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Padonia Kansas.

Brown County.
Padonia township map, 1887.
On the county map Padonia can be found in township 1-south and range 17-east.  On the township map Padonia can be found in section 31.
Padonia Post Office.
Open October 20, 1857 and ran to September 26, 1878, Closed.  Reopened February 25, 1879 and ran to March 15, 1914, name changed from Danes Mill, closed and reopened as Padonia on August 3, 1914 and ean to May 31, 1933.  First Postmaster was Orville Root, October 20, 1857
Business men who used Padonia as their P. O. address as of 1887.

J. H. Brigham, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Missouri, came to county 1855.

E. Chase, General Merchandise, Grain Dealer and Prop. of Mill, from Maine, came to county 1858.

H. J. Gillespie, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Kentucky, came to county 1859.

Mary E. Leavitt, Farming, from New Hampshire, came to county 1857.

J. C. Le Conte, Blacksmith and Carriage Work, from Belgium, came to county 1882.

J. A. Laing, Post Master and General Merchandise, from Canada, came to county 1884.

Reuben Moyer, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from New York, came to county 1880.

F. P. Winslow, Trustee, Justice of Peace and Farmer, from Maine, came to county 1857.
Danes Mill Now Padonia.
You will not find Danes Mill on any County or Township maps.  History states that Padonia open its post office on October 20, 1857.  But if one was to look more in the records you will find that the name of Padonia did not come into being untill August 3, 1914.  On all the maps it was always call Padonia, but Danes Mill was first.  History does not say when Danes Mill came to being only that it changed its name to Padonia in 1914.  All the history records you well read will show that is was alway Padonia, but that's no so.  This is just one of the many mysteries of these Kansas towns.
Padonia May 8, 1861.
May 8. The Frontier Guards, a mounted military company at Padonia, hold an election for officers with the following results: Captain, Orville H. Root; First Lieutenant, David A. Winn; Second Lieutenant, Thomas Hart; Third Lieutenant, John Belk; Ensign, Peter Thrift. The members of the company are Orville Root, David Peebles, David A. Winn, Eli Sampson, Wm. Belk, J. F. Ordway, Wm H. Jones, Peter Thrift, Hosea A. R igers, John Belk, George G. Peebles, John C Belk, D. U. Muise, Wm. B. Sharp, Milton Dickson, Divid Gall, Sidney Belk, Henry Green, Daniel McCoy, John Schmitt, Thos. Hart, Joseph Mathews, John Sevier, T. Chew, Jis. K Belk, Adam Schmitt, S. W. Busy, F. Shriver, E. N. Ordway, Isaac Schmitt, Henry Sevier, Michael Sell mitt, S. Autrey.
Padonia Kansas, 1912.

Padonia, one of the little towns of Brown county, is located on the Missouri Pacific R. R. 6 miles qorth of Hiawatha, the county seat. It has a flour mill, a number of well stocked retail establishments, churches and schools, express and telegraph offices, and a money order postoffice. The population in 1910 was 104. The town was named after Jesse Padon,
who prior to 1862 lived in a log hut on the bank of the Walnut. The postoffice was established in 1857 with Orville Root as the first postmaster. The Padonia Town company built a school house in 1858

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