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Edmond J. Thayer.

E. J. THAYER, of Waters & Thayer, proprietors of the Elevator Mills, was born at Chelsea, Vt., in 1840. At the age of fourteen years he removed to Clinton County, Ohio, where he was employed in grist mills and at general farm work. In August, 1861, he enlisted in Company D, Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry. He was promoted from Orderly Sergeant to Captain in 1864, and was mustered out January 16, 1866. In June of the same year he came to Kansas and located in Bourbon County, where he followed agricultural pursuits until 1878, when he came to Iola. He at once purchased a building and put in milling and elevator machinery. In September, 1881, he admitted his present partner, H. Waters. They do quite an extensive business in their custom flouring mills, and also deal in grain, coal, etc.

Thirty-Ninth Illinois Regimental History.

First Lieutenant Edmond J. Tinayer. Commissioned Sergeant August 21st. 1866, vice Ferrin, resigned. Wounded June 18th, 1864; and again October 7th, 1864, in both legs, and portion of fibula of right leg resected.

Thayer was born August 22d, 1840, at Chelsea, Vermont; emigrated to Iowa in 1854, and in the winter of 1859 removed to Ogle county, Ill. From this place he enlisted in Company D. He had previously enlisted for the three months' service, but the company was not accepted. He was the first man from the regiment to re-enlist as a veteran in January, 1864. While home on veteran furlough he married Miss E. F. Benedict at Lindenwood. Ogle county. After the war he went to Kansas, locating on a homestead near Fort Scott, where he remained until 1878, when he moved to lola, Kansas, where he is engaged in the milling business. He has obeyed the divine injunction to "increase and multiply," for two sons and six daughters make glad his home circle.

Lieutenant Thayer was a deserving soldier, and fairly won all his promotions. He was greatly respected for his many excellent qualities as a man and his soldierly conduct wherever placed. He was commissioned Captain of Company D, December 6th, 1865, but could not be mustered as there was not the requisite number of men in the company. The company had been under his command since August 16th, and remained so until the final disbandment December 16th. 1865.

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