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William M. Shaffer & Father.

William M. Shaffer was a son of a soldier. His father was a Captain of Company K, Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, enlisted in 1861, and served until 1865. The father, who was a prisoner in Libby, Columbia and Charleston, has been blind, deaf and almost helpless for the past four years, for which he has just been placed on the pension roll at $40 per month by special act.
Pennsylvania Fifth Cavalry, Co. K.
Civil War.

William. H. Shaffer, Captain mustered in September 12, 1864 for  3 years.  Promoted from private to Sergeant, November, 1861; to 2d Lt., February 22, 1863; to Captain, May 15, 1865; transferred to Company F, June 7, 1865

William H. Shaffer.

Birth: May 12, 1836.
Death: Feb. 12, 1905.

Parent: Samuel Shaffer, ( 1791 - 1845 ).

Wife: Emma Glass Shaffer, ( 1847 - 1910 ).

Children: Katie M. ( Jan. 1874 - Aug. 16, 1893 ), William M., ( Sept. 20, 1871 - Jan. 26, 1901 ), Robert E. Shaffer, ( 1878 - 1917 ).

Burials: Onaga Cemetery, Onaga,  Pottawatomie County, Kansas.

Kansas Twentieth Infantry, Co. H.
Spanish American War.
When William M. came home he was received with a grand reception and a banquet by the citizens of Onaga, who presented him with a gold watch and chain. He was not very well when he landed and kept on to decline until finally he died. He had all the care and attention that could be given to him by relations and friends, as he was much thought of and was a good boy. He was buried with military honors by the G. A. R., Custard No. 39, of which I am commander.

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