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May Day Kansas.

Riley County.
Center Township Map, 1881.
On the county map May Day can be found in Township 6-south and Range 4-east.  On the Township map May Day can be found in section 31.
May Day Post Office.
May Day post office open April 13, 1871 and ran to February 15, 1954.  First Postmaster Asahel S. Edgerton.  Second Postmaster Solomon Weichselbaum, 1871.
Business men of TwoTownships who used May Day as their P. O. address as of 1881.
Now May Day Got Its Name.
In 1869, a petition was sent to the Post Office Department by the inhabitants of the Western part of Jackson Township, for establishment of a new postoffice to be called Stanton.  The name was objected to on the ground that there were other offices of like name in the State.
A post office however was established, and Mr. A. S. Edgerton appointed postmaster, who was requested to give the office a name.  He suggested the name of May Day, and it met with general satisfaction, and the post office was name accordingly.  From this post office, May Day Township received its name.  The township was orqanized in January, 1872.  Later the township lines would change and May Day is now in Center Township.
May Day, 1881.
May Day, is. a small hamlet on Fancy creek, consisting of one store, owned and conducted by S. Weichselbaum, a black-
smith shop, shoemaker shop, by John Osborn, a dressmaking and millinery establishment which will soon be opened by Mrs. Byarlay, and the house ot S. A. Byarlay
May Day Kansas, 1912.

May Day, a hamlet of Riley county, is located in Center township, 35 miles from Manhattan, the county seat, and 10 miles from Green, Clay county, the nearest railroad station. It has a money order postoffice. The population in 1910 was 59.


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