Friday, September 26, 2014

John A. Sanders.

John A. Sanders.

Birth: 1853 - 1854, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1920.

Wife: Emma Alice Sanders, ( 1857 - 1934 ).

Children: Elmer, Jessie R., Laurence E., Clarence H., Malinda E. Sanders.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

Mr. Sanders came to Harvey county, Kansas, in 1875, from Pennsylvania and settled in section 22, of Burrton township.  He was a Farmer on his 160 acres of land, later to be 240 acres, later back to 160 acres.  His post office address at the time was Burrton, Kansas, which was 3 miles south west from the farm.

In 1902 he was the Proprietor of the Livery, Freed and Sale Stable, in Burrton, Kansas. The farm was still in his name and would be up to at lest 1926.

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