Friday, April 4, 2014

Daniel B. Grisso.

Picture publish date 1899.
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Daniel B. Grisso.

Birth: August 11, 1840, Virginia.
Death: May 29, 1909.

Wife: Sarah Spitler.
Birth December 29, 1848, Ohio, death April 14, 1928.
Married November 22, 1874, Douglas county, Kansas.

Children: Minnie A., Perniett A., and Ora Della Grisso.

Burial: Valley Brook Cemetery, Michigan Valley, Osage county, Kansas.

Mr. Grisso settled in section 3 of Ridgeway township of Osage county, Kansas.  He was a farmer and stock raiser on his 240 acre farm.  His post office address was Overbrook, Kansas, which was a little over 4 miles north-east of the farm.

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