Friday, December 4, 2015

Samuel Booth.

Samuel Booth.

Birth: 1844.
Death: 1908.

Wife: Christina W. Booth (1845 - 1937).

Children: Christina Sadie Booth Wood Griffin (1882 - 1975), Sam, William, Joseph, Robert, Henry, Elizabeth, Hattie Booth..

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Greensburg, Kiowa County, Kansas.

Mr. Booth came to Kiowa County Kansas in 1886.  He settled in section 19, Township is unknown.  Although I wasn't able learn what township they lived in section 19, he was a Ranchman.  He and his wife both owned 160 acres each of section 19, their post office address was Greensburg, Kansas.
The location of the farm was Township 30 and Range 17 West. 

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