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Bonita Kansas, 1883.
Bonita is a small town situated about five miles south of Olathe on the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad. The village was first named Alta by the Railroad company on account of it being at the highest spot on their road; but there being another postoffice in the State by that name, the name of this town was changed to Bonita, Spanish for beautiful. The name is very appropriate, because of the beauty of the surrounding rolling prairie.
The first settlement was made there by Frank Temple and William Jobi, October 17, 1879. The postoffice was established in December, 1879, F. Gilbert being appointed first Postmaster. Mr. Gilbert also opened a store in the same month on the north side of Main street. The first birth was that of John Temple, December 1, 1881, and the first death that of Miss Annie McElheny, July 17, 1880.
Johnson County.
Spring Hill Township Map, 1902.
On the county map Bonita can be found in Township 14 & 15-South and Range 23 & 24-East.   On the township map Bonita can be found in section 25.
Three Business men who used Bonita as their P. O. address as of 1902.
Price K. Hendrix, General Merchandies, Coal and Grain, came to county 1872.
John McKaig, Farmer and Stock Raiser came to county 1857.
Liewellyn Siess, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1865.
Bonita Post Office.
Bonita post office open February 12, 1880 and ran to June 14, 1890.  Closed and then reopen on November 26, 1890 and ran to September 15, 1934.  First Postmaster was F. Gilbert.
Bonita Kansas, 1912.
Bonita, a village of Johnson count}', is located in the southern part of the St. Louis & San Francisco R. R. about 5 miles south of Olathe, the county seat. It was settled first in 1879, a postoffice was established in the fall of that year, and the first store was opened about that time. The town was first called Alta as it was the highest point on the railroad, but as there was another postoffice by that name in the state it was changed to Bonita. At the present time it has a money order postoffice, telegraph and express facilities and in 1910 had a population of 35.
Bonita Kansas, 1915.
Bonita, Kan., a small town, five miles south of Olathe, on the Frisco railroad. It was at first named Alta, on account of its being the highest point along the road. There being another postoffice in the State with the same name, it was changed to Bonita, the Spanish word meaning, "beautiful." The name is very appropriate, as the surrounding country is one of the prettiest scenes to be found on the prairies of eastern Kansas. Each year the farms grow fine yields of corn and wheat. J. J. Kuhlman has a general store and elevator there and does a large business in shipping grain. This country is one of the best grain growing districts along the Frisco.

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