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Waterville Kansas.

Marshall County.
Watervill Township, map, 1904.
On the county map Waterville can be found in Township 4-South and Range 6-East.  On the township map Waterville can be found in sections 21 & 22.
Waterville Post Office.
Waterville post office open February 18, 1868 and ran to ?  First postmaster was George Hutt.
Business men of the city of Watervill and Waterville Township.
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Some businesses of Waterville.
Mr. and Mrs. August Frahm arrived at Waterville at the completion of the railroad and erected the first building in town, a stone hotel, called the "Bay State House," in the early spring of 1868. Mr. Frahm shipped the first carload of lumber to Waterville and the freight on it was eighty-five dollars.

Henry Agle built the "Eagle Hotel" in the fall of 1868. Other buildings erected in, or moved to. the town in 1868 were: A frame store building. erected by R. S. McCubin. of Atchison. Kansas; R. S. Newell moved his store from Marble Falls and Joseph Samuels moved a store building from Maryville. J. C. Peters built a store and dwelling combined. George
Hutt erected a small building, now standing on the corner by the town pump. Mr. Vowers. a homesteader, two miles west, supplied the people of Waterville with good water from his spring on Coon creek at five cents a pail, until the town well was bored in 1870. Mike Niggley built a one-story saloon, eighteen by twenty feet, in which he started operations with one keg of beer and one gallon of whiskey. Roy Sholes opened a hardware store and tinner's shop, where Ed Adam's barber shop now stands. He sold out in 1869 to J. Miord, who enlarged the building and stock.

In 1869 J. D. Flannery built and operated a general merchandise store. Heineke & Cowgill built a furniture store. Frank Glasser erected general merchandise store, building it himself. John Mullender and J. C. Dickey each built and operated a blacksmith shop. W. C. Johnson and William Haskel opened a lumber office. A. M. Pickett built a photograph gallery and A. Simie, a drug store: J. D. Farwell and J. Miexell, each, a hardware store; W. W. Smith and W. P. Mudgett, a law office; A. D. Willson and Mr. McKinnon, a real-estate office; John Wilson, a livery.
George W. Filley A citizen of Waterville.

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Massachusetts First Cavalry.
Enlisted at age 29, residence Dedham, Mustered in October 10, 1861, detailed in Regimental Band, November 21, 1861, Exp. November 11, 1864, in company H, was also in company F.
Waterville Kansas, 1912.
Waterville, a city of Marshall county, is located on the Little Blue river and the Missouri Pacific R. R., 16 miles southwest of Marysville. the county seat. It has telegraph and express offices, weekly newspapers, grain elevators, banking facilities, a public library, an opera house and good schools and churches. Three rural delivery mail routes
go out from the postoffice.
Waterville was settled in 1857 by Stearns Ostrander. He was followed the same year by Ralph Ostrander, P. Bollar, R. Brown, T. Palmer and H. Brown. The next year William Pearsoll, William Hawkinsmith, John Hughes, W. Dickinson, H. Bramer and Mrs. A. Davis located in the vicinity. A mill was built in 1858 by William Pearsoll, who operated it as a combination grist and sawmill. The original owner of the land which became the town site of Waterville was David King. It passed through the hands of G. H. Hollenberg, William Osborn and R. M. Pomeroy, the last named conveying it to the Central Branch R. R. The railroad company established the town in 1868, and several business buildings were erected. Waterville was incorporated as a village in 1870 and was made a city of the third class the next year. The population in 1910 was 704.
A lot more about Wasterville from 1883.

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