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Pilsen Kansas.

Pilsen Kansas.

Pilsen was founded in 1874 and named to honor the city of Plzeň of Bohemia by Bohemian immigrants. The area was settled in the 1870s and 1880s by 46 Bohemian families of Czech and German descent who purchased their land from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. 

In 1888, the first Catholic church was built. It was a two-story frame building; the upper floor was the church and the lower flower was the rectory. The building was converted into a convent after the second church was built.

Up until about 1902, the community was centered around a General Store that was located approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of the current Pilsen site. After the General Store closed in 1902, Mr and Mrs Cerny built a new two-story store at the current Pilsen site, and continued to operate it until 1944, then later it was torn down in 1970.

Pilsen Post Office.

Picture publish date 1921.
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Pilsen post office opened on March 17, 1917 and ran to March 8, 1957, Joseph Cerny was first post master.

People who used Pilsen as their post office Address, 1921.

Joseph Cerny, General Merchandise, came to the county in 1900.

Paul Silhan, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Shady Brook Holstein farm, section 14, Clark Township.

John M. Sklenar, Pastor St. John's Catholic Church, Clear Creek Township, section 19, came to county in 1880.

T. W. Spachek, Cashier, Pilsen State Bank.

Joseph Vinduska, Farmer, Blacksmith, Machine Shop, Garage and Farm Implements, Clear Creek Township, section 19, came from Chicago Illinois, came to county in 1874.

World War Roll of Honor.
Picture publish date 1920.
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