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Ella A. Stout Marries Johnson N. HIgh.

Although Ella A. Stout is only connected to Kansas through her husband.  But as she lived here many years and died here and had children here I thought her children and grandchildren would like to know more about their mothers and grandmothers background.

Biographies of Henry County, Ohio, Napoleon Township.
Published in 1888.

George Stout came to Napoleon in the autumn of 1834. Napoleon township was then an almost unbroken wilderness. He purchased a town lot in Napoleon and built the second log cabin in the place. He lived in this cabin while he built a public house or tavern, into which he moved his family in March, 1835. This he opened for the entertainment of guests as soon as it could be made ready. The first two or three terms of the Common Pleas Court, was held in the dining room of this hostelry, and the first grand jury of Henry county slept in the hay-mow in the barn. At this time there were but few settlers in the county. Those nearest were Hazael Strong, John Patrick, and Amos Andrews, who lived four miles down the river, and Elijah Gunn, who lived on Girty's Island, five miles above town. For a distance of fifteen miles from the river, on both sides, the county was a vast unbroken wilderness.

As an inducement to settlers, a town lot was offered by the original proprietors of the town, Messrs. Phillips, Cory and Level, to the first permanent settler. Upon this lot a log cabin had been built by a man named Hollway, being the first erected in the place. It was quit- claimed by Mr. Holloway, and also afterwards by several others, none of whom remained long enough to entitle them to a deed, and was finally deeded to Mr. Stout as the first actual settler in the town. This was lot No. 25 on the original plat of Napoleon. The house was somewhat pretentious for those days, as it was built of hewed logs, the greater portion of the buildings of that day being of round logs. It was afterwards weather- boarded and plastered, and is still standing, being the oldest house in town.

Joseph A. Stout, a son of the above, was born in Holmes county, 0hio., July 13, 1819 .  He was married to Sarah C. Palmer. They raised two children, Albert T. and Ella A. Stout. The latter married Johnson N. High, and resides with her husband in Kansas. Mr. Stout came to Henry county with his parents in 1834, and had with all the settlers of that early period an abundant experience of the trials of pioneer life.

John G. Stout, a brother to the above, came to Henry county with his parents in 1834. He was at one time a superintendent of public works in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. He was married to Sarah Ryan January 24, 1841, They had a family of eight children, one of whom, John P. Stout, is an examiner of pensions in Washington.

Adam Stout was born in Richland county, Ohio, September 29, 1819. He was married to Mary J. Barnhart, who was born in Maryland, Ohio, in 1826. They had eight children. He moved with his parents to this county in 1833.

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