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Timken Kansas.

Rush County.
Banner Township Map, 1901.
On the county maap Timken can be found in Township 18 & 19-South and Range 17-West.  On the Township map Timken can be found in section 23.
Note.  In the information of 1912, it states that Timken was in Rush township.  How ever the township map of 1901 shows that Timken was in Banner township.
Banner Township business men who used Timken as their P. O. address as of 1901.
Frank Bizek, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. A. Dolezal, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
F. O. Erb, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
George Hamrdla, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. H. Kaufmann, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. Kraisinger, Dealer in Coal, Grain and Feed.
W. H. Lewis, Farmer and dealer in Live Stock.
Charles B. Lewis, Grain Byer and Post Master.
F. Panek, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
Joseph Schroter, Jr., farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. J. Serpan, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
A. F. Smolek, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
Anton Smreka, Farmer and Dealer in Grain and Implements.
Frank Stjskal, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
Timken Post Office.
Timken post office open July 23, 1888 and ran to January 20, 1996. 
Timken Kansas, 1912.

Timken, a hamlet in Rush county, is located in the township of the same name, on Walnut creek and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., 10 miles southeast of LaCrosse, the county seat. It has a mill, a grain elevator, several retail establishments, express office, and a money order postoffice with one rural route. The population in 1910 was 50.

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