Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Willis S. Fenton.

Willis S. Fenton.

Birth: August 25, 1867, Pennsylvania.
Death: Unknown.

Parent: Horrace Fenton, ( 1841_? ).

Siblings; Willis S., Jennie L., Libbie, George H. B. Fenton.

Burial: Maybe in New Mexico.

Willis was living in Linn county Kansas in 1906, in the city of Mound City, Kansas, he was the Proprietor of the City Restaurant and Bakery.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Oscar Duehn.

Oscar Duehn.

Birth: September 19, 1856, Germany.
Death: Mat 21, 1938.

Wife: Tina M. Duehn, ( 1861-1946 ).
Married September 25, 1879.

Children: Frank L., Howard M., Nellie M., Mable A. Duehn.

Burial: Praine Grove Cemetery, Cottonwood Falls, Chase County Kansas.

Mr. Duehn came to Chase County, Kansas and settled in section 24, of Cottonwood Township.  He was Proprietor of a 215 acre farm which was called ( Maple Grove Stock Farm. )  His post office address was Clements, Kansas, which was about two miles North west from the farm.  They had to cross the Cottonwood River to reach town.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Volney Stiles .

Volney Stiles. 

Birth: 1843, Muskingum County, Ohio.
Death: 1918, Butler County, Kansas.

Parents: Aaron Clark Stiles (1804 - 1875), Hester Wilson Stiles.

Wife: Mary A. Stiles.
Married 1866.

Children: Nettie Stiles..

Siblings: William H. Stiles (1827 - 1914), Minerva Stiles Johnson (1831 - 1916), Volney Stiles (1843 - 1918).

Burial: Andover Cemetery, Andover, Butler County, Kansas.

In 1905 he was a Druggist in Benton, Kansas.  He was also a Civil War Veteran.

Wisconsin Seventh Infantry, Co. F.
Wisconsin State Records.

Volney Stiles, Private; Residence Tafton; Enlisted or Mustered in January 20, 1864; Mustered out July 3, 1865.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Erick L Bystrom

Erick L Bystrom. 

Birth: 1836, Sweden.
Death: 1912, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Wife: Christina Nilsdotter Bystrom (1850 - 1939).

Children: Lars, ( !887-? ),  Emma, ( 1889-? ), Ethel Bystrom McKenzie (1893 - 1966), Alfred Bystrom (1894 - 1914).

Burial: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mr. Bystrom came to Decatur County, Kansas in 1884, and settled in the township of Oberlin, in the town of Oberlin, Kansas where he was a Merchant Tailor.

James F. Crofoot.

James F Crofoot. 

Birth: Mar. 19, 1851, Cortland County, New York.
Death: Apr. 10, 1912,

Died of self inflicted gunshot.

Wife: Ida E. Crofoot (1858 - 1940).

Burial: Wilson Cemetery, Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas.

Mr. Crofoot came to Ellsworth Kansas and settled in section 32 of Wilson township.  He was a raiser of Fruit and Vegetables, on 160 acre farm.  He was also a Dairy man and a dealer in Ice.  His post office address was Wilson, Kansas, which was about two miles north west of the farm. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

David W. Slimmer.

David W. Slimmer.

Birth: 1854.
Death: Jul., 1925, Kansas.

Son of Peter Slimmer and Susan Immell Slimmer.

Wife: Flora B McKenzie Slimmer (1860 - 1937).

Children: Russell W.,  Floyd W. Slimmer (1896 - 1971).

Burial: Circleville Cemetery, Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas.

In 1903 he was living in Adrian, Kansas, he was in the business of Dry Goods and Groceries.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thomas H. Wix.

Publish date 1904.

Thomas Hardin Wix. 

Birth: Aug. 16, 1852, Bates County, Missouri.
Death: Dec. 17, 1920, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas.

Parents: Joseph Wix, ( 1820-1895.) Sarah Beaty Wix (1821 - 1857).

Wife: Phoebe Varns Wix (1860 - 1923).

Children: John Wix (1877 - 1878), Rosa Marie Wix (1878 - 1934), Charles Stephen Wix (1880 - 1951), Cora E. Wix Calhoun (1882 - 1950), Clark Wix (1884 - 1910).

Siblings: Elizabeth Jane Wix (1842 - 1855), Perry Wix (1847 - 1854), Clark Wix (1850 - 1919), Thomas Hardin Wix (1852 - 1920), Abner Levi Wix (1855 - 1918), Joseph Wix (1856 - 1856), Lewis L. Wix (1857 - 1923).

Burial: Myers Cemetery, Hudson, Bates County, Missouri.

