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Thomas M. Masterson, Father of "Bat Masterson."

Thomas M. Masterson.

Birth: Sep. 30, 1827, New York.
Death: Jan. 12, 1921, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Wichita Eagle, Thursday, January 13, 1921, Page 5


Was Frontiersman, Father of Bat Masterson; Dies at Age of 97. Thomas Masterson, 97 years old, passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Cairns, 1231[1221] Carlos avenue, Wednesday night. He is survived by his daughter and two sons, Thomas Masterson, of Fort Scott, Kan., and W. B. Masterson, of New York City. Mr. Masterson was born at Keysville, New York. Mr. Masterson was a striking example of the frontiersman.

The greater part of his younger days was spent on the fringe of civilization where survival was to the fittest. The Masterson name is written in the annals of Kansas. W.B. (Bat) Masterson having been marshal of Dodge City, Kan., during the days of the gunmen and of "Boot Hill." The former Dodge City marshal is now a theatrical and sporting writer of New York. Mrs. Cairns is the wife of Wichita's pioneer police chief.

Wife: Catherine U Mcgurk Masterson (1832 - 1908).

Children: Nellie E. Masterson Cairns (____ - 1925), Edward J. Masterson (1852 - 1878), Bat Masterson (1854 - 1921), James Masterson (1855 - 1895), Thomas Masterson (1858 - 1941).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Thomas Masterson came from St. Louis in June of 1871, to Sedgwick County where he settled in section 24, of Grant Township on his 80 acre farm.  His two sons Bat who was 18, and Ed who was 19, helped the father build a sod house.  The two boys after helping with the first year crop, headed west to hunt buffalo.  Another brother Jim joined them a year later.

Mr. Masterson lived on the until his death in 1921.  His sons returned for visits now and then, especially Bat, during his years as Ford County sheriff at Dodge City.

Authors note.  To see just were the farm was take this link to a map of Grant Township, see section 24, the year 1881.


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