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Glen Elder Kansas.

Glen Elder Kansas, 1883.

Glen Elder is the name of a flourishing town in Section 27, Township 6, Range 9. It was originally platted as West Hampton by Messrs. Neve and Spencer, who in 1871 commenced building the large flouring-mill now in operation in that place. The name of West Hampton was soon lost, as the Glen Elder post-office was moved down from half a mile north, and Glen Elder was more widely known. There are now nearly a dozen good stores in the town, a grain warehouse at the depot, and considerable business of every kind; the mill referred to in another place being one of the leading enterprises.
Glen Elder Newpaper, 1883.
The Mitchell County Key, a greenback paper, was established here January 5th, 1880, and was published a short time by George E. Dougherty, who afterward moved the paper to Bull City, in Osborne County.
Glen Elder Church, 1883.
The Methodist Episcopal Church of this place is one of the strongest in the county, numbering 141 members. They have as yet no permanent church building, but have a handsome parsonage built last year at an expense of $575. The Rev. D. Pruitt is the present pastor.


J. F. BECKER, was born in Middleburgh, N. Y., March 25, 1841. In 1849 moved to Indiana. Enlisted in the Union army, July 4, 1861, in Company C, Thirty-fourth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Discharged September 25, 1865, and returned to Henry County, Iowa. In 1868 moved to Omaha, Neb., and to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1876, and took out a homestead ten miles west of Beloit. Came to Glen Elder and engaged in general merchandise, under the firm name of Becker Bros. Was appointed postmaster at Glen Elder, August 31, 1877. Mr. Becker enlisted in the army as a private, but was promoted to second lieutenant, but was the acting captain of the company the last year of service.
DR. W. C. BEEDLE was born in Wayne County, Ohio, October 14, 1827. Removed to Indiana, thence to Wisconsin, thence to Iowa in 1854. Left Iowa in the spring of 1860, and moved to Colorado. Returned to Iowa in 1866, and came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1871, and located on a homestead eight miles west of Beloit. Has been practicing medicine for the past thirty years. The doctor has been located at Glen Elder but little over a year, and enjoys a good practice. He is a married man, and the father of eleven children.
J. T. BUENING was born in Prussia, February 5, 1853. Landed at Boston, Mass., April 13, 1875. First located in Clearfield County, Pa. Went to Allegheny County, Pa., in the fall of the same year, thence to West Virginia; returned to Allegheny County the same year, thence to Clarion County, Pa., thence to Lake County, Ind., came to Mitchell County, Kan., and settled at Glen Elder, and engaged in the grocery, boot and shoe business, and is now enjoying a good trade. He was married in Lake County, Ind., August 27, 1878, to Miss M. L. Barman.
J. M. SUTTON was born in New Jersey, September 20, 1851. Removed to Bureau County, Ill., in 1855, thence to Wisconsin in 1868; came to Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1870, and entered a homestead twelve miles west of Beloit, and is now the owner of the same. Mr. Sutton is carrying a general stock of goods in the town of Glen Elder, and is doing a good business. He made his own start in the world, and has no one to thank for his success but his own energy and enterprise. Married in Mitchell County, April 20, 1879, and has one child - Henry, born January 6, 1881.
A. A. THOMPSON was born in Wayne County, Ohio, September 27, 1839. With his parents moved to Wisconsin in 1846. He enlisted in the Union army in April, 1861, in Company F, Third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Was discharged in July 1864, and returned to Grant County, Wis. Moved to Charles City, Iowa, the following year, thence to Lawrence County, Mo. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in November, 1875, and took a homestead in Lulu Township. Opened a stock of general merchandise in Glen Elder in 1877. Mr. Thompson is a self-made man, having started in the world without capital, and is now the owner of a large stock of goods in a room 30x60 feet, the same being built by him in 1878. His finances are such that he discounts all of his bills. He was married in Charles City, Iowa, January 28, 1866, to Miss Elizabeth Blunt. They have seven children - Carrie, Mannie M., Sylvia A., Maud E., John J., Harvey J. and Daisy.

Mitchell County
Glen Elder Township Map, 1884

Co the county map Glen Elder can be found in Township 6-South and Range 9-West.  On the township map Glen Elder can be found in section 27.
Glen Elder Post Office.

Glen Elder post office open July 5, 1870 and ran to ? 
GeorgeW. Stinson was frist post master.

Business men of Glen Elder City, 1884.

F. F. Applegate, Clerk.
W. D. Brokaw, Farmer and Mason.
B. Brokaw, Blacksmith.
Theo. J. Buening, Nerchant.
V. Buening, Merchant.
J. T. Buening, Merchant.
M. D., W. C. Beedle, Physician and Sergeon.
M. Beedle, Carpenter.
J. F. Beeker, of the firm of Beeker Bros.
J. H. Cook, Merchant and Post Master.
S. N. Cedarland, Blacksmith and Repair Shop.
J. W. Clark, Blacksmith.
Elmer Depuy, Clerk for A. A. Thompson.
G. N. Hartley, Teacher.
S. R. Knox, Minister.
Frank M. Kaull, of the firm of Kaull & Nash.
Jesse G. Kaull, Mill Hand.
I. L. Miler, Farmer and Carpenter.
James A. Phegley, Miller.
William Sutton, Livery and Feed Stable.
Frank P. Shields, Miller.
T. W. & C. Sullivan, General Merchants.
James Perry Stnts, Retird Carpenter.
O. L. Taylor, Attorney & Real Estate.
A. A. Thompson, General Merchant.
Madison Todd, Propr. Cottage House and Merchant.
H. F. Valette, Merckant.
J. Z. Williams, Merchant.
L. B. Willcox, Grain Buyer.
W. T. Yates, Clerk of the Courts.

Glen Elder Kansas, 1912.

Glen Elder, an incorporated town of Mitchell county, is located on the Solomon river and the Missouri Pacific R. R., in Glen Elder township, 12 miles west of Beloit, the county seat. It has 3 hotels, 2 grain elevators, 2 banks, a weekly newspaper, express and telegraph offices and an international money order postoffice with four rural routes.

The population in 1910 was 565. The town was established in 1871 by Neve & Spencer, and called West Hampton. The Glen Elder post office, which was located half a mile north of this point, was moved and the town took the name of the post office. The promoters of the town built a large flour mill. The Mitchell County Key, a green back paper, was started by George E. Daugerty, who printed it by hand with a roller.

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