Friday, November 30, 2012

Cool Kansas.

Cloud county
Lyon township map, 1885.
On the county map cool can be found in township 8-south and range 4-west.  On the township map Cool can be found in section 4.
Cool was named for the Honorble Joseph Cool.
Cool Post office.
Cool post office open May 11, 1881 and ran to December 31, 1887.  First postmaster was Alfred Adams next was D. M. bourne.
Business men who used Cool as their P. o. address as of 1885.
D. M. Bourne, Merchant and Postmaster, from Massachusetts, came to county 1887.
A. L. bates, Teacher, from New York, came to county 1876.
A. W. Bickford, Teacher and Township Trustee, from Iowa, came to county 1870.
Frank Wilson, Farmer and Stock Raiser and Dealer, from North Carolina, came to county 1872.
Authors note.  There was very little information on Cool, in fate it was just another post office out in the middle of no where.  It did have a couple of stores and a blacksmith.  Cool only lasted about six years.

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