Thursday, April 24, 2014

Birch M. ( B. M. ) Butters.


Birch M. ( B. M. ) Butters.

Birth: 1869.
Death: 1955.

Wife: Mary F. Butters 1870-1925.

Children: William Frank Butters, Charles H. ( Charley ), Butters, Nettie M. Butters, Estella G. Butters, Elsie J. Butters, Mary E. I. Butters, Irene Butters.

Burial" Spring Hill Cemetery, Whiting, Jackson County, Kansas.

Mr. Butters was at one time the proprietor of the New Whiting House, what year I couldn't find out.  He may have been in Whiting a little after 1903, as he wasn't in any records or census till 1910, when it was stated he was a farmer, although no records shows him owning any land.  In 1920 he was a Commercial Traveler. 

The man and the children to the right most likely is Mr. Butters and part of the family.  The man in the wagon is most likely Albert J. Parrott, the Hired man.

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