years.  Later he would settle in section 22 of Sherman Township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land.  His post office address was Danbury, Nebraska, which was 4 miles north from the farm.

Will living in Kansas, he also lived in the townships of Beaver and Finley, of Decatur County, Kansas.

In later years ( 1920- - 1930 ), he was living in Red Willow County, of Nebraska.

Author. I was unable to find any death or burial records for any family members.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Charles B. Fritz.

Picture publish date 1906.
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Charles B Fritz.

Birth: Feb. 11, 1875, Pennsylvania.
Death: Feb. 13, 1950.

Wife: Maude M Fritz (1880 - 1965).
Married 1897.

Children: Millard Filmore Fritz (1900 - 1985), Grace Fritz.

Burial: Lake Creek Cemetery, Bartlett, Labette County, Kansas.

Mr. Fritz, came to Labette county, Kansas in 1897, and settled in section 9, of Hackberry township.  He was a Farmer of 160 acres of land.  He also had a business of Furniture and Jewelry in the town of Bartlett, Kansas, which was 4 miles south from the farm.  In his later years he would live in the town of Chetopa City, Kansas which is also in Labette county, Kansas, in the township of Richland.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Marlin S. McCreight.

Picture publish date 1899.
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Marlin S McCreight.

Birth: February 19, 1870, Pennsylvania.
Death: February 10, 1956, Kansas.

Mother: Martha J. McCreight.

Wife: Ida M. McCreight.
Married, December 25-26, 1894.

Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Jefferson County, Kansas.

He was a Physician in Osakaloosa, Kansas.