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Wea Kansas.

Miami County.
Wea Township map, 1878.
On the county map Wea can be found in Township 15-South and Range 25-East.  On the township map Wea can be found in sections 29 & 30.
Wea Post Office.
Wea post office open May 31, 1867 and ran to November 25, 1867.  Closed then reopen August 8, 1873 and ran to October 30, 1903.  Frist postmaster was Eugene Vohs.
Business men who used Wea as their P. O. address as of 1878.
Eugene Vohs, Postmaster and Merchant, from Germany, came to county 1866.
P. W. Goebel, Merchant, from Germany, came to county 1877.
J. T. Lee, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Wyandotte county, Ohio, came to county 1869.
C. F. Worthington, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Washteha, Michigan, came to county 1866.

Eugene Vohs, Postmaster and Merchant.

Eugene Vohs, 1844 - 1906 Was born in Nassau, Germany, July 31, 1844, and came to Kansas in 1868, where he purchased a farm close to the Wea Catholic Church. He remained on the farm until 1876, when he bought the village store and became postmaster. In those days he had to haul the country produce to, and his merchandise from Kansas City, a distance of thirty miles. Wea was on a Star Mail Route, the mail being carried from Kansas City to Fort Scott and later from Kansas City to Louisburg.

When the Missouri Pacific Railroad was built through this part of the county a R. F. D. Route was established through Was, and the Wea Postoffice was discontinued. Mr. Vohs was married January 9, 1872, to Margaret Goebel, daughter of Peter and Anna Goebel. Mrs. Vohs has one sister and three brothers, who are now or have been residents of Miami county, Mrs. Mary Legner and J. L. Goebel of Louisburg, Kansas, and P. W. and F. S. Goebel, now of Kansas City, Kansas.

Mr. P. W. Goebel came to Wea when about fifteen years of age, and made his home with Mrs. Vohs for about four years. Mr. and Mrs. Vohs had a family of six children: Margaret (Mrs. T. E. Schwartz) of Paola Kansas, Albert P., Jasper J. and Ida (Mrs. Terrence McGuirk) of Louisburg, and William E. and Lawrence F., on the home farm with their mother. Mr. Vohs died November 24, 1906, and was buried at Wea. Mr. and Mrs. Vohs took an active interest in the welfare of the community and were ever ready to give their time and assistance to the betterment of the community in which they lived.

Wea Kansas, 1912.

Wea, is a hamlet in the extreme northeastern part of Miami county, about 5 miles east of Bucyrus, from wich place it has rural mail delivery

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