Mr.Wix came to Woodson County, Kansas and settled in section 31, of Belmont Township.  He was a Farmer and Stock Raiser on his 320 acre farm which was called ( Oak Ridge Farm ).   His post office address was Yates Center, Kansas. ( 1904.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Joseph E. Brown.

Publish date 1906.

Joseph E. Brown.

Birth: March 16, 1871, Minnesota.
Death: March 25, 1923.

Parents: L. C. Brown, Esther Brown.

Wife: Iva Brown.

Children: Lillan Brown, "Adopted."

Burial: Atwood Fairview Cemetery, Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas.

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Mr. Brown settled in section 33, of Atwood Township in the county of Rawlins, Kansas.He was a Farmer on his 80 acres of land.  His post office address was Atwood, Kansas, which was one mile south from the farm.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Judson Clayton Stevens.

Judson Clayton Stevens. 

Birth: Nov. 21, 1860, Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.
Death: Jan. 28, 1940, Ogden, Riley County, Kansas

Wife: Nellie Vedder Stevens (1865 - 1951.)

Children: Vedder and William Stevens.

Burial: Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Salina, Saline.

Mr. Stevens was living in Saline, Kansas, in 1903, he was a Wholesale Cigar Manufacturer and Proprietor of the National Hotel Drug Store.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Harry Ellsworth Cawley.

Harry Ellsworth Cawley. 

Birth: Feb. 21, 1866.
Death: Jan. 9, 1961.

Wife: Nellie Arlor Cawley, ( 1869-1966.)
Married 1891.

Children: Infant Cawley (1893 - 1893), Frank B., Cecil E., Norine Cawley.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas.

In 1902 Harry lived in Ottawa County, in the township of Concord, in the town of Minneapolis, Kansas.  He was a Dealer in Pianos and Organs.  He was also a Merchant Tailor.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

James J. Bouton

James J. Bouton. 

Birth: Aug. 31, 1825, Clinton, DeWitt County, Illinois.
Death: Jul. 19, 1934, Perry, Jefferson County, Kansas.

Parents: Lyman Hinman Bouton (1825 - 1916), Vira Ann Snow Bouton (1825 - 1899).

Wife: Gertrude Fowler Bouton (1867 - 1918).

Children: Kendrick Fowler Bouton (1899 - 1920).

Siblings: James J. Bouton (1825 - 1934), Edwin Bouton (1848 - 1926)*, Carrie Bouton (1863 - 1940), Albert Lee Bouton (1867 - 1932)*.

Burial: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Perry, Jefferson County, Kansas.

In 1899, James was living in Jefferson County, in the town of Perry, Kansas. His business was that of a Liveryman.  Fine rigs was his specialty. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Claude Cooke Raymond.

Mr. Raymond Home, 1906
Claude Cooke Raymond.

Birth: July 12, 1875.
Death: February 17, 1959.

Wife: Sadie Larzelere Raymond.

Children: Donald G.,  Louis Martha, Ruth Elma, George Robert.

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Greensburg, Kiowa County, Kansas.

In 1906, he was working at the Greensburg Telephone exchange.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

J. Leonard Blair

J. Leonard Blair. 

Birth: 1867.
Death: 1947,

Wife: Emma J. Blair (1866 - 1910).

Burial: Englewood Cemetery Englewood, Clark County, Kansas.

In 1909 he was living in Clark County, Kansas, in the town of Englewood , Kansas, where he owned or worked in a Livery.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Thomas M. Vezie.

Thomas M Vezie . 

Birth: 1855, Massachusetts.
Death: 1933.

Wife: Mary S Vezie (1858 - 1934).
Married 1883.

Children: Edward L., Olive M., Anna M., Roy Tom Vezie.

Burial: Oaklawn Cemetery, La Cygne, Linn County, Kansas.

Mr. Vezie came to Allen County, Kansas, and settled in section 27, of Carlyle township. He was a farmer and Feeder and Shipper, on his 157 acres.  His post office address was Iola, Kansas, which was 6 miles south east from the farm. He later moved to Linn County, Kansas.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

William Murduff.

Publish date 1906.
William Murduff.

Birth: 1838,
Death: 1922.

Wife; Margaret Murduff (1859 - 1923).

Children: David R Murduff (1881 - 1907).

Burial: Utica Cemetery, Utica, Ness County. Kansas

Mr. Murduff, came to Ness County, Kansas in 1886, and settled in section 24 of Ohio township, he was a Farmer on his 320 acres of land.  His farm was called ( The Summit Wheat Farm.)  His post office address was Utica, Kansas, which was i mile south west from the farm.

