Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nicholas 'Nick' Frankhouser..

Picture publish date 1879.
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Nicholas "Nick" Frankhouser.

Birth: 1847, New York.
Death: Unknown.
Burial: Unknown.

Wife: Emma Farkhouser, b. 1851-?, Pennsylvania.

Children: Myrtie H. Frankhouser, b. 1874-?, Kansas.

Mr. Frankhouser came to Osage county in 1869, from Seneca county, Ohio.  Settled in Valley Brook, township in the town of Lyndon, Kansas.  In 1879 was listed as being Sheriff, in 1880 he was listed as Under Sheriff.  In 1890-1894 was listed as Sheriff.  Moved to Superior, township and settled in the town of Osage City, Kansas.

He was also a Civil War veteran, servicing in the Ohio 12th., Cavalry, Company I., as a private, enlisted September 30, 1863, for 3 years was 19; mustered out with company November 14, 1865.

Authors note.  I did a post on him on February 16, 2012, but I have found more information on him I deiced to do a new and delete the old one.

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