Friday, December 14, 2012

Blue Hill Kansas.

Mitchell County.
Hayes Township Map. 1884.
On the county map Blue Hill can be found in Township 8-south and Range 9-west.  On the township map Blue Hill can be found in section 31.
Blue Hill Post Office.
Blue Hill post office open August 5, 1872 and ran to January 31, 1921.  First Postmaster Spencer Foyd.
Business men who used Blue Hill as their P. O. address as of 1884.
 Maurice Brown, Stock Raiser.
S. O. Officer, Farmer.
W. F. Ramsey, Sheep Raiser.
Martin Yandes, Farmer.
J. F. Anderson, Farmer.
Samuel H. Burger, Farmer.
W. F. Burgess, Farmer.
Charles T. Day, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J.P. Durham, Farmer.
Max Graban, Farmer.
O. G. Harris, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
Peter Kratzenstein, Farmer.
Jesse Potts, Farmer.
William Ruegsegger, School Teacher.
Christian Wyler.

James Humes, Farmer, came to county 1879.


William Diers, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1879.
Frank Konzem, Farmer, came to county 1881.
E. B. Shull, Farmer.
H. C. Shull, Farmer.
Augusta Witt, Walnut Vally Farm, came to county 1887.

Bule Hill Kansas, 1912.

Blue Hill, an inland postoffice of Mitchell county, is located on Salt creek in Hayes township, 16 miles southwest of Beloit, the county seat, and about 12 miles south of Glen Elder, the nearest shipping point. The population in 1910 was 15.

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