Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Sheriff of Jackson County, was born December 15, 1859, in Fulton, Indiana. His family have been Americans for 150 years. He came to Kansas City 18 years ago and embarked in the grain business, in which he achieved a competency. Although taking a lively interest in politics he was in no sense a politician, much less an office-seeker, and his nomination for sheriff on the Republican ticket in 1900 was a great surprise to him. He was elected, the first Republican sheriff in Jackson County since the State went Democratic after the war.

Mr. Pontius has discharged the important and responsible duties of his office most admirably. He has especially won the praise of the bench and bar, the very men who have had the best opportunities to see and judge his work. He has kept politics in the background, and his personal attention has been given to his office, with the result that his deputies have been diligent and faithful. To meet Sheriff Pontius one would never know whether he was a Democrat or a Republican. In meeting him outside of his office one only remembers that he is A whole-souled gentleman. Mr. Pontius was re-nominated for sheriff on the Republican ticket, September 20, 1902.

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