Monday, June 8, 2015

Annie Henrietta Schutte showalter.

Annie Henrietta Schutte showalter.

Birth; Decembe 13, 1871.
Death: June 26, 1928.

Husband: John Adam Showalter, ( 1867-1924.)
Married 1892.

Children: Oscar F., Inez D. Showalter, ( 1901-1988.)

Burial: La Crosse Cemetery, La Crosse, Rush County, Kansas.;

In 1901 Annie lived in Rush County, Kansas, in section ! of Hampton Township.  She was a Farmer and Stock Raiser.  She owned 640 acres, in her own name, her husband owned nothing.  Her post office address was Mc Cracken, Kansas, which was 12 miles south west from the farm..

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