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Tisdale Kansas.

Cowley County.
Tisdale Township Map. 1882.
On the county map Tisdale can be found in Township 32-sputh and Range 5-east.  On the Township map Tisdale can be found in sections 23-26  Although the county map shows a town in these sections, you will find on the township map there is no town there.  It states Town site of Tisdale, and no Railroad
Tisdale, 1882.
Tisdale has three stores and other buildings, and did a flourishing yrade with the surrounding county, until the spring of 1880, since which time, the Railroad having been built some four milles northof it, much of its former trade goes to the raialroad station, and its business is not so good.  It has a daily mail and excellent facilities, and will, sometime, be one of the pleasantest villages of the county.
Tisdale Post Office.
Tisdale post office open December 1, 1871 and ran to April 15, 1920, first postmaster was John McGuire.
Tisdale was named after Henry Tisdale.
Business men who used Tisdale as their P. O. address as of 1882.
W. R. Bradley, Farmer and Blacksmith, from Illinois, came to county 1877.
J. W. Conrad, Farmer, from Illinois, came to county 1877.
M. Ellinger, Farmer, from Ohio, came to county 1871.
A. T. Gay, Farmer, from Maine, came to county 1871.
J. H. Hall, Farmer and Township Trustee, from Ohio, came to county 1873.
A. Tinsman, Farmer and Carpenter, from Indiana, came to county  1872.
Sanford E. Woodard, Farmer, from Ohio, came to county 1872.
A. Weimer, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Ohio, came to county 1877
J. Burt, Farmer, from Illinois, came to county 1871
E. I. Johnson, Farmer and Township Trustee, came to county 1876.
D. A. Primmer, Farmer, from Indiana, came to county 1882.
Tisdale Kansas, 1912.
Tisdale, a hamlet in Cowley county, is located in the township of the same name on the Missouri Pacific R. R., 8 miles east of Winfield, the county seat. There is a general store, an express office, and a money order postoffice. The population in 1910 was 42

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