Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ploughboy Kansas.

Ploughboy, also spelled Plowboy, Kansas, is a mystery, it was never a town but was a Post Office, even though it was never indicated as such on any county maps, it was just there.

Ploughboy is in Shawnee County, Kansas in Dover Township, section 25.  The post office open August 8, 1871 and ran to April 24, 1882.  In 1882 the name was changed to Redpath, the post office ran on to February 4, 1882.

Ploughboy or Redpath, sat on the land owned by Albert S. Corey, who became its first post master in 1872.

More is known about the farmers in the area then Redpath.  Here is a list of farmers who used Redpath as their post office address.

Albert S. Corey.
Rufus N. Edwards. 
William G. Gilkerson.
John Green.
Charles P. Jones.

Dover Township Ploughboy is marked in orange, map 1873. Push to enlarge.

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