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Beelerville Now Beeler Kansas.


Beelerville was platted in March. 1887,by the Arkansas Valley Town Co, and is jointly owned bv that great corporatin and by Messrs.E. E. Beeler, J. F. Beeler and Geo. S. Redd. It has a line location on the banks of the Walnut River, and a commanding plateau over looking the Walnut Valley. It is midway between Ness City and Dighton. has a large and productive tributary country, and is sure to grow into a fine town. It has already made a remarkable growth for a single season, and has now such substantial proofs of town life as a pretty railway passenger and freight depot, the large and exceptionally fine stone Beeler House, with its abundant hotel accommodations and stores, a full dozen new business houses, liverv barns, mechanic shops, homes, &c, c&c, and 150 wide auake people.

The cars came last May, and all there is of the town has come into being since that lime. Thry have fine building stone, good spiing water in abundance, good building sand, a lornet band, a village lyceum, a compmv of live business men, and will soon have a church and schoolhouse. Ample preparation is being made for a busy buildmg season next year

Authors note. The Beeler family, in their efforts to second guess the railroad, had acted too quickly. The thriving town, that had sprung up almost overnight, had to be moved. When railroad surveyors came through, the company purchased eighty acres from Daniel Rineley and platted the town on April 22, 1887, approximately one-quarter mile to the southwest. Thus, during that spring the entire town moved to its present location. On April 19, 1888 the name was changed back again to Beeler, as the mail was constantly mixed with that for Belleville.

Beelerville-Beeler Post Office.

Beelerville, Post Office open July 31, 1886 and ran to April 19, 1888.  Name changed to Beeler.  Beeler Post Office open Apri 19, 1888 and ran to ?  Elmer Beeler was first post master for both towns.

Ness County.
Eden Township Map, 1906.
On the county map Beeler can be found in Township 18-South and Range 26-West.  On the township map Beeler can be found in section 33.
Business men who used Beeler as their P. O. address as of 1906.
Floyd Curter, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1901.
Ezra Goodman, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1898.
Laured Goodman, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1878.
T. F. Livingood, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1886.
W. F. More, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1886.
A. S. Pearce Jr., Farmer and Stock Raiser came to county 1886.
O. P. Rineley, Postmaster and Propr. Hotel Beeler, came to county 1880.
J. O. Shover, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1880.
Mrs. Useba Shover, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1877.
H. A. Stewart, Farmer and Stock Raiser and Blacksmith, came to county 1886.
George Thompson, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1887.
Beeler Kansas, 1912.
Beeler, one of the minor villages of Ness county, is located in Eden township and is a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., 17  miles west of Ness City, the county seat. It has a money order post office, an express office, telephone connection, Protestant churches, a school, and is a trading and shipping point for the western part of the county. The population in 1910 was 75.

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