Friday, April 25, 2014

John W. Hyler.

John W. Hyler Drug store.
Picture publish date 1910.
Picture taken 1909.
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John W. Hyler came to Wilson county Kansas, from Ohio, in 1879, with is wife Ida J. Hyler who were married around 1878, there were no children in this marriage.  They settled in the town of Fredonia, Kansas, were he was a Grocer-Merchant.  In 1880 he was on the Fredonia Building Loan Association, as one of the board of directors.  Some time between 1880 & 1900 he became a Druggist in Frodonia, Kansas.

John's wife Ida J., died in Fredonia, Kansas, in 1903, she was around 47 years, her burial was at Fredonia cemetery, Fredonia, Wilson county, Kansas.

Some time between 1903 & 1910, John remarried to a woman by the name Rosa, they had moved to Benedict, Kansas, were he was a Druggist, he had the only drug store in town. 

This is all I know about them as I lost all track of them after 1910, I couldn't find out if John and Rosa had any children nor could I find any death or burial records on them.

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