Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hymer Kansas

                           HYMER KANSAS.

Hymer, a hamlet of Chase county, is located on Diamond creek, in the township of the same name, and is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. 13 miles northwest of Cottonwood Falls, the county seat. It has telegraph and express offices, and a money order post office. The population, according to the census of 1910, was 30.

Hymer post office open March  19,  1872 and ran to October 4,  1943.
The census of 1910 stated that their were  only 30 people living there, but in 1901, there were only five families using the post office according to the directory.

The people  using Hymers post office in  1901  were;

K. J. Fink, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

William Heskett, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

Martin David Umberger, Farmer and Stock Raiser. 

J. I. Mitchell, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

S. E. Whitney, President and General Manager of the "101" Cattle Company.

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