Friday, June 12, 2015

George T Brown

George T Brown. 

Birth: 1863, Wisconsin.
Death: 1942, Gove County, Kansas.

Wife: Elizabeth E Brown (1870 - 1965).

Children: Emmet H Brown (1891 - 1939)*, Leslie Lele Brown (1895 - 1967).

Burial: Gove Cemetery, Gove, Gove County, Kansas.

Mr. Brown came to Gove County, Kansas, in 1886 and settled in the township pf Gove, in the town of Gove, Kansas.  He was a real business of the town being the Prop. of the Brown's Hotel, Dealer in General Merchandise, Manager of the Gove County Telephone Company.  He was also a Farmer and Stock Raiser. (Date, 1907.) 

William J. Wooten

Publish date 1910. 

William J. Wooten.

Birth; November, 1868, Missouri.
Death; 1936.

Parents: William T. Wooten, Mary A. Wooten.

Burial: Coyville Cemetery, Coyville, Wilson County, Kansas.

Came to Wilson county, Kansas in 1870, settled in the township of Vergigris in the town of Coyville, Kansas.  He had a business in the Livery and Feed Barn.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

John H Briggs.

Collyer, Kansas 1916.
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John H Briggs. 

Birth: 1860.
Death: 1949.

Burial: Union Cemetery, Collyer, Trego County, Kansas.

He came to Trego County in 1886 and settled in Collyer, kansas  where he became a Butcher and proprietor of a hotel ( 1906.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

George Kelly.

Publish date 1907.Push to enlarge.
George Kelly. 

Birth: 1857.
Death: 1945.

Wife: Catherine Kelly (1863 - 1932).

Burial: Goodland Cemetery,Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas.

MR. Kelly came to Sherman County, Kansas in 1890, and settled in Goodland, Kansas.He later became the Mayor, of Goodland, Kansas.  He was also Engineer for the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Rail Road.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Annie Henrietta Schutte showalter.

Annie Henrietta Schutte showalter.

Birth; Decembe 13, 1871.
Death: June 26, 1928.

Husband: John Adam Showalter, ( 1867-1924.)
Married 1892.

Children: Oscar F., Inez D. Showalter, ( 1901-1988.)

Burial: La Crosse Cemetery, La Crosse, Rush County, Kansas.;

In 1901 Annie lived in Rush County, Kansas, in section ! of Hampton Township.  She was a Farmer and Stock Raiser.  She owned 640 acres, in her own name, her husband owned nothing.  Her post office address was Mc Cracken, Kansas, which was 12 miles south west from the farm..

Bernard Barney McKeown

Bernard Barney McKeown.

Birth: 1868, Iowa.
Death: May, 1928.

Parents: Thomas McKeown (1824 - 1900), Mariah M McNulty McKeown (1831 - 1873).

Wife; Anna M Krey McKeown (1876 - 1939).
Married 1893.

Children: Arthur, May McKeown..

Sibling: Bernard S McKeown (1863 - 1864), Bernard Barney McKeown (1868 - 1928).

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

In 1902 he was living in Reno County, Kansas, in the town of Sylvia, Kansas, where he was the proprietor of the Sylvia Livery and sale stable; buyer and seller of horses and mules.,

Saturday, June 6, 2015

William F. Schaeffler.

Publish date 1902.
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William F. Schaeffler.

Birth: September 22, 1861, Germany.
Death: November 16, 1957.

Wife: Ida Schaeffler, ( 1867-1940. )
Married 1885.

Children: Adolph W., Robert R., Theor O., Louisa R. Schaeffler.

Burial: Zion Cemetery, Hillsboro, Marion County, Kansas.

Mr. Schaeffler came to America in 1883, and settled in Marion County, Kansas.  He settled in the Township of Risley, in the town of Hillsboro, Kansas.  In 1887 he established his Mercantile Company. 

Add. 1921.

Mary M. Fort.

Mary M. Fort.

Birth: Sept., 1840, Indiana.
Death: Unknown.

Husband: John C. Fort, ( 1842-? ).

Mother to John C., Elizabeth Fort, (1818-? ).

Children: Dora Fort, ( 1873-? ), Emitell Fort, ( 1864-? ).

Burial: Unknown.

In 1880 through 1903 she was living in Greenwood County, Kansas, in the township of Madison, She lived in section 31, on 160 acres which was in her name.  She was a Farmer and Fruit Grower.  She was Widowed some time between 1880 and 1900.  Her post office address was  Madison, Kansas, which was 2 miles north from the farm.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Edwin Reed Ridgely

Edwin Reed Ridgely.

Birth: May 9, 1844, Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois.
Death: 1927, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas.

Wife: Elizabeth Frazier Ridgely.
Married September 1, 1903.

Burial: Girard Cemetery, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas.

US Congressman. Born near Lancaster, Illinois, he served as a volunteer in the 115th Illinois Infantry Regiment, Union Army during the Civil War and after the war, moved with his brother to Girard, Kansas, in 1869. There he engaged in the general merchandising business known as the Ridgely Brothers and also in agriculture. He abandoned his business in 1876, lived in Ogden, Utah, (1889-93) and then moved back to Kansas. In 1897, he was elected as a Populist to the Fifty-fifth and Fifty-sixth Congresses, serving until 1901. Not a candidate for renomination, he resumed his agricultural pursuits until his death at age 82 in Girard, Kansas.

Regimental History of the 115th., Illinois Infantry.

HON. EDWIN REED RIDGELY, son of William S. Ridgely and Ann Eliza Crowell Ridgely, was born May 9, 1844, near Lancaster, Wabash County, Ill.. His parents were farmers, and he shared the lot of a pioneer farmer's son, helping to clear away the timber, enlarging the farm, replacing the log cabin in which he was born with a brick dwelling, and constructing barns. His education was acquired during the few weeks of winter weather at the district school in the village of Lancaster.

At the age of eighteen, August 12, 18,62, he enlisted in Company C as a private, immediately going with his company into active service, sharing its fate and that of the regiment without asking or receiving furlough or leave of absence to the end of the war ; in the meantime he was promoted to sergeant. During the entire three years his company was never under' the enemy's fire without his presence, rifle in hand, doing his share of the fighting. Sergeant Ridgely had a thrilling experience at the battle of Nashville. While the Union lines were charging the enemy's works and a Confederate battery immediately in front of the 115th was pouring shot and shell into its ranks, a shell struck in front of his position, throwing much earth against him, knocking him down and leaving him for a time unconscious.

After some minutes he proceeded to rejoin his regiment, which had continued the charge, and was then halted about 400 feet in advance. As he crawled forward to his company his comrades expressed astonishment, as they supposed the shell had cut his body in two.

After leaving the army he spent a short time with his parents, then participated with others in a contract to build a large school house at Olney, learning the brick mason's trade while thus engaged. Later he attended school at Batavia, Ill., but his health failing, he removed to Girard, Kan., and with his brother Stephen R. Ridgley, engaged in general mercantile business, which they have pursued almost to the present time. In the meantime he carried on the cattle business, making several trips over the trail to and from Texas, California, Oregon and Washington.

In 1896 he was unanimously nominated by the People's party as its candidate for Congress for the 3d Kansas District, and was also nominated by the Democratic party, and after a heated campaign, elected by 4,500 majority. He was nominated and re-elected in 1898, and is now, in 1900, serving in the 56th Congress. At the time of the Civil War he was an abolition Republican, but joined the Greenback party in 1876, because of the financial question, and has continued with its successor, the People's party, and steadily grown more and more positive and favorable to its policy. His present residence is at Pittsburg, Kan.

Authors note .  The above was published in 1900.

Authors note.  In 1906 he was living in Crawford County, Kansas, in Washington township in section 4,  He was a Dairy Farmer and was the proprietor of the Ozark Dairy Farm which was 240 Acres large.  His post office address was Mulberry, Kansas, which was two miles east from the farm.. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John Milton Hammett.

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John Milton Hammett.

Birth: Apr. 27, 1844.
Death: Apr. 20, 1933.

Wife: Adelia Francis Tilton Hammett (1849 - 1929.)

Children: Sadie Lee Hammett (1868 - 1960).

Burial: Columbus City Cemetery, Columbus, Cherokee County, Kansas.

He lived in Cherokee County, Kansas in the town of Columbus, Kansas, where he was in the business of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.

Frederick H Schrepel

Frederick H Schrepel.

Birth: 1850, Ohio.
Death: 1930.

Wife: Elizabeth C Schrepel (1861 - 1935.)

Children: Walter H Schrepel (1890 - 1945), Matilde Schrepel (1896 - 1897), Viola Schrepel (1898 - 1898)*, Arthur W Schrepel (1901 - 1929).

Burial: Lakin Comanche Cemetery, Ellinwood, Barton County, Kansas.

Mr. Schrepel lived in Barton County, Kansas, in the township of Lakin, in section 30 he owned a little over 80 acres of land.  He was a stock farmer, his farm was called the Cheyenne Valley Stock Farm.  His post office address was Ellinwood, Kansas, which was a half mile south of the farm.